daddies rock.



around here we think dads are pretty awesome.

and uncles and grandpas, too!

they’re great for playing or just hanging around.




and dads are also great for kissing and cuddling and a good snooze.

we’ve cooked up some fun stuff for dad this year!




check out our new custom leather wallet.

there’s a custom inital tag that hangs outside the wallet

and a sterling tag inside the wallet.

customize with names or a phrase.




three areas to hold credit cards, driver’s license and a photo or two!

the leather is rustic with an organic feel.

perfect for dad!!  check out the new custom leather wallet here.

{quantities are limited so hurry!}




and our sterling keychain is thick and sturdy

perfect for remembering who you love all day long!




and our leather cuff is thick and will stand up to every day use.

customize the tag with birthdates (above), kids names or a phrase.

we love the leather cuff!


deadline for father’s day delivery is june 8th

so get your orders in!!!

* * *

tell us one great thing about a daddy in your life.

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