we are starting to feel settled in our new home.

which is such a good feeling!

the buffet above was a craigslist find (from the 1940’s i think).

i was soooo happy.

it was stained wood, which i sanded and painted black.




i spent waaay too much time trying to get these shelves arranged right.

i wanted it to be simple, but fun.


that wooden ‘leonard’ box was an etsy find.

the sweet {and incredibly talented and beautiful} aura sent me a head’s up email

and i hopped over and bought it right away.




i bought the painting so long ago, i can’t remember the artisits names. i love cherry blossoms.

the vases were from big lots (like 10 years ago!).

old stacked books (thrifted) and a wedding pic.




more stacked books and a huge starfish from the shell shop in morro bay.

and i love cornucopias. i’ve been collecting vintage pottery since college.

so much more to do, but little by little this house is feeling like home!