jump, JUMP!



we are playing at lake arrowhead for a few days.

lots of cousins, aunties, uncles, grandma and grandpa.

we hit the pool this morning

and the we’ll play at the lake this afternoon.




it’s so good to be together.

the cousins have been playing from sun up to sun down.

swimming, collecting rocks, catching lizards, eating ice cream…

this lake trip will be a forever memory for them.


  1. How fun for the cousins, family get togethers are the best.
    I’m curious where you stayed in lake arrowhead with that pool, we live close by there and would love some recommendations for good places to stay.

  2. so much fun, lisa! i know i spent a lot of time with my cousins growing up, but my memories are so few! i’m glad you’re capturing them for your family. have such a great time! xo

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