hello monday {christmas with nana}

We celebrated an early Christmas with Nana this last weekend {Steve’s mom} since we’ll be with my family over Christmas. We love staying at her cozy home in Fresno. And she gives such thoughtful gifts.

While the events from Friday were still very fresh, it seemed best to focus on being grateful. So while we ate a delicious breakfast and open up lovely gifts, I reflected on how sweet these moments are and how much I love my boys. There is darkness in this world, but there is so much beauty too.

It’s a new week. I welcome it with open arms. How about some hellos?

Hello tree. Hello pretty ornaments collected over years.

Hello stockings. Nana filled them with awesome little toys and candy.

Hello Nugget. Could you be any more adorable?

Hello helping. Matthias is helping David make his way over to daddy to open gifts. Love.

Hello unwrapping. Hello happy.

Hello new lego set. Apparently, one can never have too many legos.

Hello David’s turn to unwrap something new.

Hello smile. When he realized it was a new keyboard, his face lit up. There is nothing David loves more than keyboards. Well, except maybe snuggles.

Hello thankful. We are so blessed with generous and loving family. My heart is full.

Hello little doggies who are always part of the party.

Hello remembering that Christmas is Christ’s birth. God became man and changed the world forever.

Hello twinkle lights. Hello sweater weather. Hello last week of school before break. Hello Monday.


  1. My son (1of 3) is getting the very same Lego set, & yes according to them (& my husband!), there is always room for more Legos.
    Hello cub scouts Christmas party! Hello late nights crafting & wrapping! Hello to my excited little boys’ faces with the anticipation of Christmas! Hello to morning rain! Hello to a second cup of coffee 🙂

  2. Nothing like a Christmas with a grandma!
    Hello to a crazy wind storm that’s been going since after midnight! Sheesh! Hello to baking almost 100 snickerdoodles for my annual cookie swap tomorrow night {yum!}. Hello to the start of Christmas break on Wednesday! Hello to a date in Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit with my hubby, followed by a day doing fancy grocery shopping with one of my closest girlfriends, followed by prepping and hosting my cousin’s first baby shower. And hello to Christmas at our house on Sunday with my husband’s family. Helloooo, entertaining…and a clean house, to boot!

  3. Hello wrapping gifts for my sweeties waiting for Santa to come. Cherishing every moment with them and remembering that in all of the sorrow we all feel, there is the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for sharing these moment. I think my son has the same Legos on his Christmas list, he is all about Ninjago these days.

    1. I am so happy that you are cherishing this time Beth. It is such a special time with family. Have a great holiday! xo

  4. Hello to birthdays…my sister today, a college friend also today, my husband Thursday…and to the little boy down the street who turns 1! today….and then my nephew, a dear little friend who turns 4 and a couple of other friends next week! And then…to getting a plan together for Christmas…I’m sort of organized…cards are done, baked some cookies and kind of know what I’m doing (haha) but still don’t have a final plan in place for when the whole gang arrives.
    Thanks for your always positive outlook…it makes up for those who just don’t see it. Happy Holidays!

  5. It is important to remember and reflect on all the goodness in the world, too. Another blogger posted that she believes all men are inherently evil. I beg to differ. There is so much goodness that outweighs the evil. Thanks for these lovely images of good times.

  6. Hello, Lisa, and sweetness in this post.
    (Matthias looks so much like his daddy in that first picture!)
    Hello college graduation for my son-in-law today.
    Hello cookie baking and last minute gift making.
    Hello beautiful family.
    Hello completion of a big surprise for my granddaughter.

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