hello summer {sort of}

David is DONE with school–hooray! He’s no longer an 8th grader {Boo! We absolutely adore the teacher he’s had for the last three years}. Matthias has a couple more days and then we are officially in summer mode.

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello ready for slow mornings–it’s my favorite part of summer. Until around 11am when I get frustrated we’re still in pj’s and I feel like a slacker.

Hello walking and hiking and being outdoors. Feels so good!

Hello windy. Ugh–I don’t like the wind. Steve loves it–I think he’s crazy.

Hello date night this week. I can’t wait.

Hello loving this TED talk from Anne Lamott. It’s worth the 15 minutes.

Hello feeling incredibly relieved that our sweet pug, Louis, found his way back to us. The wind blew our side gate open and he went for a stroll. An incredibly kind stranger posted his pic on Facebook and one of our friends saw it. We are so thankful he is home safe and sound!!

Hello Wonder Woman. It’s sooooo good! We all loved it!

Hello Lord of the Rings marathon. The boys idea–not mine. I’m trying to be a good sport.

I haven’t been sure about the off-the-shoulder style, but this jumpsuit has such rave reviews. Fingers crossed!

Hello celebrating David’s 8th grade graduation with friends and having such a fun evening!

Hello reading and loving this book.

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Lisa,
    I stumbled upon your jewelry i think, on facebook. Where else! Haha.
    I, myself, have never been much of a jewelry person, but yours is so classy and different. I have been looking at a certain piece for a couple of months. You see, my first granddaughter is to be born July 5th, and our daughter, Lydia, lives in Haiti with her husband. She felt the Lord calling her there a few years ago after we adopted her brother in 2013. We almost adopted 2 children, 1 being a precious special needs boy , but prayed and felt good about the decision of one, as we were 50 and 52 at the time.
    I have a plane ticket July4th and will be there 3 weeks!
    She and her husband run a special needs daycare out of their home. It’s a humbling feeling knowing God chose me to bear this child. I could never live like she does. But, when we visit, and play with these children!! It’s amazing. Their goal is family prevention.NO MORE Orphanages haha. People can work during the day, and my daughter provides, food, snacks, diapers, occupational therapy , and mostly, the love of Christ!
    Ok, so I am looking at the gold necklace single name, as the baby will be called Violet. She may spell it the creole way, so again, waiting haha.
    I haven’t ordered it yet, I know, weird, but I want to make sure all is well.

    I hate to ask this, but I will haha. Will this special 20% still be running in July?
    I think the necklace is $200, and worth it I am sure. My daughter only likes gold…don’t know why, but I want it to be special.
    I don’t think I have ever send a comment to a blog, but I know your necklace is what I want for her.
    If you ever get a moment, you can look them up on Facebook, Promise Harbor Family Center. Her name is Lydia Buissereth.

    Thank you Lisa!

  2. I am so glad to hear you got Louis back. How devastating to have your dog lost for a time. Sweet pup!

  3. Lisa I purchased the stacking rings with my 4 granddaughters names on them. I love them , but can you make a necklace with small rings with they’re names on it, one name has 9 letters in it. I have recommended you to everyone I know, love love love you’re jewelry. Thank you, cindy Mazyk.

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