the perfect keepsake gift– spoonfuls

Hello friends!

I couldn’t wait to share these adorable pics with you! Our brand new handmade baby spoon is too precious for words. It’s the perfect keepsake gift–and something that can be used as well!

The spoon is hand-cast fine pewter, and of course, lead-free.

We love homemade baby food around here–and feeding baby with a handmade spoon seems right too! It’s only $28 and sure to be a hit with any mama! Find it here.

Oh this sweet girl is giving me baby fever! Nothing like cuddling with a baby, is there?


  1. Adorably sweet!! Must have for my little bundle on the way soon!!!
    (P.S. I realized I was still wearing a necklace I bought from you recently while in the shower and let out that sinking feeling-scream. So far it looks okay. Anything I should do precautionary so it doesn’t turn?? I was mortified. : / )

    1. Congratulations! Oh no! It should be okay– just make sure to thoroughly dry it & store it in a cool, dry place from here on.

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