It’s complicated and hard

David has taught me what it looks like to be human. He’s shown me what it looks like to be whole.

He lives in a body that doesn’t always cooperate. It’s complicated and inconvenient. It’s hard. And there is space for all of it. There is joy amidst the pain. There is more good than bad. And just like David…

You are allowed to be you.

You can take up space, be inconvenient, have needs and wants. A whole person with thoughts and feelings.

A whole person worthy of love.

A whole person who is layered, complex, amazing and imperfect.

There is space for you to be you.

The world NEEDS you to be you. I’m cheering you on today. Lean into your deepest longings, thoughts, feels, needs. They’re there for a reason.

Lean into the truth that you are fully loved right now.

And watch yourself grow and flourish and BECOME.

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