broken but beautiful – it’s just a beginning

There were butterflies fluttering all around our beach house. This one was so pretty–and let me take pictures. It was only after I took the pictures that I realized she was missing a big part of her wing. Broken but beautiful–don’t you think?

How about some hellos for a brand new week?

Hello tired. I traveled all day yesterday–and I’m not ready for Monday yet!

Hello time change. East coast to West coast is hard!

Hello pancakes. I’m going to whip some up for us.

Hello legos. I brought Matthias some legos and he’s already building them!

Hello snuggles. I’ve missed my David and we have some catching up to do.

Hello plumber. Our kitchen sink needs some help.

Hello grocery shopping and unpacking.

Hello missing sweet friends {but being so thankful to be home!}

Hello Monday! This week’s not waiting around for me to be ready–so I better get going!


  1. Although th butterfly is different that others she still is out flying and enjoying her life! Love your patterned tights!

  2. Hello. I’m starting a blog in Spain (especially dedicated to mothers) and I like to write about Lisa’s jewelry because I love what you do especially necklaces (I love them!!) and because I think it’s an amazing mother.

    Jewels are truly wonderful and I would like in my country were known. So I would like to know if you send to Spain.

    Excuse my English.


  3. Hello, Lisa! Happy Monday!

    Hello to meetings today with ladies doing good things. Hello to my Clementine’s first day of preschool tomorrow!Hello to lots of baking. Hello to figuring out how to get to bed earlier. Hello, cooler weather! And hello to my little brother’s wedding this weekend.

  4. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I feel most days. Broken but Beautiful. It is by the Lord’s grace and love that those are possible at the same time and what a comfort it is to know that our father can look past our brokenness.

    Happy Monday!

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