I am marking down a few pieces for my blogging friends. Thanks, those of you who are asking me to post pics of beaded jewelry. Sorry it’s taken me so long!!

This necklace has a amazonite pendant and is strung with aquamarine and smokey glass. Length is about 17″ I love the color combination. The earrings are fun and chunky and match perfectly. The set is $42

This necklace is stunning. A rectangular piece of olive jade is strung with bronze glass and bronze freshwater pearls. Length is 17″ Comes with matching bronze freshwater pearl earrings. SOLD

Another fun piece! Two shells are layered together and strung with cream freshwater pearls. Length is about 17″. Earrings are warm honey jade. SOLD

And last but not least…this necklace is amazonite strung with carnelian–a great combination with a little bit of an asian feel. Length is 17″ Earrings are carnelian pebbles. SOLD
Email me if you are interested!
On to potty talk…Matty went peepee in the potty this morning, while I was in the shower.He totally did it on his own. THEN he went peepee in the potty at school. I think it’s time for celebration. I told my sister that I was going to go out in the front yard and pick every dandelion (we’ve got a lot–grass needs a trim:) and make more wishes 🙂 I’ll keep you posted…