machine gun preacher, beverly hills premiere

last night was an incredible experience. it was my first time attending any kind of hollywood event like this and i wasn’t sure what to expect–it was a lot of people, a lot of cameras, a lot of waiting, a few celebrities and an intense movie left me with a lot to think about.  i’ll have more to tell you about the movie but i need to process a little. you can watch the trailer here. {that’s gerard butler in the middle pic above}

lisa leonard designs partnered with machine gun preacher to create this necklace to raise awareness for the children in east africa. everyone who attended the premiere was given a necklace. it’s the shape of the sudan with the message behind the movie.

i have more to tell you and lots of pictures to share from the evening–soon. enjoy your thursday friends!


  1. I am so excited about your necklace and the meaning behind it. I saw the trailer for the Machine Gun Preacher movie and I will someday go and see it. I spent two weeks in South Africa working in a Refuge camp and I left me heart there I will never look at life the same. I hope to purchase that necklace I would love to add it to my other treasures that you have blessed me with. The children are the Heart of Africa…

  2. Another request, where can I purchase that necklace, “for the children”? I love it and I think that the more people who wear it, the more people will find out what it means. The children need the publicity for help.


  3. Beautiful necklace Lisa.
    I received one at the LA Premiere of Machine Gun Preacher.

    Congratulations and well done for helping the Children in Africa!

  4. I attended the premiere and received one of your beautiful necklaces. I love it and wear it proudly in support of Sam’s organization and mission, as well as Gerry’s movie. Thank you for supplying these for us.

  5. That must have been quite the event to attend! I gave the trailer a watch, and I have to say that I am intrigued by it. The movie looks as if it will be really moving. I really like the necklace too. Such a great way to spread awareness!

  6. What a special gift for everyone who attended! i am so thankful you introduced me to World Vision and cherish the neclace you gave people for sponsoring that wonderful cause. My kids look forward to seeing pics and getting drawings frequently from the little guy we sponsor in Africa. We keep his adorable picture on our refrigerator and say a prayer for him every night. You are amazing and have so many gifts you share with people! God Bless you!


  7. Another call for the necklace to be in your shop. My friends are headed to Sudan as missionaries next year, and this would be perfect for her.

  8. Enjoying the premiere with a friend last night, we were elated to receive such a wonderful momento reminding us of a great cause. Very unique!

  9. Lisa, how exciting! The necklace is amazing…is there any chance it will be available in your shop? I want one. No, I NEED one! Pretty please?

  10. Lisa and Steve,

    What an amazing opportunity! Thank-you for sharing your lives with us all on your blog, it is fascinating to see all of the doors opening for you to be used and the places and people that you continue to influence in a godly way.



  11. I have never heard of this movie but the trailer is so enticing! I really want to see it now. Love the necklace too!

    I am visiting from lmm today. Hoping to win a gift cert for a necklace! Thanks for all of the giveaways you do so often!

  12. Lisa, a friend of mine and myself were also at the premiere last night and were elated to get the little box with your beautiful necklace in it. What a great memento to have to remember our evening but more importantly for such great cause. Thank you so much for that contribution.

  13. Wow. I just watched the trailer.
    Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will definitely go see this movie.
    Thanks, Lisa (:

  14. Yay! Love! We are adopting from Africa! Now, I need to watch the trailer and see what it’s about. Prayers for the children of Africa, where our hearts are.

  15. How exciting for you, Lisa! Your journey is truly and exciting and blessed one. If you get a chance, hop over to my blog post today – all about life’s journey and its ever-changing seasons. One of your pins from Pinterest got my attention and was inspiration for my words today. God bless and I love the necklace! Can’t wait to read more about it.

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