True Color: All About Turquoise

Do you have a favorite color? I know for some of us it’s hard to pick just one, but not me— I am so in love with the bright beauty of turquoise! Since I was little, I was always drawn to pretty blues and greens, the brighter the better. So when I saw the blue-green combination of turquoise, I knew this would be my forever favorite! To me, turquoise represents both the ocean and the sky. It looks amazing with earth tones or warm colors {which make up most of my wardrobe}. It can be the perfect pop of color in jewelry or home decorations, bringing with it some calming brightness to any outfit or room.

There’s so much variety in turquoise— because it’s a natural stone, each one is completely unique in color and markings. You can have a more blue turquoise stone or one that looks more green. Some turquoise has a lot of dark veins while others are smooth and clear. It’s a wonderful stone to wear because each turquoise stone is one of a kind {just like you!}

Do you love turquoise as much as I do?? I get it, you may not be as drawn to brighter colors as I am… but once you hear about all the wonderful symbolism of turquoise, you may just be tempted to add some of this beautiful blue to your life.

The Meaning of Turquoise

Turquoise represents peace and protection. Its vibrant color is a reminder that there is so much beauty around us. The clear blue color represents the clarity and wisdom we gain over time. When I wear turquoise, I am reminded that there is grace in this moment—we can live with light hearts. It’s a calming breath of air and a beautiful reminder to be present in the moment.

A lot of people hold different importance for this beautiful stone, but whatever your turquoise meaning is, there’s no doubt that turquoise blue is one of the most eye-catching colors there is!! Whether you’re in a turquoise colored dress or have more subtle touches of turquoise jewelry, when you wear the color, you’re sure to get compliments.

When I designed my new collection of turquoise jewelry, I wanted to capture all this stone means to me. My designs made with turquoise were created to bring peace and brightness into your life. A turquoise crystal bezeled in bright sterling silver is a beautiful piece when you’re looking to add some color into your life!

Turquoise Jewelry for Everyday

Even with its unique look and color, turquoise can be a wonderful everyday stone. I have a vintage turquoise ring I never leave the house without! It adds so much character to every outfit I wear, and has become one of my staple pieces. Seriously, all my friends and family would be surprised to see me without this favorite on my finger.

When I was designing my own turquoise rings, my goal was to create that same love for turquoise in you. My turquoise jewelry was made to bring some light and color to your every day. Crafted with a more simple, classic design, the natural turquoise stone is meant to be the star of the show {trust me, everyone around you won’t stop admiring these little beauties!}.

My Lighthearted Turquoise Stud Earrings may be small, but they make a big impact! The beautiful blue stones stand out encased in a sterling silver bezel. They’re the perfect size for an everyday pair of earrings, yet pop a punch with their bright turquoise color. Wear them with your favorite sundress for a summer-y look, or bring some color to winter with your favorite sweater. You can truly wear these turquoise earrings with anything!

You HAVE to check out my Lighthearted Turquoise Ring!! A pretty turquoise gem sits front and center on a sterling silver dainty band. The thin, dainty band makes it perfect for stacking with all your rings. Imagine this little turquoise stone with your other favorites! Or, you can stack multiple together for even more turquoise beauty. Wear this ring to the beach for a boho look, or out to coffee with friends. Just gorgeous, this ring is ready for anything and everything!

Want even more turquoise? My Lighthearted Turquoise Bracelet has you covered. With 3 dainty turquoise stones, you’re sure to draw some attention with all that turquoise blue! This dainty bracelet goes so well with your favorite dress or skirt, or can make a pretty addition to any outfit. The sterling silver links sparkle in the light, making this a very bright and happy design. Instant mood lifter!

Styling your Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is such a unique color, which can sometimes make it scary to fit into your wardrobe. I believe that as long as you feel happy in your outfit, then you’ll look beautiful and stylish no matter what, so there is no need to feel intimidated by the brightness of turquoise. But, if you are still looking for some help choosing what to wear with your turquoise jewelry, here are my top tips.

When it comes to picking the colors of your outfit, turquoise will always stand out among muted and neutral tones. So if you’re wanting to make your turquoise jewelry the star of your outfit, pick colors like white, cream, black, and tan. The bright blue stone also looks amazing with earthy colors like sage green or rusty brown, where the contrast creates a very fun and sweet look. If you’re feeling bold, you could also wear your turquoise jewelry with other bright colors like yellow or pink. How fun!

I personally love wearing turquoise with more loose and airy looks, like long skirts and dresses or linen shirts. There’s just something about the stone that makes it the perfect finishing touch to a summer outfit. But, a winter or fall look can also benefit from a bit of turquoise. Brighten up those gloomy and cold days with the color of the ocean!

With turquoise, a little goes a looong way. So there’s no need to layer up on your turquoise jewelry, just one or two rings, a simple bracelet, or a pair of earrings on their own give the perfect pop of color. Or you can go big and wear it all! Really, there’s no wrong way to style turquoise 😉

Find Your Turquoise Favorites

If you’re ready to add some color to your every day, come check out my shop! Not only do I have some gorgeous turquoise jewelry, I also have lots of beautiful birthstone designs you can customize with the stone colors of your choice. Take a look, and get ready to make life full of color!



  1. I love your jewelry and all your creations, but today I took the time to read your story. No wonder your creations are so full of life and love…..You are full of life and love. Keep creating!

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