I See A World

Every Friday night our little family goes to a local restaurant down the street from our house for burgers and chicken tenders. It is our Friday evening ritual—the kids count on it and the parents love it too.

But on a recent Friday evening, a very surprising thing happened.

We ate our dinner, paid the bill and started to walk toward our car. David was happy and sometimes when he is happy he dances as he walks {you can imagine it is pretty much the cutest thing ever!}. Steve bent down and gave him a kiss and we all kept walking.

A gentleman approached Steve and said with a quiet voice, “I noticed your son and I was moved. I just want to do something for him. Will you please take this and get him a gift?”

David has a disability. He is very small for his age and has only two fingers on his left hand. He is non-verbal and spoon fed. It is common for people to notice him, but unusual for someone to approach us.

Steve looked at the man’s hand and saw a folded ten dollar bill.

“That is so kind but it’s really not necessary.” Steve responded.

“Please,” the man said with pleading eyes, “I want to do this for him.” The stranger was beginning to tear up a bit.

“Sure, okay, thank you so much.” Steve responded and took the ten dollar bill.

Steve buckled David into his car seat and we all climbed into the car.

As Steve started the engine he looked at the bill and realized it was a $100 dollar bill.

“Oh my gosh!” Steve said. “I thought it was ten dollars.”

We looked around the parking lot but couldn’t find this kind stranger anywhere.

As we drove down the street we talked about what to do with the money. We decided we would get a $100 Target gift card and give to David’s teacher so she could buy supplies for the classroom. That way the money would be a blessing, not just for David, but for the other special needs students in his class.

When I gave the gift card to David’s teacher she started to cry, and of course I got teary too. It was such an amazing, beautiful thing. This gentleman was brave enough to show kindness to strangers. I hope it returns to him ten times over! He inspires me.

I believe there is more good than evil in the world. Today is a good day to show kindness.

You have faith.
I have faith.
Each of us carries faith in our hearts.
There is no shortage of faith.
I see a world overflowing with faith.

You have hope.
I have hope.
Each of us carries hope in our hearts.
There is no shortage of hope.
I see a world overflowing with hope.

You have love.
I have love.
Each of us carries love in our hearts.
There is no shortage of love.
I see a world overflowing with love.

Today we have faith, hope and love.
And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. My daughter also has a disability. She is non-verbal and non ambulatory. I am always touched when someone takes the time to say hi and talk to us. Just this week I was at our gym that we go to almost daily. One of the trainers asked what my daughters name is and spoke to her. She shook my hand and said, “You’re doing a great job.” She made my day. I am frequently surprised by the kindness of others.

  2. We had a similar situation w/ out Adopted son from India who has CP and MR. With tears in his eyes a man handed me 20 to buy him whatever he wanted to eat. We respectfully tired to refuse the money and be began to cry and said please it’s the. Least I can do. I don’t know his story but I am sure in his heart there was one

  3. beautiful story-and I wonder about that gentleman’s story. Maybe he lost a child? Nice to hear something good for a change.

  4. I hope this inspires other people to do similar good deeds – it makes such a difference. It doesn’t have to be money – an act of kindness goes a long way <3

  5. I have been blessed to work with adults who are called disabled. That word doesn’t come close in describing what I have seen, and learned. At this point in my life I don’t think, I know that God sends us these wonderful little human souls to truly see what unconditional love looks like, and even better what it feels like! If given the opportunity to meet someone that special, take the time, your life will forever be greater because of it!

  6. What a blessing to read this positive happening. Today all we read is negative and depressing news. It’s so good to read something that lifts our hopes in society and touches our hearts so. May God bless each person reading this article , the man that gave the money, the parents that donated it to the special needs class and the teacher that received the gift card to use for something/something’s for all the student to enjoy. Let’s spread the kindness and help build a better world!
    May God Bless everyone reading this article.

  7. Your family is such an inspiration. We were in your town in February with our special needs kiddo for LMB follow up testing Saturday morning. I saw your husband lovingly walk David by our table on their way towards the door while we were enjoying our dinner. I was star struck! I have been reading your blog for a long time! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. What a great way to pay forward the kindness of a stranger,

  8. I was crying just read this story. The stranger is an Angel in my words. I have learning problems. I feel that everyone has a disability of some kind. Some show more than others. No one is perfect except God. Dave has a heart of GOLD!!! And his family does too! I always say “Little Things Mean ALOT!!!!”

  9. Every Friday, my neighbor’s boss gives his employee’s a twenty dollar bill for the purpose of ‘doing something good’. One Friday I was the recipient of this gift. Thinking of how to bestow the same to someone else, I gave it to a homeless man I see occasionally cutting grass in the neighborhood. He asked me how I knew he hadn’t had a good week cutting grass. I vowed to be more observant and ‘do something good’ as often as I could.

  10. I volunteer with a lot of people who are working to erase the stigma of mental health problems and suicide. There is a huge amount of really good and caring people in this world — so nice to hear about them, instead of the nasty, mean things that are usually what we see on Facebook. Blessings to all of the caring ones, and prayers for all the ones that are not.

  11. That was so incredible! Usually we hear a lot of negativity in the media, but this was just the opposite. Truly good people out there.
    I think your story resonated so much for me because our first grandchild
    Is severely handicapped. He, too, is nonverbal, cannot feed himself, and has other physical and mental abnormalities. Tom is 17 years old and is the love of our entire family. Whether he understands or not, so many beautiful people have entered our lives through him. Truly the good people outweigh the bad

  12. There were two gifts in this beautiful story. The first loving gesture of the $100, then the gift you gave your son when you showed him the importance of sharing. Bless you all.

  13. Our God is a wise and loving God… People are “choosen” by HIM to be the parents of these beautiful special children…We are not all one of the choosen…BUT… We are all responsible for their care and to love them as our own…
    You are blessed and God is smiling…..

  14. I have said this before, I do not know who is more blessed, You for having David, or David for having you as parents. Inspiring story.

  15. Beautiful story, and an amazing gift. I received a gift card from a neighbor for cutting their lawn, they never asked me or my husband to do so, its just a small lawn, but we did it to bless our neighbor. We tried to decline the gift card, but he insisted, so I took it and blessed someone else with it. Someone that needed their spirits lifted. GIving is so much greater than receiving. Loved, Loved this story.. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Thank you for sharing your story. David is one of God’s special people placed here to remind of his love, patience, and understanding; he is a lesson to us all. God bless you and your family

  17. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

    I was wondering-I am an artist and a Christian. 1 Corinthians 13:13 is my favorite scripture. I would like to illustrate your poem to hang in my house, just for personal use. I will be happy to pay for permission to use it, if you are willing. I was just so moved by it, and I would love to have it in my home. Blessings.

    Amelie Woods

  18. This post brought tears to my eyes, warmed my heart, and inspired my soul. Such a beautiful story. There is still much kindness in the world, and together we can work to turn negative into positive while feeling inspiration from other who do the same! I was recently inspired when actress Kristen Bell responded to a tweet where I asked her to share info on a GoFundMe we started for my son’s first daycare provider who is recovering as the pedestrian victim of a hit and run. Kristen donated and replied “Helping people who need it is who we should be.” So true and thank you to your family for the continued inspiration. http://www.statesman.com/news/local/suspects-yet-round-rock-hit-and-run-incident/2pN9rcMJiyWpXwPxAz2uZI/

  19. Filled with tears. Happy tears. With a world that has so much hate and angry. There is LOVE. Love wins! Always! Bless you. Bless your beautiful family!

  20. Thanks for sharing. God’s rallying his children together to send the message to the world of doubters…LOVE IS NOT JUST A FEELING! IT’S A DECISION…A CHOICE. AND IT TRULY IS FREE & FREEING! PASS IT ON!

  21. It is so nice to hear people with tears of joy for a kindness instead of people crying because of the sadness and hatred in this world. We can all learn a lesson from this.

  22. A few years ago, my son was in ROTC and had to wear his fatigues on certain days. He found that he could seldom order coffee or lunch without somebody trying to pay for it. He’d protest, telling them that he was not in the military yet, but they’d still insist. He asked me what he should do, because he didn’t want to be rude, but he was working and didn’t need the money.

    I told him to go ahead and let them pay, thank them kindly, but then to pass it on to somebody who really needed it. The homeless man who stayed outside his office got the benefits of those strangers’ generosity.

  23. What a beautiful story! I love the transferring of kindness and how it all started with one person choosing to Be the spark!

  24. I know a number of people who would have been insulted by the kind gesture. I think it’s wonderful that people care. My daughter is disabled and 17 years old but most people think she is about 13. People are often kind and very friendly to her and I’m always so appreciative when that happens. Thank you for sharing your story!

  25. As I read the story and all the comments I felt I had to mention how all of us have received a gift also. It touched our souls. Will this story come to mind at some point in the future and cause us to also pass on something that makes a positive impact on another person? Maybe we would have done the same thing anyway…but maybe if we were inclined to just go on with our day, recalling this will give that extra nudge to spare a few moments and pass it on. It doesn’t have to be $100, sometimes just a smile, wave or friendly acknowledgement is enough to brighten a day for someone that could really use it! By passing on the story you have yet again increased the range and value of that gift….exponentially! Thank you!

  26. My daughter is physically and mentally slow. She also has developed dropfoot and is wheelchair bound. Back when she was able to walk. she and I went shopping. She had a seizure abd fell on the floor before I could grab her. The older people walked around her to get in the next isle. If course they all gwaked. No one ofefferd or ask if I needed help
    A “hippy”looking sloppy young fellow who llooked like he needed a bath and a comb came along and offered his help. He brought a wheelchair from the front desk. He waited till she quit shaking and picked her.up and put her in the chair. Precided to make sure she was buckled in and safe. I offered him some money but he refused it. This was before. Put it forward.had started. He just said I should help someone I would see who needed help. We shook hands and he shook my daughters hand and made sure shewas ok and off he went. I started pushing her towards checkout and each person I saw who had passed us by I smiled at and sweetly said a big THANK YOU. To them. I really wanted to say something nasty to them but I think they got the message when I said Thank You for helping. To the group
    And watched them form into a hudle…..maybe they thought I was going to attack. It made my day that the young hippy was a better adult then any of them.

  27. was very touched by this story, along with the last two years the generosity that I have experienced going through some rough patches-the extent of some peoples generosity. I have been blessed with several random gifts like this and wondered why me. the idea to use it to bless many others is an idea that I will take and use somehow myself.

  28. How sweet! I am a mom to two adult sons, both of which have autism and epilepsy. I totally get this. As he received a gift, in turn he gets to share his blessing with his friends at school. Not only will He benefit from the classroom supplies, so will his friends. He gets to bless his teacher who spends a great deal of her own money (I know, I teach too ). I suspect he is like my boys who always found great joy in whatever new discovery was in found the classroom. Of course, at home music was all they wanted. I am sure the teacher will make sure his “favorites” will be purchased.

  29. Beautiful story. The gifting man may have realized what he did would bless your family, but will never know how many were inspired and blessed when you shared the story with your readers and they continue to share.

  30. Thank you for sharing! As a mom of another special needs, non-verbal child, it is so wonderful to hear how our children touch the hearts of others! God always has a plan, and I am so thankful he gave me an angel as part of his plan! I did NOT plan her, I was BLESSED with her! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  31. Great story! … as I’ve said before. And I made a comment earlier…. somewhere, that focused on a different point of view. Since then I gotten notifications that folks are replying to my thoughts… but I can’t find my post! ? Hope they were kind as I only saw love in this story as well. #curiouscat. #itsNotAboutMeAnyway

  32. While I think your gesture was magnanomous, I feel bad that “David” was deprived of a gift to him specifically…

    1. how someone choses to spend a gift is up to them ! maybe David having art supplies at school with his classmates is the perfect gift . Don’t be a Debbie Downer on someone else’s good acts .

    2. Something tells me with a family like David’s, he was not deprived of a gift at all. In fact, I would venture to guess that if he was verbal, he would most likely want to share with others as his parents did. They took the kindness of a stranger and paid it forward. Exactly the type of lesson, or “gift”, we should all give.

    3. Can you not see the gift that was given to David as his teacher will always remember the kindness given her and that will naturally be reflected in her attitude toward him? More importantly, his parents’ example to him of passing this on when clearly, they have indicated that he has his needs met. Character development is a great gift.

    4. Are you kidding!?! To share this man’s gift with David’s peers continues the generosity. David likely didn’t need a individual gift. The greatest gift a special needs child can receive is warmth, friendship, acceptance, and positive attention. One of the greatest sources for meeting those needs, other than at home, is in the learning environment they share with those with similar needs. Bless the children, their families, the generosity of a stranger, and the loving heart of their teacher.

    5. As a mom of another special needs, non verbal child, I can totally relate to this! For Christmas, my 5 year old is nothing like her 4other siblings were at 5. She loves Christmas, but I think she understands the true meaning better than any of us! She doesn’t care about toys, and she has a ton, she doesn’t care about making a list for Santa, and she’s so sweet she would definitely be on the good list! She loves spending time with her family and friends! She loves sharing her happy spirit with others! And I agree, I would rather know that she is going to have much needed items in her class room where she can grow, because she doesn’t learn like the “normal” child! Our special children are the true meaning of love!

  33. We have a profoundly handicapped grandson who I have had the opportunity to care for over the last thirty plus years. Bless the people who see these persons through eyes of compassion and caring. For those who don’t, may God open their eyes.

  34. The man is probably a very happy man if he can recognize an opportunity to share and then follow through! Most of us take a fleeting thought of others, but just move on with our lives. We do little to make the world a better place for someone else. Thank you for the stories you share! They are heartwarming and challenging.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing. What a beautiful story. It’s good to hear of the positive people, we don’t get enough of that. Blessings on your family!

  36. I am a puddle of tears. Such a lovely gesture by that gentleman. And such a lovely gesture by your family. When I read about how beautiful people perform random acts of kindness, well, it just makes my heart swell! And it encourages me to continue performing them myself. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Take Care and God Bless.

  37. What a kind gesture from the gentleman. As a Special Ed teacher, I know passing the gift along was an amazing surprise to his teacher! What a kind gesture from both of you thinking to pass the gift on to his class,

  38. I love this! Thank you for sharing. Many years ago we lost our beautiful boy just 3 days before his 8th birthday to brain cancer. Even thought that cruel disease had changed his looks his beauty radiated from within. I stood in line in a dept. store and listened to some preteen girls with their mom make fun of him and all I could do was cry. How I wished I could have spoken to them to tell them how brilliant, how kind and generous he was. But mostly we encountered the kindness you found in this man. Who knows…some time long ago in the past he knew a child or had a child that your son reminded him of. Or perhaps, he is a dad and a grandad who has a gaggle of strong healthy kids and the Lord touched his heart with gratitude. Whatever the reason, we should all be like this man and show others our love and compassion in whatever way is possible to us, even if it is a little prayer…God bless you and your family. May He continue to let your love shine out to others.

    1. Terri, my heart breaks for what those cruel little children did. I am so sorry., but mostly for the loss of your precious child. God bless you.

  39. This made me cry, thank you for the inspiration,there are still good people in this world. David has really touched my heart.

  40. With all the negative postings on Facebook lately this was a beautiful post. It lets us know that there are amazing and generous people in this world with kind hearts.

  41. I absolutely love your story,,,,stories actually…and when I am working again, cannot wait to purchase your lovely, heartfelt jewelry for my family…just know I am a supporter and recommend you constantly…hugs.

  42. Lisa,
    This story is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us. Kindness from a stranger is a lovely thing, and I love that your sweet David touched his heart. Blessings to you xo

  43. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you for sharing. Today of all days…
    Life fills us with blessings – often overflowing – when we just take the time to notice.

  44. We just lost our 5 and 1/2 year old daughter who had special needs. Her name was Quincy and she was an absolute light. I saw this on your site today and I have to echo your same sentiments; the world is beautiful place with more good than evil. Over 500 people attended Quincy’s service, touched by her in some small way, and the outpouring of love and support has been absolutely amazing.

    Thank you for your inspiration on here and for sharing your life with David.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I am touched by the love and support your child received and was expressed to you in that difficult time. God bless you

      1. what a lovely site for people to vent out ….love the support of people …….it is a wonderful world after all;;;;;;;;;;;;;ignoring the negative people of course
        maggie m

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