max & gracie {capturing the everyday}

the other day my sweet friend, jen, asked me to shoot some pics of her kiddos. our kids play together a lot and so we just kept it simple and met right near our house.

the kids were just out of school, a little tired and probably a little grumpy. so we just relaxed, told some knock knock jokes and started to play a bit.

they cheered up and i was able to capture their sweet faces {and their sweet smiles}

right now these pics are just simple, every day moments. but some day they’ll look back at these pictures and remember being little, being together and being silly.

i brought that pretty necklace for gracie to wear–and she loved it. her face lit up.

there are no pics of it–but i had max showing me some lightsaber tricks with a big stick we found. it really helped him to relax.

have you used your camera to capture some everyday moments lately?


  1. hi Ms. lisa im one of your fan im from the Philippines you inspired a single mom and planning to have my online shop as well like yours..i hope you can read this god bless you

  2. Wow what great pics. I try to take everyday pics and capture those moments, but my pics don’t come out nearly as wonderful as yours do. May I ask what kind of camera you use?

  3. I just took a slew of pictures of my little lady puddle hopping in her rain boots. Sweet. I love the every day pictures far better than any planned posed shot. Just genuine sweet innocence.

    Your a great photographer, I’m not quite as good but took a few good shots.

  4. Love that he took off his shirt and rolled up his pant legs! What cuties – what a blessing for their mama. You are a sweet friend!

  5. I love your jewlery and have several pieces. I was wondering if you in the future would do a line of jewlery for children?

  6. Adorable pics! Those pearls are so sweet on her and you can tell she just feels so special wearing them. This is a good reminder to pull my camera out of the bottom of my pursue or diaper bag…wherever it may be hiding…and capture a few of those everyday moments TODAY! My boys are 14 months and 2 1/2 so they are changing SO much all the time!

  7. Hi Lisa, I just stopped by from Chatting At The Sky to say hello. I love your beautiful curls! I love seeing women embrace who God made them to be, and am glad to see you love your curls! Love the pics of the kids too, what fun. Blessings! Denise

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