art projects and letting it be imperfect

If you have been following along for a while, you know Matthias loves art. He is constantly drawing, sketching, planning and making lists. I love his creativity and I want to nurture it.

Meg did this awesome continuous line tutorial and I was so inspired! Watch her video too! I jumped into this project with Matthias and half way through ended up screaming at him. Ugh–what was supposed to fun went all wrong. I can’t even remember what made me so mad. I quickly apologized to him and was was forgiving. It took me a little longer to forgive myself. Being a mother is a process of growing, grieving, grace and forgiveness!

Isn’t his owl awesome?

I decided to try the same concept with a heart theme. You know I love hearts.

Next time we do an art project together I’m determined to stay patient. Sigh. Life is so imperfect–but there is beauty.


  1. I did that once when my daughter was learning to read…it was a simple book…she struggled a little and I got aggravated. I felt so bad when I yelled at her. I knew better, but still did it. All we can do is hope they accept our apologies.

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You get it right most of the time! My sons are 24 and 22 now, they remember the good times not the occasional screams. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your honesty. I, too, struggle with patience with my kids at times. Teaching my daughter (who is 6) to sew has been hard on me, thankfully she is forgiving and I’m learning to be a better teacher. Being a mom is hard, but so wonderful too.

  4. I saw this on Meg’s blog and it’s on my to do list. Great job Mathias and Lisa thank you for the post. I had one of these episodes yesterday and I could kick myself.

  5. Thank you for your honesty. I’m glad I’m not the only mom who has ruined what is supposed to be a fun activity with impatience and harsh tones. Each day is a new day – a new day to be better than we were yesterday. Thank goodness for resilient, forgiving, wonderful kids!

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