Ready for a super cute DIY? I love that this project reuses items I already have around the house. And it takes something ordinary and makes it lovely. Perfect!


-empty glass jars

-decorative paper

-modge podge glue

-paint brush



Soak the jars in warm soapy water to remove the labels. If some of the bottles have the dates stamped on them, you can easily remove them with nail polish remover.

Next cut out a circle roughly an inch larger than the lid.

Glue the lid to the center and cut little slits around the perimeter of the paper. Make sure the back side of the paper is covered in glue and then fold the tabs over.

Seal the outside of the paper with a thin layer of glue… let it dry… and then fill your jars with pretty things!

I think these would make adorable spice jars. And they’re perfect for holding Q-tips and cotton balls in the bathroom, too! What other uses can you think of?