we are on vacation this week.

with lots of sleeping in, snuggles, sunshine and more than our share of syrup.

but to tell you the truth, i’ve been feeling anxious.

so i’m trying to let go of unpacking the house

and worrying about david’s upcoming heart surgery.

and i’m trying to be present and enjoy each moment.

and let go of my plan and being productive.


because one of the most important things to me is soaking up

time with my family and just being together.

* * *

how do you let go?

how do you vacation {and really relax}?

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I journal to let go and express my feelings – all of them! And when I vacation, i just give into what is going on, let the day schedule itself – breathe, pause and soak up every bit of the time!!


  2. Hi Lisa
    Pancakes look yummy! Been praying for your family re: David’s upcoming surgery. Do you have a date yet?

  3. Our DD does not travel long distances well. With the amount of equipment we have to haul and the arrangements that have to be made each night it is actually physically more exhausting for me to “vacation away from home” than to just stay home. So we don’t travel.
    We just finished this year’s stay-cation and had a blast! We have a few rules. Unplug the phone. Don’t read the mail. NO BUSINESS! No housework (except the necessary dishes). Sleep in. Stay up late. Play night games in the back yard. Visit places in our neighborhood that may be new to us. Be curious and HAVE FUN! We have managed to do, and enjoy, more activities from home than we ever did when trying to travel. And I don’t arrive home in need of a rest break at the nearest sanatorium…..
    Some ask us if we miss traveling and I must admit that I do at times but our turn will come again. Until then, it’s fun from “Home-plate”.
    And if you feel like you need to be unpacking? Shove the boxes under something (or in a closet) and pretend they aren’t there. They aren’t going anywhere either ;-D

  4. Our best vacation are just relaxing at the beach. We ususally go to Carlsbad…sadly not this year. We just got back today from a week with our entire family at Olgebay resort in West Virginia. We were celebrating my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. 30 people in one cottage! We had great fun…but I could really use a couple days at the beach!!

  5. I agree with Jenny. Syrup is a great way to start!

    I don’t always allow myself enough silence. I tend to fill up my quiet with music or TV or talking. A great vacation to me is to be silent for a while. To hear His voice. To pray for His timing. To rest on His lap for a while.

  6. Vacation (which we call holiday here in New Zealand) is something I don’t do often. I am very lucky to work from home, doing what I love – growing plants – so I find it REALLY hard to leave home on a holiday. Usually while I am away I am fretting about my neighbour looking after our cat, ducks, chooks and bunny rabbit and whether my nursery plants are being watered, or if the vegie garden is being watered! AAggghhh

    When I am away from home the most relaxing thing I can do is go hunting for rocks on a riverbank – I adore rocks and get totally absorbed in looking for just the right ones amongst the thousands! Such fun!

    Lisa honey, enjoy your vacation and yes treasure each precious moment. I totally understand your anxiety especially re David’s heart surgery. Each time it comes into your mind, imagine a drawer in the back of your mind – push the thought into that drawer and slam it shut! I do this regularly with things that worry me or make me stressed and it WORKS! Slam that drawer!! Smiles..with hugs

  7. i wish i knew how to let go and really relax. i need lessons. though my post today was about letting go of some control when creating. but i think i have trouble with it because we don’t do it enough…

  8. Enjoy your vacation time with your family. That is exactly how I let go. Just get away and relax. Sometimes I do it by diving into a great book. Don’t skimp on the syrup!

  9. How funny I started my vacation today too! But I have no husband or kids so usually I travel some where and see family or friends. This year my Dad is visiting instead so I am enjoying my house and my bed and seeing the sites around my house! How very lovely! I am reading tons and enjoying sitting on my deck listening to the birds singing! Happy vacation week! 🙂

  10. I just got back from vacation in Norway. I went exploring at a nearby fjord and checked out the old wooden churches with some friends. Then I spent a couple days exploring Bergen, cleaned the kitchen in the hostel I was staying at, booked airline tickets for some friends I met at the hostel and planned a part of their trip so they could come see me in Denmark. Very relaxing. Really. At the airport on my way home I met yet another new friend from the hostel and made sure he got home safe (first trip abroad without his parents.)

  11. relax…relax…?…nope, never heard of it. 🙂 i tend to be pretty laidback…but fiery when i’m passionate about something. i hate to admit this, but i’m a little bit of the mind that if i have time to “relax” by watching tv then there’s something more important i need to be doing. relax…that is a good question…i play with my niece and i get my hands dirty in pottery class…my little sister says i’m most relaxed (at peace, myself) when i’m creating, so i guess i find that pretty relaxing…

    anyway, i hope YOU have a great vacay and soaking up every bit of your sweet family, lisa.

    p.s. i love that superman eats chocolate chip pancakes with sticky sweet syrup. but, of course he does! 🙂


  12. Syrup is always a good start toward relaxation! I’m totally thinking about taking up yoga since I can’t eat sugar. Although I suspect the syrup would do a much better job – ha!

  13. Mmm pancakes, I love pancakes! Letting go and truly relaxing takes me a while. I tend to find myself doing that when I totally unplug and venture somewhere new.

  14. That is a great question. My family & I are planning a trip this fall (off season to the beach). I have a hard time relaxing myself. My husband & I have had a rough couple of months. I love your wording
    “soak them up”. That is all I intend to do. 😉 Enjoy your vacation, & those SUPER YUMMY looking chocolate chip pancakes!

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