searching for the perfect blazer

I’ve been looking for the perfect blazer–something that I could throw on and it fits great, feels put together {without being too dressy or business-y}. I wanted something I could use as an alternative to my denim jacket. So when I found this velvet blazer second-hand I was thrilled. And it fit just right!

Lately I’ve been wearing these jeans, booties and a white tee almost every day. It’s become kind of my uniform. Most days it’s too cold to wear dresses and these jeans feel easy and comfortable.

When I added in my new-to-me blazer it took my uniform up a notch! And can you see my necklace?

The older I get the less I can tolerate wearing something uncomfortable. I want to feel good and I want to look put together. We don’t need a ton of clothes, we just need the right clothes–the ones we want to wear over and over because they help us feel our best.

These jeans are Madewell and they are just so dang comfortable. I find I usually have to try jeans on in the store to make sure the fit is just right. On a recent trip to Nashville I was able to pop into a Madewell store. These jeans are true to size and have become an everyday favorite.

Louis wanted to be in the photo too. He’s my sidekick. He’s only in it for the treats but I’ll take it!

Have you guys seen the new My Monogram necklace? It is so easy, simple and full of meaning! After all, it’s my initial and represents me and the things I’m passionate about. I think everyone needs a My Monogram necklace.

The Brave Love spinner ring is another favorite. Layer on a gold spinner for each of your loves!

The next day, I layered the blazer with a black sundress and knee high boots for a completely different look! I think this blazer might live at the front of my closet so I can keep it in regular rotation.

For those of you who are new here, I make personalized jewelry! My heart is to create jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind and helps you tell your story. In this post I’m wearing My Monogram necklace, Full of Love necklace and the Brave Love spinner ring. See all my jewelry here.

Do you have a blazer you love? Are you on the hunt for the perfect blazer? Tell me all about your blazer journey.

Jeans, Madewell
Blazer, Second-hand from Ruby Rose {similar here}
Booties, Marc Jacobs
Knee-high boots, Rag and bone {similar here}
White tee, H&M
My Monogram necklace, here
Full of Love necklace, here
Brave Love Spinner ring, here

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  1. I have also been looking for a blazer. But have yet to find one either new or used. But I will it’s all in the journey. I love what you found it’s definitely your color. ❤️

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