are you ready for christmas break? {my heart is full giveaway}

my heart is so full today! my boys are both healthy and we are ready for christmas break. which means extra snuggling, pancakes and lazy mornings! plus, it’s christmas time-which is extra sweet.

i’m so excited about our new gift set–which is wrapped and ready to ship out if you need a last minute gift! it includes our exclusive ‘my heart is full’ necklace, a beautiful strand of silver, freshwater pearls, and freshwater pearl drop earrings.

so sweet {with such a big message!}

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we’re giving TWO sets away!! so leave a comment and tell us why your heart is full.

Giveaway closed [thank you!!}



Debbie who said, “My heart is full beacuse my family and I will travel to be with our extend family for the holidays. My boys will be with grandparents and cousins. Our days will be filled with cold weather and baked treats.”


Piper who said “I often struggle with having a full heart. My mind knows that I am most satisfied when I am striving to be who God made me to be. Yet my heart often desires to be filled by lovers less wild. My heart is full when I am waiting on and living for the Greater Lover: Jesus.”


  1. Is the My Heart is Full necklace going to be offered on its own? I absolutely loveloveLOVE it, but really can’t afford the $129 price tag for the set. πŸ™

  2. My heart is full even though my son & his family are in South America we are close at heart. My family are all happy & healthy. I am blessed!

  3. p.s. to add to my comment, and experiencing life, what a wonderful gift from God, in just the little things, with out our Creator what would we have….my heart is full.

  4. my heart is full because i get to read your blog everyday, it is very inspiring, comforting, and hopeful….my heart is full to be able to read these beautiful comments that many write about their families, friends and lives….we need more lisas in the world. thank you for this…

  5. because of God’s goodness, my heart is full. even in pain, even in trials, still He remains faithful. He’s given me far more than i ever deserve!

  6. My heart is full because I have Jesus. Not because I deserve him or because i am worthy – but because he loves all of us.

  7. My heart is full this Christmas season because after a heartbreaking miscarriage earlier this year we can celebrate the miracle of life with a growing belly πŸ™‚

  8. My heart is full with gratitude for all the wonderful blessings I have been given. Especially for my healthy, happy family.

  9. My Heart is Full because my life is so blessed with healthy happy children and grandchildren, a loving husband and a full and happy marriage of 40 years….

  10. Heart is full to be offically on winter break with my boys and no homework! But we do have to work on a history day project the second week grrr.

  11. My heart is full because I am saved by Grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus and God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful boys and my sweet angel in heaven.

  12. My heart is full because I am a child of God and so full of gladness and thankfulness for his provision’s over me for every detail of my life!

  13. My heart is full thanks to my 3 beautiful kiddos and 1 wonderful hubby! What more could a person ask for? Have a wonderful christmas with your family.

  14. My heart is full because my little family is healthy and happy. School is out for two full weeks, and I get to have my girls without interruption!

  15. My heart is full, because my house is full of little hands and feet, because I have a wonderful husband, and because we get to celebrate the birth of our precious Savior with friends and family!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  16. My heart is full because of so many things, but most of all for the grace and forgiveness that God has given to me. I am also so grateful for my precious family whom holds my heart in every way.

    Merry Christmas to you and your precious family.

  17. What a wonderful opportunity to win, Lisa…thank you! My heart is full because my family is healthy and safe. I also get to spend the next weeks with our kidnicks having fun and NO HOMEWORK!

  18. Love your items!

    My heart is more than full! After the time that my husband and I have had this year, we are still strong, so in love, and thankful for what we DO have in life. A recent miscarriage knocked us down for awhile, but we are back and I am so thankful for what is in my life! It is the holidays after all, and time to be Thankful!

  19. My heart is ful of gratitude for my husband and daughter (and if course our doggies jack & sally). I am grateful that we have what we need and need what we have πŸ™‚
    Merry Christmas Lisa… love your jewelery !

  20. My heart is full with 4 kids, a husband, a job I love, and a church I love! And of course- Christmas! The best time of the year!

  21. My heart is full for so many reasons, but top of the list is that I am blessed with four healthy children and a loving, supportive husband.

  22. I love this truth.
    Even on my most selfish, ugly days….

    “and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit
    who has been given to us.”
    β™₯ Romans 5.5 β™₯

    That is my heartful existence.

    {{* *}}

  23. My heart is full because i have my family here with me healthy and happy….
    i would send this to a sweet friend of mine who almost a year ago lost her mom. I know Christmas is going to be extremely hard for her. She also told her husband goodbye (after him being gone to iraq for 6 months) for another stay there. She is a full time student, working full time AND taking care of 3 children…..she never complains about it, she says she just ‘does it’.
    I know her heart is full in both love for her husband, children, and her life, but i know it’s also filled with worry, fear, and missing her beautiful mom whom she was very close to.

  24. My heart is full because I have an amazing family… a husband who loves me and two great kids with another on the way. I am so blessed!

  25. My heart is full because my husband is healthy this Christmas. We weren’t so sure that would be the case a montha go. Thank God for doctors & medicine.

  26. My heart is full with 3 daughters and a husband who loves all of us and takes time to enjoy the small moments. We are so thankful!

  27. My heart is full because I have a great family, 3 beautiful kids and even cats that I love. I am very fortunate and I love this time of year.
    Merry Christmas!

  28. My heart is full because my husband survived a terrible car crash a few weeks ago, and climbed out with only a scratch. God is so good to me and my family! thanks, Lisa and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  29. My heart is full from the love of my family and friends. The weather may stop my family from being together this Christmas, but my heart is full!

  30. My heart is full. Our family is together & we are all healthy, my husband & I are still very much in love, and mostly the Lord provides so many blessings!!

  31. absolutely beautiful.
    my heart is full because of God’s grace. I have a happy, healthy family….a good husband, 5 beautiful girls (two teenagers and triplet 10 year olds) and loving friends.
    what a beautiful set representing that love.

  32. My heart is full because we just celebrated my daughter’s 30th birthday and I never thought we would since she had ovarian cancer at age 16…it is full because we now have a 2 year old beautiful granddaughter..we call her our miracle baby since my daughter was left with only 1/2 an ovary..I am so thankful to God for answering our MANY prayers! Yes, my heart is full!!!!

  33. I’m not sure my heart is full. Can it be, when there are holes?
    That doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t swell with love, burst with gratitude, sing with praise. It does. But some empty spots will always be there.

  34. My heart is full because: I have a beautiful, healthy son, a wonderful husband that helps around the house, supportive parents that are ready to assist in a moments notice, enough money to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. Love abounds!

  35. My heart is full to share Christmas with my husband and good friends who love me. I’m so thankful for all that has been given to me that I truly don’t deserve!

  36. My heart is full as I prepare for the birth of my second son, and know that after he is born I don’t have to go back to work for awhile- a privilege I didn’t have with our oldest.

  37. My heart is so full because I just celebrated 5 yrs of marriage with my husband. Our 5 yrs have been full of hard times like my son being diagnosed with cancer, health problems of my own, miscarriage and my parents marriage falling apart. But the Lord has been faithful and in the midst of it all he has carried us. This morning we sledded with 2 healthy little boys!

  38. My heart is full thanks to my loving wife. She brings me joy everyday through the little things she does. My heart is also full because Jesus is alive in my life and I know that with His power everything will be all right.

    Thank you Lisa for the beautiful artwork you create and all the lives you have touched by your talent.

  39. My heart is full with how wonderful it feels to be with my kids and grandkids. I’ve been lucky enough to have some time to be a little creative this year, and that just fills me with joy!! Especially when it goes into gifts for the kids!
    Merry Christmas to Lisa & Co and all her blog friends!!

  40. My amazing friend and neighbor has stood by my side during a frustrating 7 weeks (and counting) of illness and the ups and downs of our daily lives. She’s always available for a hug or a cheerful message if I need it, and knows that she can come to me for the same. When I told her I’m afraid I won’t qualify for a new visa she sat with me and we cried together. She’s like a sister to me, so much like the one I lost, and I’m so very grateful to have her as a friend.

  41. My Heart is full because despite having cancer 5 years sago my partner is still here to celebrate christmas with me and we now have to beautiful girls too. My heart is also broken as my sister and best friend will not have one of her children with her for christmas this year, she is an angel looking down on us all.

  42. my heart is so full this year, after a very hard year for my family, closing my husband’s business to move, which we thought would be up and running right after, to my husband falling and breaking ribs on his backside, to being without an income totally for 6 months, to him finally finding a good paying job to be able to finish getting his new shop ready, to my kids having a good Christmas (which the whole 13 years my husband and I have been together has never happened). to being happy, and healthy, and loving each other so entirely, I am in a good place, and for the first time in a long time, am looking forward to the start of a new year, and hopefully a new beginning with less struggles for us in the next year. Your jewelery is so pretty, you are so very talented!!! I love your family necklaces, but with having 4 kids, there does not seem like much choices to have the names put on one. (Shawn-hubby, Stacey-me, Abigail, Camille, Simon, Ephrem)

    Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!!!

  43. My heart is full thinking of how the Father has taken care of us this year–through a major surgery, a move, a job change–all happened in a foreign country. Very thankful to be alive, to be His, and to have an awesome husband.

  44. My heart is full thinking about how blessed beyond measure we have been this year. From selling our home & moving, to welcoming our sweet, amazing son into the world & being blessed to be his parents. My heart is so full of gratitude & love. We have been so so so blessed!!

  45. My heart is full because I have 4 beautiful healthy children. And although 2 of my babies died of Potter’s Syndrome, God has promised me that I will be with them again. I have wanted you to design angel wings for my babies and I would be thrilled to finally wear your new design for them.

    Thank you for the opportunity. Valerie

  46. I am feeling extra blessed this year! My DH and I welcomed a second boy to our family this summer after losing the previous baby. God really knows what I need and gave me two great kids who are so in love with mommy! On top of that I have the most supportive hubby in the world πŸ™‚

  47. My heart is full because G has blessed me with such a wonderful husband and two children. Never would have imagined having such a lovely family . . .

  48. My heart is full because i have a wonderful husbund and two rambunctious boys. We are healthy, have a home to keep us warm, and food on our table to fill our bellies.

  49. This set is absolutely perfect. I like to believe that everyone has a full heart this time of year. Thanks for your continued inspiration.

  50. My heart is full because we live in a beautiful place on the Central Coast, my husband has a job, we have two beautiful sons, and we get to spend Christmas this year with family. Thanks Lisa for all that you do, you are a special person on the inside as well as the outside. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

  51. my heart is full in part because…

    Jesus is my Savior.
    my handsome & loving husband.
    my joyful & squealing seven month old daughter.
    my beautiful mother.
    my fur-babies.
    a wonderful, loving, healthy family…

    i am blessed beyond measure.

  52. My heart is full because I have two healthy, happy little boys and a wonderful husband who I am celebrating six years of marriage with (today is our anniversary)!

  53. I blogged about “My heart is full”…thanks! You inspired me to reflect on all the positive things in my life & ended a busy, stressful day on a happy note πŸ™‚ My heart is indeed full πŸ™‚

  54. my heart is full because i have the cutest little boy with the cutest little laugh and the cutest little faces and the cutest love for his mommy. my heart is full.

  55. all these comments are so touching. we have much to be thankful for in our house…God has provided all that we need and too many extra blessings to name…and He loves my no matter what…even when I am at my worst. my heart is full.

  56. love the new set! emily, aaron, eli, owen, olivia and anna make my heart full! and of course my amazing husband!!! what a great reminder.

  57. My heart is full because…even though I run around at 90 miles an hour wearing many different hats all day, I always get to come home to my husband & toddler. They, along with these new little kicks in my belly, make it all just SO worth it!

  58. My heart is full because my dear friend is doing well after his stem cell transplant and my family is healthy & happy.
    Love the necklace & earring set.

  59. My heart is full because I love my husband more than ever after 25 years and that God has blessed us with two thoughtful, loving sons.

    Blessings, Patti

  60. My heart is full because 6 weeks ago I thought I had terminal cancer and would be leaving my soulmate and my 4 children behind. God is so gracious and the micro scan revealed a congenital defect that often looks like pancreatic cancer on the first ultrasound. I am grateful to be here and I don’t take any of my blessings for granted. Merry Christmas!!!

  61. My heart is so overwhelmingly full all the time, because I am blessed with two families that love me as a result of divorced parents, but my heart is especially full now, sleeping in my own bed on Christmas break, home from my first semester of college as a freshman!!! So thankful.

  62. My heart is full of love for my baby girl and my husband. Everyday I fall a little deeper in love with them both – who could have thought it would be possible. They are my world.

  63. What beautiful jewelry! Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart”. My heart is filled with thanks for my family, friends and this wonderful Christmas season!

  64. My heart is full…and I need to keep that close and remember it always. It is sometimes too easy to feel sorry for myself, be lazy, be down….and truly, I am blessed, and my heart is full of the love I feel for my family.

  65. what a sweet blog. My friend just showed it too me and now I follow too. =0) My heart is full cause Jesus is my Lord and Savior. My heart is full cause my husband loves me…and…likes me too. My heart is full cause my 4 kiddos are my joy too. β™₯

  66. My heart is full with love to share with my family a great and fantastic husband, 2 grown sons both married 1 grandson and the other grandson coming in April 2011. Love to see them grow with their new family.

  67. My heart is full because I have a happy & healthy family. I have a gracious & faithful God. I have an amazing family & friends. I am so blessed. And we start our Christmas celebrations & festivities tomorrow!

  68. My heart is full with extragavant worship for our King and Savior whose birth we are celebrating during this Christmas season and all year long.
    Invite Him in and He will fill your heart, too!

  69. my heart is full because i love my job of caring for the elderly every day and coming home to my puppy and husband who are always happy to see me!

  70. My heart is full because of my two amazing children! My 10 year is a fantastic big brother. My 7 year old lives with cerebral palsy, microcephaly, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, and still smiles! She has seizures every day, and yet manages to laugh and live and LOVE! That fill my heart. πŸ™‚

  71. Oh my goodness!

    This set is so beautiful! I love it!

    My heart is full right now because my two oldest kiddos are growing back into being friends.

    I can see some light at the end of this parenting tunnel!

  72. My heart is full because I have such an amazing Saviour who loves me even though I fail Him. Just today I felt like the lowest of the low, and my precious Jesus still wrapped His arms around me letting me know that I am but flesh. If it weren’t for His salvation I wouldn’t have a full heart. He IS why my heart is full.

  73. My heart is full because although I know my mom is no longer here with me on earth she is watching over me from above. It is full because I have 4 beautiful children who are my life. It is full because I have a mother in law that is a good fill in for the mother who is no longer with me. It is full because I am blessed.

    My favorite thing to tell people who tell me my hands are full when they see me with 4 kids is “They sure are but my heart is even fuller”

    Merry Christmas

  74. My heart is full because I have an amazing family and friends that I cherish. I have a great relationship with my two teen-ish boys which is hard to say. Thanks Lisa!

  75. My heart is full because of the love I have for my family. We had a very rough road with my son, I am so very very proud of him and all the hard work he has done in his 7 years. I am so grateful to have him and my husband in my life.

  76. My heart is full because I have a wonderful husband and two amazing boys. At this time last year, we had some health concerns and uncertainties with our youngest son, but he is doing amazingly well.

  77. This necklace is absolute perfection!! I lurve it!!! πŸ˜‰ my little heart is so so full– and that because of the beautiful family God gave to me!! My handsome Hubby and our three precious babes <3 times aren't easy but we have each other and I can't thank God enough for that!!

  78. All of my kids are home (from school of one type or other) and e have a whole week of not thinking about tests or finals or anything but enjoying the season together in the same house…amazing how that is, but true! And my heart is full because we are all together and healthy!

  79. celebrating 17 years married to my guy tomorrow!!!!! love him much.
    my heart is full….over our 4 precious & unique kids. (:

  80. my heart is full because I am in recovery after 15 years of suffering from an eating disorder. I NEVER thought this day would come. ALL GLORY TO GOD- He is the only reason I am here today.

  81. My heart is full and I am content because of my wonderful little family…and I will keep entering these giveaways until I win something :)!!

  82. And I tweeted the giveaway! (@piperpost) Thanks for your generosity. I’m so thankful both of your little guys now have a clean bill of health.

  83. My heart is so full because I have a wonderful, healthy little boy that grew in our hearts:) My heart is also full due to having a wonderful family and a mom that is cancer free! Merry Christmas!

  84. My heart is full because we are getting ready to celebrate with all the family for Christmas. 5 granddaughters will make our house ring with laughter. Everyday is a gift.

  85. My heart is full because my children, dogs, husband, myself and my extended family and friends are happy, healthy and life is treating us all so good! We have all the blessings we need, health, shelter, love and each other.

  86. my heart is so full because our Lord is ENOUGH! MORE than enough! even in the midst of financial difficulties and desiring to be with child and confronting my ‘uglies’, this peace i have… and the way i am now noticing and appreciating so much more.. sweet fellowship time with ‘sisters’. connecting with a client. the weather! seeing how much i do have. how truly rich i am. my heart is truly full to overflowing at this moment.

  87. My heart is full because I have the weekend off and full of plans with my family, and because my dad who lives far away has someone he cares about to spend time with so he isn’t so lonely. <3

  88. My heart is full, though I don’t always realize it. At the end of the day, after the squabbling kids, the sink full of dirty dishes, the piles of laundry, and a feeling of non-accomplishment for the day, I need to count my blessings. Loving husband, healthy children, warm house, food in the fridge. We are living this life together, and that is all that really matters. We are so lucky for the simple things that are so easily taken for granted.

  89. My heart is full (and so is my belly) after a lovely date night with my adorable husband, snuggles with my sweet baby girl, and now a nice chat with my little sister. It’s been a good evening.

  90. Beautiful gift set! My heart is full because my coworkers collected money to provide some Christmas cheer for a local family. We spent part of the day shopping for a single mother with 3 children. I can’t wait for Monday when we get to wrap and deliver the goodies!

  91. My heart is full because my two boys (2 1/2 and 6 months) are happy and healthy! They are more precious to me than I could ever have imagined! Happy Holidays!

  92. My heart is full because we were blessed with a grant that provided new windows, new countertops, bathroom tile and more! It’s a huge blessing. And I have the three greatest daughters, and the world’s best husband.

  93. My heart is full because there is so much love around me. I have a loving boyfriend who wants to share his life with me, a little boy who writes ‘snuggle day with mom’ on the calender, and I have the love of God in my heart. What more could any one person ask for?

  94. My heart is full because my husband has some time off from work for Christmas and I don’t know who is more excited…me or our two beautiful girls. So much love!

  95. My heart is full of love for a kind husband, six children who bring with them hearts full of laughter, energy, and forgiveness, and for friends who feel like family and love me for who I am. Last night I stood in the kitchen with my husband and just wept thinking of the overflowing gratitude in my heart for all I’ve been given–in blessings and in challenges. πŸ™‚
    PS–you’re jewelry is beautiful. Glad to hear about your work.

  96. My heart is full because when I came home from work tonight, my husband and kids met me at the door with a big hug. I’m very thankful for my loving family every day!

  97. My heart is full because I am blessed in so many ways—with family, friends and wonderful co-workers and students. Each day is filled with ordinary yet sacred moments

  98. My heart is full because I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful and healthy children! I also have wonderful parents and 2 sisters that I don’t know what I would do without!! I love family!!!:)

  99. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself lately, and all the hard work I’ve had to endure this fall, especially with my hubby just recently losing his job and us having 2 young kids. But yesterday I was reminded to pay closer attention to my heart:
    –I helped deliver a Christmas hamper to an awesome family of 4 where the mother is fighting cancer and chemo for the second time.
    –a colleague secretly gathered some items in a mini-hamper to help out my family during the holidays too
    –another colleague told me how much she enjoyed having me back at work from maternity leave. Apparently I make her laugh every day. πŸ™‚
    –I received some wonderful letters, cards, and gifts from my Gr. 5 students
    –I spent a beautiful evening with my extended family at the Bright NIghts Christmas Train in the city.

    I was overwhelmed with much feeling and gratitude yesterday, and my heart is spills over.

  100. My heart was recently broken. My husband and I have been trying to have babies for a long time. We recently miscarried, again… and our friends and family have rallied around us. My heart is overflowing with the love and support. My husband and I have drawn even closer with this instead of the alternative that I was so afraid of. I feel very blessed in this life.

  101. My heart is full because I know what it is like o loved and be loved. I have three amazing children and an awesome husband. We have an amazing family and set of friends and neighbors who love us like their own. Yet still we try to reach out to those who have less than we do. Your heart is truly full when you give of yourself.

  102. My hear is full because I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and my two little angels Sunny and Juniper! Life is good!

  103. My heart is full, because 12 years ago today I married the most amazing man. I now have 4 beautiful boys and couldn’t be luckier.
    Happy Holidays!

  104. My heart is full snuggling my new baby girl every day – it’s her first Christmas and we’re so excited to share it with her!!

  105. My heart is full because I am living the life I always dreamed of: being a stay-at-home Mama of 4 great kiddos! I love your work =)

  106. My heart is full because my 7 year old asked to sit on my lap after school and fell asleep in my arms. I will cherish that he still needs some snuggle time with mom. I got some snuggles in with my 5 and 2 year old boys as well. So very blessed and thankful for my children and husband. How could my heart not be full when God has given me so much?

  107. This is beautiful, Lisa!

    My heart is full because I have a wonderful husband, to whom I’ve been married to for 5 years. He is sweet and caring and my best friend. My heart is full because I have a wonderful little boy who lights up the room with his smile. He is my pride and joy and I love every minute of being his momma. My heart is full because I have wonderful family and friends whom I love and who love me.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  108. My heart is full with the grace and mercy bestowed upon me every day! EVERY DAY!! I am surrounded with a beautiful family that may not be perfect according to some, but for me and my Mister it is PERFECT because He gave us this gift. How much fuller can it get!?!

  109. My heart is full because of my three children. My eldest, ridiculously smart 15 year old boy who tries very hard to hide said smarts, still voluntarily gives me lots of hugs…even in front of friends! My beautiful, almost 13 year old daughter is so generous, caring and loving to her brothers and friends, and even me (on good days!) Last, but certainly not least, my creative, expressive, naturally funny, eight year old “little one” makes me smile every day without even trying and still snuggles with me in the morning putting his warm, soft feet on my legs. How could my heart not be full? It’s overflowing. :o)

  110. My heart is full because my God is an amazing God who has brought my marriage from the pits of self destruction to an over flowing arms of love. I am so very grateful for a God who listen’s to our prayers and answers them in ways we cannot believe and understand. But with truth and understanding He answers them in His way and knows the best for each of us!

  111. I love my full life! I am newly married with a new baby. It’s so great to see her grow and learn. I am grateful for my family, friends, and health!

  112. my heart is full becuase each day i am blessed with the career of teaching the most beautiful and amazing preschool children with special needs. i am full bc i am taught a new lesson of self-less unconditional love and perservearnce each day by each of my kids. my heart is full bc i can see, walk, talk, feel, trust, and care for all my needs, but my heart is overflowing bc i have the sweetest kids that cannot do the above without me, but can do so much more than i ever imagined… and still they choose to share their hearts and lives with me.

  113. I’m so grateful for the people in my life. Even being miles away for college I know how loved I truly am. It’s great to be home with friends and family, and amazing to know that people from college will miss me during this three week separation! What a beautiful thing love is.

  114. My heart is full because my husband and I get to celebrate our baby son’s first Christmas! He’s seven months old!

  115. My heart is full because my daughter is home this year for Christmas (last year she was still in China and we were impatiently waiting to pick her up!). This is her first Christmas and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. So far, she loves the decorations and the tree.

  116. My heart is full… because during this time of year we spend those extra moments together. Taking time to enjoy the Christmas spirit… my husband and me!

  117. My heart is full of love. I have two sons who are my world. Life may be a little chaotic, imperfect at times, but I always know I am blessed! I have been on maternity leave for the last 6 months, I will be going back to work in 2 weeks. Needless to say I am going through some major separation anxiety! I would love to wear this to remind me of my little ones waiting for me to get home.

  118. I often struggle with having a full heart. My mind knows that I am most satisfied when I am striving to be who God made me to be. Yet my heart often desires to be filled by lovers less wild. My heart is full when I am waiting on and living for the Greater Lover: Jesus.

  119. My heart is full because my husband s done traveling and home for two weeks. My daughter who had to have emergency surgery on her 1st birthday 2 months ago is happy, healthy, and excited for Christmas. My dog of 6 years is alive after almost dying twice ths year. Sometimes it takes going through hardship to be thankful for your life and despite some major dips along the way this year as 2010 comes to a close my heart is filled to the brim.

  120. My heart is full…. of love, joy, gratefulness — we’re adopting a little girl from foster care. We had hoped to have news by Christmas, but my heart is still full because my best best best best friend is spending the entire holidays with the kids, my husband and I — it will be wonderful!

  121. My heart is full because I have a husband and 2 beautiful boys who love and respect me – and teach me something new everyday – I love more than anything. I have a wonderful family filled with parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters who all love and support me and each other. Family is #1 and I’m blessed to have mine.

  122. My heart is full because I have family coming for the holidays. There is nothing like a house full of people you love around this time of year.

  123. Lisa,
    My heart is full of love and hope for the future.
    My heart is full of joy and faith.
    My heart is full because I love and am loved!!
    Thank you for your sweet heart!!

  124. My heart is full because my husband is back home after an overseas assignment with the US Navy. WOW! It is great to have our family back together under the same roof!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  125. This gift set is perfect!!! I love the winged heart image, I actually have a similar image as a tattoo!! I would live to win, but I might actually purchase it for myself if I don’t! πŸ™‚

  126. My heart is full because I get to be with family this year. I missed last year so I count it a blessing to see them and spend time with them.

  127. My heart is full because both my two grown sons and all my grandkids will be at my home for Christmas. It’s been a while since we all were able to be together. This is a dream come true for me.

  128. my heart is full because life is so perfecct in this moment. just like i always wanted it to be. thankful. i could not ask for more.

  129. My heart is so full for too many reasons to count. So very fortunate and am focusing my attention on trying to share my good fortune.
    Truly lovely set, I think it’s my new favorite. Well done!

  130. My heart is full because my little familiy is home and we’re getting ready for our Friday tradition – Friday Night; Movie Night. We’re ready to cuddle under some blankets with a Christmas movie!

  131. This necklace is so lovely. If i don’t win it I will totally be buying it! This time of the year my heart always seems extra full – so much to be thankful for!!!! Merry Christmas!

  132. My heart is full because my family is healthy, we’re getting ready for a “simple” Christmas, our nephews in the Army are fine, and it’s going to snow next week in the Midwest.

  133. My heart is full because in spite of all of the things that could have brought me down this year, I’m still happy and full of love for what I have.

  134. My heart is so full right now because I just enjoyed an hour with my seven year old sleeping on me on the couch. That NEVER happens!!! I guess he just had too much sugar at the Christmas party at school and I got the benefit of a sleepy, crashing, comfy cutie pie!!! Full!

  135. My heart is full this holiday season because after 34 years of being single and longing for love and a family, my boyfriend proposed and in April we will be getting married and starting our life together. My heart is full and blessed.

  136. My heart is full because I and my family are healthy and all together this year. Last year my husband was serving in Iraq, so it makes this year that much sweeter.

  137. My heart is full! God has blessed me with an amazing husband, son and another son on the way. We are healthy. We have a roof over our heads. Times are tight, but we have more than we need.

  138. My heart is full because I have been blessed with the most precious 2 little boys and a wonderful hubby. I’m so excited for our first Christmas as a family of 4!

  139. My heart is full because I was fortunate enough that God chose me to be a mommy 4 years ago and blessed me with a beautiful, healthy, smart, funny, compassionate little girl who warms my heart every day. Even though she wasn’t planned and I have done it myself, I thank God every day for the life he let me be a part of while we are here on Earth. I am so fortunate to overcome our trials and tribulations, and He has blessed us beyond measures. Life is so short and I know it can be taken away from us within seconds, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She is my heart and I live each day for her and I am so proud to be called “Zoie’s Mommy”.
    Thank you for creating such beautiful masterpieces and I would feel so blessed to own a piece of your art.
    Lots of love to you and your family on the blessed CHRISTmas.
    Love from Oklahoma,

  140. My heart is full because I know that my Savior reigns and has everything in my life under control. No worries. ‘I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.’

  141. My heart is so full. Full because Christ loves me no matter what. full because my husband and seven year old are wrestling in the other room. fully because my ten year old daughter is singing Christmas carols in the shower.

  142. My heart is full as I’m surrounded by my kids, sweet husband and Ma this Christmas season – I love family time – it’s honey for the soul!

  143. My heart is full because of the love of my husband and four children, a new fiance coming into our family, and the ability to say that I am still here after serious health issues earilier this year!

  144. My heart is full because I am blessed with the most wonderful husband and kids. And because this year I’m finally taking the time each day to explore the advent stories and scripture, and Christmas is taking on a much more special tone in my house.

  145. Lisa- My heart is full for all the blessings in my life! My students everyday at school, my loving husband, my family and friends!

  146. My heart is full because I have found my soulmate! I tried ordering a Chrismtas ornament from your website yesterday but couldn’t get it to let me in to order it!

  147. My heart is full because I’ve recently discovered the Gospel and the true love of God! I know it sounds cheesy, but honestly, it’s my greatest joy these days!

  148. My heart is full b/c I am finally on Christmas break. I have taken 12 finals in the past two weeks in addition to be in clinic full time. I am now officially 5/8th’s done with dental school…only 1.5 years until I am a dentist. It has been a long but wonderful road. I can now go home and be with loved ones until I have to be back on Jan 3rd πŸ™‚

  149. I just adore your blog! I wore my scarf in a pretzel knot today and thought of you!! πŸ™‚

    I teach school and today was our last day before break. My heart was full with the excitement from the children and all the talk of Santa. I love it that they believe and feel the magic of this season.


  150. My heart is full for many reasons! But the #1 reason is because God has blessed my life so richly. I am beyond thankful to wake up each day in good health and to be able to be a stay at home mom to my 2.5 yr old!!

  151. My heart is full thanks to the hope I have in Jesus that I will see my sister and my dad again someday. It’s also full of love because of my wonderful husband and four beautiful children.

  152. My heart is full(room for more good things)! We have our own home, kids are all healthy(same with mom and dad) and extended familys, ALSO! WE GET TO GO HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! and new years too.

  153. With each day my heart is fuller watching my four-year-old twins grow, giggle laugh and love. For these amazing beings, my heart sings.

  154. My heart is full because:
    My Jesus is good.
    My husband is faithful.
    My son and daughter are healthy and full of beauty.
    My year has been a rough one, but my God has stayed the same.

  155. My heart is full for many reasons!
    My kids are healthy and happy, my husband has a job after a bit of unemployment this summer, I found a job at my son’s preschool which is perfect, we live in a safe neighborhood with nice people, we have a loving supportive family.
    God has provided for us in so many ways and I am so thankful for his provision!

  156. Today my heart is full because one of my best friends got to come home for the holidays and I get to see her! But there are a millions other things that are making my heart full this year. My sweet boyfriend, my family, the kitty we rescued last week, the food that’s filling our fridge, the beautiful lit up Christmas tree in the living room…. I love this time of year. :]

  157. My heart is full because I just got back from My 18 year old cousin Nico’s Memorial service that over 800 people attended! He fought cancer for 2 years but he touched so many lives in his short life! Now he is having Christmas with Jesus.

  158. My heart is full because my best friend is here for Christmas and our 6 month old babies get to meet ane so do we. And for the amazing blessing of my smiley daughter.

  159. my heart is so full because i just got to christmas break (!!!) to celebrate such a wonderful year… my first year as a married woman, with a new house. i love my husband so much and the holidays just accentuate that. πŸ™‚ my heart is honestly just very, very full.

  160. My heart has been broken this year by many tragedies of life, but praise to God my Savior- He heals the broken-hearted, and turns weeping into dancing.

    “My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness.
    I pour it out in a poem to the king,
    shaping the river into words.” – Psalm 45:1, The Message

  161. My heart is full because God has been so amazingly generous to me. I have 2 beautiful kids, wonderful friends and a loving family. I am a very rich woman indeed!

  162. My heart is full becasue this year not only do I have a wonderful family who fills me with joy, but I have chaired a committee at our local school to provide items for those less fortunate. We have collected over 200 articles of mittens, gloves, hats to donate to a local community service center. It makes my heart swell to do good for others and to inspire others to do the same.

  163. My heart is full today too. It is my birthday today and i have three ‘boys’ who are really young men (ages 23,21, and 17). All three of them remembered my birthday and sent me special text messages during the day- letting me know they were thinking of me. Isn’t that sweet?

  164. My heart is full because my children are healthy, my husband will soon be home for the weekend and it’s raining outside! This WA gal misses some rain in her S. Cal exile. πŸ™‚ Haha! Oooh! I hope I win. πŸ™‚

  165. My heart is full because your jewelry is fab, your pics are gorgeous, and I love your style! If I get the quiet moment each day to check your blog, admist work, cooking, kids and husband, my heart is full. And that is the honest truth! It’s a piece of serenity in my crazy day.

  166. I would actually give this to my sister in law because she is expecting twin boys after Christmas. They already have a two year old boy and I think her heart and hands are going to be full!

  167. This necklace is genuinely beautiful.

    This necklace would represent so many different times in my life. It almost looks as though it has wings.

    Blessings to you and your healthy family! πŸ™‚

  168. My heart is full because my 4th grade class just gave me an American Girl doll for Christmas!!! They all went together to get it for me! Raising two boys, there aren’t a lot of dolls around my house, but I have admired the American Girl dolls in catalogs. My class surprised me today at our winter party. They were so very excited to give it to me. My heart is full!

  169. My heart is full because I have two wonderful sons, amazing supportive parents (and in laws!), a great hubby, and an incredible church family.

  170. Great husband+ 4 wonderful boys+ friends (some very old and some very new) + a dream job + a life that has been abundantly blessed through good things and difficult times = one full heart. Thanks for the chance!

  171. My heart is full because after three years of infertility treatments, heartbreak, surgeries, and lots of hurt, I’m expecting my first little miracle to be born in June <3

  172. My heart is full, well great kids (grown and turned out amazing), a wonderful husband of 33 years, an amazing sweet cat that needed a good home and loves us after 1 month of living with us… life could be crap (its cold out and stormy) but it’s not today because you asked and I had to think about my blessings and what I thought of was my wonderful family… Thanks for that!
    Love your pieces, I share your website with friends that are looking for great design to wear… I still cannot decide what I want, I will be ordering in the new year when I decide. Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family. Regards, CarolAnn x

  173. my heart is full with 2 beautiful healthy daughters and a wonderful loving husband. But most of all because I have a Savior that gave me the gift of life.

  174. my heart is full with 2 beautiful healthy daughters and a wonderful loving husband. But most of all because I have a Savior that gave me the gift of life.

  175. My heart is full because of my cousins and my 5 nephews & 4 nieces! Love them all so much! And their love for me… it makes this world go ’round!

  176. Oh sweet friend…what a lovely giveaway…something that is soooooo you!

    My heart is full with the joy of the season…friends and family that really really care….what a blessing!

    Thank you for the chance. xoxoxoxo

  177. My heart is full because my extended family has some highly anticipated additions coming soon and I myself have an amazing husband and two snuggly puppies to share my time with!

  178. My heart is full because I spend 5 days a week, teaching and loving 5 beautiful preschoolers with special needs and special talents. I love what I do! (and I love your jewelry!)

  179. The last couple of years have been a difficult time for my family….but even with all the sadness my heart still feels full because of my husband, my daughters and wonderful friends that have helped us through these difficult years.

  180. I feel like my heart is so full right now because of my sweet kiddos and because I’ve made a real effort to focus on the coming of Jesus during this Advent season!

    AND, that jewelry set is WONDERFUL! I hope I win! πŸ™‚

  181. My heart is full because I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends. They have all helped me out tremendously during my first year as a new mommy and I wish I could express to them how crucial and special they were during my transition into mommyhood! I love my little boy and man!

  182. I have SOOO much to be thankful for. I never really got to be a child, My mother died my abusive father couldnt raise me. No one else wanted to. Never had any family. NOW I am married (15 yrs) to an amazing man of God and have 5 great kids. We ar a family. Anyone can see how blessed we are but knowing what I came from makes it all more sweeter. God is good.

  183. My heart is full because I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy family, and for the first time in my life–a love that I can be completely me around!

  184. my heart is full bcuz I just found out a few mins ago that a long time friend from HS lost her mom today. My heart is breaking for her bcuz I still have my mom & she just turned 80. Lately My mom has been falling & ending up in the ER. She has yet to break anything but she bruised her hip last time & fractured her elbow. =( my mom & I are super close. I thank God every day for her still being here w/us. She is also the last grandparent alive. I love my girls, hubby & mom more than ever… Happy Holidays. xo

  185. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity – your jewelry just touches my heart, every time. My heart is full because, despite almost daily migraine pain for almost 9 years now, I live a joyful life each day!!!! Because of My God, my husband, my children and countless other blessings! Merry Christmas!

  186. My heart is full because of the love and support of my friends and family. And also because we have had a rare snowy white December, so the season feels especially Christmasy this year. πŸ™‚

  187. My heart is full because right now I’m going through one of the scariest and stressful times in my life. I have a wonderful husband by my side and 2 little ones to bring more joy to my life than I could ever imagine.

  188. My heart is full because the Lord has blessed with me two beautiful, and healthy boys that it took so long to have πŸ™‚

  189. My heart is full of both joy and grief this season. I am filled with joy because I have 3 wonderful sons, including a precious foster son we brought into our home 2 months ago, and a husband that loves us all so much. My heart grieves my older sister who died almost 3 weeks ago after courageously battling cancer for nearly 6 years. Today would have been her 30th birthday. I have joy knowing that she is perfectly well and enjoying eternity with Jesus.

  190. My Heart is full because my boyfriend will be home for christmas this year and we will be spending our first christmas together in our new home!!! : )

  191. My heart is full because of my new baby boy, wonderful husband and my super cute dogs…teenie, winnie and stinky steve

  192. My heart is full with love for my boys…they always make me laugh. My heart is full because my sister lives close by for the first time in 15 years. My heart is full because of answered prayers and encouragment from people I only know online. My heart is full!

  193. My heart is full of hope. It might not be the best time of my life right now, but i love how Christmas brings joy and hope and even happiness in my heart.

  194. What a beautiful set! My heart is full because I have 3 healthy and happy children a husband who loves me a roof over my head . I am extra blessed because I was told by my doctor that my MS has gone into remission.

    Thanks for the chance and Merry Xmas to you and your beautiful family.
    p.s I am wearing the “heart strings” necklace that my husband brought me a year ago, I never take it off – I adore it.

  195. Oh wow! LOVE LOVE LOVE that new set! My heart is so full because we have a very healthy family, my husband has a good job for the first time since we’ve been married and everyone is coming to our house for christmas dinner! I just love this time of year and all the togetherness it brings!

  196. My heart is full because, after a few really rough years, life seems to be smooth and happy and I can tell that 2011 is going to be a year of blessings and growth. My heart no longer longs for repair as it has in the past, it only longs to overflow.

  197. My heart is full beacuse my family and I will travel to be with our extend family for the holidays. My boys will be with grandparents and cousins. Our days will be filled with cold weather and baked treats.

  198. I have a heart that is brimming full of love for my four young children, an extremely loving and hard working husband that always goes above and beyond and countless other blesssings like a warm house, full bellies, caring/supportive parents, friends who listen. I could go on and on.

  199. Such a beautiful gift set!!! My heart is full because even though I am so far away from friends and family during this holiday season (my husband and I are missionaries in Africa) I still am so blessed to have my hubby, two beautiful children and my Mission family close to me during the holidays. I’ve also been blessed by some pretty amazing holiday packages from friends and family back in the US. They love us enough to send Christmas to us!

  200. Beautiful necklace Lisa!! I love all of your stuff!! I ordered the “Grow roots, Sprout Wings” necklace for my sister for Christmas… and I just can’t wait to give it to her!!

    My heart is soooo full! I am so incredibly blessed. I have a healthy, happy little boy, a fabulous husband, supportive family… and I’m so blessed to be able to stay at home with my little guy this year!

  201. My heart is full because I am very lucky to have my first child on the way and an amazing family to share it with!

    What an awesome giveaway!

  202. My heart is full because my family is healthy and my 2 grandkids are as sweet as can be.
    BTW, love the new silver/pearl earrings.

  203. My heart is full becuase I have two great kids – a little girl who exceeds all expectations and a little boy who shows so much compassion that when you see the two of them together just makes my heart sing. I am blessed and lucky for this alone πŸ™‚

  204. My heart is full because I am blessed with a happy home and a lovely, loving family! I love and am loved in return!

  205. My heart is so full because today is our BirthMother’s due date! We have known her since the end of July and when we started counting down it was 120 days till today! I can’t believe that today is here and even though she may not have him today it is a huge milestone for me and my husband! Thank you Lord for BirthMom’s, without whom I may have never been a parent! πŸ™‚

  206. my heart if full because no matter how hard a day may seem i get to come home and hug my babies and spoil them while their loves spills back over and spoils me πŸ™‚ (this is a gorgeous set lisa!)

  207. What a beautiful gift set! My heart is full right now because I have a sweet little family in a warm, happy home.

  208. My heart is full because the Lord has blessed me to be the mommy to three beautiful children and wife to a wonderful man. My cup runs over and over.

  209. My heart is full because my kids are so excited about Christmas! We are all healthy and have opportunity to be together.
    My 5 1/2 yo son and 2 1/2 yo boy/girl twins are my joy and delight!! Well… most of the time!! (wink, wink)

  210. My heart is full because my family will all be together for the first time in a year this Christmas. Christmas is about love, sharing, and remembering what’s really important that God sent us his only son. What can be a better gift to receive each year than that?!!

  211. My heart is full because I am blessed to be surrounded by my loving family and friends and living in a beautiful area. I cannot wait to have Christmas with my three amazing beautiful boys!

  212. My heart is full because everyone in my family is happy and healthy! We have an 18month old daughter who is just delighted by the sights and sounds of the season. It will be such a blessed morning to see her discover her new presents!

  213. My heart is full because my husband is home safe from 10 months in Afghanistan, we are moved into and settled into our new home, at a new base. My son is healthy and happy and my life, heart and hands are full to the brim and overflowing with God’s blessings.

  214. Wow, what a gorgeous set!! I would so love wear those goodies! My heart is full this year as my children are understanding what it is like to give instead of receive all the time. It’s a wonderful change this year! Thanks for the chance to win xo

  215. My heart is full today because when I pulled up at my daughter’s house to visit my grandbabies my 4 year old grandson was waiting in the door. When I pulled in to the driveway he started jumping up and down, screaming “Nana’s here, she’s here”. I don’t get that reaction anywhere else I go and there’s nothing that can beat it!

  216. So beautiful! My heart is full because I know our family is in God’s will, my 3 adult and almost-adult children are happy, healthy, and serving God, and I have a husband who loves me completely! God’s been so good to us!

  217. My heart is full today and every day. I am blessed with three loving, strong and beautiful girls. I have a husband that loves me for all my crazies. I have a dog that chews my socks. Only mine! We are all healthy, happy and we have each other. I couldn’t ask for more.

  218. My heart is sooo full today– My best friend had her first child two hours ago. After a miscarriage the first time around, God is so faithful to bring this sweet boy into the world.

  219. My heart is full because of my beautiful family. It is also full because I have decided to try to create and then embrace a simpler way of life for the new year. Thank you for the giveaway!

  220. i love, looovvveee, LOVE this! you had me at “my heart is full.”

    why is my heart full? because God makes all things new. he has taken my broken life, redeemed it, and restored it! i could never have imagined this abundant gift of life i now live in..but i am GRATEFUL!

  221. My heart is full because I have a wonderful husband and two adorable sons! And we live in wonderful Southern California!

  222. My heart is full because in 5 days, I’m traveling over 1000 miles to be with my entire family for the first time in over a year & a half! I’m thrilled to be able to spend 4 days with everyone! πŸ™‚

  223. My heart is full because I have everything I need. God has blessed our family and we’re not wealthy, just content. My heart is full as I teach my 3 yr old about Christmas and experiencing the excitement with him. So wonderful!

  224. I am in LOVE with this giftset! I made sure to email it to my hubbs just in case he needed a last minute idea πŸ™‚

    My heart is full because God has been working in our lives so much lately! And today my husband got a wonderful raise today AND an extra bonus! This helps out so much! It definitely makes me appreciate my husband and what he does for his family more and more. I also have a full heart cause we might have the cutest 2 year old..but that’s my opinion πŸ™‚

    Merry Christmas!

  225. my heart is full of happiness and love. i just moved back to my hometown to finish my final practicum. being close to family is so wonderful!! and i just spent the week in my practicum class – nothing makes me happier then 20 grade 4 kids the week before christmas!

  226. healthy girls that i get to stay home and school with. a husband that works hard to provide a lovely life for us. and a church family that really feels like family!

  227. My heart is full because I have two wonderful healthy kids and a wonderful husband. I lost my brother 4 years ago and this is the first christmas I’ve wanted to celebrate….thankful for that.

  228. my heart is full because of the 2 most amazing people in my life: my husband Jeff and my 4 yr. old daughter Jorah. I love them to pieces! Merry Christmas Lisa…to you and your beautiful family!

  229. My heart is full because of my amazing network of support. Sometimes it takes a challenge in life to see that, but boy, do I see it now. I am so thankful for all of my friends and family!

  230. my heart is full because of my Savior’s birth, my wonderful family, it’s raining (which i love!), and that it’s almost Christmas and we get to celebrate together!

    lisa, i LOVE this set. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! how precious and how perfect!!

  231. This girl’s heart is full…full of gratitude and love. We live in a beautiful little town and it is bursting with Christmas spirit right now. So glad we chose to slow our life down and enjoy it minute to minute. Merry Christmas Lisa and family…best of luck for 2011 xo

  232. My heart is full because we are so blessed around here (even with one little one running a fever). Because we have two healthy children (just small, everyday illnesses), a warm home filled with love and presents, more than enough food, money to pay the bills and TONS of family nearby to love on us and our girls! To top it off, we are celebrating the birth of a Savior this time of year – my heart is FULL to overflowing!

  233. my fiancΓ© nolan, my brother john, my mom and my puppy amber, all make my heart full, i’m so lucky to have them!

  234. my heart is full because I have a husband who loves me, flaws & all, I have been blessed by 2 daughters; Kinsey (14) & Baylee (12) who have taught me what it means to live with your heart exposed; & most of all for the Grace God has bestowed upon me as His tresured posession.

  235. My heart is full because I have 7 healthy children, a husband who loves us and works hard for us, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and God watching over the whole thing. Life is sweet.

  236. Hi Lisa! After an uncertain year with my husband looking for a job and a house that wouldn’t sell we finally have it all behind us. We are safe and warm in a place that feels cozy and secure. I’m thanking God for that today! My heart is certainly full.

    Thanks for such a sweet giveaway!

  237. Oh those are so beautiful! My heart is full when thinking about my beautiful, healthy and amazing children and husband. There is so much goodness around and I’m trying to add a little bit of sunshine to those around me that need it. That is what brings me true joy. Thanks for a special giveaway!

  238. my heart is full because in Christ i have all that i need to live a life of joy, peace, contentment…not that it is “easy” or “perfect”, but it is a life full of hope…merry christmas!

  239. My heart is full because God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, three awesome children and lots of family that loves me! What more could I ask for?

  240. My heart is full because my life is full. Never before have I felt such blessings. This time last year, I was not in a good place mentally, emotionally, or even financially. And yet, when I gave up all my worries to God, in just a short time span, He blessed me more than I could have ever imagined. Things got better at work and on the financial end, I found an amazing group of friends through my church, I found out I was going to be able to go back to school to finish up my dream degree (photography), and most of all, I fell in love. And mostly, my heart is full, because I know that no matter what the future brings, I am no longer alone.

    On a side note, I’d just like to tell you how amazing your blog and jewelry is. They’re so precious, and it’s wonderful to see into your life. Thank you for sharing.

  241. My heart is full and overflowing with love for JESUS!And… He’s blessed my with a wonderul husband and two amazing babies!!

  242. My heart is full because I have a beautiful daughter and a loving husband! What more could a girl ask for?! πŸ™‚

  243. My heart is full because I am surrounded by love. The wonderful love of my husband and son, friends and family and the joy that soon we will have a new baby in our arms!

  244. beautiful

    my heart is full because of the family God has truly blessed me with. we are healthy, happy and together. who could ask for anything more.

  245. My heart is full because my family is healthy and happy this holiday season. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  246. My heart is full with three wonderful kids and a loving husband, a job that lets me be flexible to spend lots of time with all of them. And with Christmas just a few more days away there is more love under the tree and ready to be given away! πŸ™‚

  247. My heart is full because I am getting to spend the holiday’s with my wonderful family. I really can’t imagine what my life would be like without them.

  248. My heart is full with the beautiful little moments of life. Reunions of friends, having a long, late night dinner party in celebration, having a good job, all the many blessings that I am surrounded by every day.

  249. My heart is full because I get to spend this Christmas with only my husband this year and not having to travel anywhere. We just get to enjoy our holidays with one another in our home with our neighbors and friends!

  250. My heart is full because I have the most wonderful husband and daughter. I will treasure this holiday season with my family. My husband is deploying after the holidays and won’t be here next year. My heart is so full of love for him!

  251. My heart is full because I have a family that truly loves me and would do anything for me. Oh and my tummy is full too since my husband is a wonderful cook.

  252. THIS is my favorite…all time. Wow, just wow. LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece.

    My heart is indeed full- I’m just the luckiest girl in the world don’t you see. Two beautiful girls that call me momma…one more on the way. A man by my side that thinks corduroy pants and a handmade scarf are sexier than anything in Victoria Secret’s . My heart is full and overflowing.

  253. My heart is full because I am finally learning to have a loving relationship with my mom (who is now 85 years old). It has required a lot of work on my part and on hers as well, but it’s happening and I am so grateful that it happened before it was too late.

  254. My heart is full for many reasons including my loving family, good health, and the real reason for the season…Christ.

  255. My heart is full because my baby girl is so big and growing and changing and learning every day! I have a great husband who loves me and wonderful friends and a great church family and biological family! And a great secret for Christmas day!

  256. Bah!! I absolutely adore this!! So beautiful!! My heart is full because I have a husband who is amazing and I feel so loved by him.

  257. My heart is full because of my family who make me smile and laugh and appreciate and wonder and pull my hair out all at the same time!

  258. My heart is so full today. Motherhood awaits me this Spring, as my husband and I plan for our first baby (due in May) and build our family together. My heart is so full for my Mom who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild. I know how happy she is. Love, love, love this set.

  259. I’m an Irish girl. A few years back, while teaching in Korea, I met the love of my live, an American soldier who was stationed there. It was love at first sight, this kept us going during hard times apart. We’ve been married 3 years now and have a beautiful baby boy. Next week we leave for Ireland to spend our first Irish Christmas as a family. My heart is full of excitement, full of love and full of thanks for everything that has come my way. It is full of butterflies to see my family again and to have that special Christmas feeling that you only get in the house you grew up. I think my heart might burst it’s so full right now!!

  260. I don’t what what has gotten into me these last few months, but my heart (almost) hurts because of all the love I have for my family and our friends, and I am just so thankful for all the wonderful people we have in our life…..

  261. My heart is full because of the miracle of this season, and because my family has much to celebrate this Christmas – my dad’s cancer is in remission! Love your work and your heart, Lisa…thanks for sharing.

  262. My heart is full for so many reasons…one of which it is the holiday season and a great reminder to be thankful for the wonderful gift of our Lord and Savior!! And then there’s my precious family…our health…our home…all of our blessings make my heart full!

  263. My heart is full because I have 2 wonderful children, a 4yr old & a 4 month old. My son is so excited to share this Christmas with his new sister and it makes me melt. My husband was laid off and 1 day later we started our own company that’s thriving. It was a year of wonderful change!

  264. My heart is full because I have a roof over my head, my husband and I both have jobs, and best of all, we are celebrating our first Christmas with our baby boy!

  265. My heart is full because, after a heart-wrenching miscarriage and uterine cancer scare, I am now pregnant with my third baby and saw its tiny heart beating away for the first time on ultrasound three days ago. A miracle…thanking God for a full heart!

  266. My heart is full…. because a i have an amazing mother who has given me so much. She’s been mom and dad i’m thankful for having her… Also i have health… Thank u God for blessing me !!!

  267. My heart is full because of what He did at Calvary and for my precious husband and family and for my sweet twin grandsons who will celebrate their first CHRISTmas this year!

  268. My heart is full because I have been blessed with more then I could ever imagine, allowing me to bless those around me who are struggling at the moment.

  269. My heart is full when I see my late brother’s stocking hanging in a place of honor on my curio. I miss him and love him so very much.

  270. My heart is full because my husband has a job, we have a warm house, and presents under the tree. Many things that people are doing without, it makes me extra grateful.

  271. I have a husband who works so hard to provide for our family. He has been out of town the past two weeks (for work). Life is hard without him around. My children and myself are ready for him to come home. And lucky us he will be home dec 23. Just in time for Christmas!!! Nothing makes my heart more happy than to have all my little chickies safe at home with my husband by my side.

  272. My heart is full because my husband is starting to dream about what matters to him, because our pets are healthy, because my sister is pregnant and getting married.

  273. My heart is full…because I am pregnant, sore, and couch-bound most of the day. Without me ever asking, my family takes turns coming over to help with the vacuuming, mopping, tidying, and everything else I can’t do right now.

  274. My heart is full…this is our first Christmas with our son Levi. I am amazed to look back on this year and see so many evidences of God’s faithfulness to my family.

  275. My heart is SOOOO full!… Eli flew home from Chicago last nigh!t for Christmas break! His first time home since I took him in August. I got to give him a hug and a kiss good night last night. My heart is SO full it’s bursting! xoxoxo

  276. Amidst the chaos of ordinary life, my heart is full with my husband and my three healthy children. We are truly blessed this Christmas.

  277. My heart is full….love my sweet husband, adore my beautiful girls, enjoy my crazy dog and get to live in my cozy house……my heart is so very full.

  278. My heart is full because I have a precious husband who loves me and two children who are healthy. My heart is mostly full though because I am celebrating the birth of my Savior this holiday season!

  279. My heart is full because I am going to be spending lots of time with my family, especially my niece, I am done with work for the year, and I plan lots of lazy days and plans to renew my spirits with extra time in the Word.

  280. My heart is full because after a very difficult year, I have come to the full realization of what is truly important…..and that I had it all along.

  281. My heart is full because my baby girl is now 6 months old and growing strong after 3 hospitals stays, still not eating as well as we would like. But each day her smiles make all the hard work it takes worth while. She is such a joy!!

  282. My heart is full because I have so much to be thankful for. My son just had open heart surgery and he made it through with flying colors; we have such great family and friends helping us with our other kids back home; and we live in a country where we have access to the best doctors and medicine in the world. My heart is full because of these things.

  283. My heart is full because I am blessed to spend every day with my much-loved sons and husband. My baby’s unexpected health challenges have opened my eyes to how blessed we are and I do my best not to take things for granted the way I once did. Every day I am reminded of how good life is.

  284. My heart is full because….after today my husband doesn’t have to travel for work for the rest of the year, my kids are home for Christmas break, we are spending a quiet Christmas at home just us….. plus much more makes me happy!

  285. my heart is full today because i’m acutely aware how much He loves me, He loves my family, how much He has blessed us beyond measure. my heart is full as we celebrate HIS birth
    blessings for your precious family sweet lisa
    YOU have one of the most generous hearts. ever.

  286. my heart is full with gratitude of a growing baby in my tummy. after some upsetting news that i possibly might have to have a hysterectomy after giving birth (at 25) for health reasons, my heart is full knowing that at least i will have two boys to love if i can’t have anymore kids. would love that necklace to get me through some hard times ahead.

  287. My heart is so full because of all the suffering around the world when we are in such a materialistic culture. I am reading a great book about missions and it tells how an Indian man came to the US after serving in Asia and his culture shock. Wow.

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