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September 2nd | photography


when steve was away for two weeks (mission trip to scotland)

my parents came and stayed for a few days to help out

and keep me company.

and my dad recently got a nikon d5000

so one afternoon we took a photo walk up the trails near our home.

it was so fun to chat about lighting, and aperture

and angle and bokeh.

the above are some of the pics i took on our walk.

* * *

my parents have turned into awesome grandparents.

i also love thrifting with my mom, talking photography with my dad,

and of course just being together.


how do you connect with your parents as an adult?

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  1. Christine Aldinger says:

    my parents are in there 80’s and there health is failing fast….so i find that its my turn to take care of them……its tuff and very sad to see your parents not the strong people you could always go to our time now is going to doctors going to get meds filled going to store taking mom to see my great aunt who is 98 this month…..mainly just the must do’s not the fun times we use to have but i have to appreciate every moment

  2. Southern Gal says:

    My daddy and I do crossword puzzles. Sometimes together, sometimes racing to see who can finish first. My mama and I are friends and do lots of things together.

  3. These are so beautiful – I love that you’re in the country now! What lovely photos!

    Oh, and btw – you’re in my giveaway post today. Do you want a print?

  4. Kelly H-Y says:

    How fun … I love that. And, your pics are gorgeous (though, the spider one makes me shudder! :-))!!

  5. Jess Bell says:

    Lisa – i love love love your blog! i love that you update it practically daily. (i’m sure it’s ALOT of work!) but i always check your blog first thing when i get to work (ack – i know, i should actually be working!) but all of your posts are so inspirational. i love the way you dress. i have started copying your style just a tad. :) thanks for such a wonderful place for me to visit in the mornings!

  6. Sharon says:

    Your parents sound wonderful Lisa. You’re so fortunate that they’ll come to stay with you to help out with the boys. I’m sure they’re a handful! The boys, not your parents ; )

    I get along very well with my parents but they aren’t loving or affectionate people. When we do anything together it’s because I initiate it. Hopefully I’ve turned the tide with my own girls. I sure have tried!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Growing up I was always closer with my Mom, but now that my Dad is retired he comes and takes me to lunch a couple of times a month on my lunch break and it is great to connect with him as an adult :)
    Your parents sound amazing!

  8. Kathryn says:

    My father passed away in 2003 and I really miss him, we were so alike it was unreal. He had a strong quiet confidence about him and we would often spend time together intune without the need for words.

    I live in the US And my mother is back in the UK so I only see her about once a year now. She is warm, loving and so full of life and I miss her Sunday dinners.

    Wish I had someone like you to give me a camera lesson, you take beautiful photos.

  9. Bonnie says:

    each photo is stunning. your blog is always such a joy to visit, thank you so much for sharing such beauty. :)

    I love visiting with my parents and just making dinners together and walking around their ranch. My mom and I love to go antique shopping and my dad is just an entertaining person to be around. A typical visit always includes stops at all the local antique stores, making a huge southern dinner and all sitting at the farm table, then dessert follows with movies in the media room (which is just another bedroom my parents converted into the “tv” room).

    have a lovely day Lisa!


  10. michele mcdonald says:

    love the photos…
    my mom & i …..craft…go thrifting… do lunch… the movies… im a lucky girl to have my mom so close to me.
    have a good day everyone

  11. that sounds wonderful.

    My mom & I love to thrift. I photograph with my step dad. Its fun & I love it!

  12. Brittany says:

    I absolutely love seeing your photography. It is always so breathtaking!

    I have recently found out how nice it is to be a friend to my dad. We are to the point where I have now been married a year and my dad is less of an authority and more of an advice giver and sounding board. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my dad as a person instead of just a parent… I hope that makes sense!

  13. Nicole says:

    my daddy and I have been friends since I was small. we’re practically the same person. we like to go see action movies, talk about God, play catch, go for long bike rides. we love to love each other and laugh about anything. my daddy’s the most joyful man I know, and I don’t know what I would do without him.

  14. deezie says:

    Love the pictures Lisa, You really know how to capture pictures that is for sure.
    My Dad is in a nursing home, so I dont’ see him too often and my Precious Mom passed away 2 years ago. How I miss her and the time she spent with my girls was priceless. Enjoy every second you have with your parents. You are lucky to have them and so are your boys.
    enjoy this beautiful (hot) day:)

  15. cat stevens says:

    my heart sings every time i hear of someone enjoying and just spending time with their parents. my dad died december 29 last year. my mom is a hollow shell now. I’ve lost both parents, or so it seems. I am doing an art journal in honor of my father, my memories, my grieving process. We used to spend time talking on the phone for those really great conversations, time spent doing yard work, making meals, sailing, walking in the woods. enjoy your mom and dad!

  16. Philippa says:

    Hi Lisa, my Dad died almost 12 years ago and luckily for me I know he is still very much with me! When I was young we weren’t really connected as I was the youngest of 3 and he was very busy being a doctor. When I was about 17 suddenly we just absolutely and utterly clicked and it was very much as though we were the one person! Every minute I spent with him was incredibly special and when I moved away from home I used to phone him every day (and my mum too of course). I now phone my mum every day but our connection with each other is not quite the same. Bless her heart she tends to wind me up and make fun of me, especially when I’m upset about something, whereas my Dad would listen intently and be totally understanding about how I was feeling. Ironically I couldn’t phone him on the day he died because I was away from home and I always feel very sad that he died without hearing my voice that day! Yes not a second goes by when I don’t wish he was still here physically, but at least he is right here in my heart!! Oh wow feeling tearful now, but in a very GOOD way. Thank you for making me think about this. Parents are incredibly special and your children are so lucky to have grandparents! Smiles…

  17. Karen says:

    Lovely photos- though both of my parents have passed- I know that they “check in” from time to time from above :) – I adore my mother in law- and we keep in touch both by phone and email-which helps to close the miles between us in between visits.

  18. Just yesterday I called mom for ‘girl drama’ advice. It was wonderful. I am so thankful for her mentorship.

    I still lean on my dad for all car and house things. He is so helpful.

    And now, seeing them with my kids… I get them.

  19. Michelle F says:

    My dad comes over almost every Sunday for a cup of coffee and a piece of dessert. I call my mom once a week to go over the weekly happenings.

  20. sarah says:

    Sunday dinner. single best moment to connect with my parents. My mom and I sneak in days of outlet shopping and trips to Ikea and Anthropologie. My dad is my go-to guy for home repair and automotive advice.
    Love, love, love your photography!

  21. Renae Dudley says:

    love the ‘charlotte’s web’ photo :)

    I love thrifting and antiquing with my mama. She has become one of my best friends. I live hundreds of miles away from her, so we talk everyday. When I do go have ‘home’ to visit, we make the best of it. She also has turned out to be a wonderful grandparent, she has recorded herself reading books and send the videos along with the books to my son so he has his time with his grandmama.
    My dad is a pretty crafty man… and I love doing anything crafty with him… you put two creative minds together and you never know what you’ll get. :)

  22. paige says:

    your parents sound like wonderful people!
    caroline & i are reading charlottes web…she will love the spider shot!

  23. Kim Wolfe says:

    I absolutely LOVE photo walks & would like to say that you have a terrific eye & your kids are just adorable!
    I unfortunately dont connect with my dad as much as i would like as he does live over 2000 miles away but my mom & i will go to the zoo (i will take photos & she will just be in awe of the animals) Kind of feels like we are kids again but still awesome just same!

  24. ~michelle~ says:

    Those are awesome pictures! The spider one reminds me so much of fall. I often walk with my parents, my dad and I will take their dog Rosie for a walk someplace. Or we’ll just sit on their front porch and talk. My mom and I either shop or I’ll go to the barn with her while she grooms and rides her horse and hang out and take pictures. I spend a lot of time w/my parents for a 39 yr. old, LOL! I am very close to them.

  25. Priscilla says:

    My parents are in their late 80’s now. Mother’s mind and hearing are failing; Daddy’s back is weakening so he needs a walker most of the time. When they were your parents age, we had wonderful times. My husband’s job took him all over the country so my parents would come and visit us. Also, I’d pack up the kids every summer and visit for several weeks (the summer we moved to SLO, my folks kept the kids for 6 weeks because we had to move 2 households into 3 places – ask me sometime how we did that!!!!!!!) It is VERY hard to see them aging because they were so vibrant until about 5 years ago and have gone downhill pretty fast. In June, they moved out of the house they had been in for 47 years to a one-bedroom apartment in a wondeful senior community. We don’t even talk that much on the phone anymore because Mother can’t hear me and Daddy just talks about his problems. I love them dearly, but miss the way they were. I do, however, cherish the memories.

  26. sarita says:

    You are so blessed to still have your parents.. I lost both of mine by the time I was 27 .. Enjoy each moment soak up all their knowledge and stories and take plenty of photos . I wish I would have known way back then that it would end so soon…I am 50 now and miss them still … be blessed my friend…

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