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It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey and the Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration!If you’ve been reading my wiww posts very long, you know I love layering! Layering makes outfits more versatile and encourages buying pieces that can span the seasons. First I’ll tell you about all the pieces of the outifts, and at the end there are a few tips for layering!

Super comfy skinny jeans, Paige via TJ Maxx {recent purchase}. Ruffle top, Vera Wang for Kohls {two years ago}. Black military coat with ruffle, Target {last year}

These boots are my old faithfuls. And it was a rainy day–so I wanted to be comfy. Boots, Anthropologie.

This necklace has been warming my heart. I wore it all through Blissdom so I would feel connected to my three sweet boys {two sons, one husband!}. Connected necklace, my shop.

And last but not least, those adorable fluff pins are from Allora Handmade. And she has some in stock here!

With this next outfit I really layered on color! Dress, Anthropologie {Christmas gift from Steve}

Tights, TJ Maxx. Gray Booties, Kohls {3 years ago}

Cardigan, Target. Granny rose, Allora handmade. Other handmade flower, my friend Mignon.

My dear necklace, Molded heart bracelet, Both from my shop.

Want to hear how I build a layered outfit?

1. I start with the base piece–either a dress or top that I am going to build around.

2. Add in the foundation pieces {tights or jeans, and sometimes a t-shirt or blouse underneath}

3. Spice it up with a jacket or cardigan. Consider adding an unexpected color or twist here.

4. Boots or heels can take the outfit from casual to dressy or ordinary to extraordinary!

5. Finish off with a fun scarf and add in some special jewelry.

Today is leap year day! Basically it’s an extra day–so anything accomplished today is the icing on the cake {right?!} Today I have my mom, sister and nephew in town {so happy!} and I’m working on a little project that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Tell us one thing on your to-do list today!


  1. I have a black dress I want to put the fluffs on. I looked at her website and figured out the polka dot is tan/black but can’t figure out the other one. Is it the lacy fluff in taupe? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Love the looks! And the colorful flowers on the second outfit are so stinkin’ adorable. Thanks for the tips on building a layered outfit. Haven’t quite achieved the success I want in that area so I think this will definitely help! =)

  3. I’m a frequent layer-er as well – mostly to aid my cardigan addiction! 🙂 Just can’t get enough! They make my wardrobe seem more diverse than it really is.

  4. Great outfits again today! Love WIWW and your style! I was going through older posts and around Nov 17th 2010 the pictures do not load-did you know that and do you know why? Thanks.

  5. You’ve really got me layering, Lisa! Love it! Target has a sale on cardis this week…guess where I’m headed?!

    One thing on my list today is finishing indiebiz 3.0 (talk about waiting til the last minute!). I just have 3 more sessions! I’ve totally loved it (for a year!). And I’m glad to know I’m not alone in being afraid of the business-y money part of it ;).

  6. Love the outfits!You are able to pull off both colours and neutrals beautifully. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t layer. It’s my go-to way to dress.

    What’s on my to-do list? What’s not?! Haha… well, I need to use up leftovers for supper, and clean the bathroom.

  7. had a bunch of fluff orders this morning for some unknown reason, and you were the first place I checked to see what was up. MUAH! they look perfect on you! thanks Lis! xoxo

  8. I love the ruffle shirt! Every time I’m in a store, I keep my eyes peeled for ruffle shirts…I really want one! Like you said, so versatile. Your outfits are great and you are beautiful…as always! 🙂

  9. Love the gold and purple on you! And I have really embraced layering. Plus I am beyond honored and humbled that you stopped by my lil blog and left such a sweet comment. Your outfits are ALWAYS so inspiring to me.

  10. I’m layered up today too. Love the purple and mustard combo. How could you not be happy in an outfit like that? I stocked-up on the same Vera Wang items C: They have all now been worn to death.

    On thing on my to-do list: convince toddler to sleep the entire night in her own bed. We’re walking zombies right now.

  11. Both outfits are incredible!!! I love the layered flowers, they just look perfect.

    The yellow Anthro dress is amazing on you. I’m sure you’ll share more great coordinated outfits featuring that one.

  12. I saw that awesome mustard dress at Anthro this week and could not picture how it would look ON. Well, you’ve proven it looks great. May have to go back.

    Your husband has great taste!

  13. I’m wearing the purple cardigan today. Somehow this makes me feel close to you. We had a Donuts with Dad event at preschool today. I need to clean up the mess. Top of my to-do list:)

  14. My “must get done today” list includes a much overdue trip to buy groceries. Trying to work up to it…

    Perhaps another cup (or pot) of coffee will help?

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