my heart is full.



Matthias and David both attend our neighborhood elementary school.

Matthias is in first grade this year

and David is in third grade {in a 1st-3rd grade classroom for special kiddos}.

David’s class integrates with typical students at lunch, music

and for special activities.

We’ve intentionally tried to avoid integrating David into situations where Matthias’ class will be,

so he doesn’t have to constantly explain to his friends about David’s disability.

I want Matthias to have space to be himself.


Today at recess,

Matthias saw David playing on the small playground

and he ran over to him,

calling, “David, DAVID!!

I’ve been looking for you!

I’m so glad I found you!!

and when some other girls came over to see David

Matthias explained,

That’s my brother.

Every body has instructions to help it grow,

but David’s intructions got messed up

so that’s why he looks different“.

Such a simple, matter-of-fact way to explain David’s disability.

He didn’t shy away or ignore his brother.

He was proud and happy and loving.


My heart is so full, i think it might burst.


  1. My my eyes tear up. Thank you. And, now no one will ask or whisper – they all know what is what and now they will all play and have fun. thank you!

  2. So SWEET! And wonderful for a mom’s heart. My 6-year-old has autism and his 5-year-old sister sometimes struggles to explain it to others (and herself!). Sounds like Matty has it all figured out…good for him! πŸ™‚

  3. That is so cool. It’s okay to be your brothers keeper. It seems that you have raised two lovely boys, who obviously love one another and will take care of one another. What more could you ask for?

  4. Oh Lisa!
    How do Mothers do it?
    How do Mothers let go…and leave their children behind for the world to hold?
    Mothers have to be so brave.
    I know your HEART just BEAMED…and sighed…and SMILED when you heard this story.
    How perfectly sweet and tender.
    I am clinching my HEART for you.
    And sending you ooodles of LOVE!
    Your boys are beautiful!
    Just like you.

  5. that’s is sooooo touching and edearing. My 11 month old son, has some problems & I could only hope my older daughter will be proud of him, instead of embarressed. IT could go either way & it would break my heart if it goes wrong. You have GREAT BOYS!!!!


  6. Wow. You have every right to be proud of both your boys. They are lucky to have each other! As a teacher, I know that young kids tend to accept each other “as is”, and your story sure proves that. Your sons are amazing!

  7. Lisa,
    That is SO beautiful. We just suffered a 14-wk miscarriage last week and I’ve been wondering what went “wrong” for our little boy Calum. Obviously, the instructions got messed up. But as I grieve and think about the what ifs, I’ve wondered what it would be like for my older children to explain if they have a sibling with a disability and hoping that I would handle it with the kind of love and grace that you have. This was a lovely story that touched my heart. You have a beautiful family.

  8. What wonderful boys you have!!! Don’t you love how children are so very real in
    their explanation of things. Just wish more adults were capable of the same things.
    Enjoy your precious duo….they grow up so very fast.

  9. i totally get how your heart is so full. my kids are the same way with anna. they love her just the way she is. absolutely beautiful. too bad that adults couldn’t be the same way!!! thanks for sharing that story. you are one blessed mama…so am i!!! blessings from one special mom to another!

  10. This is why I became a Special Education teacher!!!! Each day my life is filled with joy because of how I see my students interacting with other general education students. My own children have such a deep understanding of just how special each person is because from the time they were babies they have been exposed to this type of environment. I have pictures of each of my baby boys being held by students with downs, autism, in wheelchairs, and so many other disabilities. Now, in preschool, they will come home heartbroken because other children do not treat everyone the same, and they are the only ones who will play with the little boy with downs, or help the little girl with only one arm get her lunch tray. I am so proud of my own kids for having this understanding of others and it makes me so happy to hear of other parents, such as you, embedding such a deep love and understanding for others who may not be the same! I am so glad there are kids like Matthias, Jack, and Brady that are sharing with and helping others to understand all that there is to know about disabilities at such young ages!!!

  11. Wow, what a wonderful story.
    I am so glad I got to read it.
    Thanks for sharing, it really brought tears to my eyes.
    This is something I will remember.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Oh, that melts me … so sweet!
    My son has had the blessing of several special needs kiddos integrated in his class (he’s also 1st grade) and I explained the ‘reason’ for why they’ve developed the way they have in a similar way. I compared it to computers and missing certain connections. I like Matthias’ explanation. Just perfect.

    Happy Weekend!

  13. Being a former special education teacher….I just LOVE Love Love these stories. πŸ˜› If only all special kids in the world could have such a loving, accepting and proud family the world would be a MUCH better place.

  14. I know I have told you before but what a beautiful family! My eyes filled with tears for these brothers’ love of each other! My 23 year old is differently abled and his younger brother and sister love him unconditionally as well. What a gift they are to each other…yours and mine!

  15. I have tears in my eyes, if only we could all see our “brothers and sisters” that way. What a beautiful example to us all!!

  16. BURST, BURST, BURST!!!! what a wonderful story lisa. you are so good to be sensitive to mathias’ needs. lit is terrific how delighted in david he is (just as you are in your siblings). what a mature answer too.

    my girl’s have been blessed to have children with special needs in their various home school classes. one little girl is in a wheel chair ( she is a twin. she had a stroke at birth). i love watching as the students come together to help her with her needs, AND that they also play with her, delight and celebrate her friendship just as they do the others. she is a gift to those students.

  17. Literally sitting here crying! If my heart is overflowing with love for your gorgeous boys and their amazing relationship, I can only imagine how you feel Momma! Thank you for sharing with us!!!!

  18. A tender loving heart! My oldest has autism and his brothers are his best friends and never shy away from those moments. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture of brotherly love.

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful moment! Kids are so much better at the matter of fact part of loving. I love learning how to do it, from them. πŸ™‚

  20. Children see things so much clearer than we do! You and your husband are clearly inspiring parents. Thank you for the lovely post.

  21. So wonderful! The love of two brothers is a great bond, and little brothers are always going to look up to big brothers. Thanks for sharing such a celebration of family.

  22. What a special little brother David has!! And what special parents, too. It’s because of the two of you that he has such love for his “big” brother!!

  23. Beautiful! A Brother’s Love! Is he really protective of his brother as well? He will be a wonderful man one day because he loved from the inside not what is on the outside.

  24. Brings tears to my eyes! Such a precious story! Aren’t kids amazing?! These brothers are so lucky to have each other as you are so lucky to have such a beautiful family!!!

  25. Love it! My sister has Downs Syndrome so I know the joys and challenges of Matthias’s special sibling role. The joys far out weigh the challenges! It’s not always easy, but it helped shape me into who I am. And now it’s my turn to help my boys realize how special their aunt is!

  26. hi lisa

    such a sweet example of what love does! you definately deserve to feel proud!

    have a great weekend


  27. Oh, Lisa-this made MY heart full-and shedding a few tears of pure, innocent, child-like joy, the same from which Matthias spoke so beautifully of his brother. THANK YOU for posting this-EVERYONE will smile who is touched by this πŸ™‚ Lots of love, Jess πŸ™‚

  28. Wow– I am bawling on a conference call at work— thank goodness for mute! That is amazing and totally a reflection of YOU! This reminded me why I look at this blog everyday.

  29. Oh gosh, I just realized it looks like I was saying that sarcastically, but I WAS NOT! I really do have goosebumps! Γ…nd it really is precious! I need to use exclamation points instead of periods! πŸ™‚

  30. That was the sweetest thing I ever heard. His explanation was perfect. And the love in this story is astounding! Thank you for sharing.

  31. Thanks for making MY heart full with that wonderful story. With three boys of my own, I know how brothers will always stick up for each other, no matter if they have their fights from time to time. God bless David & Matthias πŸ™‚

  32. Lisa,

    this really did make my day, and brought tears to my eyes. The love in your family is amazing. That is a beautiful picture you posted and it shows what family is all about.

  33. Thank you for sharing that with us! Seriously made me cry a bit. I guess I was startled by how loving and sincere young children can be. You are doing everything right, Lisa! Love, love, love reading about your family. Especially today.

  34. Lisa my heart is full for you! That is awesome. I think one of the greatest blessings about having a special needs kiddo is the compassion my other two have. I’ve overheard my daughter say with confidence, “That’s my brother J. He has autism. He just learns a little differently from everyone else. But that’s ok.” I love overhearing things like that. Not afraid, just matter of fact and proud of her brother. I love that Down’s Syndrome comment above- that’s too cute too!
    Thanks for sharing with us. xoxo, Mique

  35. Hello Lisa,

    What an affirmation! I remember that you always had a knack for communicating about David in a way that informed but invited others to feel at ease. Mathias has the same gift. They are wonderful boys.

    Sonya McKelvey xooxo

  36. Your boys fill my heart, too. Clearly, Mathias and David have so much love and respect for each other. Keep up the good work, Lisa!

  37. That’s adorable! A friend’s daughter recently told me that her little sister, born with Down’s Syndrome, came from Ikea and the instructions were probably only printed in German… πŸ˜€

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