Hello leap year day!

It’s February 29–a day that only comes around every four years. Each day is a gift, and today we get an extra day–which is pretty amazing, right? I feel like we should do something special or crazy.

Around here we’ve been cleaning {especially never ending pet hair}, enjoying the sunshine and listening to lots of music–including some live guitar from my men. I love to hear them play.

How about some hellos for a Monday?

hello leap year day1Hello sunlight flooding into the front room. This room gets so much light and I love it! I just added couple plants and somehow it makes the room seem even brighter. I love the sunlight through the leaves.

hello leap year day-03 Hello Louis and Beasley {or Lou and Beez}. These are two of the sweetest dogs E V E R and I can’t believe they’re part of our family. They are such snuggle bug cuties. Every day we brush them and put aquaphor on their noses. They love to go for walks almost as much as they love to get super snuggly. Such good boys.

hello leap year day2Hello music. Steve has been showing Matthias some chords. He’s just beginning but he’s doing great! And he’s playing Steve’s old guitar which holds so much meaning. And he looks so grown up with that guitar!

Hello forging ahead necklace. How many stones do you need?

Hello looking at paint colors to repaint our kitchen cabinet. I love this color.

Hello coffee with friends.

Hello hoping for rain. We’re supposed to get some later this week!

Hello leap year day! Do you have anything special planned?

Hello March {tomorrow}. How is that possible?

Hello to you! It’s a brand new day with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?

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