70 degrees in december?!

we were blessed with an amazing saturday, so i took the boys, my silver wreath and our new tripod to the beach. we had a blast. the boys were such good sports! i love the bottom picture where they are burying my wreath.

these boys need a trip to the snow–they have no idea what winter means!!


  1. Ummm, again, we woke up to below zero temperatures here in northeast Ohio. Been at work for 3 hours and I still can’t warm up!

    BTW, the wreath that the boys are playing with on the beach is beautiful. Did you make it? I have dozens of old bulbs I have always wanted to do that with, but never quite knew how to approach it!

  2. here in wisconsin, it’s white and chilly and you can visit anytime you want !!!

    we are expecting a heat wave on sunday though…40 degrees, which actually feels incredibly warm after starting most mornings at 2 degrees !!!

    but I love the beach best….I’m honestly part mermaid I think….

  3. We got 3 inches of snow here last night ~ it is freezing with a nice north wind for an added bonus. I am so jealous of your warm weather! Gorgeous photos!

  4. Lisa

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  5. Hey Ellen! I had my blog custom formatted for large pics. For this post, I actually did three separate collages–but together it looks like one large collage. Hope that helps!

    Everyone else–thanks for your sweet comments. I just love to read them. Your winter stories are making me even more thankful for our mild weather.

  6. WOW!! I live in Ohio and it is FREEZING here! Your pictures of the family are absolutely beautiful, everyone looks so happy. I received my itty bitty heart necklace today for Christmas and it is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I LOVE it! Thank you so much, keep up the Awesome designs!!

    Thanks Lisa

  7. Ditto! I know what it is like living in odd weather especially in December. I took my two sons for their belated Christmas— Big Bear where they could have their first taste of a snow.

    But even we are planning to go to Oregon for Christmas where our family lives there, they said they still don’t have the snow! It will be no White Christmas 🙁

    It would be interesting if you guys could witness how one of the people reacts when she/her discovers silver wreath burying there-

  8. We’ve had wacky warm weather like that, too, in the last couple of months, and I’m in the New York area. Thank you, global warming!

    Lisa, a q, if you don’t mind: I was roaming around picnik and for the life of me, could not figure out how to get a decent size collage of photos on my blog (which is on blogger.com). I did one trio of pics and they were TINY. Do you have to resize? Any advice for this newbie blogger much appreciated.

  9. oh, 70 degrees i wish!! it is 10 degrees here right now and we are in the middle of a winter storm warning! we are expected to get 4-7 inches of the lovely white stuff and then add winds of 20-35 mph. the kids are hoping for a late start-or even better, their 2nd snow day!

  10. I remember our first Christmas in Pismo. It was 75 and we spent it at the beach. My son got to boogey board. We had just moved down from Reno so they were use to white Christmas’. Fun Fun Fun Times!!

  11. Is it me or your kids are always smiling at all the pictures I’ve seen in this blog?
    Bet they’re happy boys!, lol…
    Now seriously, I live in an island and I know what you mean about not knowing what a winter is, lol… Hopefully sometimes we have some snow in our volcano, lol…

  12. You are right, Lisa. Those boys need to find some snow. I love my California weather and spending Christmas on the patio eating dinner and sharing time with family, but I do miss the snow. Dan loves snowboarding, so he tries to get up to the slopes when he can. I don’t like being cold, though. So I don’t know when I’ll brave it again.
    By the way, I love the pics you’ve been putting on your blog. They are so fun to see. Your boys are good sports and very photogenic. What about that “big” boy of yours?

  13. It is now -45C with the wind chill. It’s cold and there is plenty of snow! If you are feeling brave come on up… Ev and I will make you hot chocolate and we can sit by the pellet stove to stay warm. Your kiddos can play with our kiddos!!
    70… so jealous! Maybe Ev and I should come visit you instead?

  14. We have no snow here, but it is very cold! How lucky for you to be warm and cozy during the winter. But I’m sure it would be wonderful for the boys to play in the snow! I wonder how they would react to it. Snowball fights, snow angels, snow people, snow forts… mmm, all the fun wintery things. I’m feeling chilly just thinking about it, though..!

  15. we have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather in CO as well! 6o degrees yesterday! but there is a storm brewing and hitting us tonight!

    love the pictures. the wreath on the beach is awesome. and the boys burying is.. how CUTE! you’re an awesome mommy!

  16. Lisa…… 70 degrees? I think I hate winter more than anything! It’s 6 degrees here with the windchill…… brrrrrrr
    Oh well……. merry christmas! p.s. I’m so jealous!

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