How beauty once saved the world – passage ring giveaway !

I’m so excited! This ring has resonated with so many of you! Tell us your story for a chance to win the new passage ring! Read on for details.

The N E W passage ring is the perfect way to mark a special moment in life. It’s hand-molded, cast in either sterling silver or 10k gold and hand-set with stones. It’s perfect for layering and pretty enough to wear alone. I love it!

Okay, so now it’s YOUR turn! Here are the details to enter…

1. We want to hear YOUR story! Tell us what ‘rite of passage’ you’re celebrating in the comments.
It can be something small, like, taking a new dance class to something as big as getting married.

2. For extra entries, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and/or your blog. Hashtag the share with #lisaleonard
*Important* make sure to come back here and leave a separate comment for each share!

3. Two winners will be chosen next week, each will receive a sterling or gold passage ring.

4. I hope YOU win!

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WINNERS! We have two winners! Congrats Jessica Richey and Jordan K. I just emailed both of you with details. xoxo


  1. I am finally giving up on a dream that I have had for a long time, with the realization that even if God is saying no right now, His plan for me is perfect and I trust Him.

  2. The Passage ring is gorgeous! I jus made the passage into being a mother of two. And, with the birth of my second son, I became a stay-at-home Mom. It’s been the mod transformative passage of my life so far!

  3. Celebrating 5 years and hoping for passage to the next five year mark. Would love to give my beloved wife jewelry as a nice surprise.

  4. Lately I have become very disciplined and particular about getting up early in the morning and I think I do deserve a pat in the back in the form of this beautiful ring.

  5. My rite of passages are that my husband and I just celebrated 25 years of marriage (been together 28 years) and have 2 grandbabies (granddaughter is almost 2 and grandson is 1 month old)…we are entering into a new season of life. Thank you for the chance to win…just beautiful β™₯

  6. Coming up on 5 years cancer free! Had stage 2 Breast Cancer, surgeries, chemo, the whole nine yards. I am healthy and strong now and am thankful for every day!!

  7. My “right of passage” moment is getting accustomed to being an empty nester with both boys now in college. My celebration moment is a 25th wedding anniversary in October. Oh my, the work and love that has gone into both -certainly worthy of celebrating! The ring is gorgeous and I would love to wear it.

  8. All 4 of my kids will be in school full days this fall! I can’t imagine my days without a little one by my side, but I’m also excited about the chance to explore career and hobby options.

  9. A rite of passage which seemed impossible has now healed my heart. After 4 years and 2 months of intense pain and grieving over the sudden loss of my amazing 15 year old son, I can now start my days facing the sun rather than seeking the shadows. One of my most treasured gifts 4 years ago, was the Lisa Leonard single tag silver necklace with my son’s name on it. I wear it every day.

  10. I am celebrating some serious weight loss– after many years of negative talk, I’m letting the light shine in! The sparkle of this ring would be a great reflection of that light! Thanks!

  11. My new passage is having an almost 1 year old who is happy healthy and well, a baby on the way in September, and being blessed enough to be able to quit my job in 2 weeks to stay home and take care of my precious children!! I don’t have a twitter or this is my only way to enter!

  12. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this June. We are also in the midst of learning to parent teenagers.

  13. My rite of passage is the recent anniversary of my second brush with cancer. I had breast cancer in 1990 and 2014.
    I am blessed to have been able to do treatment and be cancer free a second time. Thank you for an opportunity to win one of your newest rings.

  14. I’m a full time missionary in Australia, working to train leaders and sending teams of people to other countries to do mission work, and this season I get to step up to LEAD a ministry for the first time!

  15. I just read your Beautiful entry from a few years ago about being brave for your son and approaching some people who had been staring at him. That was strong and lovely. As for my rite of passage, my daughter is almost 10 months old and after much discussion, fear, and of course, clearance from multiple doctors, we took her out in public for the first time. To the zoo and to the park. She was 3 months early and came home on oxygen, and she hasn’t been allowed around people, until now. Huge deal for us and so weird to introduce her to people, in person! Thanks for providing space to share this πŸ™‚

  16. I am celebrating a huge rite of passage this week. My husband was hit head on in a car accident two years and two months ago that almost took his life. We didn’t know for weeks if he was going to live. He spent 70 days in the hospital before coming home and learning to live again. He would get a little better and then worse. At rock bottom, he was 140 pounds… He is 6’4″. Since coming home, he has had to have two repairs on his knee, three surgeries to get his gallbladder out, and a few heart procedures. What was supposed to be a relatively short recovery has turned into two years of sporadic surgeries and sicknesses (with a lot of health in there, too, that we are incredibly thankful for). Pretty soon after his accident, a problem was discovered with one of his heart valves, but the damage was “moderate” at the time, and the doctors wanted to postpone surgery until Nathan was healthier and until it was absolutely necessary. Well, about a year ago, we were told it was necessary. My husband had open heart surgery last week to have his valve repaired, and the years of surgeries are. OVER. That was the last one. We are so excited to soon celebrate our first anniversary and to enjoy each other for many years with no health complications or worries!
    Your jewelry is absolutely stunning, and it would be an honor to wear!

  17. After 22 years of being a single mom and an empty-nester for 6 years I am stepping, gently, into dating. I don’t see the path but I know The Way…

    This ring is a physical symbol of my commitment to Jesus – He is my first love, He is who completes me.

    The possibility of another person in my life is to complement – not compete with, or replace my Kinsman Redeemer.

    This ring says yes to Jesus, yes to trust and surrender, yes to freedom.

  18. I will be celebrating turning 60 in April by running the Rock-n-Roll half marathon in Nashville with my godson and his wife, followed by my first half ironman triathlon in June in Sunriver, OR.

  19. We just welcomed home our second sweet daughter 18 days ago, and are celebrating our passage from a family of three to a family of four. What a sweet reminder of this time one of these rings would be!

  20. I’m celebrating every day as a passage! By the Grace of God, passing through means you’ve made it to the other side or another day. In my short 47 years I’ve experienced abuse, loss, sickness, depression, but also so many blessings that include a wonderful husband of 24 years, friendship, health, education, prosperity and most recently a daughter off to college far away. Tomorrow will bring a new passage and whether it’s a struggle, a blessing or both, it’s another day here, and when my days are done, the best passage awaits me.

  21. My oldest has moved out to continue his life with his new family and I will get to enjoy the blessing of becoming a grandmother in June. Looking forward to the many joys from this step in our lives.

  22. I’ve been twice divorced. Both husband cheated on me, I’ve felt sorry for myself for a long time. Felt God had just given up on me. I’ve been praying for a long time for a change, a fresh start, a new opportunity. I’ve been offered a new job helping women dealing with breast cancer. I feel like I’ve been given a fresh start, a change to begin again. A chance to help, a chance to see all that God has in store for me.

  23. Wow–such beautiful rings–thanks for the chance to win! I’m on the cusp of turning 40–just a few weeks away! It feels like a milestone birthday brings along with it the opportunity to evaluate where you are in life and to dream of where you hope to be at the next milestone. I am so thankful to have a loving family and the freedom to pursue work that I love. 40 feels like a time to open a new door or two and take new paths–and embrace new beginnings:)

  24. I’m celebrating our 5th month of fostering parenting.. it has been a roller coaster of emotions. I’ve learned so much about not only myself, but also my family. I love how my 6 and 5 yr olds have opened up to these babies who have come into our home. So happy we answered God’s call for our life.

  25. Just celebrated my 32nd birthday. This is a really big one for me. At this age, my father–who passed away almost 9 years ago–had just had me, his third child by three different women, and had been married twice, divorced once. I am not married and have no children, although I’ve been with my partner now for ten years–also just celebrated this past week. As virtually everyone around me says their “I do’s” or welcomes a new baby into their lives, I’m only now finally and fully embracing the path I’ve chosen for myself without regret, apology, or hesitation.

  26. Love this ring. I just love the idea of celebrating where we are in life. This Fall will be 10 years post-leukemia diagnosis for my husband (on my bday) and this summer we celebrate 11 years of marriage. It wouldn’t have been the journey I would have chosen for us, but I love the way things have turned out.

  27. My son is graduating from HS in June and I am trying to start my own business. All good but BIG changes.

  28. After an ovarian cancer scare & major surgery last fall, I’m enjoying being healthy & spending time with my family.

  29. Just started working for a huge non-profit organization in my city! Scared, humbled and excited as I am working with mostly homeless men teaching job readiness. A challenge and blessing at the same time!

  30. Last year at this time I was living amongst and contributing to utter chaos and dysfunctional relationships. I tried everything I could to get everyone else to change so my situation would improve. Finally, an amazing shift in perspective started to happen. My “Incredible Rite of Passage” has been happening slowly over the course of one miraculous year. It started when I decided to take control of what I have power over instead of craving control over what I don’t (other people, places and things).

    Small changes have made huge differences – I’ve made specific efforts to find positives in each day, to write down things that I am grateful for, and to just live, and let live. Little by little as my attitude has shifted, I found the courage to accept myself for who I am – and amazing things happen.

  31. 4 weeks ago my one and only child left home for one of the biggest journeys of his life. He is becoming a Marine. I have never felt so much… pride, love, joy and also there is a feeling of helplessness and faith has to be strong. The decision to have a child is deciding to have your heart walk around outside your body. This is the making of a Marine Mom.

  32. Celebrating our lives along with our little one, even though life doesn’t always go as planned. We never envisioned our lives with a special needs little one, but we continue to celebrate in the “everyday” milestones of life (that one many take for granted or can be easily overseen).

  33. Celebrating new “hope” in our everyday challenges with raising our little one. Everyday is a challenge for him, but with hope and perseverance, he can continue to make more progress each day.

  34. This coming summer we will be taking on a new risk, with another new form of therapy, for our son with special needs.

  35. I am getting ready to celebrate my 60th birthday in the fall. A lot of my friends from school have already turned 60 and the dominos are starting to fall. I really dreaded when I turned 50, and it turned out to be a fabulous decade. So I am counting on the next big birthday to be good. I am embracing my age, I am a young thinker, am passionately interested in many things like family (married for 32 years-it’s lots of work but worth the effort), work (just got a great job), travel (a friend and I are headed to Charlotte Lyon’s Vermont getaway weekend in June), fashion, sewing, and antiques/thrifting. I try to pursue my passions. But in a nutshell, turning 60 and enjoying life is a journey!

  36. Celebrating that my 10 year old boy, who has Down syndrome, is the most amazing boy. I could never have imagined all the love he’s brought to my life – so blessed!

  37. Celebrating 20 years of marriage in September and getting over the fact that we aren’t able to have children.

  38. Celebrating the birth of my beautiful baby girl! After 7 years of marriage, my husband and I made the life changing decision to start a family. I struggle immensely with change and was terrified to take this step. We were very lucky and I was able to get pregnant rather quickly. I unfortunately did not have a great pregnancy (terrible nausea the entire time) and was incredibly anxious and stressed about becoming a mother. Fast forward to today, and I have a beautiful, healthy 2 month old. I cannot believe I ever questioned wanting to have children or my ability to sacrifice so much for another. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so grateful that my husband and I took this leap!

  39. Celebrating my oldest daughter returning to the US after spending a year abroad in South Korea teaching English to kindergarten students. I can’t wait to hug her!

  40. One biggie is that Baby #3 is due in a few weeks. One of the little things in life that I am celebrating is that today is the first day of spring! #newbeginnings

  41. I am finally feeling back to myself after more than a year of battling to get Graves Disease(thyroid disease) under control. I can’t believe how great it feels to have my energy back and overall “normal” feeling again!

  42. as I type this, I’m nursing my 38 hour old baby ❀️. I’m celebrating the birth of our second child!

  43. I just turned 50, trying to find my place in this world, recently finding myself alone and wanting a new chapter!!

  44. I wrote a book! After many years of quietly thinking that MAYBE I could, if someone would give me the chance, I was given the chance! And I did it!

  45. Exactly a year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36. To say my life was shattered is an understatement. The past year has been one of complete & utter brokenness as I learned to give up everything I thought I was in control of in my life and let God. I have literally felt like the “pause” button was pressed on my life. I am now close to the end of active treatment with significant life lessons under my belt and I am ready to hit “play” again!

  46. I was saved by the blood and grace of Jesus Christ on March 18th, 19 years ago. Absolutely life changing, for the good!

  47. My daughter is graduating from high school this June. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her! πŸ™‚

  48. My rite of passage is becoming a mother after going through a painful divorce. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel:)

  49. I love this ring! My right of passage? I started a business called Hunt and Gather! I bought a booth at the Wimberley Market Days and am selling furniture made from reclaimed wood (that my husband and I make) and other nature inspired home decor. Check us out at It was a leap of faith, but it’s been great so far!

  50. I am navigating a new life, having lost my dear Mom last month; as she enters her eternal glory and celebrates new life with her Savior I am walking down a new path and making passage into a new life. Mom loved diamonds and on the night she died, her Heavenly Father lit the sky with diamonds and a full moon, guiding her to her heavenly home. Mom was a woman of wonder and grace, of beauty and simple, unwavering faith. She was the gift of light, always able to find the good in any situation and make that good glow. Her glow now lights my steps down this new passageway.

  51. I’m not sure if this counts as a rite of passage, but this year I’m “celebrating” the 20th anniversary of being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It’s not easy, but I decided to celebrate having made it this far without any serious damages.

  52. I’ve closed the chapter on two negative relationships in my life. I’m also reclaiming my health, after a lengthy illness.

  53. I’m celebrating turning 38 at the same time I’m burying my Grammy. We celebrated her life yesterday, and it was wonderful – emotional, but such a glorious day. I am celebrating how her absence makes us all sort of shift up in the chain of hierarchy a family sort of naturally has. I hope I will make my Grammy proud in the way I fulfill my new role in our family. xoxo

  54. I am loving raising my one year old son and currently pregnant with Baby #2. It’s an ongoing passage, but I’m excited to see how God will work in our lives as we change to a family of 4!

  55. I am currently going through a divorce, take care of a 93 year old Aunt who is in a nursing home and my Mom who is in the same nursing home suffering with Alzheimer’s. The only joy I currently get in my life is taking care of my 2 year old granddaughter while my daughter works everyday. I think the ring will remind me how strong and independent I can be.

  56. I got the courage to leave an abusive relationship and I am now a single mother struggling to make ends meet, but I am now free to start over and hopefully things will get better from here.

  57. My rite of passage is transforming from a fulltime working woman to a retired grandmother. This is past year, I turned 60 and my husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. My husband is going on his third year of retirement and I wasn’t sure if it was time for me to retire or not. However, I have decided to be a fulltime grandma is more fun than a fulltime receptionist! I want to be there as much as I can for the grandkids because they are small such a very short time and I don’t want to miss it!

  58. 45! I turned 45 years old this year, in March. I have never liked birthdays, trying to outrun time, or youth,or myself?! This year I decided would be different. So before the Lord,I began to prepare for this birthday passage. A 26 year marriage where verbal abuse was the norm and lonely was the habit, there are many wounds, much brokenness. No more fear…I looked 45 smack in the face through the lens of God’s love and Word. That number means Inheritance, Provision (for things that matter the most), Protection. The King, MY King greatly desires my beauty (Psalm 45-go figure!)!! I am complete in Him. So…45 and I are going to be just fine!

  59. I quit my job to pursue my true calling…staying at home with my boys and starting a foundation with my husband to give grants to couples pursuing adoption!

  60. I was in a bad working environment and took the step to leave before having new employment in the wings. This is very out of character for me. Within 1 week, the Lord opened an opportunity for me at the job I’d been wanting for 4 years. I start Monday. He is good…all of the time!

  61. This year is a season of change for me. Following the Lord and seeing the changes He’s making in me is very humbling. Much to be learned and be thankful about:)

  62. Because this is public, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I will say that for 4 1/2 years, I WAS a victim of Domestic Violence. I say, WAS a victim, because through God’s grace and mercy, I have gotten out of that situation, gotten the help and healing I needed, and recently transitioned from victim to survivor.

  63. I am leaving my accounting job of 15 plus years to become a massage therapist. Scariest decision I have ever made! The Passage Rings would be a wonderful gift!

  64. My rite of passage occurred this week after saying goodbye to our foster son of one and a half years. That spunky little four year old boy made my life better in so many ways, we would have adopted him in a heartbeat. This is for sure the hardest thing I’ve ever done as a 27 year old mama, but I can see God’s grace and mercy every step of the way. I commemorated our last Foster child with a ring, and I’d love the tradition to continue. Thank you.

  65. Husband and I finally purchased our own piece of property to build our homestead and start an organic farm. This has been a life dream and we are so excited to trade the city pavement for the country dirt (sometimes mud) roads. Cheers to a simpler life!

  66. At the present I am celebrating my 16 year old son (soon to be 17) finding his own path in life. After losing our other son at 11 who had spina bifida it is really hard to let go. He is a Godly young man and I know that God will direct his path and allow him to be a blessing to others as he has been to us. God is good all the time!! Thanks for allowing me to share and I thank you for sharing your story because it hits home to me every time I see the smile on your David’s face. It reminds me of my Joshua who’s smile could melt the heart of all who met him.

  67. So many worthy winners here…but I’ll share my story anyways- I’m a stay at home Mom to two, and my husband’s working on a contract in another country. We’ll be seeing very little of him this year. It’s been such a growth curve for me, but full of grace. What makes it more interesting is that up until this past Saturday, I didn’t have a drivers licence. Finally (at the age of 40something) got it for my kids.

  68. On the 28th I will move into a new place that has studio space. It is my first place just for creating. I pray for a new season of creativity and freedom.

  69. My rite of passage? Next month marks our 25th wedding anniversary, which I will celebrate alone, albeit for my three fatherless children. Their father, my best friend, lover and husband having committed suicide a month after said 25th anniversary. Not a rite of passage I would wish on anyone, but ours nonetheless. Thank you for your kind giveaway.

  70. This year’s milestone is that my husband and I are moving back to the Central Coast after serving on the foreign mission field for 14 years. The will be so many changes and adjustments. Thanks for the giveaway; love your work! (We gave your necklaces to the three young ladies, who work for the publishing house we minister with, for christmas presents this last year!)

  71. My husband and I’ve been down a long road this year with our family, his job and my health. We’ve both grown closer and focused more on our marriage and family.

  72. I would love to have this for my daughter. She is graduating from college in May. She has been through a lot and worked so hard to be the first grandchild in the family to graduate!! She’s a fighter and I’m proud.

  73. My rite of passage is a somber one unfortunately. This last week I lost my father after taking care of him for a long time. I am now entering a new phase of life where I am the oldest generation. All this with little children at home still.

  74. After ten years of our daughter having a feeding tube, it is now gone. During PT on Monday it came out and after a mad dash to the ER when it wouldn’t go back in, I convinced the doctor to leave it out. It took her overcoming a aversions and anxieties brought on by six months in ICU, but we are finally there and I’m so grateful.

  75. My husband and I just retired at the end of the year after working together for 42 years. We jumped right into a DIY kitchen renovation going almost 24/7. We are looking forward to the “right of passage” and being able to not have a plan for every day and live life in the spur of the moment.

  76. I just turned 40 and am training for my first marathon, hoping to make this a year of health and fun! It’s also my daughter’s last year of elementary school and the transition to middle school is going to be a significant rite of passage for all of us!

  77. I’ve just lost my beautiful Dad, I would love to have this superb gift to signify the man he was and always will be to me.

  78. Well I don’t know if this counts but getting ready to start a long time dream of mine. A shabby business out of my home. Like three times a year. I am working on the logo and name. My twin and I will do it together. The name will be in memory of our parents that both passed in the span of 7wks in 2013. Lovely giveaway!

  79. For me the passage ring signifies the first time I’ve sought professional help after 9 years of putting it off so that I can try to move forward to be a good mother, the best mother I can be to my new baby.

  80. I’m celebrating another year of living and enjoying my God-given blessings. I’ve had 2 close encounters within the past 6 years. The first with severe postpartum depression that almost took me away permanently from my husband and then-only child, Addie Rae. By the grace of God, I recovered 2.5 years later. We were able to have 2 more blessings, Porter and Evangeline. A month after Evangeline’s birth, I had an emergency hysterectomy. I was lucky to come out alive. Afterward we found out I was precancerous. although the situation was life-threatening, the surgery was a huge blessing. No matter the downpour, God always stands with you in the rain.

  81. Focusing on my life as a single mom, after going through a difficult and emotionally devastating divorce. Getting back into teaching. Best part of my life are my children and feeling so fortunate for the support of my family. This ring is a promise to myself for peace and love.

  82. Five years ago I graduated from high school. Three years ago I graduated with my Associates Degree of Arts from a small two-year school. At the end of April, after five long inspiring, educative, and intense years I will finally be graduating with my Bachelors of Arts, licensed to teach Elementary Education and English as a Second Language. I have so many passions in life such as photography, baking, and TRAVELING! Teaching, however, is my calling, and I am so excited (even more so than nervous) about taking the next step and becoming a professional. The journey to this point has been up and down, ranging from a wonderful semester abroad in Spain and Morocco to missing a week and a half of school last fall due to an emergency appendectomy. I’ve made life long memories and friends. My “Rite of Passage” is finally graduating and taking the step into adulthood, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about doing so!

  83. I would love the opportunity to win this for my beautiful daughter. After an extremely difficult 2014 fighting depression & finding her way in the world, she has begun to find her way in 2015. She was selected as the head girl of her school and is working extremely hard to try and bring her grades up. The passage from child to teenager to a young adult is a road we all travel and hopefully make it through. Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  84. Reunited with my first love after 18 years apart (2007). Married five years later (2012). Gave birth to our little girl a year later (2013) and am now 5 months pregnant with our little boy (due August 3). So many passages to be thankful for! Life works in mysterious ways! Would love this ring to symbolize our journey. Would also look perfect between my daughter’s name ring and the name ring I will purchase once our son joins us. ☺️

  85. I’m moving to a city 250 miles away where I know nobody.
    I’m hoping that this new moment is a great one and the passage ring will remind me of that every time I wear it. If i win it won’t be coming off often so that’ll help.

  86. I’m starting a new career and my husband is getting ordained! It’s passages all over the place over here πŸ˜‰ I love your work!

  87. This month my oldest turns nine (how did that happen?) and my youngest turned five. I’m sad over the loss of “little babies” around my house but learning each day that being a mom of older kids can be awesome too. I just started homeschooling them a couple months ago (which was a huge decision) and I’m so blessed to spend my time with my three blessings that happen to be growing up faster each day it seems.

  88. Celebrating a new year with my husband, baby daughter, and serving the Lord full time (traveling across North America half the year). Running a website/blog, writing quarterly e-mags for girls, etc. BUT, this year, I have a planner in hand, and I am going to try to learn to use it, so I have more time with my baby and husband, as well as getting the things done that need to happen! :o)

  89. It would be such a blessing to have a passage ring to celebrate my 5 yr cancer free anniversary coming up in May. I am a breast cancer survivor.

  90. I just made a big leap of faith that could lose me my biggest client. It was the right thing to do, but so scary to think about! But who knew that Joy lived so far away from Safe?

  91. I have a job interview on Friday. Super nervous, but excited about the possibilities of this opportunity!

  92. I became a special needs mom almost 6 years ago to our second child… My beautiful, darling girl and the light of our lives! God has spoken so much life into her sweet little mind that doctors never thought she would be capable of and we are so grateful for the mercy He has poured out over her. It sounds weird to say this is my rite of passage because we have certainly never been in denial for a moment of this journey but I had really only begun labeling myself as a special needs mom out loud a couple of months ago. I’m not really sure why and I’m sure you understand the various parts of this journey but for some reason special needs was the term I just didn’t say out loud. I would always talk about our journey with her and what we were praying for the milestone we were working hard to accomplish but for some reason those two words just never came out. It was such beautiful heartbreak when I finally crossed over that bridge but it has been and even further level of freedom and victory on this journey now that I claim and take ownership of that in a way that’s out loud. So hard to explain in just a few brief words but I have a feeling you know what I’m trying to say.:)

  93. I’m celebrating my 22nd birthday next week and I’m launching my very own business later this year! I am very excited and nervous. Mostly excited!

  94. my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 35th anniversary in September. We have 5 amazing kids( one is in heaven) and 10 grandkids, we are so very blessed! As everyone else we have had our share of good times and bad, but we have keep chugging along! I sure do love him though!

  95. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary! We’ve had our share of ups and downs but have been blessed with a beautiful family (10 children and now 2 grandchildren)! Would love the silver ring in honor of our silver anniversary!

  96. I’m celebrating my 39th birthday, my first paid job after 10 years as a stay-at-home Mom, and possibly a “real” career job that I just interviewed for! WAHOO!

  97. My rite of passage is for my non verbal son with autism. He is 9 years old and has taught me so much about being patient and slowing down. He is my hero. We struggle as parents he struggles but know matter we are bound by our strong faith and blessings from God above. He is our only child. I would love a rite of passage ring to wear each day to honor my son. Thank You for this chance.

  98. Thank you for this opportunity to share! My next rite of passage is my wonderful husband and I are transitioning from lay leaders in our beautiful little church to church leadership this spring! I am so excited for the next step in our journey!

  99. After a difficult pregnancy which ended with the stillbirth of our dear son Tanner Josiah, I’ve begun a journey to better health. I’ve been walking about 4 times a week and have already lost 15 pounds!

  100. My rite of passage is learning to be a single mom to two very young girls when this isn’t what I ever wanted or planned. I’m having to find myself and my voice all over again after a huge heartbreak, but I am closer to God than I have ever been and He is what sustains me! I would love this ring as a daily reminder to be true to my God and myself!

  101. This year is all about starting over, I lost my brother to suicide 3/10/14
    Admist the heartbreak I have a new outlook on life. Living each day to its fullest holding nothing back and saying what you really feel.

  102. I just started a new job after being a stay at home mom for 6 years! It’s exciting, but I miss my babies! πŸ™‚

  103. What a lovely give-away! I will be celebrating 23 years of marriage in May as well as a 12 year anniversary of the adoption of our (now!) 13 year old son. Family anniversaries are awesome!

  104. The passage I am celebrating is my first child’s graduation. I am so excited and proud of him, but I can’t believe that all this time has gone by! He auditioned and was accepted to a college music program, and will soon be on his way to being a music educator. He has made me a very proud mom!

  105. I have lost 55lbs eating right and exercising and kept it off for over two years πŸ™‚ I have also recently joined the work force after staying home to raise my daughter for 15 years!

  106. This would be the perfect ring to present to my daughter when we go away for the weekend and do Passport To Purity. It is certainly a right of passage to move from a tween, to a teen, and some day a young woman. The ring would be a constant reminder of who God is and what He desires of my daughter as it relates to live, relationships, and purity.

  107. Our praise-worthy rite of passage is that we’ve just celebrated 5 YEARS since my husband’s C3/C4 Spinal Cord Injury; and though he is paralyzed from the shoulders down, he still lives a full, God-honoring life! He recently started his first job since his accident in 2010, and he’s been a fantastic example to our young kids of depending on and trusting in the Lord’s plans. I am so proud of my handsome hubby… HE deserves a passage ring!!!

  108. I recently started a new job. My life has changed drastically over the last 8 months and finding my footing in what is now my life has been a great journey. One that continues every day.

  109. In October 2014, I was diagnosed with invasive loublar breast cancer. In November I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I also had positive node involvement. Last month, I had more surgery for the reconstruction. Two weeks ago I was told that I am currently cancer-free. As I make my passage back into my “normal” life, I am choosing to remember every day (with a special ring on my finger?) that I cherish this life, am grateful to God, and will never take one single day for granted.

  110. I am about to have our second (and and last!) baby, a boy. I am so excited to be in the “baby” phase again.

  111. Becoming a mom to not just two but three little boys! The third already wants to keep up with the bigger two πŸ™‚

  112. What a neat contest……..each day I celebrate the successful passage of another day of my toddler’s treatment for leukemia!!

  113. My “right of passage” is one of forgiveness and letting go. I have had to forgive something unforgivable…and while I feel like I have forgiven, I haven’t forgotten…and I have been holding on to the hurt like a security blanket. I have allowed the thoughts, feelings and memories of that time to envelop me any time I am alone. I have allowed it to affect my mood and my relationships…relying on it to wallow in self pity when ever I feel sorry for myself. The fact of the matter is that it is done and over. the continual journey of this hurt and heart break will always be PART of my story, but is not my ENTIRE story. There is SO MUCH GOOD in the rest of my story and for that I am so very thankful.

  114. Saying goodbye to aging parents as we welcomed our grand baby (after over 30 years of marriage and raising four of our own boys) opened a beautiful passage to passing the “gauntlet” of parenting to another generation while reaping the rewards of a precious family addition. Embracing all of this beautiful journey and new passages with faith and love.

  115. Well, I guess I am still in the passage so to speak…my husband and I sold our home in the city and together with our 4 children we are in the process of starting a new architecture firm for my husband and building our new home in the country. We have been living out of boxes and in limbo since last July and are hoping to have the house done by this coming fall. It has been a huge step of faith believing that this is God’s plan for us. It would be amazing to have the ring as a reminder of Gods faithfulness and presence in our life.

  116. We celebrated 10 years of marriage in January and had planned on a long overseas celebration trip.. until we found out baby would be joining our family in summer 2015! So, now 2015 is the year of 10th anniversary, daughter’s kindergarten completion, AND newborn baby boy πŸ™‚ Not what we expected but so wonderful! (And we still snuck in a week getaway a bit closer to home)

  117. After 38 years of life (many of them spent desiring a husband and family), I’m now able to say I am content (and happy!) being single and childless. I know that God has my future in my hands, and I can completely trust Him.

  118. I am helping my parents into retirement. It has been rather bumpy as my dad has faced significant health issues this past week where we thought we’d loose him. He is coming out of the woods. Thank the Lord. Now, a new ‘forest’ is ahead of us as I help them sift through life pre-retirement and into retirement whilst still managing new health realities. The rite-of-passage I guess would have to be this stage in life where you take care of your parents in a way that is parental. Didn’t think i’d be here already, but i’m grateful to be present in the forest with them.

  119. In a season of loss (job, and possibly our home too), I am celebrating my family. Sitting at the crossroads of difficult life circumstances is so, so painful…but there is much to be grateful for if I just look at the faces of those I love most.

  120. After getting married to the man of my dreams at the tender age of 20, the ugly divorce that took place 13 years later rocked my universe. After a lot of pain, betrayal, lies, and abuse, my six kids and myself were set free and have been journeying a new path on our own. God has redeemed us and has brought us a new family. A loving soon to be husband and stepfather and a wonderful new step brother and step sister. The rite of passage rests in the closing papers that my fiancΓ© is signing on our new home at this very moment. We haven’t had a home in so long. The rite of passage rests in the wedding taking place one week from this day, joining our families in the hope of a new future. Both my fiancΓ© and I have been through a tremendous amount of pain and warfare as have our children. This is hope, a new chance at life, restoration of so much that’s been lost. God is good, and He does restore us in His own time. I found your blog not long before my life imploded with the news of my ex-husband’s secret life. I continued to read your blog and loved the peacefulness of it and the real words that you share about life and motherhood. Thank you for the genuine light you bring! Keep doing it!

  121. I have a few passages to share: my youngest is just finishing her first year of college, so this was a year as an empty nester! And my oldest daughter is getting married this year!! Some days I feel old; I’m going to be the mother of the bride and my three children are all on their own now: how did that happen? Weren’t they just babies?! I love your jewelry and wear a necklace of yours every day!

  122. I’m in my first week back to work after the birth of our first baby in December – a boy. Oh my, do I miss my baby! Becoming a “working mom” is definitely a rite of passage and a role I am still adjusting to. I take comfort in the working moms who have come before me, including my own mother and the handful of women in my office with little ones in the care of others during the day. But, let me tell you, I will never forget how I felt the first time I had to drop him off at daycare. Oh, my heart…

  123. Trying to be brave and remember all the good, happy, and positive, as I journey through this right of passage of my mother about to pass away from ovarian cancer.

  124. I am in the process of moving to a new house after losing my son and my mother. Starting over and making new memories. I love the ring! So simple and yet a reminder of those that I have recently lost.

  125. My husband and I will be on our way to celebrating 6 years of re-marriage. We divorced in “08( short of being married 20 years) and re-married in ’09. Our new love was like having a new born baby because it took 9 month to realized what we had was worth fighting for.

    Today, we celebrate our love for God – above, for each other and for our children.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you my story.

  126. Life is always moving forward and always changing. Now I have two teenagers and another almost one. I’ve started a new position at work, and we recently bought a house. I’m so thankful for the things that don’t change on this journey. My God is always the same. I still have my husband and my children. I am blessed.

  127. We are celebrating our 7th anniversary in a few weeks, as well as expecting our fourth baby – this would be a perfect way to mark either of those events!

  128. This is so timely! Today, of all days, is my first day of work after three years. I’ve been volunteering and staying busy since I had my oldest son in March of 2012, but today (almost to the DAY of the day I left my teaching job) I put them in part-time daycare to go back to work. I am excited and nervous, but I know that they will truly enjoy being with other kids their age, and I will certainly enjoy talking with other kids MY age, too!

  129. There are so many chapters ending in my life.
    As my daughter turns 2 – it’s the end of the baby years. My job is changing at work – with the departure of a close friend and boss and the arrival of new upper management – who I will be reporting to (so maybe a hopeful promotion).
    My husband has changed jobs in the last two weeks and we will be losing our nanny and putting the baby in daycare at the beginning of the summer.
    But most of all there the start of a new chapter in my health from healthy to a sort of scary watching and waiting point.
    Lots of change. Lots of transition. It’s an exciting scary ride.

  130. We’re moving…again. That’s Air Force life so it’s expected cept this time we’ll be moving 8 kids instead of just the 4 we brought with us to the Upper Peninsula. The foster/adoption took almost 2 years and we find ourselves moving all the way to TX this summer and living near family for the first time in 13 years. What an exciting, exausting, exhillerating, happy sorta CrAzY time. πŸ˜‰

  131. Finally settling into the knowledge that what I expect to happen is not always what will happen, and sometimes I do not know what’s best. A hard thing to realize (again and again) for a control freak like me.

    Taking time every day to thank the universe for my three perfectly imperfect souls entrusted to me and my husband to raise.

    Working full-time means letting my husband be the “go-to” parent. His way isn’t my way, but he is doing a wonderful job just the same.

    Gratitude abounds. I am so lucky.

  132. Been waiting over a year for a referral for our first child(ren).

    Started a blog last month.

    Just got a puppy.

    Celebrating 3 years of marriage in May.


  133. Oldest is first year in college…transition for mom.
    Husband in transition with job which affects me in many levels. Personally I am trying to get back in shape after 2 years of stress. Getting ready to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this summer!

  134. Learning to embrace my brokenness. Lost my daughter, Olivia Jane, to cancer 8 years ago. She passed away a week before her first birthday, so we celebrated her life on her birthday. This year it falls on Easter and I’ve been surprised by the waves of emotions the last few weeks. After she passed away I got her name engraved on the inside of a little gold band and had it saudered to my wedding ring. We celebrate 14 years this month. So grateful for Gods great grace and mercy for sustaining us through all life’s hard things. Thankful that He makes beauty from ashes.

  135. Inspired by you Lisa, my husband and I have just sponsored a beautiful little girl in Indonesia with Compassion. I was only able to have one child of my own, and so we wanted to sponsor a little girl the same age as our son. He is SO blessed in what we can provide for him and now we have the chance to give a little back to a child not so fortunate. Her photo arrived today and i am BURSTING with emotion for her! Praying for her every day. Thank you Lisa for your inspiring blog! The new jewellery is wonderful xx

  136. I am on a college visit trip with my son. I am not sure if I am ready for 2 of 3 of my children to be away at college!! I don’t feel old enough to have 2 kids in college!!!

  137. My husband & I are taking 5 students on a mission trip next week. While we are excited, we are also overwhelmed. This is a huge undertaking & responsibility. We believe it will be life changing for all of us. Praying that as we pass through this foreign country, we will be able to leave lasting hope & love behind with the people & children especially.

  138. I am almost a year into being a mom of 5! We have 3 handsome boys ages 6, 4.5 and 3.. And beautiful twin girls that are 10.5 months! I count being a mom a huge blessing.. And being a twin mom a rite of passage to a totally different thing. It has been the hardest, most stretching thing we have ever walked through adding our sweet girls to the family. But, there are so many moments of simple joy that I can’t think of this transition as anything other than a blessing! Love this ring! Maybe I could pass one of each on to my sweet girls when they leave the house.. It reminds me a lot of my wedding ring!

  139. This year my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. We have 5 children and it has been a rocky road to this huge milestone.

  140. My first born, Emma is graduating from highschool. My baby will be leaving the nest. I can’t bring myself to imagine our home without her in it. My mother always gave me a special piece of jewelry for big milestone. I have been thinking about what I could get her but money has been tight. This ring is perfect.

  141. We’ll be celebrating 5 years of marriage on May 30th! And we just celebrated 1 year of being home owners (with signing paperwork on Monday night to refinance our home!!).

  142. All sorts of changes but the best one is that I’m taking my two daughters (aged 8 and 10) solo to Southeast Asia this summer. Want them to see more of the world. The joy is that all the other changes in our lives prompted the trip! Silver lining?

  143. I have just finished my first of 6 cycles of chemotherapy. My passage is one of fighting for life and hope and faith and trust. It is not an easy one, but I have support from my husband and three sons, family and friends. I just bought my wig for when I lose my hair. I think it makes me look younger.

  144. My babies are no longer babies- 2 in elementary and one is preschool- and I am working on figuring out my next chapter. What am I going to do for me, beyond being a mom? I have started working towards starting my own handcraft business. I recently set up an IG account to develop my business and Lisa’s Passasge Ring spoke right to my heart. Our lives are made of all the small moments.

  145. I just moved from CA to Boston for grad school. I thought it’d be a great way to take a risk and experience something new, instead I’ve just experienced a rough and snowy winter. I’d love to wear this ring as a reminder of SLO and the way I felt before I left.

  146. My son was diagnosed with autism this winter, and so we are passing into the world of the unknown and beginning a new journey as special needs parents.

  147. My family is celebrating my autistic sons first full sentence!! He is 3.5 and this has been a really long journey, but it is so rewarding. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  148. I have gone through a lot of transitions in the last 2 years. An international move, a cross-country move, losing a baby to miscarriage and almost losing my life, my husband starting a new job with a lot of time away from home, and last but not least 7 months ago the birth of our twin baby girls (our rainbow babies, a term that my older two girls just love!) There have been many challenges and I am still in the midst of it all. Would love one of these rings as a reminder of God’s grace in the middle of all these changes and transitions. His grace is sufficient and an anchor for my soul.

  149. Oh Lisa I love these rings!!
    We just moved to the country (our dream) and I needed to go back to work after staying home with my babies for 15 years. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work for such an amazing boss (dentist) who has agreed to send me to school to be a dental assistant. It was so hard going back to work, but it helps to work for people who understand and respect me for my role as mom.

    However, as much as I want this ring for myself, my daughter sent me the link last week. She has chosen it for her “purity ring.” We love your jewelry. I never take my necklace off!

  150. I would love one to mark this time in my life that I’m learning Braille for my son. It’s a tough course and I’m a year away from certification. I not only want to help him, I want to help everyone I can with visual impairments.

  151. At 32 years of age, I’m celebrating what it means to be fully confident in the Lord and the tasks that he has called me to. I am celebrating that each and every day I can give all my longings to Him, and by understanding that I am His daughter, then I am able to love others and to tell insecurity to take a hike. This is such a great place to be!!

  152. Turning 50 and marking 25 years of marriage in 2015. Two milestones to celebrate while grieving the recent loss of two beloved family members. That’s life, isn’t it. The good and the bad together.

  153. I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary this year! As with all marriages, we’ve had our ups and downs but we are so uo right now! We plan to celebrate on an adults only trip, our first in 6 years of parenting, so that may be winning enough, even though the ring would be the icing on the cake!

  154. My children and i were hit head on by a drunk driver. Long story short it has been a long and winding road to recovery. I guess i view my right of passage is being able to wake up and have the privilege to love my family and live life one more day! I am grateful for that.

  155. 2 weeks ago I gave birth to my first baby- pain med free!
    So, becoming a mother is my new rite of passage- and at 36, it is later in life for me than many.
    It is something I have always wanted and I am so in love!
    It is the hardest thing I have ever done!
    Breast feeding is so difficult!
    Not having me time- so challenging!
    I am used to doing my best at something and being successful after hard work.
    But this is different. I am trying my absolute best and still have so much more to learn every day.
    So long story short, my rite of passage is actually being humbled, completely unselfish, and pushing myself to limits I have never experienced!
    Thanks for reading!

  156. We are anticipating the arrival of our 6th child as well as taking on church planting in a new town (that we LOVE!)

  157. It’s not really a rite of passage so much, but my husband is being medically retired from the military after 19 years. We just packed up our lives and moved halfway across the country. We are starting over, again, but this time we don’t have the luxury of the military to help us. It’s been a roller coaster for sure, but I think we’ll come out of this better than before. I’ve also been having some kind of reaction to my wedding ring. No clue why, but everyone keeps telling me I need to have it redipped. I haven’t had the time to look into it and then we moved, so this could easily take its place for a while.

  158. After having three sons, I went back to college and finished my degree at 39. I’m embarking on a new career at 40 and couldn’t be more excited!

  159. I believe every moment is a new “right of passage” for anyone. But some of them have more of an impact on your life.
    My “right of passage” would be my little sweet baby boy. We had a difficult pregnancy in and out of the hospital and losing waaay to much weight not only for being pregnant but also being in the first trimester.
    Once the second semester hit, life wasn’t as bad-and boy did my pregnant body appreciate working at In-n-out!!!
    we we’re estatic to find out we were having a boy! Couple weeks went by here or there, at about 20 weeks I wasbt feeling him kick anymore. I went to the hospital he was still beating but not as activity. Doctor sent me on my way and told me to drink orange juice not often. I didn’t feel right about it.
    A few weeks went by and again there were a few days I couldn’t feel my baby kicking. Same thing happened. Doctor heard a heartbeat and sent me on my way. Then at about 30 weeks they noticed something in the ultrasound that was off but didn’t feel it necessary to tell me. I’m later induced on my due date.
    The baby’s heartbeat was there and I could feel the contractions getting stronger. But as the contractuons got stronger my baby’s heartbeat became weaker and weaker. My nurse was fairly new and didn’t notice anything of concern. Someone after an epidural and laboring for several hours I felt the need to ask my dad for a blessing. After the blessing he had told me he had a feeling the baby wasn’t going to be born in this room. At the time I had no idea what that meant! None of us did. Soon after the head charge nurse rushed into my room. Threw and oxygen mask on me and started rolling me back and forth squishing my belly in different directions. Before we knew it they were rushing me down to the OR for an emergency c-section. I wasn’t sure was going on-I started having a panic attack. As we get into the OR a nurse explains to me that my baby’s heartbeat had faded out and they couldn’t find it. After removing my baby I was also told that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and abdomin several times. They didn’t even let me look at him once he was out. They rushed him to the table to and stuck a tube down his throat. I couldn’t move-I was paralized by the fear that my baby had died and there wasn’t anything I could do.
    After what seemed like an eternity I finally heard his hi-pitched labored scream! All my husband could do was turn to me and yell he’s okay then turn back to the baby-he was in awe and shock as well as me. His left lung was completely filled with fluid and he wasn’t able to take his first breath just yet.
    When I finally was able to see my baby he was white and blue and his skin looked saggy and just hanging there. There was no plumpy newborn skin to him. The surgeon said that because the cord was wrapped around him so tightly he didn’t get the nutrients he need to plump up like most baby’s do and because the cord was around his neck it cut off everything to where he should have died awhile ago.
    They finally handed me my baby and all was well in the world for a moment.
    The next morning my OB doctor came in and said to me that if they didn’t take him out when they did my baby would have died. That’s frightening to me. To know that a moment longer my whole world could have been shaken and rattled.
    It turns out my doctor noticed at 30 weeks that his cord was wrapped around him but didn’t tell me because she didn’t want me to “freak out like most new and young moms do”? Are you kidding me?! That’s not something you keep! Needless to say legal actions have been taken to ensure she doesn’t do anything like that to anyone ever again.
    But now I have my sweet and loving Remington who is the light of my life. Who started my “right of passage” as a new mom and a person. My life would and could never be the same without my perfect little monster!
    Remington was born 9/30/14 at 5:50pm weighing 5lbs 8oz and 21in long. He is now almost 6 months weighing 20(!)lbs and 27in long! Hes amazing and perfectly made. He is my “right of passage” as a new mom and a mom to many more baby’s. That journey will forever go on because I will forever be his mom and all my other children. Not just till the day we split at death but into forever!

  160. What a lovely ring! I am a “ring girl,” and if I don’t win, I hope that I will be able to purchase one.

    I am in the midst of a very hard time in my marriage. God is guiding me and sending me angels on earth to support me, but I don’t know where He is leading me, or the eventual outcome of this journey. Whatever happens, this ring would serve to remind me of a time when all control was taken from me – and God stepped in and rescued me.

    Thank you!

  161. My “rite of passage” right now would be getting used to being the mom of an almost 19 year old son and a 15 year old daugter. I am realizing that they don’t “need” me the same as when they were little and are preparing me for the next few years of them moving away to live their own lives and fulfill their own dreams. It’s hard being at this point but I see the amazing people that they are becoming and it is exciting as well.

    The rings that you are offering as give aways are amazing, thank you for the opportunity.

  162. Celebrating and savoring the last Spring Break before all my children are in school next year. I will miss having a baby at home but it’s amazing to see them becoming little people on their own. It’s a bittersweet change.

  163. After being single again for many years, I finally came to the conclusion that perhaps God had other plans for me than to be married again. While I wished for someone to share my life with, I had a good life. I prayed for acceptance and filled my life with other things. Then, wouldn’t you know it, I ran into an old friend from high school. We’d both been through some very difficult times in the 30+ years since we’d seen each other, and had the scars to prove it. Cautiously at first, we began dating and soon afterwards knew that this was a “God thing”. In April, we will celebrate our second anniversary. As soon as I saw this ring, I loved it. I love the wavy lines as they remind me of the ups and downs of life, while the sparkle of the diamonds reflects the joy that I’ve recently found.

  164. This year, all my children are in school for the first time. So I might as well go, too, as I’m about to apply – this week! – to grad school.

  165. My oldest turning four…now i have three kids FOUR and under…sounds much more manageable than 3, 3 and under right?! Haha

  166. I am starting a new leaf and letting go of the past and embracing that I’m single and now only looking forward to bigger and better things! My new new rite of passage is to be awesome and be happy!

  167. My children are all April babies, so the clear stone makes this a perfect mother’s ring for me. My youngest is to be married in May – I’ve already purchased her bouquet token, thanks so much! – and she will be moving out of state right after the wedding. This means all three of my children and I will be living in different states for the first time. Not sure whose ‘right of passage’ this is about…but, hard as it is sometimes, I continue to congratulate myself on being the single parent who gave my kids such confident wings to follow their dreams. My journey now will be to embrace the new path before me…wherever it takes me.

  168. I just started a new chapter of my life…Taking amazing supplements and finally feeling better!!!! Plus, I’m deciding whether to build a network marketing business. I haven’t felt this good in MANY years! Love the design of your new passage ring!! Hope I win πŸ™‚

  169. Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up in April…yippee! And, our first child will start high school in the fall! Love growing with my sweet family! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  170. My oldest is 10 1/2 and just starting to “develop”. This is a new phase for us and it’s so amazing watching her handle it so well. She makes me proud.

  171. My husband and I began our 25th year of marriage last fall. Our oldest daughter got her AA and transferred to Cal State Long Beach and our youngest daughter started at Cal State Fullerton. So many milestones for my little family!! Love them so much!

  172. I have so adored your jewelry for the last few years. I would be honored to wear this ring as a symbol of all me and my husband celebrate this year. This past year we have celebrated our 25th wedding Anniversary sent our second daughter off to College and being able to celebrate our 9 year old son and all the joy he has brought into our lives. With having two in College and having unexpected illness in our family we were unable to add to my wedding ring for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I would love to be able to add this onto my wedding set in memory of our 25 years and all the BIG changes we had this year. I have been honored to share this on Facebook and Pintrest! I strongly believe in all you stand for and follow you for inspiration and encouragement.

  173. We have moved to the state where I grew up – I have been gone for more than twenty years. Our kids are now near extended family for the first time, and we are looking for a new home.

  174. Shared on Facebook – saw this ring recently love it- it would go nice with the Peace ring I got from you this past February

  175. I have been on a passage of weight loss for the past year, it has been a path I’ve walkeda long time getting there slowly one baby step at a time. Also in a passage of letting go of my lillteboy who is now a man, watching him spread his wings and missing those little of smiles that only were forme

  176. Well after so much time waiting my husband and I are going to be parents! I am 29 weeks pregnant with our first! Feeling in awe and overwhelmed by this great privilege and grace of God. So excited!!

    Would love a ring that fits onto these swollen fingers! Haha!

  177. At 29 years old, I have been diagnosed with melanoma. I had some surgery on my leg to remove the tumor and am praying and hopeful for clean margins all around!

    Praying for a healthy start to a new decade soon!

    Thanks for all you do, Lisa!

    Love, Ali xo

  178. I just turned 60! I’m letting my gray hair show, and restyling clothes for ME! Loose, flowy comfortable , statement jewelry ( several of yours πŸ™‚ )
    I love being 60! Hope I win – thanks for the opportunity:)

  179. My oldest child graduates from high school in 59 days. He has dyslexia and visual learning disabilities and it has not been easy for him or us. However, he is headed off to college in the fall at a small school that will meet him where he is and hopefully help him continue to grow and learn. I never dreamed he would be where he is today and I constantly am experiencing such excitement and trepidation! Thank you for the chance to win!

  180. As my oldest daughter just turned 11, and I just registered my baby girl for Kinder I am realizing that my babies are growing up. Sounds so silly to say because of course they are growing up, but they are starting to unfold their wings and I just pray they remain the same bright beautiful lights as the each start a new phase in life.

  181. We are just finishing up our first year in our new city/country/culture here in Vienna. It’s been a year of adjustments, culture shock, heartbreak and rejoicing. Now we are stepping into our second year here, with bright visions of what lies ahead.

  182. We just had our last baby! Four wonderful kids in five years. It’s been such an intense, stretching period of time. I’m looking forward to raising these great kids, all the while mourning the loss of their littlest years.
    I love these rings! Thank you for the thoughtful giveaway. πŸ™‚

  183. Choosing to start over! Abandoning my eating disorder that kept me in bondage for too many years…I have managed to adopt a healthy way of eating, leave a job of teaching that I was not happy in, and be OK with being “still” at the moment with not knowing what I want to do, and just work on myself. I also just got married this past summer. I am looking forward to the days ahead!

  184. We added a new baby to our family 3 months ago and my current rite of passage is finally getting on an actual functional schedule with our 2 year old and 3 month old. Loving every minute!

  185. My youngest child is graduating from high school in May and leaving for college in the fall. My husband and I will sort of be empty nesters. Our college grad oldest is back living in our basement. haha

  186. My wife and I are in the process of adopting two more children. These two are full biological siblings to my youngest child, one of which has special needs. So our “rite of passage” is to add to our family making the total number in our family 8!

  187. I’m putting myself and my happiness first. I left a job that I was unhappy in for a job that I enjoy for much less pay with less status. I’m giving myself the time to focus on the things I enjoy like spending time with my husband, snuggling my dogs, yoga, and reading while I go back to school.

  188. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in April AND we just signed a contract on our very first home! A new baby and a new house in the same month? We might be a tad crazy.

  189. We will be celebrating our 40 th wedding anniversary on August 29 th. I feel in these days that is quite a milestone. We are also welcoming 2 new grandchildren this year. That will give us # 7 and # 8, and we love them all dearly.

  190. I have been married 30 years!! Yay! I will also be getting my first grandchild on July 4! So excited! I love, love, love your rings! I want to win so much!!
    Thanks, Lisa, you are my idol.

  191. My husband and I both just retired after teaching school for 35 years each! What a wonderful career, and what a wonderful feeling to feel that we did something so important for that long. Now… on to volunteer work and traveling near and far. A HUGE milestone, and I would love to wear this beautiful ring every day to celebrate it. πŸ™‚

  192. Next month marks one year since a terrible house fire we had the day we moved into our dream home. We were displaced for more than six months while almost the entire house had to be repaired. It was devastating but we are celebrating God’s faithfulness and his protection over us.

  193. Several things, I have lost 24 pounds, and am completely changing my thinking on food…feels great to be healthier. Also my hubby and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage this year! Whoo hoo!

  194. So so much new territory this year! We welcomed our seventh baby, Shiloh Reign, January 2nd, we have started a little family business screen printing t shirts that share the message of the redeeming love of Jesus, my husband just became certified as an EMT and will be changing careers, he has been in construction for all of his adult life! And we will celebrate 14 years of marriage in June. It all seems so big, almost too much, but The Lord has it all ❀️
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  195. I’m experiencing a huge time of growth in my relationship with Jesus. It’s been a few hard years of disconnect and I’m loving reconnecting with Him.

  196. Our “rite of passage” at the moment is preparing to send our daughter to kindergarten. We are going to Kindergarten Round Up tonight and I’m not so sure how I feel about it! Wasn’t she just born? The phrase- The days are long but the years are short is ringing in my ears today! This ring could remind me of our beautiful daughter and her shining sprit as she embarks on her journey.

  197. Our 40th wedding anniversary, my youngest graduating from college in May and getting married in June, and my daughter who is in the Army is coming back from Africa next week. Busy, but such a good place in my life.

  198. My birthday is coming up in April – I’ll be 41 and then later in April we’ll be celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary!!! We’ve got two great kids – one in her first year of college and then my son is graduating high school this June! So many things to be thankful for!!

  199. I’m celebrating a return to good health- after a year of poor health. I’m grateful just to have the energy to go to the grocery store, play with my kids, and not be exhausted and in pain by 8pm. I’ve learned a lot about compassion and empathy for others who struggle with their health. I’m blessed that God heard my prayers for healing. Along the way I’ve confronted my fears, surrendered to God, and learned to ask for help. In that same year God has also answered my prayers for being in community. I’ve seen my community come together to bless and support my family during my recovery.

    If I won this beautiful ring I’d give it to my sister. She’s battling cancer. I’m praying for her healing.

  200. we are going to make a big decision asap whether to stay for another year & renew the husband’s work contract or go back to philippines for good. thanks for the chance. your stuff are all lovely.

  201. After taking five years off to start a family and raise two beautiful kiddos, I went back to school last fall and am finally completing my bachelor’s degree and starting to interview for “big girl” jobs. I am so excited about this change, but very nervous as well.

  202. Trying to figure out if/we want one more baby. Am I too old? Am I a good enough parent? How will a baby fit in with our family? That’s my journey right now. In the meantime, I have two wonderful daughters and a great husband. We will be celebrating 8 years of marriage this year, and this ring reminds me of my wedding band. πŸ™‚

  203. I am in the midst of parenting solo during a deployment. We are entering month five. It’s hard, but God has been faithful and has been with us the entire time. My husband will be leaving active duty once he’s back home, so we will be celebrating a new chapter as a civilian family for the first time in over 6 years. We are so excited! <3

  204. I’m celebrating my rite of passage through healing of disordered eating. Slowly, God is peeling back layers of me, like an onion, showing me where he is enough for me and how I am loved and chosen as His regardless of my weight. It is a long process, and I mess it up daily, but I am determined to hold on to Jesus and cast out the enemies lies that tell me I’m not good enough, thin enough, determined enough, self-controlled enough, pretty enough….because Jesus is enough even when I’m not. And day by day I begin to believe that more.

  205. I’m celebrating the birth of our first child who arrived on March 9! Being a Mama is more than I could have imagined and watching my husband become a Daddy–an amazing one–is such a gift. Thanking The Lord for His unbounded grace! Thank you for the chance to win this lovely ring!

  206. I’m coming up on my 10 year anniversary. We never married, but we’ve been together for 10 years this June. It’s been a crazy, tough ride. We’ve made it despite the bumps along the way. We met the summer before my senior year in high school. We had a daughter together the year after I graduated high school. Having a child at a young age was challenging for us. He works as a traveling electrician, so that made things harder as well. We traveled with him while our daughter was young. Once she got to the age to go to preschool, we had to stay apart. It’s rough not always being together, but it makes the time we do get that much more special. I can’t believe its almost been 10 years!

  207. New baby has arrived here! Three weeks in and we are finding our new normal. Big brother is all of 18 months old and the best big brother for his new little brother. I am amazed at the time spent nursing, and how did I forget? Also amazed at the sweet difference in an easier recovery this second time around. Praises to Jesus!

  208. Celebrating a favorable court hearing yesterday for adopting a little 5 year old girl out of the foster system. Even though she has lived with us for months & feels every bit as much ours as our 3 birth children, we were told to plan on it being official in late spring! Adoption day is around the bend. This is the rite of passage I’m celebrating.

  209. I just started a blog about my photography & our family adventures. This is a huge growing step as I don’t feel that words are my gift. However, photography is! I would love to win this beautiful ring~

  210. I left a busy career in non-profits to stay home with my daughter when she was born in October 2013. Now, after an amazing year and a half, I’m starting a new job!

  211. This year marks my husband and mine 40th wedding anniversary. When we married we were kids and could not even afford a ring.God has truly blessed us these 40 years. It has not been easy but God is good.

  212. My daughter had a difficult year in school this year. I would love a ring to remember that God is good… all the time and He is what will pull you through the tough times.

  213. 2 things – 2 beautiful things! I’m celebrating my baby’s 6 month birthday. It feels like I have really done something good in spending the past 6 months with him, nurturing his little light and life, through both the wonderful and the hard. In July I am also celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary. Choosing love all these years has not been easy so we are really gonna party over the fact that we are stronger than ever.

  214. I spent 25 years as a morbidly obese person. I’ve spent the past couple of years taking charge by eating right, exercising and changing my lifestyle.A couple of weeks ago, for the first time in all of these years, I bought a brand new jacket in the “regular” sized clothing (not big plus size)! Now, most of my rings no longer fit me – they’re too big. I would love to win this ring to constantly be my companion reminder of doing the right things!

  215. Our little grass fed beef business is about to have a push by being included in our local farmers market starting next month!! I am excited and nervous for the next step in sustaining our family farm.

  216. This is hard to share. I recently lost my beautiful, dear, sweet mother. I am lost without her. This would be a lovely reminder that she is with the Lord.

  217. I am celebrating life. I will be 40 in June. I have lived with depression for many years and trying to live by the standards this world sets as a means to success has been, to say the least, torture but self-inflicted. I couldn’t get past the feelings of inadequacies and never being good enough but oh my has God opened my eyes and I am joyful! I am a Special Education teacher and social worker and because of my mental Illness it has put me on a path of empathy and compassion for the children I work with. I love them and don’t judge. I embrace my stretch marks and out of shape body that has given me 5 children. I love my husband with a love that isn’t fairy tale but real and we struggle but it’s beautiful because we do it together. I’m blessed beyond recognition. I want to empower, encourage and serve others which means less of myself and I am happy about that. So blessed by grace and celebrating a life that is meant to love and serve and pay forward all the grace given to me!!!

  218. I lost my wedding ring and my engagement ring last summer. I wore those rings every day for over 33 years. At first, I kept thinking I would find them but I have searched everywhere to no avail. My left hand feels naked and looking at my bare finger makes me sad. I would love the gold version as a placeholder until my set is either found or replaced — maybe for our 35th.

  219. I’m in my 50s so it was especially surprising and painful last summer to begin having anxiety issues after remembering some previously buried childhood memories. I was completely thrown off course and felt horrid for several months. When I began to regain my footing, I prayed for positive ways to cope. After reading of Lisa’s experiences in the Dominican Republic with Compassion, I took a leap and decided to sponsor a Compassion child. Wow, what a passage…God’s funny that way.

  220. I am starting to train for a 10K. I am excited to see what I can do and hopefully will lose some baby weight along the way!

  221. Our adoption! For four years we’ve been stuck. One failed adoption, two countries shut down and lots of grieving. But we know that this is what God wants for us right now and through it all He has been faithful. And now, we’re in a new process with a new agency and God has been sending us amazing encouragement. And now we’re getting ready for a home study!! God is good!!

  222. Seven years and four babies, we are bitter sweetly in a transition period of moving from babies to toddlers to my eldest in first grade. We are saying goodbye to pregnancies and sweet births and newborn cries and up all nights, although our youngest is still five months, so I am still up all night;). We are entering into a season of homeschooling and kids who can buckle themselves in the car, and birthday parties and sleep overs. Another big “rite of passage”, we purchased an acerage and this year we are working and saving to build our little homestead out of town. It all feels so bittersweet and yet so very exciting to see God’s hand move our lives and live out the story He has written for us:)

  223. I just sent my 14 yo son off on a trip to Washington DC . . . without me. His first trip without his parents. And he’s not the best communicator – he’s just doing his own thing and doesn’t think about Mom and Dad being nervous at home, wondering how everything is going. Lots of prayer happening here.

  224. As I sit here and type these words in the midst of accounting homework, my mind wanders to four months from today. Four months from today I’ll wake with a wild anticipation and in a deep sea of nerves. I’ll collect myself as hair and makeup begins and the shutter clicks as we capture this day. Four months from now I’ll wear the white and he’ll be waiting for me at the alter. Our day. Our wedding day. A day we chose the day after engagement. We will have been together for just 15 months at that time but we know now that we are more than ready to embrace each other and this new life. It’s a rite of passage we are vowing to enter just once and for eternity. So as I sit here I can’t help but drift to thoughts of decorations and hugging necks of those who are helping to make this day so beautiful.

  225. July 1st marks 5 years of living in SE Asia. My husband and I moved here from Pennsylvania with our baby boy. He’s nearly 6 and his 2 little sisters are on the top of the list of blessings we’ve received during this crazy adventure!

  226. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for six years this May. I had a dream job when I decided to step down from my position and stay home to raise my first. The years haven’t been perfect nor glowing and although I wouldn’t trade it for anything, there was a long grieving period involved with leaving my job and the city I loved. Since then, I’ve been hard on myself for not knowing the next steps – what career will I have, what does the future hold for me, why isn’t God showing me His plan!! And then it dawned on me, I’m not to know yet because if I did, I’d rush through this sweet and fleeting time in my life and the lives of my children. The milestone I’m celebrating is that of finding contentment in the moment. A big, big accomplishment in my book!

  227. my rite of passage is learning how to mother while being motherless. My mom passed away in her sleep 12/7 quite unexpectedly. I was already suffering with PPD/PPA, but now I’m in therapy and trying to make it through to the other side. Without my guide, my voice of reason and unconditional love. My dad has been diagnosed in the last 2 weeks with terminal cancer so all of my passages are happening at a very rapid pace. This ring would be a daily tangible reminder that I’m doing my best and let’s be honest winning always feels special.

  228. Hi Lisa-
    So my new passage is recovering. I was a surrogate and it has been a long road to recovery. It was the most amazing experience, one that I’ll never regret, but the road after has been one tough uphill battle. Thank you for doing this!!

  229. Finally standing on my own. I guess you could label me a “late bloomer”. Moving forward into a career I was always fearful to attempt. Discovering my creativity and ALL of my blessings. I’m looking forward to all the wonders The Lord has planned for me and I’m no longer scared but, excited and willing! As they say “fear is debilitating” but, once you move past that which holds you back, the world around you becomes sweeter and love and understanding hold all the power!

  230. After 32 years of smoking cigarettes I FINALLY QUIT! I can’t believe that I did it but my two beautiful Grand babies gave me all the motivation I needed! I’ve never been more proud of myself!

  231. My husband & I married 18 years ago. I was already a single mother to a 4 year old daughter and we added 2 sons to our family in the next few years. We became grandparents 6 months ago to the sweetest little girl so that has been one of our recent passages. Last week our sons went away for spring break & my husband and I concentrated on our marriage… we are moving into a new phase where, for the first time in our life together, we are focusing on our life and love as a couple… we have become rejuvenated in our desire to be there for each other, not just roommates who co-parent and pass at the beginning & end of the days

  232. This year has been a tough one for us so far. I had been battling severe respiratory illness, only to find out the condo I was living in was covered in mold. Living in Florida, I had to evacuate very suddenly and have been living with my fiancΓ©’s parents for more than a month now. We have been trying to find apartments with not much success but, by the grace of God, we will get through this season. I am about to graduate college soon after we get married in June. So, our first place together, college graduations, getting married and turning 21. 2015 is a big, beastly, rite-of-passage kind of year!

  233. We are celebrating incredible growth both in our little family (my son just turned one, my hubby and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary, and we’re getting ready to try for kiddo #2) and in my inner city school kiddos who are growing in the 98th percentile in their reading!! This year has been full of adjustment, challenge, restored dreams, and laughter.

  234. I’m currently six weeks out from meeting my baby boy, a rite of passage for any woman. He’ll be my first and I’d love to wear this gorgeous ring on my finger everyday as a reminder of such a special and life changing event!

  235. It’s been a little over a year now since I found out and I am still suffering the agony of a massive heartbreak. Recently I was approached to travel and it happens to fall on my birthday coming april. I decided to finally take the plunge – I said YES to making my dream come true; two weeks in India! This doesn’t just celebrate me, but reminds me that I don’t need someone to make me feel my worth or to feel alive. I have been waiting for the opportunity to go to India for so long and this adventure has come at a time most needed and it will be one I won’t forget! PS: prayers of protection much coveted πŸ™‚

  236. I’m going to try living by myself soon for the first time ever in my 32 years! One roommate is getting married, and one is moving away to go back to school. Excited and a little nervous!

  237. I just turned 30 and bought minivan and when I look in the mirror, I realize I look just like my mom. Strange (but good) feeling!

  238. As of tomorrow, it’ll be the first time all four sisters are going to be living in different cities! It’s exciting and terrifying for the same time. I want to get a small ring for each one of us and these look perfect!

  239. I recently became a first time mommy! Little sleep and little time for ones self, it is a humbling experience but filled with Joy an gratification! I applaud all the mamas out there, it certainly is a crazy right of passage that one can’t know till they have one of their very own.

  240. I lost my job 1-1/2 months ago and I’m trying to adjust to my new reality. I’m now a housewife, still looking for a job but certainly not close to finding one yet. I’ve joined Weight Watchers to try and remember what it’s like to put myself first and make me a priority. This is the beginning of my husband’s retirement as well so there’s a lot going on here… Would love to win a ring and use it as a touchstone, an anchor to remember to love all the changes happening around me…

  241. I left my job in December to become a SAHM to my first baby whom we welcomed in June! It’s been the BEST decision and most amazing journey. My husband and I are also celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in a few months!! πŸ™‚ Feeling very blessed by these new rites of passage in my life!!

  242. My mom just passed away at the age of 58. So, at 37 I’m having to find myself. I don’t know who I am without her, but I will discover it for her and for my babies.

  243. I have the handstamped rings with my husband & daughters name on them and was anxiously awaiting to hear what baby number two was so I could add to my collection. Unfortunately, we miscarried and won’t be adding that baby number two- it’s an unfortunate “rite of passage” but learning that 1 in 4 (!!!!) pregnancies end in miscarriage so it is a real reality to a lot of women! This ring would pair lovely withy other two to remind my heart of this time. Truly understanding your lovely statement of “beauty in brokenness..”

  244. My sweet husband and I celebrate A DECADE (!!!!!!!!!!) of marriage on May 14 this year! It feels so long and so short all at once, but ten years is definitely a rite of passage worth celebrating! πŸ™‚

  245. At the moment my right of passage is decorating a home we just moved into on a small budget. After a large move from another state and leaving lots of friends I am discovering all new relationships and navigating parenthood as we all get used to a new change. Thank you for the chance to win! I love your Jewellery! Thanks for inspiring us!

  246. Currently in the midst of a passage from this world to the next as our beloved Sr. Pastor was put on hospice care. My husband is the youth minister at our church and in this season of transition we cling to the promise that during all our passages God “will never leave us nor foresake us”. ☺️

  247. I’m patiently awaiting my passage to become my love’s wife. April 18th is our wedding day! 1 more month exactly! This has been a 6 year wonderful journey in the making. After we are married it will be the end of our long distance relationship, which has been the majority of those 6 years. I am embarking on a new job with this move as well. I have also recently submitted my paperwork to the state boards of licensed professional counselors. If my hours are approved I will be a fully licensed mental health counselor. This has been 4 years in the making! I can not wait to see what doors for my career open up, once I’m fully licensed.

  248. What a beautiful ring! Just two days away from my due date with baby #1 and still awed by what’s about to happen. We cannot wait to meet our little one, just in time for our anniversary.

  249. This is my launch year! I have been sitting on my inner passion to teach leadership and equip parents to raise great leaders for too many years! Despite working a full-time job and being a mommy to 2 girls under the age of 3, I FINALLY gained enough confidence to launch! It is a slowly progressing blog with a mission to raise kids with the heart and skills to influence our world for good, and to equip others to do the same. My only hope is that even one person will become a more effective parent as a result of my work. The seed of leadership was planted in my heart about 15 years ago and I am just now doing something about it. What a big and exciting year for me!

  250. With a lot of sleepless nights, visits with a therapist (& yes, some tears) I’ve decided to retire from my job… Two months will fly by! And, my youngest daughter is getting married in June. More visits with the therapist… I didn’t expect so many emotions to surface with this June. And, I recently got my Medicare card…
    Would love to win a ring! Besides, I live on the Central Coast, so I’d be a local winner!

  251. My “rite of passage” – adapting to being alone for the first time in over 50 years. I’m a single mom of a wonderful young man that is getting married in May. After my divorce, my son and I had moved back into my childhood home with my parents. They both have sinced passed away and with my son moved out and all on his own now, I rumble around in a house that was always full of family. Sometimes it’s super nice to enjoy the quiet, but it can also be extremely lonely. I’m ok and will embrace my new lifestyle! Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful rings!

  252. We are on the count down to travel to our son waiting for us in China, once he is home, we will be a family of 8.

  253. My husband and I are approaching our first anniversary, but the big rite of passage is that we just started trying to conceive our first baby!

  254. After being a stay at home wife & mom for 14 years… I am on the verge of finalizing my divorce, just finished my first quarter at our community college with straights A’s, and my boys & I are adjusting. This is a new beginning in the most glorious & heartbreaking way!

  255. This year/month/week has been SOO big for me. I started 2015 having recently completed my child life internship. After much contemplation over the holidays about what was next in my career (and not having a job yet), I decided to move back to the big city where I graduated college. I spent the last 2 1/2 months studying like crazy for my board certification exam, applying to every child life job I found, and working some odd jobs to earn money.

    Last week, I found out that I landed a Child Life job right here in the city only hours after interviewing. I start next week! TOMORROW, I sit for my child life certification exam. Five hours, one huge exam, all ending with a CCLS after my name!

    It’s only March and it’s already been a huge/life changing year. I am ready to start a new chapter, starting my career.

  256. Seeing this pop up in my Instagram feed this morning was such a good reminder of how blessed my life is right now. A year ago my now husband and I met online while we were both living in Utah. We knew very quickly we wanted to get married. I was working as the Corporate Executive Pastry Chef of a large restaurant chain. He got a job in TX and so we moved to TX and I would commute back to UT and my other stores. We decided at Christmas it was time to leave the Job I loved so much so I could spend more time in our home. It wasn’t an easy decision but I am so in love with this new life. It was hard saying goodbye, but it has really surprised me how much thrill I get from running an organized home, and having time for friends and family.

    Plus this ring looks really similar to my wedding band, I chose skinny bands so that I could stack more with each milestone of our life together.
    I would love to win this!

  257. My current passage is ….accepting that right now the Lord just wants me to focus on being the best Mom to my 4 children that I can be. I get so discouraged at times trying to be a wife, pastor’s wife, Mom, friend, & nurse. Lately, the Lord has impressed upon me to focus more on my responsibilities at home. Trying hard to be obedient. Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous & very meaningful ring.

  258. We will celebrate 10 years of marriage in July…seems like just yesterday but i can’t imagine life any other way.

  259. this year has been a year filled with joy, 1st grand baby on the way.
    –growing pains with business
    –pain, death of friends
    –growth, discovering where God wants me, pealing off the layers of who I am in Him

  260. Hello. I adore this ring. Rite of passage. I became a mother in November. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl,Nora Grace. I conquered my biggest fear. I never thought I could get pregnate, heck I never wanted to be- it terrified me- do when I learned it wasn’t really possible I was ok with it. Until a year ago I had this sudden longing for a child, and it scared me to death. God is so good- by his grace, I have an amazing little girl. I survived pregnancy, I survived labor and delivery, and I am bravely navigating motherhood each new day. I am becoming a new self, a better self, a whole self. I am becoming something I never thought I could be- a mother.

  261. Lots of passages this year for me: Turning 40, celebrating 12 years of marriage, and starting graduate school after many years of devoting all my time to my kids’ care. That last one feels especially big, and I’m proud of myself for having the courage to do it.

  262. My husband just did a career shift which includes regular travel. All of my 5 kids will be in school this fall so I’m searching for what I will do with myself after being a SAHM for 15 years.

  263. We just had our second baby, and have worked through some tough times in our marriage coming out on top and happier than ever. Such a transformative time in my life!

  264. The past two and a half months my daughter turned two, my son was born, my husband and I reached three years of marriage, and just this week I reached out for help with post partum depression. My rite of passage is to let go of the darkness I’ve been living in and to reclaim my life and happiness.

  265. The passage I am currently working on is to slow down a bit and to focus more on the precious things happening with my family-
    I’ve been homeschooling my two daughters for seven years now. my oldest will be attending public high school next year, and attending a ballet intensive this summer, so in many ways our lifestyle is shifting as they grow……..

  266. Working through turning 40 and feeling my children’s independence. This is the most difficult right of passage I’ve experienced besides the loss of my father 10yrs ago. They need me less and less.

  267. Ok, where should I start! I started a new job on March 9, I had a new niece born on March 11, I started back in the gym with a goal of 70 lb weight loss in 1 year on March 12, and our 10th anniversary is this summer! Hope all is well in your world!

  268. My husband and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary tomorrow. In the scheme of things, it’s not a big number, or a long time, but, when you look at how far our relationship has come in those four years, and that we were literally on the brink of divorce during that first year, it is significant to me. Definitely a reason to celebrate! πŸ™‚

  269. The rite of passage I’m going through right now is becoming a mama and really starting to feel comfortable and owning my new role as a mama and nurturer and woman as my daughter is about to turn 5 months. The love just gets deeper. There’s nothing like the indescribable love for your baby.

  270. This year is a good one! 5 years with my husband, but only our 2nd wedding anniversary. Turning 28 in a couple of weeks, maybe going back to school this year, possibly buying a house. Biggest milestone for me though, keeping off the 110 pounds I lost from weight loss surgery in 2012! πŸ™‚

  271. I am starting a new job so that my husband can go back to school! We are very excited to move forward in our life plans and although it is a sacrifice for me to go back to work, we are very much looking forward to making out dreams work out! That, and I’m embarking on a new journey to become fit and healthy again, yay!

  272. Right now I’m in a season of change. My husband lost his job, found another that’s beyond difficult emotionally and physically, and as a result is contemplating quitting this job and going back to school full time. Scary but exciting for the possibilities and blessings this could bring. I’m trusting that God is working through this and will keep us strong and connected through it all.

  273. Lots of milestones this year:
    We just celebrated the 4 yr anniversary of our son’s adoption-the same day as he turned 11.
    Another son turns 20 next week.
    A daughter graduates and turns 18 soon.
    We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and both turning 45 this summer!

  274. This is a big year of celebrating passages for me – both of my parents have now passed on and I’m imagining life without them here, my son became a teenager, I’m getting a divorce. Each morning I realize more keenly that these are all things to be celebrating — I have a full life as a woman and mother and am so blessed!

  275. Celebrating 19 years of marriage on 5/25
    Moved to a new state (but very close to the beach) for a new ministry position
    Considering buying a business
    Life is full and wonderful

  276. This is a BIG YEAR!!
    1/27= 3 year adoption-aversary
    8/15= 17 years of marriage
    10/14= I turn 40!!
    12/3= 11 EXTRA years blessed with my husband as it is his transplant-aversary

  277. We just married off the last of our oldest five children (5 weddings in 4 years!) and so, in addition to being able to focus much more on our 9 and 11 year old, we are now welcoming grandchildren to our family (4 so far). Still see myself as the mom of young children but now transitioning into being a mother-in-law and grandma too. So blessed!

  278. I love the simplicity of this piece.

    I don’t know if I’m celebrating, but I’m absolutely in the midst of a new start. After a fifteen year marriage, I’m slowly finding peace and strength in the starting over.

    What a generous heart you have!

  279. I am a single mother of a 3 and 4 year old for 2 1/2 years. I hit rock bottom a year and a 1/2 ago, have been working tenaciously on myself, my demons, and my life, to become the best mother possible for my children. My rite of passage is feeling like I am truly moving out of survival mode into true happiness and hope for the future.

  280. I am getting ready to return to work after five months of healing for knee surgery. (: The baby steps i made are finally adding up to STRIDES.

  281. My family often jokes that I can’t just take on one challenge at a time but rather tend to approach them in clusters. My husband and I moved to a new state where we have no friends or family, welcomed our first child and I graduated with my masters. I am in a position where I am starting from scratch across the board. I am learning my new job as a mom while trying to make new social connections. Its scary and exciting all at the same time.

  282. I am just about ready to give birth to my firstborn, a son. I have wanted to have children for the longest time. At one point, I thought My dream of getting married and having a family would never come true. I chose to become a foster mom and fostered two little babies over the course of a year. Right as I began fostering, I met and started dating an amazing man who became my husband, and we are getting ready to welcome our baby home. It could be any day now! I’m excited for this passage into a new phase of life.

  283. I finally fulfilled a life long dream of taking a pottery class. The big thing about it is that I RARELY venture out and do things on my own and often miss out! It was so wonderful I even signed up for the next session!

  284. This month marks my daughters 10th Gotcha Day and next month she celebrates her Golden Birthday, #11. She’s so excited and I would so love to give her the gold band in honor of such a momentous year.

  285. My oldest turns 16 this Friday. It’s hard to see them grow up (and turn over the keys once he has his license), but seeing the wonderful man he is becoming warms my heart.

  286. My youngest “baby” is getting married.
    Sending her off to college was tough … 4 years later, college graduate, career then marriage. How time flies.

    Another passage, I am turning into my mom with that statement! πŸ™‚

  287. We just bought a house last Friday and are moving in Friday! We’ve been renting for a long time while paying off debt, so this is so exciting for us to finally settle and for our kids to have more space to play!

  288. I’m celebrating 15 years of marriage (in July), a new baby (our 3rd), and surviving the first year with a toddler and an infant–life is crazy and great!

  289. I’m just completing my 7th month of working out 5 days a week and working with a trainer to get back in shape and reclaim my life. I want to be the best me I can possibly be for many more years to come!

  290. My husband of 38 years passed away very unexpectedly last October. My rite of passage (not necessarily a celebration) is seeing what my life without my beloved is going to look like. I am concentrating on doing things that have been shelved for years for various reasons.. Excited to see where God is taking me.

  291. Hi Lisa

    Thank you for a chance to win. This year is a big year for me. I am graduating from university and I am starting my teacher training course. It’s very exciting!

  292. I have put in my notice to leave my current job with nothing (yet) on the horizon. I am trying to not be paralyzed by fear but instead to look at it as an opportunity to switch gears and heal myself after the most difficult environment I’ve ever been in. I hope this is a passage to something beautiful.

  293. I am trying to start a new career path after 25 yrs as a nurse. It is terrifying. Thanks for making this available.

  294. I’m trying to find passage to a new career as well as the strength and courage to leave my current teaching job.

  295. I don’t think I really have a “rite of passage” right now, but I would like to win this ring. πŸ™‚

  296. I just had my third (and final!) baby! We have two boys and it was a thrilling surprise to have a girl this time. Thanks for the giveaway!

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