Steve’s cousins planned an afternoon tea for us at the Hartwell House. They watched the boys and we snuck away for a quiet afternoon. The estate was gorgeous and we loved every minute of it! Here are some hellos for this week.

Hello cold air and cozy blankets.

Hello warm tea and good conversation.

Hello cousins making memories.

Hello new foods. Matthias is loving sausage rolls. A new favorite.

Hello charity shops {the English version of thrift stores}. I’ve found some treasures!

Hello cuppa. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate. What would you like?

Hello schoolwork. Matthias is doing his best to keep up while we’re away!

 Hello scones with clotted cream. Love.

Hello layering with shirts, sweaters, coats and scarves. And boots!

Hello lingering. What’s the rush?

Hello antiques everywhere. I love all the history!

Hello love. I am so glad I’m married to this man. Hello brand new week. We are soaking up our last few days in England!