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Am I Enough?
Worthiness Inventory

10-17 points 

You feel there are many areas in your life where you are either performing average or below. How does everyone else seem to do it so effortlessly? You’re tired. You’re hurting. You feel alone.
You may hear the whisper of harsh words, like, failure and stupid as you move through your day. These words do not define you. In fact, you are not a failure.
Whether or not you excel in each of these areas does not define your worth or value. You are already loved but because you are YOU. There is no one else quite like you on earth. The world needs you to be you. You don’t have to change, you don’t have to be better or do more. You’re already worthy. You are enough.


18-22 points

You find yourself succeeding sometimes and failing sometimes. There are moments you feel you’ve got it all together—but other times you’re a complete failure. Emotions run high and low—and you vacillate between hope and desperation. The ups and downs are draining.
“Why can’t I figure this out?” you think.
If you could just get each of these areas under control you would be fulfilled–but it always seems just out of reach. These things will never fill you, because these things don’t define you.
Productive or unproductive–you are incredible simply because you are YOU. You are already beautiful and loved. You’re already worthy. You are enough.


24 and above

Hello overachiever! Wow, you are a hard-working woman!
Do you every feel tired or disappointed—like you’re doing all these things and it’s still not enough? You drop into bed exhausted only to wake up the next morning and start all over again. It all depends on you and it’s never-ending.  I have good news, even if you stopped doing some–or all–of these things, you would still be lovable. You would still be precious. These things do not define you. Trying to be perfect may become a wall between yourself and those you love.
You can rest. You can exhale. You are amazing and wonderful just as you are. You’re already worthy. You are enough.

Today let’s let go of trying to be perfect. Instead let’s choose joy. Let’s remind each other we are enough just as we are. Let’s offer grace to ourselves and others.
The things we do don’t define us. We are defined by God; He calls us worthy, He calls us loved.
You are enough.


  1. I loved this post because this is something that I have been working on within myself for quite some time. I ordered one of your bracelets for myself for Christmas with the phrase I am enough so that I always have it there to remind me… Thank you!

  2. I love the results of this quiz. The questions were difficult, easy to feel like a total failure by that score, so I was hoping it would turn in to something positive rather than defeating, and you did just that. I agree, we are worthy as we are, we are works in progress. God doesn’t require us to always succeed, but rather just to try. As long as we keep trying to be who and what we want to be, and first and foremost kind to ourselves, we will be ok and our light will shine.

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