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today looks like…

June 2nd | thoughts



1. very red cherries in a very green bowl.

2. sun shining.

3. a real coke {not diet}

4. playing phone tag with david’s cardiologist.

5. seriously considering keeping the boys out of school to go play.




5. swim lessons

6. researching bearcats and komodo dragons via google. (at matthias’ request)

7. laughing on the phone with my sister

8. some kind of a tugging at my heart.

what is that longing?

oh, yeah, i want SUMMER!

9. what does your day look like??

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  1. oh, this is a gorgeous addition to my day. a bowl of cherries. I’m gonna remember this one today, in the busy. love it!

  2. pgoodness says:

    Love this post and I LOVE the color of that bowl! I think it’s time to update my fiestaware!!

    My day? Work. But it’s storming, so it is ok! :)

  3. -K says:

    tickle time, moving boxes, dr. seuss, dancing. blogging, lifting

  4. Margie Brown says:

    Love is a choice study this morning with my friend, Lowe’s to get decking stain to do the front porch, and paint samples to savor which color to paint the house this summer…going to get adventurous and do it myself….Target to get more cute lantern lights to finish Gazebo lighting and maybe some Tiki Torches for the retaining wall….Have a great day!

  5. Cilla Anderson says:

    It is so funny that you posted this photo today as I just had my first cherry of the season about half an hour ago. I’m headed to the dermatologist for a “spot check.” Also, enduring some rough “teenage” time with my son and need some prayers out there for some peace and love between us. I know he loves me he just forgets sometimes. I so love this blog, I look forward to reading it every day. Thanks for it!

  6. Denise C. says:

    Ahhhhhh, love the bowl of cherries photo!
    My day…..
    – got the oil changed & tires rotated on my truck, in preparation for our road trip on friday.
    – brought out the suitcases to air them out. our dog sees them & is running around like a fool. :)
    – i’m taking my kids to the water fountains this afternoon to play in…it’s going to be 96* today! woo hoo!
    – laundry.
    – reconnecting with old friends that i am going to see next week, one happens to be an old flame. can you say butterflies in my tummy? my husband is cool with it, which gives me the warm fuzzies.
    -coffee…lots of coffee.

  7. Ewa Morphy says:

    I just checked your blog (as I do each morning around coffee break at work …) and smiled wide when I saw the bowl of cherries … I have cherries in front of me on my office desk right now (but mine are in an old tattered Tupperware, not a beautiful bowl … I need to bring a pretty bowl to the office for my fruit!). Thanks for the daily reminders that we are all connected – even with huge distances between us! Oh, another reminder of how small our world is … I just looked at the blog of your Epiphanie Bags friend yesterday and read about the painting she received as a gift – a painting of red shoes that were coveted and ordered from Texas by a woman in Winnipeg … I live in Winnipeg (Canada) and was wowed by the connection! Too funny!

  8. Sarah says:

    My Day Looks Like…
    Fixing my Hubby a PB&J sandwich and filling his lunch with love notes.
    Working from 8am to 3pm.
    Feeling our little one dancing around in my tummy.
    Closing on our first house.
    Celebrating with my Hubby that we own our first home and that we’re officially “grown-ups” by eating a pork chop dinner with corn on the cob.

    So excited about this day!

  9. Brittany says:

    My day is going to be full of working, making dinner, helping my best friend prepare for her wedding… and the best part today is some girl time for pedicures. :)

  10. Kristi F says:

    I wish I could say my day will be fun filled, but it is another day of work. That being said, in this economy I am supremely grateful that both my hubby and I are still employed!

  11. Rebecca says:

    It’s a gorgeous day and I’m planting flowers!

  12. penny says:

    Well, it’s after 10:00 and we’re all still in jammies… does that tell you how BADLY I want summer ???

  13. Betty says:

    Today looks like a fun trip to the Zoo in Colorado Springs with the in-laws. We are visiting and having a blast!

  14. Sounds like a great plan…playing hooky and having a cherry pit spitting contest!

  15. my day is already half over…worked the morning shift at starbucks and was asked to stay late to help with a visit by a corporate VIP. came home and ate cherries from a tupperware container with my pb sandwich. reading blogs now and resting up. planned yet today? visit to a clothing consignment shop with my visiting mom, dinner out somewhere, and ice cream for dessert.

    summer has already arrived here. get ready, lisa, it’s GREAT!

  16. angie says:

    Not nearly as pretty as yours. It’s busy though. And crafty. And will make about 700 kids VERY happy tonight. :)

  17. Cait says:

    Today I spent a very busy day at the orthop├Ždic surgical day clinic seeing an insane number of patients in a very short time. We gave just about all of them a clean bill of health, which meant they were allowed to travel for summer holidays (due to national insurance here in Denmark, if you have an injury you can’t travel until a doc OK’s you.)

    After the hospital I went to church and cleaned with a friend. Then we went out for dinner at the Mexican place, ice cream at ParadIs (Is means icecream in danish, Paradis mean paradise…) And then a walk around the local castle to round things out.

    All in all it was a great day!

  18. My day is being spent in my garage unloading a gazillon bags, boxes and tubs in preparation for my small little town’s “city-wide” garage sale this weekend. I know y’all are jealous! ­čśë

  19. Desiree says:

    my day looks like a basket full of laundry… not the most plesant of things to sort.

  20. oh i just bought cherries this morning too…

  21. Southern Gal says:

    It looks like hot, humid, stormy afternoons, summer around here.
    And a finished dust ruffle and bumper pads for the granddaughter due in a couple of weeks. (Breathe a sigh of relief here.)
    And a horribly cluttered, dusty house that will be top on my list since the sewing is finished.

  22. Lauren Jordan says:

    Those cherries look yummy! Today I had some fresh watermelon! Yummo! I had regular diet coke but, too funny. I almost drank one of my husband’s real cokes. I am cleaning the house and working on yard sale stuff. I got outside to enjoy the sunshine too! When is school over for you guys? Friday is the last day for us here in VA! The pool opens for the summer on Saturday! We had a little teaser last weekend it was open for the long weekend and we spent some of that at the Lake!

  23. Philippa says:

    My day.. ermmm
    1. Eating breakfast (I’m in NZ) as I’m typing this because I have a busy morning and love checking your blog first thing!
    2. Feeding ducks, chooks, bunny rabbit before breakfast.
    3. About to make bed – usually make it before breakfast but hubby is away overseas this week, so doing everything including lugging wood for the fire.
    4. Heading out in about an hour to an office to insert the final picture into the first newsletter I have written/edited for this company.
    5. Driving to our local hair salon in a little village to get my hair cut.
    6. Deciding which decadent morsel to bring home for my lunch from a cafe that doe’s gorgeous! french pastries.
    7. Spending the afternoon doing tax return and hopefully something fun and relaxing just for me!
    8. Trying to work out what to cook myself for dinner – still love eating well when hubby is away, but I struggle for ideas.

  24. sharon says:

    we are getting on a plane to move back to California in a few days and it is so hard to wait another second!

  25. melissa says:

    1. mara’s ot appointment
    2. picking up the rest of the new outdoor lights
    3. story time with friends
    4. lunch/playdate with friends
    5. mini photo shoot with baby eve, just 2 weeks old
    6. nap time…in the car, since the workers are at our house making lots of noise
    7. work time for me…movie time for the girls
    8. dinner
    9. walk as a family…the girls will walk their babies, we will walk the dog
    10. baths and bedtime
    11. work for me and then bed!

  26. Libbie says:

    Oh I TOTALLY hope you picked the boys up early :) I am that kinda mom too. THANKFULLY my daughters last day was yesterday. Sad…last day of kindergarten…Happy…first day of summer vacation! And did she play!!!!

  27. Caryl says:

    My day looked like…
    1. Having a nice cup of coffee
    2. Finishing up a weeks worth of work since I was home sick most of last week
    3. Leaving early to pick up my girl for some serious play time

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