We joined Steve downtown this afternoon for the tour of california (or tour de california as i call it!). It POURED this morning–actually it hailed a bit, too. Crazy weather! But it cleared up quite nicely for the finish of the race. I picked the boys up from preschool and carried both of them four blocks while hauling the diaper bag, two umbrellas, and my purse. It was a sight–and a good workout! Matty was a stinker during the race. He had just woken from his nap and even the m&m’s I brought wouldn’t cheer him up! Steve got this great photo of Levi Leifheimer (sp?) who is leading the race right now. We went our for pizza at Woodstock’s after things died down. David was standing in the booth and acting like a hot shot 🙂 Matty “played” a video game-no quarters required! We had fun and I’m so glad the weather cooperated better than our naughty three year old! Does this stage end soon?! Tomorrow we are off to Solvang. Heldts–what’s the latest? We are dying to hear some news!!