friendship-necklaceintroducing our new friendship necklace.  a sterling rectangle (1″x1/2″) is adorned with two sweet flowers, strung on sterling chain with pearl detail.  so simple and organic.


and meaningful.  because as i’ve gotten older, i’ve realized that good friends are hard to come by.


it seemed to easy to connect and hang out when i swam in high school or lived in the dorms during college.  now with kids and work and all kinds of activities, i find it harder to connect with my friends consistently. let alone make new friends.  it takes time to trust someone, doesn’t it?


my friends are honest, kind, generous and patient with me.  it’s easy to pick up where we left off when we haven’t talked for six months.  and they understand when i have to cut coffee short to go pick up a sick kiddo from school.  and they tell me when i hurt their feelings–instead of letting distance and misunderstanding creep in.  what are the most important qualities of friendship to you?


leave a comment and tell us what qualities of friendship are most important to you.  in a week, we’ll randomly choose two winners for the new friendship necklace!!