here i am in first grade. i remember a lot about first grade. i loved school. i loved being in school all day. i had mrs. colvin–if you’re reading this, mrs. colvin, you were a great teacher! a lot has happened since i was six. i sometimes wonder what it would be like to sit down with my six year old self and show myself photos of my life to come–here are your kids…this is your husband…this is you in your thirties! then i would have to hug that little girl and say ‘life is going to be really hard sometimes, but it will be even more beautiful. and it just keeps getting better and better!” sometimes i trip out on my kids and i think ‘this is their childhood’ they’ll remember these things forever. dumb things, like dishes we put on the table every night or the tree out in front of our house. sometimes it just seems so big! such a huge responsibility, ya know? i wish i could protect them from every pain life will bring, but i know pain makes us so much better and stronger. and i know life will bring them joy, especially if we model joy and contentment to them…i am such an imperfect parent, but hopefully the laughter, silliness, and snuggles are what will stick in their memories!