Hello Monday

Hello friends! I got back from Snap last night and I am moving slow this morning!

Last week I grabbed some craft supplies at Michael’s. I’m there at least once a week since there is one right by our workshop. We {Alex our marketing supervisor} and I decided to snap a few quick pics because the polka dot jeans are fun–but the aqua belt is unexpected. And I love adding something unexpected into an outfit.

I’ve got pics from Snap to share this week, a fun DIY and another outfit post. How about some hellos for a brand new Monday?

Hello being home. It’s a good place to be! And I missed my boys so much!

Hello getting inspired! I’ve been cooking up some fun projects–I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Hello inspiration shoot this week! It’s at the Sanitarium–can’t wait!

Hello getting ready for a few doctor visits in LA. We’re having David assessed by the craniofacial team at UCLA and I’m nervous.

Hello favorite bracelet {also pictured above}. I’ve been wearing it every day.

Hello Mother’s Day right around the corner. Did you pick out something special for your mom/sister/aunt/dear friend?

{Outfit details. Jeans, Target. Button up, H&M. Gray heels, H&M. Aqua belt, J Crew. Petite Crest Bracelet, My shop}

Hello low, comfortable heels. I got them from H&M and I want to go back and get a bright blue pair.

Hello sleepy. I’m going to need an extra cup of coffee today.

Hello sweetie. I’m going to need some extra kisses from Steve today.

Hello boys. I’m going to need some extra snuggles and hugs today.

Hello brand new, sunshiny week. It’s going to be a good one.


  1. Hello sweet time with my boy (13) in the car as we waited for my girl (12) to finish up a tutoring session. One on one time is a bit of a luxury as the school year winds down. Thankful!

  2. Love this post!! Darling outfit and you have the greatest hair. I, too, have natural curls and your cut is stunning. Maybe it’s time to put away the flatiron for a bit. Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration. Happy Monday and wishing you JOY.

  3. I am saying hello to a month of fundraising from my Etsy shop for a local mom who suffered a devastating and life threatening disease. Thankful for my health and the ability to give back.

  4. Oh and yes, hope all goes well for David and you. I understand these appts, my daughter has aspergers and was born with a heart defect. Her cardiologist appts are always a worry.

  5. Thinking good thoughts for the appointment. Also, I have some very simiilar polka-dotted pants, and I’m stealing your great idea of pairing them with an aqua belt!

  6. Lisa-
    Praying for the upcoming Dr.’s appt! I want to share with you how each and every week your blog helps lift up my spirits! Just know that there is a little ole somebody out here in the Midwest that happens to think you rock!

  7. Hope all goes well with David’s appointments! Love your outfit, and browsing Michael’s is a favourite of mine as well. Can’t wait to see the DIY’s you have planned, I always love what you come up with!!

  8. I love browsing Michael’s/Joann’s, although I usually come home with things I don’t *need*, but couldn’t resist. 😉 I tend to collect cute supplies!

    Hope David’s appointments go well – thinking of & praying for you all.

    So glad to meet you this weekend; thanks for letting us interrupt your breakfast! 🙂

  9. Michael’s is such a fun place and you’re so lucky to have one close by! Good luck with David’s appointment – sending good thoughts!

  10. I just ordered that bracelet and can’t wait to get it! It looks great on you! Wishing you safe travels and good luck with the appointment.

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