Matthias and David both attend our neighborhood elementary school.

Matthias is in first grade this year

and David is in third grade {in a 1st-3rd grade classroom for special kiddos}.

David’s class integrates with typical students at lunch, music

and for special activities.

We’ve intentionally tried to avoid integrating David into situations where Matthias’ class will be,

so he doesn’t have to constantly explain to his friends about David’s disability.

I want Matthias to have space to be himself.


Today at recess,

Matthias saw David playing on the small playground

and he ran over to him,

calling, “David, DAVID!!

I’ve been looking for you!

I’m so glad I found you!!

and when some other girls came over to see David

Matthias explained,

That’s my brother.

Every body has instructions to help it grow,

but David’s intructions got messed up

so that’s why he looks different“.

Such a simple, matter-of-fact way to explain David’s disability.

He didn’t shy away or ignore his brother.

He was proud and happy and loving.


My heart is so full, i think it might burst.