why we’re in love with boston and our family moments to share

Last week we took a family trip to Boston with my sisters Susan, Ellen, Chrissie and Chrissie’s family. Matthias chose Massachusetts for his state report last year–so we wanted to visit and see the historical sites. But we also just wanted to travel and do something fun! And we had a great time. The boys have grown a lot since our last adventure–and we’re planning to visit our family in England this Christmas, so is was kind of a warm up trip. We saw a lot, ate great food and had a blast with cousins, aunties and uncle. IMG_1371

We explored Harvard. Cambridge is beautiful–it was a highlight of the trip!


Since I’ve never seen Boston–I was taken with all the history. It’s so different than California. I think it’s kind of a mash-up between England and San Francisco.


The trees were gorgeous this time of year. Some had colorful leaves, some were bare. The weather was chilly but manageable.


The cousins missed their first flight {along with their parents} and they arrived 18 hours late. We were THRILLED when they arrived. The cousins had so much fun together!


Look at those smiles. David smiled the whole weekend. He was such a trooper!


Oh the leaves and this gate at Cambridge. Spectacular.

I loved getting some sister time!


Red building, red leaves.


I can’t get enough of that sweet smile. I think David loves to travel. He’s an explorer. He wants to see and touch and experience everything.


Matthias spent time drawing and sketching. Of course.


We found a mini kalimba for David at a little boutique. He spotted them right away and I couldn’t resist getting him one!

Twins <3

Steve and I explored some fun boutiques on an evening out. It was such a treat to explore Boston for a few hours without kiddos!


A green bike in front of the boutique Sault. So inspiring.


Evening light.


So thankful for our family of four!


Susan planned the trip and found us a great Air B&B where we all stayed together. Most mornings we made breakfast and we relaxed in the evenings. Perfect!


Hey, it’s Paul Revere!


I love the texture of this alley and the peach door at the end.


David crashed out on the way to the airport and Matthias snuggled up with him. Matthias is faking–but isn’t this the sweetest?!


Berries growing on a brick wall.


Here’s our whole gang! Party of ten. We had so much fun!!


We walked the Freedom Trail on our last day and explored a couple old graveyards. So much history and story and texture.

Have you been to Boston? What are you favorite things to do there?


  1. We road tripped from Tennessee to Boston this summer with our 5 kiddos and LOVED that city. Isn’t it so so fun and historical cute? We did the freedom trail also and loved touring the ships, Bunker Hill, and we were there on the 4th of July which was incredible. We parked on a bridge with a bunch of locals and watched a stunning fireworks show over the water. It was our first time to NE so we did NYC and drove the coast to Maine. Your boys are most precious!

  2. Wow you make our city look so beautiful!! Thanks for visiting it really is crazy how much history this little spot holds. I love that you made the trip many families wouldn’t tackle a cross country trip and it really is a rich area to explore!

  3. I was so excited to watch your trip unfold on Instagram! I grew up two hours away from Boston, in southern Connecticut. It was such fun to be able to zip up there no problem, and sometimes just for the day. I will forever love the North Church. It’s my favorite. Happy Thanksgiving!

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