{more} pics from the lake



we had such a good time at the lake

and with 11 adults and 10 kids–that’s saying a lot!


catching lizards (or trying really hard!)

ice cream + nachos + chocolate chip pancakes

getting tossed by uncles into the pool

movie night


lots and lots and glee


rook and staying up too late.

* * *

what’s one of your favorite childhood memories from summer?

  1. I mean Lisa! Your photograhpy is AMAZING! I am just in awe and not to mention jealous- we aren’t supposed to be envious are we? Okay not jealous just really inspired! LOL! Doing a post of on Friday!

  2. Lisa,

    I love this picture. It is so good to see your whole family. Wow. What a bunch and so much fun. Your mom and dad look the same as I remember them. Glad you had a great time. Love, Krista

  3. great pics – i live in apple valley – not TOO far from Arrowhead! one of my fondest memories of summer is being able to stay outside until it got dark – then had to be IN THE YARD!!! and then the fun didn’t end! we lay on the grass and looked at the stars. Once in a while we would luck out and see a “moving” star and realize that it was a satellite! what fun!

  4. Great family photos! I LOVE the photo of the wet bare feet…I’m going to keep my camera handy tonight when we’re pool side!!
    Favorite summer memory from childhood ~ it’s got to be Cape Cod family vacations! We would stay with my grandparents in their home! Those are wonderful memories…

  5. Oh LISA!
    This is good ole fashion FUN!
    Love the pics!
    ANd how much FUN it must be to have a TWIN sissy!!!!!!
    Do you have three sisters!!!!!
    What a FUN family!
    Up until this summer {now that I am in the Northwest!} we have always…always spent our entire summer at THE FARM…or “in the country!” as we call it!
    DOGS….pool….frogs…tye-dye…kitties….watermelon….only wash hair and take baths on Sunday’s for church!….go to bed each night with chlorinated HAIR!
    You know…summer FUN!

  6. Hi there —

    Counsin time is priceless! All those counsins are so fortunate to have each other! I am so thankful my kids have such great cousins – they all love to hang out together and take good care of each other too!!


  7. Lisa — totally love that last photo with you and your sisters 🙂 You’re all so gorgeous! Our vacation at “the Lake” starts tomorrow morning — can’t wait to start our road trip back home and soak up some sunshine! I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing time.

    Ummm, is your house unpacked yet? 😉

  8. we would go to Santa Cruz and play in the sand all day and go to the Boardwalk and get salt water taffy!

  9. Awww love that last photo especially. how wonderful to get to spend time with extended family like that. I would love to! Hmmm favourite childhood memory from summer.. throwing sticks for our gorgeous dog (golden retriever called Strath hmmm odd name (giggle)) in the Arrow River, in Arrowtown, Central Otago, New Zealand (where my soul is still, firmly). Love the shimmery schist rocks there! Smiles…

  10. It looks like you all had such a wonderful time! One of my favorite childhood memories??? My dad carrying me on his shoulders as we walked to the local high school for 4th of July fireworks.

  11. lisa,

    it looks like you had so much fun with your family! not to mention, your family looks like so much fun!

    when we were little, i don’t know, but my dad insisted on loading up our big station wagon to take on family vacation. (he called us the griswalds.) i remember especially the summer we went to new england. another summer, we flew out to jackson hole, wyoming. we got out of our little puddle jumper in our sundresses and shorts – and it was SNOWING! in JULY! i also remember cook-outs with my dad grilling on the porch and the screen door slamming as we ran up to “the field” to play softball and homemade ice cream and not having to bathe because we had been at the pool all day.

    just to name a few. 🙂

    thanks for sharing your family vacay with us!


  12. Lake Arrowhead is my hometown!! I was just up there this past weekend…possibly the same time as you?! I am in utah now, but I love going home to Arrowhead, I have endless amounts of memories from summers there 🙂

  13. Looks like you had an amazing time and are going to come away with some truly wonderful memories. As for my favorite childhood memories from summer, days of endless adventure and wonder.

  14. Swimming at the sand bottom-spring fed-pool… Breaking for lunch to eat watermelon that had been floating in the baby pool to chill.. So much fun!

  15. I love the photo of Matty with the girls — I love how his eyes are looking to the side! It looks like you had a great time!

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