Hey friends! We’ve got the perfect pieces for your fall style! Take our quick quiz and we’ll recommend the perfect pieces just for you! Just write down A, B, C or D on a piece of paper–and at the end I’ll tell you how to score the quiz. How fun is that?

1. What’s your idea of a perfect date night?

A dinner at your favorite restaurant followed up by a trip to the bookstore.
B picnic on the beach under a full moon with wine and cheese
C take in your favorite exhibit at a local art museum and grab sushi on the way home.
D stroll around the farmers market and munch on the best fruits of the season and come home with fresh flowers.

2. What’s your go-to ‘feel good’ outfit?

A great jeans, white tee and a cute blazer
B a creamy, lace top with a flowy skirt
C red jeans with a floral scarf and a turquoise belt
D the perfect maxi sundress and a worn leather bag.

3. Which style describes your ideal ‘do?

A a ponytail with just the right amount of bounce
B soft curls that fall at the shoulder
C a messy bun with bangs
D a long and loose fish-tail braid

4. What movie do you watch over and over?

A pride and prejudice
B the notebook
C moonrise kingdom
D hope floats

5. If you only had time to put on one accessory–what would it be?

A pearl necklace
B rosette earrings
C bright, geometric bangle
D leather cuff

6. You have two hours to yourself. How do you use it?

A read a book and brew yourself a cup of chai tea
B soak in the sun and listen to music
C buy a canvas and paint a watercolor scene
D go on a photo walk in a favorite neighborhood

7. You’re in the waiting room. Which magazine do you grab?

A real simple
B romantic homes
C oprah
D organic spa

8. Which shoes in your closet get worn the most?

A soft, leather ballet flats
B kitten heels with a tiny buckle
C leopard print wedges
D vintage cowboy boots

9. Your friends describe you as…

A kind, reliable and organized
B sweet, thoughtful and generous
C silly, creative and unpredictable
D easy-going, natural and fun

10. Which celebrity do you relate most closely to?

A Anne Hathaway
B Jennifer Garner
C Zooey deschanel
D Jennifer Anniston

To score your quiz, simply add up how many A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s you chose.

If you chose mostly A’s…your fall style is CLASSIC! You favor simple, clean designs. The clothing you buy stays in fashion for years. You probably love freshwater pearls and a sweet hand-written note. For a classic look, we recommend the beyond measure necklace. Click here to see more classic designs.

If you chose mostly B’s…your fall style is ROMANTIC! You don’t mind a bit of lace and a sip of tea. A strapless dress and pink lipstick makes you feel pretty. You probably have more skirts in your closet than jeans! For you we recommend the little sweetie necklace. Click here to see more romantic pieces.

If you chose mostly C’s…your fall style is WHIMSICAL! You are drawn to color and pattern. If something is fun–you’re not afraid to try it. Red lips complete any outfit. For you we recommend the stir my soul necklace.ย Click here to see more whimsical styles.

If you chose mostly D’s…your fall style is BOHO! Throw on a sundress, some cowboy boots, braid your hair and your ready to face the day. You love sunshine and tall grass. Natural and unfussy styles make you smile. For you we recommend the well rounded earrings. ย Click here to see more boho pieces!

Leave a comment and let us know which category you fell into! I’m dying to know!!