a brand new day

We’re down south for a cardiology appointment for David–so we took three hours and hopped on a few rides at Disneyland. On trips David doesn’t always sleep well the first night and that was true for this trip. He’d been up half the night and I was exhausted from being up with him. Although I felt excited about a quick trip to Disney I was tired and frustrated with the circumstances. We got off Pirates of the Caribbean and I broke down crying–sometimes things just don’t go as planned. But after a rough start, I perked up a bit and we had some fun.
I love my little family. It isn’t perfect and sometimes it isn’t pretty, but it’s mine–and I’m thankful for that. I know looking at a few pictures on a blog can make someone’s life seem like a fairytale–and that isn’t true here. Actually I don’t think it’s true for anyone! I’m flawed and so imperfect. But there is beauty to be found. Today is a brand new day and I am so grateful.


  1. As Chauncey posted above, I love your real genuine honesty about your life. The good and bad, the ugly cries, the meltdowns, the doctor visits, in the end the days may be long but your family is always together. Through every high & low. I was a child who was sick at age 10 for no known reason. I lost my ability to speak (normally or like I used to), i lost some motor coordination and my gait is off. I went to many doctors throughout my growing up years and nobody could properly diagnos me. I went on and did OT PT and speech therapies, all throughout HS and junior high. I went to a place for people with disabilities. Most were hurt in car accidents which resulted in them being a quadraplegic. I went to college and just tried to the best with my life. It wasn’t until 17 years later that i found a decent doctor who took my case to heart. She diagnosed me with dystonia a neurological movement disorder. After living with it for 30 some years – it is what it is. I remember being in and out of hospitals at such a yong age. My parents were worried all the time.
    I think of David often and all that he edures. Sometimes its harder on the parent. It looks like he has a wonderful caring doctor.
    Your family is yours, and your family is beautiful. We learn every day that some days may be harder but there will always be a new day and that new day may be the bright day we have been waiting for. I wish you & your family the best.:)

  2. Thanks for being real and honest about life. Some blogs portray perfect days or a perfect life that’s perfectly organized, but it’s nice to see other people who can admit some days are hard. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing! (Your jewelry looks beautiful too!)

  3. Hi Lisa, Found your wonderful blog from your (in)encourage post. Hope David’s appointment went well. My son has lot of dr.’s appts. too and I can relate to the emotional exhaustion which sometimes hits you more than the physical. Enjoy your lovely family. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post Lisa! Blogs are such a source of loveliness and inspiration and many of us (myself included) use it as a space to capture and reflect on the beauty in our lives, and I believe that is a GOOD thing. But you are so right — we each are flawed and imperfect — all the more reason to blog the beauty, but always knowing that the beauty we, and others blog, is just part of the story.

    Blessings to your little family!

  5. I’m glad your day got better after a good cry…sometimes that’s all it takes. Hope the appt went well and things are settling down again.

  6. I REALLY (!!!) appreciate your honesty!!! So often, the lives of bloggers seem so perfect… and please know that I am SO SORRY that you had a rough day, it makes you feel a bit more real to me. Once again, I am so sorry you had a bad day… I do appreciate your honesty and vulnerability and take hope that today is a new day. 🙂

  7. well said! i appreciate your honesty. wishing you safe travels, good news, and the beauty of another brand new day.

  8. thanks… I think I see the fingerprint of God… How I stumbled upon this website was a gift from God. Your family is amazing. I will put you guys on my mirror and try to remember you all. It is hard to be a mom, you are doing such a good job.. I know you aren’t perfect or happy 24/7.. your not meant to be. I live on Cape Cod and it is lonely being a christian amongst the chosen frozen 😉 Our God will get us through life, I know he will.

  9. New to your Blog,but not to your plight.As the mother to a special needs son who is now 37.Every day is a challenge and a blessing,they say this issue will develope character,well I am full of it. Your jewelry is amazin something I have never attempted. But is you like amazin look AT MY sister in laws WEb. Nancy Cain Beads and you will find her. Again wonderful talent. As one mom to another enjoy each day and best hopes on the medical issues

  10. Newsletter sign-up….check!
    Pinned 2 necklaces….check!
    Comment,for sure!….check!

    5 1/2 girls in my family that LOVE jewelry….check!

    Love your blog!

  11. We all have those hard days, Lisa! Glad yours got better. Thanks for being upfront about both the flaws and the beauty.

  12. tried to submit yesterday on helloday. love your work but i have a question. there are several charms that i would like to order but do not need the necklaces, (everyone has one). can i purchase some charms separtely?

  13. You are an amazing woman and even though I have never met you, I feel like I know you. I love your blog, I love to see pictures of your family, and I love where you go and what you when you are there. God gives us what we can handle. You are handling it well.

  14. Lisa honey, you are such an amazing woman, kind, loving and very brave! It’s okay to cry sometimes, in fact it’s so good for you!
    We are putting our beloved 9yr old cat down today and the tears are flowing. He has been such a companion to me and I love him more than words can say.. he’s not your average cat – such personality! He has cancer and it is spreading and his tum has been upset the past couple of days. Smiles and hugs coming your way.. your family is just delightful in so many ways!

  15. Lisa,
    You need a good hug so consider it from Ky. Most of all I’m impressed that you are thankful. My word for the week is thanks or gratitude so your post touched me in many ways. I’m trying to just be grateful and not ask for anything for a week! Doesn’t seem like a very long time but I think we don’t realize how many times we ask for things as we pray. I know I’m not thankful enough so know that your words have blessed me now. God bless your family.

  16. Finding a little joy and fun at Disney sounds like just the prescription. Blogging is a wonderful way to document the beauty we find.

  17. Oh! Welcome to the world of “I don’t know where that came from!” with crying!
    I so enjoy your blog, you live and love and nurture and grow!
    Perfect is too much pressure and no such thing! You found joy in the day! Yay!
    Good luck for little mister and his check-up!

  18. Thank you so much for this! I am sorry to hear that your day had such a rough start, but I’m happy to hear that good times were had in the end 🙂 I think these thoughts so often about my own family and my own life…they are a far cry from perfect, but they are MINE and I’m so blessed and lucky! Thank you for the reminder that there is beauty and tremendous value in the imperfect 🙂

  19. Bless you Lisa and your family. Your comments remind me of the first time we took our oldest daughter to Disney-
    land at the age of 18 months. It was Christmas break and I insisted we take her to “have fun” at Disneyland while
    we were visiting our friends in Calif. It was a very long day and the only thing she really enjoyed was the electric light parade at the end of the day….my husband and I still joke about that day and it was 37 years ago.
    So glad you all love each other and today will be a better day.

  20. I hear you, and I think we all love your genuine-ness! You are a real woman/mom/wife, etc, and thank you for sharing that with us. Hoping today is brighter!

  21. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this post!!!! “There is beauty to be found.” Your sentence made my morning better! “Beauty” is y word of the year and I need the reminder to keep looking for the beauty in every day, even the hard ones!!!
    I hope your day got better and David’s heart is good!!!

  22. Lisa, you are an inspiration! Your grace and honesty about your life is very refreshing, glad your day improved! Prayers and positive thoughts about the doctor visit.

  23. Thanks for your blog! After reading, I always feel encouraged to find beauty in the little things. And that usually changes my whole day. Your gratitude to God shines through in everything you write. I was having a rough night last night complaining about my challenging life and woke up today to God’s new mercies.

  24. Thanks for being so honest…I do think sometimes we can all think everyone is living the perfect happy life except us.

  25. i needed that this morning Lisa. Thank you! I hope you have a better day today and that you have good news from the Cardiologist.

  26. I had the same kind of day yesterday…feeling frustrated and powerless. My two youngest children have autism. I was trying to potty train my 5 year old son (for the 3rd time) with zero success. Then I discovered that my 10 year old daughter had cut her own hair, and chopped off her chin length bangs. Unlike other moms, I can’t just say “They will grow out of it!”. With autism, all the rules are changed. But today is a new day, and I feel better able to handle life’s challenges. Thanks for being real, and sharing it with us! :0)

  27. I only know you through your blog and am a huge fan and wearer (word?) of your beautiful art.

    I am so sorry for the rough day…and thank you for your honesty. I will say that from the outside I have always admired (and envied a bit) how together you have it. As a fellow mom with a kiddo with special needs, I am always in awe of others who seem to live such a smooth life. 🙂 But in reality, I know that isnt’ always the case. Again, thanks for the reality check and honesty…you are one amazing woman!

  28. There is beauty to be found… AMEN. Love this post. The pictures show you found beauty in a hard day. And today, each day, has this “findable-beauty” available—- mine, too.

  29. Being able to pop into Disney has to be one of the better things of living in So. Cal. Always enjoy your honesty! I know most bloggers can talk about the good and the bad. I just can’t go that direction. I’ve had so many bad things happen over the last few years that I have to make my blog happy. If it’s seen as superficial that’s ok it makes me happy.

  30. you are so right! it’s easy to get caught up in a blog and think their life is perfect….but it’s not. thank you for being honest and may sunshine be in your day even when it’s gloomy.

  31. That is absolutely true what you said about how looking at the pictures on a blog can make us think someone else lives such a different life than really is. thanks for the reminder!

  32. Love the honesty and the reminder that we usually only see the *best* of each blogger’s life. There is so much more than what we see on these webpages.
    Sometimes we all just need to break down and cry and let God pick us back up again.
    I appreciate your positive outlook. Today is a new day and “we both know that His mercies flow in the morning.” 😉 It’s a “Good Morning.” 🙂

  33. Thank you for your lovely honesty, it’s refreshing. I think so often we put on a brave face and post only the beautiful parts of our lives when in reality we may be facing incredible pain. Thank you for keeping it real, I for one appreciate and admire that about you!

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