Hello friends! I’ve been basically in bed or on the couch for the last week–with a cold and pink eye and snuggling a sick David, too. I haven’t taken my camera out–but luckily I have some pics from England to share. I’ll tell you about our time in Portsmouth and then tell you some hellos for the new week!

We decided last minute to stay at a hotel called The Legacy Botleigh Grange–about an hour from Portsmouth. The hotel was fabulous. Next time we go I want to stay there a couple nights. Steve and I read some ghost stories about the hotel before bed and then he couldn’t sleep. But thankfully, we had no encounters!

The grounds were so beautiful, the food was delicious, and our bathroom was massive. I loved the bathroom.

When we got into Portsmouth I ran into Fiona and Rebecca–who recognized me from my blog! I run into readers here and there but I can’t tell you how crazy it was to recognized in England. And so fun to meet them. Hi ladies!

Big big ships. And the seaside. So lovely.

Silly cousins. Love.

Spinnaker Tower marks the spot. And against the cloudy, was breathtaking.

I wish I’d bought that ‘Rule Britannia’ print. Isn’t it cute?

And a happy David. Always makes my heart sing {especially since he was fighting a cold while we were in Portsmouth}.

How about some hellos?

Hello feeling WELL! Good-bye pink eye. You will not be missed.

Hello thankful. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is here. I’m reflecting on my many blessings. My heart is full.

Hello clean house. Things got done this weekend. And that feels good.

Hello garage sale. I’m gathering up things and planning one.

Hello rain. It’s been wonderful to have some cooler, wet weather.

Hello sister. I’ll be getting some time with Chrissie this week. Much needed.

Hello blackberry wine cake. Yum!

Hello brand new week!