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February 21st | family


we went to lake lopez with our church college group this weekend.

since there is no internet at the camp, we had to unplug.

although i did bring along a portable dvd player so i could watch movies after the boys were in bed.

this friend recommended bright star.

the cinematography was seriously beautiful. sweet story, very slow paced.

i liked it.

and i also watched paper heart.

funny, thoughtful.  i want to see it again with steve.

highlights from the weekend include

*matthias playing football and frisbee with the college students

*lots of snuggles with david

*way too much candy

(tootsie rolls, sour gummy worms and popcorn)

*getting my butt kicked in chutes and ladders

*time to clear my mind and a good nap

* * *

what are your weekend highlights??

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  1. Miaja says:

    My girls had the week off from school and I took them to a matinee chick-flick on Friday. On Saturday I took them to get manicures and pedicures. My oldest who is recovering from brain surgery, is returning to school tomorrow after being off for over a month. I wanted her to feel pretty (since her whole head was shaved) and I think the nails did the trick! I love spending girly time with my girls!

  2. Philippa says:

    The highlight of my weekend was working on my new blog/website. I have been meaning to get this up and running for a LONG time, showcasing my artistic creations, my passion for gardening and all beautiful things, plus my heirloom perennial nursery. Am proud that I have finally DONE IT! Just have to hope someone looks at it now! Giggle…

  3. Well you sound like you had a fab weekend … my wee lads – 5 and 7 – made brooches with me – we are working in felt and glitter of course … their choice of colourways was inspirational … you have to love a young creative mind at work – cheers le

  4. Coming home to two kinds of ribs, beans, and mashed potatoes after a 12 hour shift, getting a bath, snuggling with my 11 year old, falling fast asleep…doing it all over again today, except for the rib dinner!

  5. Sounds like you had an excellent weekend. I haven’t seen either of those movies, so I will have to see if they have them at the library when I go this week.

    Highlights of my weekend included having my husband home both Saturday and Sunday-most weeks he works Saturday. Spending some quality time with both of my girls. My oldest tried out a new horse barn & they were fabulous and the happiness on her face then and the rest of the weekend has been priceless. Exploring alleyways in our town and appreciating them through the eyes of my 12 year old.

    And the sun. It has been out in full force this weekend and it was bliss.

    P.S. I gave my 15 year old my bliss necklace and she LOVES it, she hasn’t taken it off and she gets tons of compliments on it. Thank you for making those all for us lucky ladies, I know she will cherish it for years to come.

  6. Jenny says:

    We did the unthinkable and skipped church this morning to meet our best friends at a nearby lake for a walk, then off to have burritos with them. We couldn’t pass up the chance to spend time with them or not take advantage of the beautiful day we had here. I don’t think the Creator of all of the beauty we enjoyed minded one bit (thought we don’t do that very often). It was so nice to let the kids play and feel the sun on our faces!

  7. beth says:

    I loved paper heart…
    and the candy….I decided to kick that bad habit of mine….I’ve been reading too much and seeing too much lately about food and sugar and how we are ruining out bodies….and I think I can do it…but getting rid of all the cheese I eat…..I don’t think so :)

  8. Laura says:

    Oh I love Lake Lopez! My family and I went out with my mom and her husband for camping weekend during the summer. My kids loved the water pool– they have wading pool there, and playground. I hope you did not over look there.

  9. Sarah says:

    We took our 3 year old bowling for the first time. He beat us both. Twice. What a riot!

  10. Joanie says:

    How lovely are those chairs?!? Great pics, as usual. Is that a classic chutes and ladders game? Nice graphics. Let’s see, our weekend entailed lots of rest and family time at the zoo. Both are all too rare these days.

  11. Lisa says:

    Our weekend consisted of starting major house painting project… so much work but badly needs it & will be worth it when finished. Played Chutes & Ladders as a child and now play it with my almost 6-year old… so fun!

  12. jennifer says:

    went ice skating for the first time as parents. The 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old did fantastic. We then shared Chinese food with friends! Yum!

  13. Paige says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! We all need to “unplug” sometimes. Have a great week!

  14. JT says:

    The highlight of my weekend was having takeout with my family on a Sunday night (instead of my usual three-hour labor in the kitchen) and finding fortune in a cookie that I am determined is true.

    More of that little story here:

  15. LyN says:

    i found love and finally had the courage to express myself and be all ready for the journey ahead with that someone. it’s all good. i’m truly happy! thanks for sharing this lovely post. can’t wait to watch bright star. it is not out yet on this side of the world where i live in. 😉

  16. Randy says:

    Hi, I just purchased a copy of the Artful Blogging and just saw your blog. It is amazing. You have some amazing photographs on here and I love the design. I will visit as I can, your blog is inspiring.

  17. Dana says:

    My sweet little Molly’s first birthday party.

  18. Sarah says:

    bowling, fabric shopping, and ice cream. i’ve got some great “Shake It Photo” pix on my blog right now featuring them. :)

  19. kerry says:

    I’ve been wanting to see Bright Star. Thanks for the review.
    This weekend. A quick stop in an antique store I’ve been dying to go to forever (but I always have the kids with). Fun times with my brother who was visiting from Chicago. Preparations for my daughter’s first birthday next weekend.

  20. Destiny D says:

    My weekend highlights were:

    1. Stopping at our local furniture store on Friday afternoon and finding the most perfect sofa and love seat, which we desperately need. (Love a small town store where they still let you take a pillow home for a day to see if it “fits.”) Unfortunately, after my find, I continued to wander the expansive store and found the most darling and completely unique round, swivel leather chair. It was on sale for $199.00, but the sales person said I could have it for $179. When my husband met me at the store after work to give his opinion/approval on our potential purchase, I showed him the chair and he said it was “me” and that we should get it. But … with much to do and our budget slipping away, I decided no. But … the sales woman, Holly, said that it was the last one and that she was eager to get it out of the shop so she sold it to me for $46.00! My goodies are being delivered tomorrow and I can hardly wait…

    And while that was great, my absolute favorite weekend highlight was sharing a plate of great Mexican with the hubs during our weekly Sunday afternoon date. While this is our weekly tradition, this week has been a killer and we really needed time to connect more than we normally do. Funny thing is that because we were so tired, we hardly spoke at all during the meal, left the restaurant holding hands and feeling that all is well…

  21. Recently found your blog and I love it! Love your photos so much. The highlight of our weekend was a real, bonafide date with my hubby…oh and the lovely weather we had in NC!

  22. Southern Gal says:

    A Star Wars themed birthday party to die for! My 8-year-old had the time of his life. Fun day.

  23. Your weekend sounds great! Ours was grey and lovely…with time spend sharing loss with friends.

  24. Dan says:

    Did you have flashbacks of Stampedes of years past?

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