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February 21st | older posts

it’s my blog and i can post whatever i want, right?! well yesterday i went to marshall’s while they boys were at preschool and i felt like i struck GOLD! i found these jeans which fit perfectly. and i cut them off to give them a little more crop. i also found these shoes–super comfy and i love the cork sole. i had to scrub for about 20 minutes to get those little stickers off the inside of the shoe–why do they make them so sticky? low adhesive is key here…
we are TOTALLY into big puzzles lately. matty is really good at them. i found four yesterday at marshalls. one small problem–we don’t have much floor space in our home, so we are constantly playing “obstacle course” to get around all the puzzles (and train track).
tour de california (it’s actually ‘of’ california but i think it’s funny to tease steve) comes to town tomorrow and we are excited to see the riders. some of the biggest names in cycling. then friday we’ll drive over to solvang to see them off. the weather is not supposed to cooperate, so that should make it interesting!
have a great wednesday!

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  1. lindsey says:

    you are so funny! i almost commented on your cute outfit today, and meant to, but between ketchup fingers and sweet potato fries, i was a bit distracted! don’t you love the finds you get so randomly at the discount stores? last time i went to marshall’s i found some cute sandals for 3.99! beat that! love you………

  2. Ellen says:

    I was amazed at how well Matty put together those puzzles. You’ve got a smarty pants on your hands. I’m glad your Wednesday was good. Wish I could say the same. I think we are stuck in the school rut. My students and I are tired and stressed. When is the next vacation?

  3. kristen borland says:

    cute jeans! totally wouldn’t have thought to cut them. you’re inspiring! 😉

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