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new*paper lantern necklace {giveaway}

November 17th | older posts



i am so excited about the new paper lantern necklace.  there are three {exlusive} lanterns to choose from.  aren’t they fun??




the sterling discs are small and perfect for everyday.  And of course, you can customize each disc with a hand-stamped name, date or word.




so we should give a couple away, right??  leave your comment and tell us what’s making you glow today?

and you can see the new piece here.

* GIVEAWAY CLOSED, thank you!

572 Responses

  1. Siobhan says:

    I’m glowing today because my six year old’s parent-teacher conference went wonderfully and because I am so happy to have such a kind, sweet girl to set an example for her three younger sisters!

    CUTE idea on the necklace! I just love your stuff!!!

  2. kristen says:

    the cool weather…the perfect rosy cheeked glow!

  3. treeathie says:

    Oh. my. That is my favorite thing you’ve ever made.
    My husband deciding we should have kids *soon* is making me glow.

  4. Darcie says:

    I am glowing because I get to see my family for the first time since August on Saturday!!!

  5. Jennie says:

    My son. Ooooh, how cliche, I know, but he makes me glow. He makes me happy. He just makes me.

  6. my husband. :)

    that necklace is lovely!!!

  7. Junglewife says:

    Gorgeous! That my kids are playing nicely right now!!!

  8. Maya says:

    New haircut! Why I waited for so long?? :)

  9. dawn says:

    So excited that God has provided a pastor for our church after 10 months of searching!

    The necklace is SO lovely.

  10. Sonya says:

    My home. We’re sitting here with the wind whipping outside and the power flickering on/off, with our candles lit (a paper lantern would be perfect right?).

    Love your designs!!!

  11. Lindsay says:

    I’m glowing because I finally, finally(!) was able to have a long phone chat with a best friend. Talking to her is good for my soul!

  12. becky says:

    listening to a sermon on genuine faith and hope while creating in photoshop on a stormy night

  13. rachael says:

    an unexpected compliment from an unexpected friend…

  14. Janice says:

    having my future mother-in-law give me a huge hug and say she is grateful for me!!! GLOW!!

  15. I drove my new car for the first time today and I never thought I would appreciate it so much. But after driving a motorcycle for so long being warm, and safe, and having KSBY to sing to at the tip of my lungs was such a blessing!

  16. christel says:

    hearing the words “i love you mommy” every day from my little one.

  17. Abbey says:

    Oh! Sigh….I had lanterns at my wedding…and the Lord has blessed us with a love that makes me glow! Great choice for new necklace design!

  18. Monica says:

    My boys, my husband and the autumn weather made me glow today. It didn’t hurt that both of my boys make a mama proud to hear their teachers tell me they’re a pleasure to have in class. :)


  19. The fact that my last wedding of the year is next weekend and then I get to take *most* all of December off to spend with my boys and my family~! It makes me giddy just thinking of it :)

  20. Nina says:

    That I have friends who helps me out it’s not too hard being a single mum with the flu.

  21. Kathy says:

    My wonderful husband of 30 years makes me glow. It amazes me how our love keeps growing. It has to be a gift from God.

  22. Jen says:

    SO cute! I’m glowing because my children glow, and it is contagious…..

  23. Kathy says:

    Gorgeous ! What’s making me glow..ummm it’s early here so I want to say my coffee but not a good answer . The thought of being home in the States for Christmas warms my heart.

  24. Whitney says:

    I’m glowing because we are going to adopt a baby boy! I guess that’s what they mean when pregnant women have a “glow” about them. I may not be carrying that baby but my glow is stronger than ever…Thanks to our sweet birthmom who is caring for our baby–you will be blessed!

  25. I’m glowing because of an awesome Bible study at my home yesterday with new friends here in Singapore. And lanterns? That necklace would be perfect because of the Chinese heritage of this country…to remember our time here.

  26. Maureen says:

    I just love this idea…you are so creative!!! I’ve been sick for the past couple days, so really whats making me glow is all the Orange Juice :) (and the thought of being better)

  27. Cherith Hediger says:

    Oh this necklace is fun and gorgeous. Tonight my husband totally took over things at the house this evening after his long day of work, so I could go out to dinner and shopping with a girlfriend. Something that I haven’t been able to do in a really, really long time. He’s an amazing husband and I love him for it…he made me glow this evening with his kindness and thoughtfulness!

  28. Janet says:

    Tomorrow my husband are getting away with just the two of us for THREE. WHOLE. DAYS. We have four kids and we have had exactly one night out alone in the past four and a half years. I am positively, absolutely, GLOWING.

  29. Shaina says:

    My glow comes from snuggling with my 3 month old daughter…from ignoring the laundry just so I can watch her excitedly try to stuff both of her fists into her mouth…from looking into her big blue eyes while we share a conversation of cackling and baby coos. She absolutely lit up my life in a way I never imagined was possible.

  30. Melanie says:

    WOW. What fun, and such a great contest!

    I’m glowing simply because I think I’ve been amazingly blessed with a wonderful family. This year has been full of heartache for me as God deals with some deep issues…but i’m thankful that He cares for me enough to bother. Through everything He’s also deepened my love for and appreciation of my husband.God’s faithfulness makes me glow!

  31. Kathy Eller says:

    Today. i was so grateful for a warm home.

  32. Anne says:

    I am glowing because I have a date tonight – wish I had your beautiful necklace for assuring company already :)

  33. clare says:

    losing 8lb’s of baby weight is making me glow :) x

  34. zalaine says:

    What a wonderful Idea for a necklace! Pure Genius… What is making me Glow? That it is the middle of the night and I feel completely rested…

  35. Shaun says:

    It’s a new day and a new chance to start over and make it a good one!

  36. Stephanie says:

    The (hopefully) soon homecoming of my little boys from Haiti …

  37. Tracy says:

    Learning something new…something I’ve never tried before…and knowing that I won’t give up until I master it!

  38. Helen says:

    I’m glowing because for the first time in ages I ran the entire 4km home from work and made a glorious chicken pizza for dinner. Those lanterns are so cute!

  39. deezie says:

    I just love all your designs Lisa, This one is so adorable. What makes me glow today? I got to go to Pier One all alone:) and I got a beautiful sparkley Christmas tree for a table top, (on sale) sales always make me glow. Of course the very first thing would be God, my husband and kids, but hey a good sale can do it too :)
    happy day Lisa

  40. Victoria says:

    Feeling the baby boy kicking inside of me is making me glow today :)

  41. Diana says:

    WOW that necklace looks so beautiful, all of your pieces make me swoon!

    Seeing a smile on my child’s face when she learns that she will get a one on one teacher’s aid at school next year! The fact that she is excited to go into 3rd grade next year is a major step forward. She smiled whole-heartedly!! xo

  42. Patti says:

    My son is home from Baghdad reunited with his wife and 3 year old son. He made it home 2 days before his baby’s 2nd birthday!

  43. eliza says:

    My 4 year-old son making his 1 year-old sister giggle and shriek with delight! Glow-a-rama!!

  44. Dasha says:

    What makes me glow today? well, I am getting ready start selling hand made jewelry on etsy hopefully in a week and it makes me glow so much. I was dreaming about it for a years and the fact I am finally doing it is just amazing. And all my friends who encouraged me to do it make me glow also. :)

  45. Melanie says:

    A few extra minutes with coffee before my baby wakes up and my whirlwind day begins!

  46. Carolyn says:

    My baby boy’s giggles has me all a glow!

  47. Anouk says:

    My sweet husband! Love the lanterns. You just keep getting better and better.

  48. Jen says:

    Our washing machine broke, the repairman is unreliable, and our dirty clothes are piling up… grumble, grumble, grumble. I’m glowing, however, because my sweet husband took it upon himself to hand-wash my underwear for me, so I wouldn’t have to when I got home=) That’s true love!

  49. Jacqueline says:

    My little man’s infectious smile at 6:45 AM. Only those cheeks could get me out of bed that early!

  50. Kat says:

    A sign that was pasted in a public toilet cubicle I visited today that read: “Everything is going to be okay. Keep going.” It was just what I needed to hear. I love lanterns. And I love your jewellery.

  51. Abbey says:

    Right now, it’s just me, my coffee and my computer. Great way to start the day. That necklace is fabulous!

  52. Rhea says:

    My daughter Anna. She has a seizure disorder and developmental delay because of having encephalitis. The smile and kisses she gives me makes me glow, Love your blog and jewelry. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  53. Robin says:

    I’m glowing today because after 6 months of not talking, a dear friend called me and we picked up right where we left off. No weird feelings and the conversation just flowed.

  54. allyson says:

    I’m on my way to teach a pre-natal yoga class this morning. Caring for all those shiny new mamas carrying their precious cargo; that makes me glow right down to my toes.

  55. Elizabeth S says:

    that my baby girl slept in until 7:00 – a whole extra hour and a half! She’s happy, I have coffee and the day is looking good. 😀

  56. Paige says:

    I am glowing because my youngest is sleeping in and my oldest is snuggling in bed with me. Love these two little boys, but they are growing up way to fast!

  57. Ashley says:

    Today I have a funeral to go to. I know that sounds sad, but I am glowing because I know that the man who died was saved & love the Lord with all he had. His family has had a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts. It’s making me glow because I know that the Lord’s grace is all sufficient!

  58. Rae says:

    What a wonderful and beautiful design! My soon-to-be 11 year old is making me glow today. She is leaving for a 4 day/ 3 night science camp and while I will be sad to not have her home with me I am amazed and a-glowing at her maturity and the young lady she has become!

  59. Maggie says:

    I’m glowing because a dear friend that I had hoped to meet up with in the States last month is coming, with her wonderful husband, to visit us here in Normandy next Spring for the first time.
    I love silver necklaces especially with a heart motif and saw your fabulous design over @BNOTP.

  60. Sarah says:

    The sight of my nearly 3 yr old beaming with delight as she tried to blow out the candles on her birthday cake – the glow of the candles made her blue eyes even bluer and her 18 month old brother was so happy to be sitting next to her on her special day!!
    The necklace is beautiful x x x

  61. Christy says:

    I’m glowing because of my beautiful and loving family. I feel so blessed to have them in my life each and every day. I love your new necklace……….my middle daughter got some paper lanterns for her birthday and has them hanging in her bedroom.

  62. Kimberly says:

    Today, I am glowing because my daughter made me a Turkey with her Hand. For each finger, she wrote what she was thankful for. It is now displayed on our fridge. I must say, it is these moments that my heart is FULL and emotions overflow with love. Sometimes my eyes even leak!

  63. Laurie says:

    Exercising and making healthy choices = big weight loss. Glowing in the results :)

  64. Dena says:

    I’m glowing because my new baby slept 8 hours straight last night!

  65. Melinda says:

    What is making me glow today? I am loving my short hair. I got it cut in a pixie style last month and it makes my mornings so much easier. Having the extra time in the morning makes me glow.

  66. Jenn P. says:

    Glowing… 36 weeks pregnant and feeling as big as a house but knowing that soon enough you’ll have a beautiful little baby to go along with your precocious 2.5 yr old red headed son!

  67. YBeltran says:

    Ever since I gave birth in May, I have felt as if my clothes don’t fit. Through giving my baby breastmilk, I lost all my baby weight plus some and since I feel money is an issue, I never bought new jeans that fit. Yesterday my hubby took our 6 month old out to give me a little break time and he came back with two pairs of new jeans that actually fit me! It was the sweetest thing…that makes me glow. I am blessed to be loved by him,

  68. Being lucky enough to stay home with my 2 kids. I don’t glow everyday but I think today will be a good one! Great design, thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Shana Stoll says:

    I’m glowing from a great, wonderful, fun, much-needed, relaxing, full-of-laughter weekend {ok, 36 hours!} with some girlfriends!
    Love the new design!

  70. Belinda says:

    What makes me glow is the Lord my Savior, my hubby cooking dinner for me last night and doing the dishes, and my 2 sweet teenage boys. Thats my short list. Have a great day…loving this blog

  71. Linda says:

    I’m glowing today from the cool, crisp morning I woke up to—Fall is finally here!

  72. Corinne says:

    Oooh – I love it!
    I’m glowing with a huge cup of coffee mixed with hot chocolate :) And watching my kids entertain themselves for hours w/ pots and pans on the kitchen floor is making me glow a little too…

  73. Tracy says:

    I suppose it’s the pregnancy “glow” (smile). My baby boy growing inside of me is making me glow everyday. He will be the greatest Christmas gift of all!

  74. melissa says:

    i’m glowing with excitement because in just a week i’ll be heading home for thanksgiving, where my sister (who is newly pregnant!!) and i are planning on cooking thanksgiving dinner together for our whole family. i just love this time of year!

  75. Angie says:

    My family makes me glow. I thank God everyday for my beautiful kids and my perfect husband. He takes good care of us. I can find blessing in every corner!
    I love the necklace.

  76. I am glowing because I have the assurance that my sweetheart loves me through it all…and it makes my heart happy!

  77. julie says:

    I am glowing because my website will be ready tomorrow!!
    And today right after work we go and visit friends for Bible study and stay for the night as well, can’t wait for the delicious coffee tomorrow morning! 😛

  78. Jessica B says:

    My beautiful daughter makes me glow. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I am having, one look from her and I light up. I’m sure all parents say that about their children but it is absolutely true. :)

  79. Vicky says:

    I am glowing today because my son gave me five hugs this morning and my litte girl who is hearing impaired said “I uv ew too!!” Isn’t God great!!! Have a great day and awesome necklace.

  80. Sarah W says:

    I am glowing because in 3 weeks I will be heading home to the US to see my family! My husband and I serve as missionaries in Botswana and we only get home every two years. I can’t wait……then then the holidays…….that makes me smile!

  81. Desiree says:

    What makes me glow? …. today it is the fact that my daughter is no longer sick, now she is just teething. And teething + sick = a big fuss ball, a tired mama & a dim light. Just teething is something I can handle & that makes me shine & glow & say thank you to the Lord.

  82. Emily says:

    I’m glowing today with the realization that even though yesterday was really, really tough, I get to start all over again today – how awesome is that? Last night as I was tucking my son in I told him “tomorrow will be better” and I have no doubt that it will be.

  83. Jenny says:

    It’s finally cooler here and I’m snuggled up on the sofa with my daughter. I love the new necklace!

  84. Julie K says:

    A crisp, clear, sunny day after what seems like endless gray, cloudy ones – that’s Michigan for you – and that’s what makes me glow today!

  85. Hillary says:

    The excitement of the upcoming holidays is making me glow. I can’t wait to spend time with the people I love!

  86. Southern Gal says:

    Seeing my daughter glow while carrying our first grandbaby around in her belly has me beaming!

  87. Sherry says:

    Waking up to a new sunrise, new frost, it’s going to be a beautiful new day! It’s the little things in life make me glow :)

  88. Debbie Hall says:

    Realizing that two of my favorite bloggers are FRIENDS!! God’s fingerprints are everywhere….sometimes we get a glimpse, and that makes me glow!

  89. Laura says:

    The hope of a new day is making me glow. I know today is going to be great!

  90. Ashley says:

    God makes me glow. I have asked for him to be in my heart so that I can be a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend.

  91. Charly says:

    I am glowing today because my little family is one step closer to closing on our FIRST home! I am scared in a million different ways, but excited that we will finally have a place to call our own.

  92. Jenny V says:

    My two boys and my husband make me glow. My kids have been singing in the car to a new CD and they make me laugh every time their favorite song comes on. They get so excited! Just watching my husband play with them and tickle them makes me happy too!

  93. Amy says:

    I woke up this morning feeling incredibly thankful for the many blessings in my life.

  94. Julie B says:

    Getting to go to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks makes me glow. I am so excited for her, and it will be great to catch up with everybody, too! =)

  95. liz r. says:

    What a pretty design . .. I’m glowing because my 7-year-old twins are off on their first field trip of the school year, to a concert hall. They were so cute and anticipatory, with their good clothes and their new haircuts.

  96. Rachel Smith says:

    Good friends make me glow. Last night we met and shared our hearts, prayed together, and encouraged one another. There’s nothing like it. This morning I’m still feeling the warmth of their care.

  97. Susan says:

    The breath of life is why I am glowing. Two new babies to celebrate!!! Love the lanterns.

  98. Rachel Smith says:

    Oh! And the new Sara Groves album that came out today. Definitely a glow-lighter. :)

  99. robin stedem says:

    my 3 kids wrestling on the bed…was going to make them stop but all the laughter , giggles,and squeals was making me “glow”..with a smile

  100. leslie says:

    i am glowing today because my 5-year-old’s kindergaten report card was “outstanding!” nothing is quite this sweet to a proud mama-except for when she and her 3-year-old sister tell me they love me!

  101. Leann says:

    I went to parent teacher conferences for my three girls and heard many great things about them and they commented on what a fine job my husband and I did to raise them… Awesome I am glowing, what an honor to have such wonderful girls.

  102. sasha says:

    Those are wonderful! I am glowing just by being home after being away for 4 days…ahhh, my own bed!

  103. Liz S says:

    Oooh, I love these. Would be perfect for my friend who had an amazing experience with God in China!

    I’m glowing because I know how my Beloved adores me! ME!

  104. The fact that we may have an offer on our house soon is making me glow today. 😉

  105. Trish says:

    glowing because my son is finally better after a week of the flu!
    those are lovely designs.

  106. Jessica says:

    My son – how can you not glow when a three year old comes up to you grabs your leg and say, I love you mommy – thank you for my chocolate bed! (It really isn’t chocolate but we work better associating our colors with food, who doesn’t!)

  107. Nicole says:

    I am glowing today because of all the amazing people I work with @ The Childrens Hospital, I learn more every day and when I go home to my family at the end of the day it makes it that much more special 😉 Have a great day !!!

  108. Miranda says:

    I am glowing becuase I know that God has already prepared the way, and knows our very circumstances before we even face them.

  109. julie says:

    beautiful new design! what’s making me GLOW today? it started with my 7 yr. old son climbing into bed to snuggle this morning, the love of my husband and children….and admiring my little pink xmas tree in my office. :)

    the GLOW will go on today as my therapy dog and I will volunteer at a school for physically handicapped children. Lucy blesses them, and they bless us, too…

  110. Sue says:

    That the transplanted kidney my husband donated to me is still functioning really well, and is keeping me healthy so I can be an active mommy. Life is good!

  111. Julie says:

    I am glowing today because I am 24 days away from having my first baby, a son named Caleb. He is bouncing around right now because I just ate and I am smiling thinking about him bouncing in my arms soon.

  112. Faith says:

    Today is report card day…..both my boys make me proud to be their Mom.

  113. Jennifer says:

    I am glowing because I plowed through a pile of paperwork that I had let stack up. I am “caught up” for the moment–hopefully I can stay that way. That is a gorgeous necklace, as always.

  114. MrsBagley says:

    My son… my beautiful, glowing 10 month old son.

  115. Cheryl W says:

    I am glowing because I just took a long relaxing shower and gave myself a mini facial. My skin feels great and my mood is mellow.

  116. Evie says:

    Who couldn’t glow living on the Central Coast in November?! God has made all things so good!

  117. RebeccaL says:

    I am glowing because God is so very good and His timing is perfect!

  118. Tara says:

    Oooh! So darling!!!! My 17 month old twin boys make me glow everyday….now they wake up and call out mama from their cribs (what a nice change from yelling and screaming!) I melt everytime I hear their voices.

  119. Jennifer Kojis says:

    I’m glowing because of the great family I have and that we get to celebrate everything we are thankful for next week.

  120. sonnie says:

    I’m glowing today because me and the hubby finally put up a crib in our new nursery. :)

  121. Heather says:

    What’s making me glow is the spontaneous smiles of my two month old son.

  122. Jennifer says:

    Today, I am glowing because my babe slept really well last night (not the norm) and I am feeling somewhat rested.

  123. Amy says:

    What makes me glow today? This is what my 3-year old that told me this morning; “Mommy I love you to the moon and space even when you have all those nipples (she meant pimples!) on your face. ” Nothing like the humor and humility our children bring to our lives! I wouldn’t change it for anything–not even a pimple-free face! : )

  124. Paige says:

    Today I am glowing because I have on a bright purple blazer which is accented with a marcasite butterfly brooch. I have received 3 compliments already and it is only 10am! The compliments make me glow too…becuase I smile!


  125. Anna G says:

    I am glowing because on Friday we will sign on our very first house!! I am so excited to have a place of our very own where we can hang things on the walls and choose our own paint colors. I am also thankful to have a place where we can entertain others easily and welcome lots of people into our home.

  126. Andrea says:

    I am glowing today because I am truly thankful to be loved unconditionally by Jesus. His mercies are new every morning and it’s the JOY of my salvation that brings the pink to my cheeks!

  127. April says:

    Thinking about Thanksgiving and everything I have to be thankful for. :)

    Cute pieces!!

  128. Kay says:

    I am glowing today a bit because we had a really busy, crazy, hard working weekend and last night I was just so tired while making supper. Well, after supper my hubby told me he’d clean up the kitchen and for me to go sit down on the couch and relax! What a sweet gesture even if he didn’t do ALL of the dishes and left some in the sink! The necklace/lantern charms are beautiful!

  129. Una says:

    The thought of my two darling nieces, and the beautiful boys I am godmother to makes me glow!

  130. Nicolle says:

    I am glowing because I am pregnant with twins. I just made 12 weeks on Sunday and although I am trying to bask in the glory of being pregnant, I have to admit I can’t wait to meet them! The necklace is darling & I would love one! :-)

  131. I’m very happy today because I’m under 60 days until my husband returns from Afghanistan~

  132. Ramona says:

    I am basking in the afterglow of a good evening at home with my two 14 year olds last night. Monday has become our no activity night and it was a good time.

  133. Tara says:

    I’m glowing because I have the BEST husband ever and together we have such an AMAZING baby boy (after 4 years of trying and 3 losses). We have been blessed by our Heavenly Father and that makes me glow.
    Love the lanterns. Keep up the great work. You are a true inspiration!

  134. lindsey says:

    sean let me sleep in!

  135. Stunning design! Today I’m excited about starting to design the nursery for our second baby who will arrive at the end of January. I bought some lovely fabric and my mom’s going to sew it into some fun projects!

  136. Amanda Jean Inez says:

    When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t in a great mood and coffee wasn’t helping. Then I got an e-mail from a good friend! When I’m feeling glum, friends make me glow!

  137. Tara Maxfield says:

    The thought of family gathered around the table next Thursday makes me glow!

  138. Lori Danelle says:

    Great time at Bible study last night. Going through some icky stuff, but feeling truly blessed to have such wonderful women in my life.

  139. Brooke says:

    my daughter learning to walk is making me glow…and I’m loving that I found natural honey vitamins to give me some extra energy to help me with our three kids ages 3 and under! I always leave your blog inspired!

  140. Heather says:

    I am glowing today thinking about how to decorate our new home for the holidays! Planning on gathering up hubby and our three kids this weekend for a Christmas card photo on the front porch. I love the holidays and spending lots of time with the kids baking, decorating, and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

  141. Charlotte says:

    A long conversation with a close friend makes me glow. Love your new design!

  142. Coralee says:

    I am glowing today with gratitude for my 10 mth old daughter…she;s chattering away beside me with such delight!

  143. lisa says:

    My sweet son’s peaceful sleeping face is…but, alas, must wake him up for school :(

    Lovely necklace…great photos!

  144. Carolyn says:

    Success at work!

  145. jmac says:

    YOU are making me glow today!! I just found your site from “taking naps on the porch”!! I’m loving all of your work and making my list right now to place my order. OMG….so many friends that I had no idea what to get for them?? I do now. And I’m glowing!!!!

  146. Andrea says:

    The nice crisp cool air its very welcoming in the Big D!

  147. Tamara says:

    the sight of my firstborn hugging our new baby while our baby shrieks with joy!

  148. Kristin says:

    A little extra sleep and the sweet chatter of my boys.

  149. Ashley says:

    I’m glowing today because of the weather changing and the Holiday spirit is around us!! – also because i just found this blog and its so warm and simple. very refreshing! <3

  150. Lori Taylor says:

    My wonderful and supportive husband makes me glow.

  151. Jan says:

    Having a day of, in the middle of the week.

  152. Amber says:

    My daughter, always, always my daughter.

  153. Cindy says:

    it’s simple, a great cup of coffee this morning on this cold gray day. warms my soul.

  154. Ellen says:

    This is so sweet! I would love one!!!!

  155. amykate says:

    Love your creations and love your giveaways! I’m glowing from having a good homeschooling morning…so far…okay, enough break…back to it.

  156. Beven says:

    Spending time with long-lost friends has me glowing today. Beautiful necklace!!

  157. Tammy says:

    Oh this is a good one! Today I am glowing because in one week…7 little days… I will become the official mommy of 3 amazing little girls through adoption! What a blessing they are to our family! I feel like I am glowing so brightly that I outshine the sun!

  158. Bethany says:

    I love that!! Beautiful and darling. Today my perfect cup of coffee sweetened with peppermint mocha cream is making me glow. That and my precious girls in their little footie pajamas. Mmm…delicious life!

  159. sheila says:

    The warm sunshine.

  160. Lauren Jordan says:

    I found my self confidence again. Yesterday I took a really hard test and I haven’t been this proud of myself in quite a while. So today I am glowing :) It also helps that the family filled holidays are about to begin :) I love the lanterns!

  161. Karen says:

    How cute! Some new dead sea salt mineral scrubs I bought at Sam’s Club last night!

  162. Lourdes says:

    My children warm my heart, so family is the answer, my heart glows with love for them. And no matter what else may be going on, that love is always there.

  163. Joyce H. says:

    I’m glowing today from the anticipation for our special Christmas gift this year, our first little baby boy!

  164. Jen says:

    What is making my glow is the encouraging words from a dear friend. :-)

  165. Jennifer says:

    My wonderful family is making me glow. My daughter’s sweet voice singing songs and my husband’s sweet voice telling me he loves me….that’s my heaven…

  166. Tisha says:

    Such a pretty design! I am glowing this morning because my wonderful husband remembered to take the trash out this morning! It’s the little things that make me happy!

  167. Melody says:

    I’m glowing today because this fall has been beautiful, God has blessed us with an amazing small group at church, and my doctor has ruled out coffee as something causing my stomach issues…so I’m free to indulge again. :-)

  168. Brianne says:

    greats friends, fall weather & preparing to travel home for christmas is making me glow!!
    this necklace is wonderful and would make the perfect christmas present for my Mom!
    Thanks :)

  169. Lynn says:

    I am glowing because I just celebrated my third wedding anniversary with my sweet husband. I am a lucky girl. :) Lovely necklace! I think it is just wonderful!

  170. Tanya S. says:

    My husband and I have just starting planning to move to Seattle when our lease is up this spring. I’m glowing with the excitement of living in a new city and all of the wonderful adventures that will entail.

  171. Michelle says:

    realizing for the first time that even though my husband isn’t mushy gushy with words all of the time, the fact that he stops to hug and kiss and cuddle me whenever I want makes me glow.

  172. Naomi says:

    What’s making me glow is the fact that my name is Naomi and I saw it on that pretty little necklace.

  173. Melissa says:

    My sweet girl’s pigtails and smile on this rainy, dreary day!

  174. Erin says:

    Reconnecting with old friends all week! Why have I been so remiss for the last few months? These girls give me strength.

  175. Kimberly says:

    The peace and quiet of my house is making me glow right now. I’ve had a babe sick with whopping cough for the last two months and he’s now sleeping peacefully in his swing, cough free for the moment. PTL! What a fun giveaway! Thank you. :)

  176. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my best friend’s passing. Her closest friends gathered together for a tribute to her. Everlasting friendship and encouragement and support has made me glow this week.

  177. Jenn S says:

    looking out my kitchen window and seeing burnt oranges, vibrant yellows and brilliant reds. while my oven is warming the house and making things toasty. the smell of the maple-roasted root vegetables and my cheeks are aglow:) thank you for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  178. Rebecca says:

    Such a great design and perfect for this time of year!

    The thought of getting together with both my husband and my families next week to celebrate Thanksgiving together and reflect on all the Lord has done in our lives over the past year- makes me glow :)

  179. Kelly says:

    Enjoying our first 4 days back in Canada, after living in China for a year with a new baby! We are so happy to be home and see family (despite jet-lag with a 15 month old) but I did feel nostalgic after seeing your paper lantern design. I just loved the gorgeous red lanterns they put up every October and February. They made me glow!

  180. Lauren says:

    My two year, my one year old, and the baby growing inside of me….they all make me glow. I glow because I’m honored that God has blessed me son wonderfully.

  181. Kristen G says:

    The anticipation of my grandma’s delicious turkey and home made roles for thanksgiving!

  182. Julia says:

    I am glowing today because the sun is out, causing the last bit of snow to melt away. The birds are chirping, and I can hear school kids playing outside at recess. Today is going to be a good day!

  183. erin acosta says:

    what’s making me glow? my husband working today is making me glosw! so many people without jobs i’m glowing that mine still has one! my wonderful 3 children are making me glow. they teach me new things daily. making plans for my MOPS upcoming christmas party is making me glow. thanksgiving next week is making me glow! bundling my family up and going to a tree farm next week is making me glow! i just love to do that! God is making me glow today! he taught me new things today in my daily devotion with Him and that is definantly worth glowing about!

  184. Sue says:

    I’m glowing because my family is happy and healthy and the holidays are coming and we will be together. God is good! I love the new lantern necklace–thank you for the giveaway.

  185. kimberley says:

    what is making me glow today? well, being on the cusp of securing a brand new shiny job that will make a world of difference to my family and i..i have been unemployed after being laid off now for 110 weeks, so this is a very exciting time for me! wish me luck, the new necklaces are adorable, always a good idea, something chinese inspired always feels lucky!

  186. Lindsey C says:

    My husband told me yesterday out of the blue that i was a wonderful mother and a wonderful wife. I felt like that was an impossible feat to do both equally well! It made me glow from the inside out!

  187. Lisa says:

    This time of year makes me glow. The bright colored leaves…christmas shopping…thanksgiving on the way…christmas trees, santa claus, the gift of our Lord and Saviour, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And of course, my wonderful family always makes me glow. : )

  188. Emily M. says:

    I am glowing because my God is for me! In this time of craziness, that is what I need to hold onto!

  189. Amber says:

    Drinking my iced chai while looking out at the ocean view from my home office…watching the almost ripe lemons outside my window just starting to turn yellow…getting a 4 hour stretch of sleep last night…one of the longest stretches since my 4 1/2 month old son came home from the hospital!! Woohoo!! Ooh, and, best of all, knowing that any moment, my amazing parents are going to burst through the door, ready with hugs, excited to spend the day lavishing love and grandparent-ness on my boys like only they can. Nothing like it. Yup, I’m for sure glowing today :)

  190. Naomi says:

    Frosty morning, kids blowing ‘cold air’ and a strong Americano from Peet’s !

  191. Kirsten says:

    A chance to scrapbook with a friend, driving home on a blustery windy evening, walking in the door to a wonderful husband and sweet baby waiting for me, kissing two big kids already tucked in and sleeping. What a wonderful evening to keep me glowing for a while!

  192. Laura {{* *}} says:

    Lanterns are light bearers~
    Jesus is my Light (this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…)

    Beautiful lanterns Lisa~
    like you.

  193. WendySanchez says:

    I’m glowing today, even though I have a spilting headache, my son went his pants before we even hit the daycare door (and I was not prepared with others), I forgot my lunch and I have a full day of boring meetings. :)

  194. Heather says:

    Today i’m glowing because me and my husband are going to the dr to get everything set to have our third little one.. we are getting everything going to get pregnant again… I’m so excited…My husband is wonderful and my little ones just keep talking about the new baby we will have joining us.. I’m so blessed… Your necklaces are gorgeous and i’m a huge fan of all the work.. love it!
    Happy blogging…

  195. Tiffany says:

    I am glowing today because of how blessed I feel to have such a wonderful family – it warms my heart to receive such undying love and devotion on a daily basis! I glow bright because I love being a wife, momma, daughter, sister and niece!

    Have a blessed day!

  196. MeganAnne says:

    New warm tights so I can keep wearing skirts through the cold weather. Sunshinny, crisp mornings. It’s another beautiful day.

  197. Laura says:

    Girl’s night tonight!

  198. Marisa says:

    My 10-month-old son just this morning up and said “mama” to me for the first time. I don’t even know whether he really gets what it means, but he saw my reaction and so keeps saying it over and over just to make me happy.

  199. I am glowing today because I love my husband, and my three babies! I am a blessed woman.

  200. shannon stinson says:

    i am glowing because we get to travel to ohio for thanksgiving this year to be with my family! and my birthday falls on thanksgiving this year…so it will be a great birthday! i can’t wait!

  201. Holy Smokes! Look at all these comments- well done Mama!

    What’s making me glow today (or at least what people are saying must be making me glow) is this little baby chugging along in my belly. I just read that THIS WEEK, we’re making teeth in there.

  202. Liz D says:

    Being 30 weeks pregnant is making me glow. :) Also, my daughter is bringing me a lot of joy today. Oh, how blessed the Lord has made me!

  203. Joyce says:

    I am glowing today because I have the most wonderful grandson in the world. He calls me Pezzie and we chase bank robbers and fight dragons and fish and make cookies and marvel at the acrobatics of squirrels. When he was just two, he looked at me and said, ” Pezzie, it is like you and me, Evan are one person living in two bodies.” Life doesn’t get better than that!

  204. Meredith says:

    I am glowing today because I just had a fabulous weekend get away with my husband. Plus we had a lovely family reunion with all kinds of good food and great company. I am truly blessed!!

  205. mandi says:

    This is my first time commenting but not my first reading your blog! I adore your pictures and of course your jewelery :)

    What is making me glow today…well, I just finished reading Persuasion by Jane Austen and I couldn’t be more satisfied. All now seems right with the world! Love has conquered all! Oh the power of books to bring a smile to the soul.

  206. My husband loves me. =)

  207. Marie Lopez says:

    Glowing today because the Lord has given me another day and pray that I make this one day count. For tomorrow is not promised to anyone so Lord let me “Glow” for your kingdom today.

  208. ChristineK says:

    The cool weather and the sunshine through the colorful leaves is making me glow. I love fall!

  209. Kathy Caplinger says:

    I am GLOWING today from cuddling on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, & watching playhouse Disney with my 3yr old early this morning….good times & a lot to be thankful for!

  210. sarah b says:

    i’m glowing with nausea, but so thankful that i get to do this! pregnant with our second sweet bundle. :)

  211. Jenny Hart says:

    I am glowing today because it was a good mommy morning. My 3 kids were helpful and polite. They didn’t fight with each other, no one was teasing, no milk or cereal was spilled on the floor. The hats and mittens were laid out, and the backpacks were ready to go. We made it to the bus stop with several minutes to spare. Only 1 out of the 3 brushed their teeth, but I had time to give them big hugs and kisses and tell them I loved them so much before work. That is a perfect morning for me. And it doesn’t happen too often!

  212. Marisa says:

    Love the lanterns–such a beautiful idea, Lisa. I saw them and my thoughts went to my daughter. We hung lovely paper lanterns above her crib. I think our Maggie would have loved looking up at them. I am missing her today…she is Home with the Lord. My little boys, my husband and the HOPE of being with our Maggie Girl for eternity, they help to keep this little light of mine from flickering out.

  213. Becky Dafoe says:

    I am glowing today thinking about being one more week closer to meeting our 3rd baby in March!

  214. Tina says:

    I’m glowing at the thought of viewing our old VHS and Sony 8 tapes of our children on DVD. It will be the first time we’ve seen them in 15 years. :-)

  215. gina says:

    Iam glowing today – so happy to watch how my little first grader is starting to read !!!
    Love the new design !!

  216. Sarah says:

    Playing tag with my son on a beautiful fall day!

  217. emily says:

    My father will be here in just a few hours! We have not seen him in over a year! My brothers will be joining us next week for Thanksgiving as well, and I am so excited. It will be so nice to have a few days of ‘family-time’!

  218. Abigail Heath says:

    I am a nursing student and just started clinicals in a long-term care facility a couple of weeks ago…And these residents I work with have stolen my heart! They definitely made me glow today…those smiles and wise words, what a blessing! I love the new necklace! What a fun idea!

  219. Katie says:

    Well since I just returned from the gym and an hour long cardio session I’d say I’m glowing due to a great workout! Now time to start the day…. :)
    The necklace is *so* *cute* !!!

  220. Chris says:

    I am glowing today knowing that my wife is the love of my life and that we have been blessed with 4 beautiful children to share our love with. Glory to God for all the trials and blessings that he puts us through! While I sit at work, I daydream of the day when I could be home being Daddy and letting Mom have a much needed day of rest…

  221. Kristen says:

    beautiful, sunny fall weather and two happy, glowing little boys!
    great work!

  222. Jennifer says:

    The hugs, kisses, and ‘I love you Mommy!’ that I get every day before school. Keeps me glowing all day!

  223. Ruth says:

    i am glowing because my 3 year old and i just set up our indoor creche while listening to christmas carols. nothin like experiencing christmas through the eyes and excitment of a child. :)

  224. Heather says:

    Airing out the main floor is making me glow, its only 5 degrees outside! But it was very lovely and quiet when the windows were open. :)

  225. Katie says:

    EEK! I love this necklace! Paper lanterns are my favorite “go-to” accessory for decorating for parties – what a fun idea to put it into a necklace!

    I’m glowing because I am so thankful to get to be a stay-at-home-mama to my two sweet, wonderful little boys (with a third on the way!)

    Thanks for the chance to win, I love all of your work!

  226. missy says:

    my sweet baby boy who is just the best little guy in the world even on the fussiest of days…

  227. Erin says:

    i am glowing b/c i am half way finished with my christmas shopping!!
    thanks fro the chance to win- i love your blog and your designs!

  228. Chad Markley says:

    The necklace is great but that model is HOOOOOTTTTTTT!



  229. Susanne N. says:

    love this necklace! my husband is out of town on business and when he called me last night, he was at the store getting a surprise for me and our daughter! how sweet!

  230. Dee says:

    Glowing with happiness for the beautiful day , healthy children, and a close family to share the holidays with.

  231. Trina Walker says:

    I’m glowing listening to the silence. It is so peaceful and sometimes SO needed, Beautiful necklaces!

  232. So cute! I’m glowing today because my son woke me up this morning with the cutest smile.

  233. jess says:

    catching that morning sunlight starts my day!!! thanks for the giveaway!!!

  234. Cindy B says:

    The wonderful latte from my favorite independently owned coffee shop I enjoyed this morning made me glow!

    The new design looks great! :)

  235. alison says:

    I am glowing watching my 3 year old play dressed up as a police man and my 4 year old looking in the bushes with his nerf gun for bad guys and my sweet 2 month old baby snoozing all snuggled up!

  236. Terica Brager says:

    I’m glowing because in spite of a bad economy and one income my family of four is healthy and we want for nothing. Thank You God!

    The necklace is an inspiration to keep glowing, in spite of it all!

  237. Karen Lamb says:

    I’m glowing as I have the opportunity to win something on your website … if I am lucky enough!
    Holding toes & thumbs all the way from South Africa.

    Yeah – thanks for the giveaway opportunity Lisa.

  238. Amy says:

    I’m glowing because I’ve just started my wedding planning after getting engaged last month. But mostly because I’m in love <3

    Beautiful necklaces and fabulous idea!

  239. Misty Horack says:

    Cool air, hot coffee, sweet baby girls…..

  240. kristen thie says:

    Just got my hair done. A fresh cut and color always gives me a new glow! Love the fun new necklace.

  241. Mara says:

    My daughter’s laugh or smile.

  242. megan says:

    I am glowing today because we just found out that I am pregnant!! So people tell me that I am glowing, but truthfully I think my husband has “the glow” as well. Love the new necklace!

  243. Jane says:

    Basking in the moments of today makes me glow, slowing down enough to glimpse the magic of the ordinary.

    (Loving the new necklace, by the way!)

  244. Tiffany says:

    I’m 30 today and I’m glowing! My babies, my husband, 30 years of life … it’s all worth glowing about!

  245. Kara says:

    What’s making me glow today? God’s abundant blessings in my life! The sun is shining, my three children are napping, we’re healthy…many, many blessings!
    Love this necklace!

  246. AbbyS says:

    My attitude right now is making me glow. It’s only 11am and my morning has been nothing short of ‘normal’. I’ve been clumsy all morning (so not me) and I apparently made two drivers on the freeway very upset with me (not sure why)…and I’m still in enjoying my morning! Tee-hee!

    Thanks Lisa for the giveaway!! xo

  247. Laura says:

    love the necklace!! soo precious as always. lately, it’s been the people around me who have been making me glow. i am so blessed by my amazing friends, and the fact that i [as of friday] now have an awesome boyfriend :)

  248. maggie says:

    I am glowing thinking about Christmas and my family all being together.

  249. Mandy Kirk says:

    My nine month old baby, who is the joy of my life!

  250. Em says:

    Beautiful necklace! This video-in the spirit of Thanksgiving- and thinking of my own blessings make me glow.

  251. Shelya says:

    i am glowing because we’re going on vacation in TWO days! Love the new necklace… beautiful, as always :-)

  252. Donna Norton says:

    still glowing from a wonderful retreat spent with 265 of the coolest Georgia women ever!!

  253. Kelly says:

    I had to go away this weekend and what still has me glowing is the beautiful excitement on my children’s faces when I returned…. Lovely necklaces!

  254. Jenifer says:

    Today I am glowing from the love of sweet sister who came over and helped me move all my furniture back in my house since my husband just finished the wood floors (which are also glowing *wink*). I’m so blessed to have a sister like her! ♥

  255. Allison says:

    Each of us has a glow … a lantern … within our heart. It’s the light of divinity, of a higher consciousness, of God, that radiates in your spirit, pure and true. Sometimes the light gets obscured by regrets of the past, or fear of the future but under it all that light never grows dim.

    Treasure this radiant light … polish up your lantern … with every breath and beat of your heart. Let your heart shine on those around you.

  256. Staci says:

    Glowing over my son JUST figuring out how to roll over! Glowing over my job! I love helping others!

  257. Jo says:

    I’m glowing today because life couldn’t be better. Living, lauging and loving :)

  258. I don’t know if I glow.. I do know that the light that is in me is from above for God is light and in him there is now darkness. So my glow is the light of the LORD!! Love your jewelry.

  259. April says:

    Today I am glowing because after a long time getting over my divorce, I am finall coming into my own!

  260. Tammy Thompson says:

    My family and serving an amazing God is what makes me glow everyday. I am thankful the God for my family and that because of God I have two wonderful boys and a great husband. I pray that everyday I am glowing for God and my family.

  261. Jaclyn says:

    I’m glowing because I am newly engaged and planning a fabulous wedding for next Fall. Thanks for the chance :)

  262. Cathy says:

    I am glowing because the sun is shining, I have great friends and a blessed life!

  263. a fundraiser that just ended and raised $1000 for Kyrgyz orphans!

  264. Amy says:

    Glowing from the precious gift of free time my sweet mother in law gives me once a week by taking my two little boys to her house for a few hours.

  265. Jennifer Becker says:

    What is making me glow today is hearing my unborn baby heartbeat today for the the 1st. time! It make you feel so good inside !! I am just glowing!!!!

  266. Lisa says:

    How exciting…I love paper lanterns:)

  267. Grace says:

    Definitely that I think I can feel our first baby move this week!! I love it!

  268. Such a wonderful idea, i love the new design! It may be cliché, but my husband makes me glow! We just got married 3 months ago, and the Lord is teaching us how to love each other every single day. It’s an awesome journey:)

  269. jodi says:

    My 5 month old daughter ALWAYS makes me glow! Even if I’m having a very hectic, downright, no-good day.

  270. Kate says:

    Working on knitting cozy felted boots for my daughter is making me glow.

  271. Christy says:

    todays red starbucks cup! I know – very shallow – but not everyday is a superstar day, right?

  272. txhorns says:

    That my youngest daughter is thankful for me (Thanksgiving projects at school and Sunday school). I am loved and blessed.

  273. Glowing today–because I get to spend my afternoon curled up in front of the fireplace with a cup of chai! Ah, the simple pleasures in life!

  274. Cindi says:

    I’m glowing today because the weather has turned cooler finally…putting me in the mood to re-arrange furniture, clean house and put up our Christmas decor before family gets here for Thanksgiving. I love the holidays and can’t wait to get started making more memories with my wonderful family.


  275. It is a gray day (outside) today but what is making me glow? A healthy family, laundry to do and having apples and cheese for lunch with my favorite 3 year old

  276. Sonja says:

    Thinking about how the most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us!

  277. Teresa says:

    A visit from two of my grandkids who live several states away.

  278. Colleen says:

    My sixteen year old son Aaron – what a joy – he is 6’4″ tall and his heart is bigger than body!

  279. Nikole says:

    The thought of my beautiful family including my five vivacious children and my goofy husband make me glow! They are so funny and joyous ( most of the time :) to be around. Seeing my baby take his five or six steps before falling to the ground is so delightful and exciting! The warm thought of Christmas surrounds me!

  280. Lisa B. says:

    My three month old daughter makes me glow everyday!

  281. Rebecca Clemmer says:

    i am glowing today b/c i came across your jewelry, your story, your website. i am four months pregnant with my first child! do you remember the anxiety, the questions and the unknown? this journey, so far, has been easier than i thought and my future, my babies future and our families future is wide open. oh the possibilities. your story and your love for your baby boy is inspiring. you give women hope everywhere.

  282. Sarah W says:

    My boys and my husband make me glow! I have been feeling under the weather and their smiles always make me feel better! Cute design! :)

  283. Virginia says:

    I glow today because my 14 year old son, who is now taller than me, hugged me this morning and told me he loved me. And, my 16 year old son, who has had type 1 diabetes for 12 years, is finally well enough (after a hospitalization) to go back to school!! This was a great day – both kids think I am a great mom. Phew, my life is good.

  284. Allison says:

    I am actually having a hard time “glowing” today and could use some inspiration.

  285. Ann says:

    sitting here with the cool fall air coming through the window and the soft glow of the afternoon sun on my face…makes life good!

  286. Christina says:

    The briskness in the air is making me glow today- bring on the fall!

  287. Amanda says:

    Me being 5 weeks pregnant is what’s making me glow with excitement!! Beautiful new necklace!

  288. What’s making me glow today? The fact that we are getting over being sick in our house. Thanks for the chance on your beautiful new necklace!

  289. Meredith says:

    My new one week old baby :)

  290. Candace says:

    My husband and my boys are making me glow today :)
    It’s just one of those perfect, sunny, breezy days……and they both are napping so maybe that’s why I’m glowing!
    Also- your website seriously makes me glow. Your blog and designs are so inspirational!
    Thank you!

  291. Melonie Collmann says:

    My second daughter, Gigi, turns 3 months old today! Her smile and sweet sweet sweet personality makes me glow today!

  292. Sarah Mann says:

    I’m glowing as I anticipate my parents’ arrival to visit with my family! They’re coming from Canada today, and we haven’t seen them for a whole year. I can’t wait to see my young sons spend some time getting to know their grandparents. :-)

  293. jules says:

    Today I must give thanks for making me glow to a warm cup of hazlenut coffee, the tune my 3 year old daughter is bangin in the next room on the piano, and can’t forget the warm fuzzy 8 month old that is taking the longest nap ever…mmm hazlenut…

  294. Pam says:

    Thanksgiving is next week!

  295. willemijn says:

    Hi there,

    Simple question:
    My 2 children , they make me glow, they are so special!

    Greetings Willemijn

  296. Rebecca says:

    What makes me glow today?
    I just came home from a beautiful nature stroll with my kids and my face glows – I got a sunburn in November!!!! Isn’t that funny? Aside from the fact that it hurts… 😉

    Greetings from the BayArea

  297. Stacy says:

    My husband is making me glow today. He knows I have been very stressed out at work lately, so he has been paying extra attention to me and providing all the extra hugs I need!

  298. Sarah says:

    Im glowing today because I got to spend 2 beautiful days with my husband in the lovely city of boston when his cutter pulled into port after being at sea for a month!

  299. Sarah R says:

    I am glowing because my husband is back after a weekend away. I love him so!

  300. Steffi says:

    The idea of spending the next weekend in a little house by the sea with my husband and 2 children, playing, relaxing, going swimming, just having fun with each other… that makes me glow!

  301. sky says:

    that i am alive and have so many things to be grateful for. Loosing my daughter has opened my eyes and taught me to appreciate all the wonderful things i have around me.
    That makes me glow!

  302. dina says:

    I am glowing because I am getting ready to go watch my son play his baritone in a special “honors band” he was selected for. I am so proud!

  303. esther says:

    i am glowing (*blusing) because my husband is still romancing me, even after seven years and four babies.

  304. esther says:

    oops meant to say *blushing!:)

  305. Whitney says:

    I am glowing because my 2 beautiful children just woke up from a nap and are now sitting, sleepy-faced, on my lap cuddling together. I love my life!

  306. Jean Bieb says:

    I love the necklaces! I love all your items. :)
    What’s making me glow today is hope….Hope in the Lord and what he is doing right now in our lives, hope in the way He is going to help us overcome our circumstances in the midst of what looks to be a negative situation.

  307. Chelsey says:

    I am glowing today because I spent the whole weekend with my husband camping out in the beautiful wilderness and making camping food mmmm

  308. Elizabeth says:

    Meeting my friend’s long awaited baby for the first time. So precious!!

  309. Traci says:

    What’s making me glow right now, is my Christmas tree is up! My Christmas music playing…. my kids at school make me smile…. I love fall and I love Thanksgiving with family and friends and I especially love the ENTIRE Christmas season!
    Lisa, you make us glow everyday by sharing!

  310. Why am I glowing today? Well to be honest I hadn’t been glowing much which is a shame because I have something within me that should be shining….the love that I receive from our wonderful Savior God, and the love I receive from my husband should make me as shinny as the sun but unfortantely this thing called ‘self’ tends to make things a little shaddy. Today is still here so I will go look for some things to help me glow!

  311. Jaime says:

    Glowing because I only have 9 weeks left til our 3rd child is born! (love the necklace!)

  312. Leigh says:

    Lurve, lurve, love! Those paper lanterns! Hoping to get my first Lisa L design for Christmas!

  313. Teresa says:

    I’m glowing today from a couple of hours of being outside blowing leaves in my yard, and getting to spend some extra time with my sweet 9 year olds!

  314. Heidi says:

    I am glowing because…..Harry Connick Christmas music is playing, scones are in the oven baking, a fire is in the fireplace and my little girl is playing happily with her train set on the living room floor as I type. A GREAT day! Beautiful necklace Lisa! You are so creative!

  315. Brianne says:

    Today the thing that is making me glow is support. I have been thrown in to the Special Education part of teaching this year with no training… basically left to sink or swim. I’ve had 3 different people working with me in a 12 week period of time, and these kids can.not. handle change. I feel like I’ve made myself blue in the face asking for suggestions, strategies, just any kind of help really to help me make the lives and education of these children better. So far, I’ve gotten nothing. However, I met with the state representative for Special Education in VA along with my new cooperating teacher, and I got strategy after strategy, suggestion after suggestion, support, support, support… everything just overflowing. I finally feel better. I finally feel like this is doable. I finally feel like I can succeed. That is a wonderful, amazing feeling!

  316. I am glowing this very day because I had the opportunity to chat with my sister in law who lives a good distance away from me. Anytime I’m with her she has a way of illuminated my face with a smile. She’s a great conversationalist and very real…. which always makes me laugh. Being refreshed by her today put a little sparkle in my life. And by the way she bears my same name… Stacy. Very cool.

  317. Anne says:

    Watching my husband and my son together today made me glow! I am so blessed to have a wonderful loving husband and a beautiful healthy son!

  318. Elizabeth says:

    I am glowing because the school semester is coming to an end. Time to play again….:o)

  319. new shelving in the garage and putting things AWAY in an organized fashion! :)

  320. Marnie says:

    Burrr…it’s cold outside so along with the chill, my husbands love, my children’s smile, and all of what God has to offer.

  321. BettyC says:

    My ailing dear aunt (91 yrs. old) is doing much better @ a rehab center & may go home in a day or two! (Answered prayers.)

  322. Madeline says:

    I’m glowing because fall is finally here in Plano, Texas!

  323. I am glowing because I have 2 wonderful kids to keep me company

  324. annie says:

    still glowing from a 40th birthday thrown for me by two beautiful friends. lots of twinkly candles, great food, warm friends and a perfect fall night.

  325. alison chino says:

    glowing because it’s thanksgiving next week…my VERY FAVORITE day of the year! all my family together this year!

  326. the 4 days in a row that my hubby and I get to spend together next week! CAN’T wait!

  327. Kindra says:

    My daughter’s little giggle every time she sees my face makes me glow.

  328. Jessica says:

    The holiday season! With Thanksgiving next week (yikes!) and Christmas just next month I am so excited for family and travels!

  329. Peggy says:

    Glowing with the thought that the best husband in the world asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner instead of fixing it. Not sure how he knows which days to say it, but he’s pretty good at it!!

  330. Erin says:

    I took my 2 youngest children to Target to get essentials (9 months and 2 yo) and they were ANGELS!! This doesn’t happen often, so it really made me happy! :)

  331. Anjanette says:

    I am glowing because of my very special afternoon therapy session – i.e. hitting the thrift shop and finding the most amazing lamp for my daughter’s room and the most incredible little set of red cups.

  332. Andrea says:

    I am glowing in the fact that my 3 year old daughter is going to be potty trained in a few days. *hopeful and optimistic*

  333. so beautiful! i’m glowing a little because i’m making the most of my small house. moving furniture and decorating.

  334. Jaimeson says:

    Looking at my calendar and realizing that I only have three more weeks of Nursing school! It’s been a long 3 years but I was glowing and grinning from ear to ear when I realized I’m so close to the end!

  335. Caroline says:

    I am glowing with health after weeks of being sick with the dreaded “flu” then bronchitis!

  336. Patricia says:

    Bumping into an old coworker at the grocery store. We haven’t seen each other for 10 years. My did we chat up a storm! Such an unexpected delight! :-)

  337. Alisa says:

    My 19 month old daughter & the fact that in 9 short weeks we will be welcoming another little baby into this world!

  338. melissa says:

    Such a lovely blog filled with beautiful photography!

    Knowing that in just a few short weeks I will be with family and friends basking in holiday happiness!

  339. Stephanie Burt says:

    My husband, my best friend in the world, makes me glow because of his unconditional love and care for me and our family. I love him because without him, I wouldn’t have our 3 beautiful children!

  340. Kristy Villalobos says:

    My five year old son and all of his wonderful questions are making me glow. All the way!

  341. Caitlin says:

    I am studying in scotland for a semester and have gotten really plugged into a bible study. Every week I bake something, usually a cake for someone’s birthday. This week they surprised me and turned the cake I made into my “birthday cake” because I won’t be here during my real birthday. These wonderful people make me glow :)

  342. Elena says:

    Oh my goodness, I just love your website! Beautiful layout. Right now I’m glowing from the inside out- from the cup of hot chocolate that’s warming me up!

  343. janelle eller says:

    My adult children make me glow with pride. They are everything I ever wanted in a family and more.

  344. Theresa says:

    Coming Home to a fire in the fireplace is what makes me glow at the momment!

  345. Jenn says:

    Dreams coming true is making me glow.

  346. marla m. says:

    my husband is making me glow. he is my rock.

  347. Stacey says:

    I’m glowing because my mom watched my 5 year old so that I could go to town and get some Christmas shopping done……it always feels good to get something accomplished on a day out!

  348. erin says:

    We are taking our honeymoon in 2 wks and it only took 7yrs of marriage and 3 kids to make it happen…… I can’t wait!!

  349. Megan says:

    The DVD of my wedding pictures that I just received! So exciting to remember all of the beautiful happy moments. :)

  350. Anna says:

    I loved the deep, warm turquoise skies today and making glitter cars with my son while hubby cooked dinner, after a long day

  351. odelsa says:

    frienships…my friends are inspiring and great examples.

  352. Chris P says:

    My daughter got an additional scholarship for her study abroad in Italy trip that starts in January and ends in April-I am so proud!!

  353. Shannon Hay says:

    The anticipation of the Holidays with friends and family makes me glow.

  354. Shannon Hay says:

    The anticipation of the Holidays with friends and family makes me glow.

  355. Royce says:

    When I haven’t seen my friends in a long time and we agree to meet at a coffee shop, the moment I walk through the door and our eyes meet. That smile that they smile when they see you. It’s so bright and it makes you feel loved, real and warm.

  356. Katie says:

    I am glowing because I graduate from college in 4 weeks! Beautiful necklace!

  357. gkgirl says:

    my boy helping his dad fix the xbox…
    and all the chatter that goes along with it…

  358. vicki says:

    My organized (finally) and peaceful (temporarily) home…..three liittle ones and a husband don’t always cooperate, but I’ll take the crazy chaos anyday ;-).

  359. Greta says:

    My boys are keeping me aglow these days! I do love everything you make!

  360. kaley smith says:

    im glowing because we get to close on our new house thursday! love the new necklaces.

  361. Kara Johnson says:

    I did the dishes, picked up the toys, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and put in a load of laundry…….I’m glowing because I’m running crazy!

    So excited at the chance of winning!

  362. Nonie says:

    I am glowing because the holidays are getting close.. Getting very excitied.. Looking forward to fall being done. I am tired of raking leaves:)

  363. Kristen says:

    LOVE the new design! Two things are making me glow today – my new Avon anti-aging serum :) and 3 simple words said by my 3 year old while we were snuggling: ” I love you”

  364. Mom of four happy kids says:

    The nice wheather outside. I love the fall season and its colour, clothing, fall veggie….and today it is so nice and sunny. Love s makes me happy! So is your necklaces!

  365. Taylor says:

    Spending the day with high schoolers is what’s making me glow today! I mean really…I think its the best job in the world! They make the 5 years I spent in college completely worth it, every single day!

  366. hil says:

    After 2 miscarriages this year: Seeing a healthy little baby on my ultrasound today. Shhh, few people know!

  367. cori Fraser says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    and listening to my 6 year old read makes my heart super happy! happy heart = happy glow!

  368. carmela says:

    my oldest son finally taking an interest in reading…and doing well…that makes me glow…love the necklaces!!!

  369. Christina says:

    I’m glowing because I’m expecting baby #4 in a few months!

  370. Robin says:

    I’m glowing because I have great kids and a wonderful husband…Thank God for all of it!!

  371. Jennifer says:

    My three precious babies. Born less than 3 lbs each, spent 9 weeks in NICU and now these 3 kiddos are 8 1/2 months old…happy, healthy, and thriving. They have lit up our life and we love them to pieces! Such blessings they are. Yes, I am one very proud (glowing!) new Mom!

  372. Jessica says:

    I would put the words “walk” “in” and “light” on this necklace. What is really causing me to glow lately is walking in the light of the Bible. God’s truth is giving me joy an I am trusting Him to continue making me into a new creation. This lantern necklace would be perfect to express that! “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7

  373. nurse heather says:

    many mom’s are frantic, tired or grumpy when they call. some are really mean or curt. today someone said “thank you, you are always there when I need help. I feel so much safer knowing you are there” well! that made my day. I rarely get feed back from my stressful job, so I’m glowing right now!

  374. Heather says:

    I’m glowing with the anitcipation of cool, crsip mornings and a toasty scarf knitted by my mom to wrap around my neck :) Love it! Your designs are so creative

  375. Jill says:

    I am celebrating my sons 8th birthday~ He is such a little man! I am glowing cuz I love being a mom to my 2 kids :)
    I am also glowing because I told him he ‘s getting so big and maybe he should stop growing… and he said it’s okay, he will always be my little guy (with a hug) !

  376. Jill says:

    P.S I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewelry! Hope Santa brings me one this year :)

  377. Robbin says:

    Wow! It took so long to scroll down here. You’re a popular one, Lisa. What’s making me glow today is that I have made new friends in my new digs here in Redondo. In Bible Study I was taking in the fact that I am now a part of some other women’s lives, sharing with them, praying with them and just chit-chatting with them. And a couple of them are now Facebook friends and I was able to share something special with them. And I know they will pray for me and I will SEE them again to share more with them. It’s beginning to feel like home.

  378. Michal says:

    what makes me glow: cup of coffee in peace and quiet, smiles on my kids’ faces, a productive day, a relaxing evening. love the new necklace!

  379. melissa says:

    I got to leave 10 minutes early from work rather having to stay my usual 30 minutes or more late.

  380. Trish says:

    Listening to my 2 year old sing is making me glow. She lights up my life!

  381. Erin W says:

    My face…it’s literally glowing today because of the 125 km/hr winds and WARM (what its mid-november) weather we have been having lately. What a fab design and thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  382. wendy says:

    Oh, wow. That’s lovely!
    I’m glowing with a cup of hot tea in my hands… the storm is over and the power is back on, the hole in my basement wall is patched, and my daughter’s health issues are thankfully not life-threatening. Life is good.

  383. Vicki says:

    WOW…just the thought of perhaps winning one of these is making me GLOW!!

  384. tammy says:

    how lovely!
    i am glowing today because my soon-to-be ten year old (thursday) sent the sweetest email to his former principal apologizing for not acknowledging him during a curriculum walk-through. according to g, he wanted to look “professional while working.” too funny!

  385. Linda Z says:

    My birthday was yesterday and I’m still glowing from a great day at Disneyland with a friend! :)

    Very cute lanterns! :) Did your sister design them? They look a little like her drawings.

  386. Denise says:

    The wonderful, windy, cool Oregon weather is making me glow. Red cheeked, craving soups and warm drinks, cozying up at home….I love fall!

  387. Colleen says:

    I’m glowing because I get to spend the evening playing with my two lovely daughters – such a needed activity after fighting HTML all day at work!

  388. Suzanne says:

    I’m glowing because I have 4 precious kiddos and a great husband!

  389. Lauren says:

    What makes me glow today? I am glowing because one of my students identified more than 50 words we didn’t know the student knew! I am a special education teacher and these moments light up my life and make my soul glow! I feel so blessed to experience such moments in life that rock your core and bring you back to what is important, life is truly amazing!

  390. Julie says:

    Just tucked my 3 little boys in for the night. That makes me glow to watch their precious sleeping faces.

  391. Leah says:

    I am glowing at the big smile and running hug-jump I get when I pick my 5-year-old up at school.

  392. Susan says:

    My husband telling me i’m sexy even when i’m feeling my worst. Love that man! Love your jewelry too!

  393. Ann says:

    Glowing…well maybe not quite glowing, but definitely wearing a smile! My husband is recovering well from surgery to remove a cancerous tumour, we just celebrated our 27th anniversary and I am finally beginning to recover from a long and difficult depression. I am trusting that with God’s strength and the love of my husband and children – glowing will happen again someday!

    Just found your jewellry for the first time today – absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  394. Cee says:

    Transitioning my little one into her big girl bed — even if she sleeps just a few hours on her own, I consider that enough to glow about !! 😉

  395. Becky says:

    I taught myself how to do a half double crotchet adding the finished trim to a knitted hat. Love it and love your necklaces.

  396. Jenny says:

    a yes! to a spontaneous girls weekend away to rest, relax, take in beautiful art, and breathe. so glowing. thanks.

  397. Alana says:

    our new baby boy makes me glow…as to our two daughters, his proud big sisters…my family makes me glow! thanks for another fun giveaway!

  398. KimC says:

    Knowing that I’m finally going to college in January for something that I love and that I’ve been waiting for years to get there makes me glow :~) I just want to tell you that your jewelry is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  399. jennifer says:

    See my husband’s new in home office take shape. He’s sacrificed so much and is such a great Daddy. He’s so excited to have a space of his own and it was fun to see the goofy smiles on his face when he showed it to me.

  400. Sallie says:

    The love of my awesome, HUGE, mighty God. So much more than I could ever wrap my head around.

  401. Elizabeth says:

    Today I am glowing because I know that I will be able to go home and see my family for Thanksgiving. I am a college student who rarely sees my family because I go to college 6 hours away from home. Thus, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and gathering with my family, friends, and fiancé…all of whom I do not see often enough. The thought makes me ecstatic!

  402. Megan says:

    Today, my favorite fall candle from Yankee Candle, Pumpkin Pie and Vanilla Cupcake is makimg my craft room and myself glow from the awesome smell!! Love, love, love, your fabulous lantern necklaces!!

  403. amy miller says:

    I am not glowing right now. Found out yesterday that my husband lost his job effective next week. Found out today that my dad was admitted to the hospital with bleeding on his brain. I know that I can glow right now because God is in control and a new job will come and people are loving to give my kids presents at Christmas and my dad is a Godly man with good medical care so I know God is there too. Thanks for the chance to win and maybe just vent a little. I hope to be glowing soon!

  404. rachel says:

    today what is making me glow is my nceklace I have on…. It’s a Lisa Leonard captured heart and it says faith hope love. Words to live by. Thanks Lisa for making me GLOW today!!!! Love the new lantern necklace!!!!

  405. Amber Ellis says:

    Last week I was trying to come up with the PERFECT Christmas cookie recipe. I was searching desperately for one like my grandmother used to make when I was a little girl. Needless to say, I made them and they were HORRIBLE. I told my sweet Granny about my catastrophe, and today when I went to visit she had made a special batch of Christmas Cutout cookies just for me!!! I feel so blessed to have my grandmother still living. I hope to be as humble and thoughtful as she is someday. She makes EVERYONE around her glow!

  406. CRP says:

    I am glowing because the fun blog Awful Library Books has published five of the books I’ve sent them.

  407. Jennifer says:

    Oh those are lovely! Let’s see… coming home from a long day at work to get hugs from my two favorite kids on the planet? Yeah, that makes me glow!

  408. Jennifer from WI says:

    The peace and the presence of God in difficult circumstances. That makes me glow.

  409. Brianne T says:

    I am glowing because next week my husband has extra days off for the holidays and we get to spend the most amount of time as a family since our twin sons were born 1 year ago. The 4 of us are going to have a lot of fun

  410. Tonya says:

    how adorable! i love the idea of thinking about what makes me glow! God’s subtle answers to prayers make me glow!

  411. Alison Gibbs says:

    I am glowing today as it is a day I babysit my precious 2 yo grandson
    He is so cute and cheeky

  412. Brooke says:

    being a mom….you glow from pride, joy, laughter, and all the other wonderful moments of being a “mommy” :)

  413. Shari says:

    i’m glowing, because i just found out earlier this week that i’m pregnant again. yeah! i love this necklace. i think it’s just gorgeous.

  414. Merideth says:

    Last night I got together with me dearest friend, Kerry. We have been friends FOREVER. Over the last 20 years we have seen each other through many joys and sorrows. Life has been so full lately that we haven’t been able to see each other as much as we like so I appreciate the times we do get together so much. I know that she desires the best for me even if it means saying hard things. Remembering all that we have been through and all that we have to look forward to as friends makes me glow.

  415. patricia says:

    thinking of all of the happy times shared with my dad. i miss him so much but i know he’s in a better place…

  416. Ellie de says:

    I’m glowing today because tomorrow night is opening night for my show and I feel ready!

  417. Tami says:

    I am glowing in the challenge of doing something totally out of my comfort zone, and totally new to me. In less than 48 hours I’ll participate in a stair climb to raise money for cystic fibrosis research! I am the most un-athletic person you’ll ever meet, I avoid doing sports and even too much physical activity in front of others, simply out of awkwardness and embarrasment. But, this time, I”ll climb 16 stories (my part of the relay) with hundeds of other people. Why? Because my precious Emily, who positively GLOWS – has CF. I can do this…for her.

    Each training climb has left me feeling stronger, and yes, I “glow” in that stinky sweaty way when I’m done!

    Oh, and the fact that we are taking our girls on their first Disney vacation in exactly one month…that makes me glow a bit, too.

  418. Roxy says:

    My babies . . . and knowing I will soon be home from my training and back to normal life . . . and my babies!

  419. Camille says:

    I have been scouring my home all day to find what? My missing paper lanterns…… and look what you have now. I love these necklaces. DARLING!
    I am glowing in the midnight hour to put together a chinese dinner for the youth of our church tomorrow. If only I had the necklace to wear! :) I would be oh-so-dressed for the occasion.

  420. Kristi F says:

    Love the new design!

    My glow comes from the knowledge that God is working through my family and others to provide Thanksgiving and Christmas for needy families. Today we did some of our gift buying for a family who is less fortunate and has the almost unbearable tragedy of a child with cancer. Every year we do this and every year I feel such a sense of peace come over me knowing that for just a short time things will be good for the family we are taking under our wing. I am blessed.

  421. Angela Carr says:

    There is a small little light, that wakes up before the sun comes up and speaks to my heart in words that few can understand. There is a little light that follows me and watches every move I make. There is a little light that was hoped and prayed for, for a very long time. This little light is my son, Matthew. He makes me glow.

  422. Genevieve says:

    My daughters laughter, that good full belly laughter that becomes contagious to everyone around.

  423. deanna wan says:

    because my kids don’t think i’m fat!

  424. Judy says:

    the thought of being able to go home for Thanksgiving week and having endless time with my two kids!

    I love this new design

  425. Nan Gough says:

    Today I had a wonderful afternoon outing with my 4 year old daughter (a bit of Mommy and me time without sister baby) and a bit of quiet time with the baby when we returned home. I also have an anticipatory glow because tomorrow my husband returns from deployment! Hooray!

  426. Ashley says:

    It is 4:30am…I am up with an influenzafied 11-month…so why am I glowing? I get to hold him and cuddle him! I feel really blessed and content with him in my arms…

  427. Heather says:

    I’m glowing with anticipation of a three-day weekend with my husband and kiddos!

  428. jeri says:

    glowing because i was able to give my testimony yesterday of how God saved me & what He is up to in my life!
    another beautiful design Lisa! you are amazing!

  429. beca says:

    I am glowing because my step daughter will be coming on Friday!! yay!

  430. Diana says:

    I am glowing because after many years of heartache after losing my precious son, I have truly found happiness in a wonderful man! God is good to me!

  431. Melissa says:

    I’m glowing because His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness! :)

  432. Joycee says:

    I’m glowing because the holidays are just around the corner, my favorite time of the year. Love all your gift ideas!

  433. Jill says:

    Glowing … because life is in such a great place for the kids and I now. This wasn’t always the case, but through perseverance and hard work, we are healthy, happy, and drama free!

  434. Linda Mills says:

    I am glowing because I graduate nursing school in one month….ONE MONTH! After a five-year journey I would say that is worth celebrating!

  435. Eilidh says:

    3 things make me glow today:
    My beautiful girls
    My gorgeous husband coming home tonight after spending time away for work
    The grace of God -getting me through all the tough times and enjoying the good times with me

  436. Misty says:

    I’m glowing because my daughter slept through the night last night!

  437. Jill says:

    My kids~~always my kids~~that make me glow.
    Your work is wonderful and I love this new design! Thanks for the giveaway!

  438. Gin says:

    How adorable! I’m planning to have lanterns at my May wedding and also thinking of getting my girls a necklace, how perfect! One of my girls and I call each other “Ching” — how cute would that look on this?!

  439. The Nanny says:

    What’s making me glow?
    1) Finding out that I can graduate in 3.5 years (instead of 4) which means I’ll graduate DEBT-FREE!!!
    2) The amazing, amazing school I go to that I love so much
    3) How many friend I have immediately around me who I love so much
    4) The Skype conversation I had last night with my parents and sister, and the loud, off-key Dixie Chicks song my sister and I sang to make my parents laugh :)

    What’s making me glow?

  440. Pam M says:

    This new design is so unique. I love it!
    Currently, completely my workout makes me glow. Other things that make me glow are connecting with my children, date night with my husband, and the amazing grace of God.

  441. Whitney Bray says:

    My daughter and I snuggled up on the sofa reading a good book in front of a warm fireplace.

  442. megan says:

    i am glowing because not only will our family welcome one little one this winter we will be welcoming two! how exciting to see our family grow!

  443. Jeanette says:

    I’m glowing because I already worked out this morning. :-) And, I love waking up to a great husband, 4 wonderful children and 2 cute kitties!

  444. Rachel says:

    It’s pretty simple really. Lately, Jesus is making me glow. His love, faithfulness and unending grace.

  445. sheri says:

    i’m glowing today because i taught my class yesterday and was able to inspire so many great ladies…this made my week 😀

  446. amanda o. says:

    i am glowing because of my wonderful family. i am so blessed. {and the fact that new moon is just days away…can’t wait for that!}

  447. carole says:

    the other day i noticed a sweet bunny nestled under the bush right outside my office window~now i get up a zillion times a day to peek at him. i am glad he chose that spot,makes me smile!

  448. Maria G. says:

    I’m glowing because I just stepped out of a very very hot shower. Now I’m ready to start my day!
    Thanks for sharing a chance at one of your new fun charms!

  449. beverlyk says:

    i am glowing because both my father and daughter received positive test results and they don’t need surgery!

  450. Bethany says:

    I love, love, love your jewelry..
    I am glowing today because I am watching my sweet little boy talk to his baby sister who is still in my tummy telling her sweet dreams and giving her a kiss goodnight.. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

  451. Kathy says:

    That I can actually SEE the light(lantern light?)at the end of the tunnel! It has been a rough, to put it mildly, 4 years. Your lanterns remind my of the ones I have hanging in my granddaughters room and those make me smile every time I pass by!
    Thank you for your upbeat, honest and spiritually lifting blog entries. Also for always answering a question!!

  452. Susan C says:

    My life! I’m counting my blessings and so thankful! Thanks for a chance on the new charm – cute!

  453. mel says:

    doing my little girl’s hair with all the hair accessories *she* picked–ribbons, barrettes and headband. :)

  454. Michelle B. says:

    The knowledge and focus on things that I am thankful for – I wish I spent more time outside of the Thanksgiving season giving thanks for the things in my life!

  455. Patti says:

    Believe it or not… washing dishes with candles aglow on the windowsill while listening to the Thanksgiving collection by Wyndham Hill on cd ~ my favorite music of the season.

    Blessings, Patti

  456. Tiffany says:

    Oh my goodness those are gorgeous. Right now, I am listening to Christmas music and am absolutely giddy. Just giddy I tell you!

  457. Beth says:

    The thought of my siblings and their families traveling to be with us over the Thanksgiving holiday. Days of fun and reconnecting. I just love and miss them so much! Can’t wait!

  458. Becky says:

    Starbuck’s new Creme Brulee latte:) Yum! Love your blog..thanks for the reminder to live life fully.

  459. Lorina says:

    seeing pictures of my 4 week old niece – she is adorable. thank goodness for digital cameras and blogs! can’t wait til i see her in person.

  460. Paula Warlick says:

    These are adorable. What a great idea for a gift for my mother-in-law. she goes to china often and I’m thinking I need to win this for her!! Either way – it is on my wishlist. Wore my bird/cage necklace the past few days and got lots of compliments on it – from strangers too. Told them about your lovely website and blog.

  461. Katherine says:

    I’m glowing today because I can feel the baby that we’re expecting in April moving around for the first time! It’s such an amazing feeling!

  462. Rachel says:

    knowing that my adopted daughter (from Ethiopia) that we’ve been waiting for for 3 years will be home in the next couple of months!!!!!

  463. Caralyn says:

    Quite honestly what’s making me glow are the new Lisa Leonard necklaces I have worn continuously since receiving them in early September. At the moment I’m wearing the fly. necklace you created. Most often I wear the open circle necklace, but also love, love, love, my teenie tiny initials necklace. Thank you for creating such special pieces that make others glow!

  464. Carol says:

    I’m glowing from celebrating my oldest’s ninth birthday yesterday. She is a sweetheart and just oozed excitement and joy at turning nine. A fun day for the whole family.

  465. Jenny Roach says:

    Hi Lisa! I am glowing today because today is the last day of my isolation my family and I have had to endure due to my thyroid cancer treatment I received last Friday. Being a Mom, you know hard it’s been to be away from my babies, Katie 8 years and Matthew 22 months. I am working around my energy boosts today to get ready for my babies to come home tomorrow and I’m so excited! Thanks for considering me for this beautiful necklace giveaway you’re doing! I love it! Thanks!! :-)

  466. at says:

    Yesterday a pair of the fuzziest, coziest, softest red plaid pyjamas found me while shopping at the grocery store, of all places. There was one medium size left … just right for me. When I wore them last night they were a magnet for hugs, cuddles and perfect for warming up cold sheets. I was in high demand, let me tell you!
    I just walked past my bedroom door and saw them laying on my bed and my face lit up cause I can’t wait to wear them again tonight!

  467. Lari says:

    My 4 sweet boys and wonderfully helpful hubby!

  468. Sarah says:

    What’s making me glow? The feeling of GRATITUDE for all of the things I’ve been blessed with in my life… the list is endless… but I can say it’s the {small} things in life that make it so {GRAND}!

  469. Shannon says:

    My 5 month old daughter having a long laugh at mom!

  470. Shay says:

    Seeing my baby and husband play together always puts a smile on my face.

  471. Susan says:

    I am glowing today, as I hold my 3 week old son and cherish every moment with him, while looking forward to introducing him to more family members over the Thanksgiving holiday. A lot to be thankful for this year. And, the baby’s room just happens to be decorated with…..paper lanterns!

  472. Shannon says:

    My 5 month old having a long giggle at mommy!

  473. Shay says:

    Baby and Daddy playing together always makes me smile!

  474. Jeff says:

    My wife feeding my daughter is a sweet sight.

  475. Linda says:

    Riding my horse!

  476. Sara K. says:

    My new baby Allie–whose name I’d love to put on one of these! I love her sleepy little head tucked up under my chin . . .

  477. Jennifer says:

    I’m glowing today because my 3-yr-old daughter, Isabelle and I just discovered the organization Charity: Water ( and decided to each take some money from our piggy banks and give a donation. We had a great conversation about children who don’t have clean water. Giving is great!

  478. kara says:

    skyping! w. my hubby- who is over in Iraq…deployed. (: he called/we skyped…sigh.
    i miss him. love this necklace idea- so happy feeling to me. the lanterns.

  479. kathy says:

    i’m glowing because of one of my former students and i had a great heart-to-heart conversation yesterday. this week is the anniversary of his mom’s death 6 years ago from cancer. when i visited her in the hospital, i promised her i would always look after her son. now a young adult, he has made good choices in his life, and i believe his mom would be proud. he carries her in his heart, we all do, like a little beacon of light. she said, “its never goodbye, its just see you later.” those lanterns are like her, little beacons of light.

  480. Meredith says:

    A husband working from home for the day! I love just being in the same room with him!

  481. lyn says:

    my son’s 3rd little tooth coming in! even though we’re getting little sleep, i’m in awe of him & that’s making me glow :)

  482. Angie says:

    The conversation my 3 year-old had with the nurse on the phone today while I was in the bathroom…..
    child: “Hello?”
    nurse: “Where’s your mommy?”
    child: lots of jibberish followed by Mommy’s in the bathroom and my brother is crying.

    I finally get to the phone to say how sorry I am and the nurse just laughed and said it was really cute. I think she was entertaining his conversation to make sure a mommy was really there. LOL!

    Everything happens when you go to the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!11

  483. Katherine says:

    Waking up to blue sky and sunshine started my day off with a great glow!

  484. Cindy says:

    My 39 year old husband getting baptized on Sunday – what a blessing! And I would be lying if I didn’t also say the feeling of empty dirty clothes baskets, and it being all washed, folded AND put away….that makes me glow too!!

  485. Kathy Cox says:

    fellowship with good friends makes my heart glow!

  486. Shana Weller says:

    Having a day off to be home with my kids. The simple things….staying in our p.j’s all day…baking chocolate chip cookies and licking the beaters. It was a great day!

  487. Kim says:

    Stormy weather! Fall wouldn’t be right without it.

  488. marissa jude. says:

    thinking about thanksgiving when my family will all be together, celebrating, laughing, loving…

  489. Jeannine says:

    Raining outside but I know there is something home cooked waiting for me when I get home

  490. Stephanie Henkle says:

    I am a student teacher and had to tell my students that my last day is fast approaching. They really made my day and put a smile on my face when they told me that I couldn’t leave and asked if I could just stay until the end of the year. The students are why I do this!!! Great lanterns! Thanks for your fantastic giveaways!

  491. Martha says:

    I’m glowing today because I know the holidays will be special. I have an 11 yr. old & 13 yr. old. We have perfected the art of a not-too-much holiday. This equals a little time with family, a little time with friends, a little time for each other & not too many things.

    Enjoy yours!

  492. Emma says:

    My growing tummy–due with my first baby in May!

  493. erin says:

    i am glowing with morning sickness. it might sound strange, but i just had a miscarriage, and the sickness from this new life in me really is making me glow with happiness.

  494. sandi m says:

    new baby in the family – lots of pictures to be taken!!!! love your ideas – a breath of fresh air!

  495. Jessica says:

    when i woke up this morning, I laid there for just a minute to smell my little girls breath….no matter how stinky :) She is PERFECT!!!

  496. Laurie says:

    I am glowing today because after many weeks of doctor’s telling me that I may be disabled for life with a spinal fluid leak, I received a phone call from a specialist that disagrees. She told me that she believes that I can be cured and still live a good life as a mother and teacher. She gave me hope! Today is a GREAT day!

  497. erin says:

    glowing today because I”m 5 months pregnant with baby girl #2! and because my 2.5 yr old daughter brings such joy (and craziness) to my life.
    Love the new lantern necklaces!

  498. sarah says:

    birthdays and fall weather and puppy dog tails have added to my glow today!

  499. Rian says:

    I am glowing today because I am back home with my kids after 5 looooong days away. No place like home.

  500. Lisa Silver says:

    What a gorgeous piece of artwork! I love your designs!

    I think hugs and kisses from my little ones make the day glow for me!


  501. Jen says:

    Spending a relaxing night at home with my husband is making my day glow.

  502. Brianne says:

    Wow! These are super cute! Today I’m glowing because my baby boy is days away from crawling for the first time. I’m so proud of him and all that he’s learning.

  503. Susan Bowen says:

    I’m literally “glowing” right now because it’s been a hectic day of chauffeuring kids to babysitting & youth group, squeezing in supper after picking the car up from the shop, keeping a lid on the craziness at work and remembering to take the garbage out to the street tonight! But my internal glow is because in a couple of hours, my teenagers will all be quiet in their rooms, my hubby will be home from Elder’s meeting and we can laugh about our days over a cup of tea before turning out the lights. I love my sweetheart – we’ve been married 23 1/2 years and I can’t wait for another few decades of growing – and glowing – together.

  504. Sheila says:

    Yoga with my friends in their home as be find a little bliss in our every day and I find a lot of glow as my girls buzz with excitement to bedeck the house for the holidays!!! Don’t stand still you might really glow in our house as they festoon you!!!

  505. marina Calamato Brinks says:

    My son’s laughter makes me glow today.Today I opened one of my favorite boxes in my house: X-mas ornaments! I know, I am guilty of holiday anxiety but I couldn’t help it :). My nine month old son loved the ornaments and couldn’t stop laughing at his reflection on the bright spheres…

  506. Traci says:

    I’m glowing from a wonderful (private) milestone that I hit yesterday. Makes me beam…

  507. Bonnie says:

    I am glowing because I can finally have a little rest and spend time with my lovely family after finishing my first two stomach flippy exams :) I love the necklace Lisa xx

  508. Jessica says:

    Reading the Word of God…

  509. Michele says:

    I am glowing because I am married to a wonderful man and blessed to parent an amazing child through the gift of adoption. I am so thankful.

  510. Mari says:

    I am glowing today because I am lucky to have a great family, my health and my beautiful daughter who makes me laugh so many times daily.

  511. Robbon says:

    I glow knowing that my children are healthy and happy. Their laughter, drawings, dances, and dress-up outfits make me glow each day. I didn’t realize it until the word glow was mentioned but that is what in fact makes me glow. Watching them grow and glow.

  512. Roxanne says:

    Spending 45 minutes on the rowing machine this morning is making me glow 😀

  513. Mela says:

    Beautiful Fall Day today..soon heading out with the boys after Nap…

  514. Meta says:

    I glow because I feel so good today, and the past few days have just been a bit on the downside. And it’s weekend in a few minutes, and a free weekend it is (instead of the past 8 weeks). So yes, glowing it is!

  515. Halley says:

    Today I am inside with a little 4 year old girl who is fighting a cold. Remembering to relax and enjoy all of the little things. Looking forward to the Holidays. Loving time spent with family. That is what makes me “glow”.

  516. Christi says:

    My two kids are always what makes me glow. One adopted from China and one adopted from Kazkahstan.

  517. Delicia says:

    I love the necklace. Spending time with my 3 sweet little boys always makes me glow. The upcoming holiday season also make me glow.

  518. Mari-ann says:

    Its almost friday, and we are celebrating Thanksgiving at work today, with a pot luck lunch.

  519. Helen says:

    My sweet daughter. She’s adopted from China and I’m Chinese, too, so these little lanterns are so appropriate for us. What a darling necklace.

  520. Hi Lisa,
    Being here at our winter home in Arizona surrounded by this beautiful desert that I can enjoy with my husband.

  521. stephanie says:

    glow=snuggled under a blanket with a sweet little boy, a book, and hot cocoa!

  522. Sylvia says:

    My babes make me GLOW with PRIDE! My 4 year old is writing and spelling up a storm, while my 2 year old is learning that anything my 4 year can do, he can do too!!! :o)

  523. Jan Richards says:

    Love your blog! I am glowing because we get to go to Disneyland tomorrow with our 3 grandkids. Charlotte is the most excited about meeting the princesses in her Aurora dress that I made her.
    Can’t wait to see her face as she enters the magic kingdom at 4 years of age.

  524. Simple Mama says:

    Oh my! Your work is amazing!

    Today I’m glowing watching my son spend hours with a yellow legal pad and pencil. Drawing away. Sticking the pencil behind his ear to be like daddy. I’m thankful to be instilling in him creativity.

  525. Tiffany says:

    I’m glowing because I get to spend everyday with my wonderful 22 month old. Her smile, curiosity and love for life is most amazing. I’m lucky to have her!

  526. Jodi says:

    Blue sky and sunshine after the snow. And of course, building a snowman with my little ones.

  527. Allie says:

    I am glowing because we’ll soon (well, next year) be the parents of a baby girl from Rwanda! That will be our third child – just right for three lanterns. They’re adorable (the kids and the lanterns!).

  528. Jeri Hughes says:

    Army daughter will be home for Christmas . . . . I can’t wait to HER glowing face when she hugs her 4 year old son for the first time in 4 months. I know that I will be glowing with happiness to see her as well!

  529. jackie says:

    my 2 month old baby noah :)

  530. Alina says:

    What makes me glow is watching my kids experience life….my daughter is into everything about going to school, she just loves it. My son is voicing his opinion alot now that he realizes he has one and seeing them learn new things….

  531. Jan J. says:

    What makes me glow every day is being a mom to my two daughters from China, something I never thought I’d get to be. I feel thankful every single day for my children, and OH I love this necklace! We all love paper lanterns and these are SO cute!

  532. Amanda S. says:

    Seriously…the love that Jesus has for me makes me glow and BURST with love for HIM!

  533. lace says:

    Cleaning out the garden and preparing it for it’s winter rest. We had a great time digging in the dirt, looking for worms and throwing rocks into a pile.

  534. grams says:

    Housework and preparing for Thanksgiving.

  535. Angela says:

    My daughter, she doesn’t know how to write yet, but she has just written me a book of squiggles listing all the things that make “Momma Special,” her book is 15 pages long and double-sided! It has put a smile on my face that is definitely making me glow.

  536. Kimberly Kight says:

    Watching our 12 week old Golden Retreiver puppy play with our 4 year old Golden Retriever!

  537. Molly says:

    I’m glowing because of four healthy children, dimpled knuckle hugs, apple cider tea and warm muffins out of the oven. :)

  538. Ruth says:

    The fact that I have friends who, even though I live far away from (all of them!), I can still just text them or post a little blurb through the interwebs to them when I’m having a not-so-glowing day. Just telling them “Man my day sucked” makes me feel better because I know they care about me, and they show it. It’s nice when people make sure you know they care about you. The people in my life are what make me glow today, and every day.

  539. Liz Henderson says:

    I am glowing as I watch 2 little girls giggle and play a game of tag. Like can’t get any sweeter.

  540. Kelly says:

    That I just might, might have a wee one beginning life!

  541. Andrea T. :) says:

    I’m glowing that my dear friend, who went into pre-term labor, 2 weeks ago is still growing her baby boy inside and is now home on bed rest. Her glow is so much brighter in her own home.

  542. Anna says:

    My glow is spending time with my parents and children- watching the grandparent/grandkids interaction. We live so far apart….different countries…. it makes this glow so much more special.

  543. Deb says:

    My family. They are the best gift.

  544. Bethany says:

    Glowing today inside and out because I am so very blessed. Blessed with two lovely daughters, a very kind husband, and a beauty that surrounds me that I SO do not deserve. Giving thanks!!


  545. I am glowing because my mother is about to arrive from America for a week-long visit. I can hardly wait!

  546. Holly says:

    I’m glowing from all of the Christmas open houses in our quaint little town tonight! What a joy to walk into the beautifully decorated shops, see all the Christmas products,on sale, sip some cider and listen to the carolers on the street. The Christmas season is here and I intend to enjoy every moment!!! You’re new designs are so beautiful…just like every other one you’ve done!!! Stunning!

  547. Holly LaRock says:

    My sweet 2 year old singing lullabies in the back seat of the car, in the backyard, in her crib all night! is making me glow today, and every day.


  548. Barbara says:

    Yesterday’s glow was seeing the look on my now 5 year old daughter’s face when she saw her birthday balloon (that I bought on a whim at the $1 store the night before) at her breakfast chair and the exclamation that “this is my bestest birthday – Mama it is going to be a GREAT day”. It made me laugh inside and out and reminded me how a child can delight in the smallest of things we can give them! As to a future glow – Mama would delight in winning your latest creation – the lanterns are beautiful!

  549. Shani says:

    My children definately make me glow everyday! Without them where would my life be? Love your new design!

  550. Sara says:

    I am glowing because I have three healthy little ones and a wonderful husband!

  551. Sheri Moreau says:

    I am glowing cuz my new transmission is FINALLY on the way!!! Two weeks in a rental car – will we get our car back by the holiday??!!

  552. Ainsley Arment says:

    What makes me glow: My sweet baby boy smiling at me as I type.
    What makes me giddy: The thought of winning one of these gorgeous necklaces.

  553. kerry says:

    My family…my sweet little girls and my hubby!

  554. Starla says:

    My 7 kids make me glow. They are all great kids, help others, love their mommy, and are a blessing all around. My 4 grandkids add to the glow, and the fact that another is due in February.

  555. Julie says:

    My sense of glowing is perhaps very different from others. Since the death of our baby son, Will, I find a heart that tries to glow in the darkest time is fighting that darkness with hope. When I saw this necklace it made me glow…Because by wearing it, it can be the family portrait that only exists in my constant thoughts…since our littlest family member is in heaven. This necklace offers a glimpsing glow of the family that I quietly carry in my heart.

  556. Heidi says:

    I am glowing today because after being laid off for over a year, and my husband being laid off for the last 4 months, I started the photography business of my dreams and can finally provide for my family. I am so grateful for new beginnings!

  557. Myra says:

    I’m glowing because it’s nearly Thanksgiving and I have the week off. :)

  558. rae says:

    yes, my beautiful family brings the glow….the fact that they are all sleeping and i am submersed in blogland enriching my me time with the beauty of blogs like yours!! thanks so much. 😉

  559. malia says:

    am i too late? sleeping in… hooray! :)

  560. Margaret says:

    I’m glowing from the cardio class I just came from!

  561. Tricia Anne says:

    I am glowing today because my whole family is home and we are moving about slowly. No rushing about – only enjoying each other’s company. It is one of my very favorite things! Hearing the conversations of my children and my husband, and it is beginning to rain…very peaceful!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne
    Ps. I asked “Santa” for the bird/cage necklace, for Christmas. :o)

  562. Kari says:

    My sweet daughter and her cousin dancing to Michael Jackson music in the background!!!!! 😀

  563. ramona says:

    My family- overwhelmingly precious people that God gave me! Love this beautiful saturday with them!

  564. Tracie says:

    Today the bounty at our local farmer’s market is making me glow. We saw awesome organic vegetables, ate homemade donuts and drank locally roasted coffee. YUM!

  565. Claudine says:

    I am glowing because I am slowly learning how to embrace the brave lovely bliss that is my life as mama to three kids, wife of a wonderful husband, and woman coming into her own.

    I LOVE your jewelry and would love to win!

  566. Ann says:

    Candy Cane Joe Joes from Trader Joes! Love yummy seasonal goodies!

  567. Diana says:

    These paper lantern charms are phemomonal! I’ve never seen anything like them! GORGEOUS!

  568. Tracy says:

    I just bought myself for my bday your captured heart necklace and it really “captured” my heart. LOVE IT! The paper lanterns are super cute, too!!! I have never seen that anywhere else! xoxo

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