I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this year to look like. A big part of my stress and frustration with daily life is the lack of organization in our home. I’m the creative type so it’s easy for me to make excuses about keeping things in order. But when the the laundry mountain gets too tall and it’s 5:30pm and I still don’t know what’s for dinner, I’m not doing my creative energy, my family or myself any favors. I’m just overwhelmed.

And the awesome thing? A new year means a fresh start. A clean slate. A time for reflection and renewal. And it totally motivates me.

This year I plan to set aside time every day to keep the house in order and the fridge stocked.  With a little planning, I think I can actually save time and energy and have things run more smoothly.  So maybe my word for this year should have been organize or plan or homemaker. But my motivation to get things in order and to clear my mind is so that I have more energy to be with my boys.

I want to be present in the moment I’m in. I want to have a clear head with no nagging worries about the dishes or laundry. I know it won’t be perfect, but it can be better.

This year, I want to cherish the moment I’m in.

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