hello {weekend recap}



we had a wonderful weekend.

which started with a visit from my sis and her two sweet girls

and also steve returning home from a 2 week trip.

he’s working on a doctorate and spends a couple weeks in st. louis for his program.

we are sooo glad to have him home!




i made blueberry jam.

which is delicious but didn’t set as well as i hoped.

at least it tastes good!




we met sarah, chad and girls at the santa barbara zoo

for a project we are working on together.

a project that feels a lot more like playing.

{my kind of project!!}




these boys were so happy to have daddy back.

and eat ice cream, see meerkats and swim.




playing with cousins {and friends who are like cousins} makes for a perfect weekend.


but mostly we’re just in denial because we move into our new house in less than a week.

we have a lot of packing to do

and cleaning and prepping and ahhhh!

it’s so exciting (and a little overwhelming!)

and it’s the last week of school {yippppeee!}

* * *

tell us about your weekend!!


  1. 🙂 something nice about accidental “soft set” jam – it makes really yummy fruit spread for pancakes and waffles!
    blessings on the move <3

  2. I hope that Steve survived the storms here. We spent the weekend trying to avoid raindrops and visiting the Route 66 festival…small town fun!

  3. oh and another thing…i had such compliments on my family tree necklace and passed on your web info to a few people…so hopefully you will get a few more orders!

  4. i had such a great weekend! i participated in my first dragonboat tournament on saturday, went to an apres-paddle party in the evening, went to a scrapbooking retreat on sunday (and yes i was stiff and sore – but elated too!), left the retreat early to go watch my son play football, followed by a delicious dinner if indian food! great company, great weather, great food, great fun!!!

  5. Spent it in the pool trying to find relief from 100+ degree weather! And trying to convince my 9.95 months pregnant daughter that, yes, she will have that baby soon.

  6. yummy jam. when it doesnt set , that’s when you write on it ” pancake syrup” and your friends will all think you are the bomb.
    xx cant wait to get my order , yah!

  7. Gorgeous photos as always, Lisa. My weekend – well Saturday was spent trying to get 50 holes dug in our paddock for gorgeous young larch trees that will be ready at the local tree nursery soon! Got 33 done and my arthritic hips were okay the next day! How’s that! The weather was fairly wintery so couldn’t dig any more holes that day. On Sunday we spent part of the day with friends, having homemade soup and then going for a relaxed walk. Sigh – yes a nice weekend! Smiles..

  8. Good luck on your move!!

    We had a sunny weekend (finally!!) here in Olympia, so my husband and I took the girls for a bike ride to a new coffee place for chocolate milks, then to the playground. So fun! Then I left that happy bunch for an awesome dinner with my best friend in Seattle. We drank an entire bottle of wine, which is a first! I love my bff!!

  9. p.s. congratulations on your move! aaand on having your husband back home! whoot! i hope you’ll post pictures of your new house! can’t wait to see! you are an inspiration! mk

  10. lisa, i went to sarah’s website from your blog and read her story…i’m not even sure how i ended up to the page where her story began but…wow. i love her transparency. in my own experience, it has become so much easier to share parts of my own story the more free i become. i don’t have a story like hers but my prayer for my own story -in all of the ways i fail and fall and all the ways i made a mess of my twenties (even as a christian)- is always, “lord, just use it.” i don’t even get caught off-guard anymore. honestly, i just thank him because i realize he’s giving me one more tool in my belt by which i can minister to someone else.

    ANYWAY, to your question…i worked on saturday (i work part-time as a make-up artist) and then drove to one of our coastal towns to see my bff from college, who…time and life, i suppose…has led us back to one another and our friendship now is stronger for it and we just are who we are, made stronger by our scars and softer by the wearing of our pride. and on sunday we went out with some of her friends on their boat and it was so relaxing, even in spite of a brief spell of motion sickness. when i drove home on sunday night, i wasn’t tired or even exhausted. simply…relaxed. i made a decision this weekend to embrace summer fully. in north carolina, we experience all of the seasons and my preference are the two with more moderate conditions, spring and fall. but i decided i would love summer this summer as a result of being with my beachy bff.

    i also found out that, after 3 IUI tries, another of my bff’s is pregnant for the first time. this, after much prayer and surrender. and i could not be happier for her.

    in a word: my weekend was relaxing and i was present.


  11. I had a very wet weekend, which I used to catch up on films, invite a bunch of people to a graduation party, and cuddle my friend’s cat (I’m cat sitting while she’s in the US on vacation). All in all it was a great weekend!

    Blueberry jam that doesn’t set as well as expected has another name: Sundae topping, mmmmm! Enjoy it- I recommend strawberry icecream and almond slivers 🙂

  12. What gorgeous pictures! It’s funny how, even though I’ve never met you, whenever I see your family all together and David’s smiling face, it makes my heart happy. Blessings to you and yours!

  13. Just came by your blog via oncewed, I love it! And your work is incredible!
    Actually, my weekend was eventful, since my future husband’s sister had a little baby girl! She’s healthy, beautiful, and sweet as sugar. 🙂

  14. Our weekend was full of rain…which didn’t interfere with our family going to the cabin for just a day! Picked up my 16 year old son who was on a mission trip in Canada for a week…OoOohhh I missed him so much!!
    Lots of raindrops, teardrops of joy, and planting flowers under the sprinkles…

    didn’t let it stop family time together!

    Glad you had a fab weekend! Love the pics…

  15. sounds like a good weekend to me. we went camping. which, if you have a girly, girly, girl who is 15 months and doesn’t like dirt, or nature… turns out to be not that much fun. good luck with your move. 🙂

  16. I love visits to the zoo. Looks like you guys had fun :0)

    I had a relaxing day on Saturday and then went to a local arts and crafts festival yesterday. It’s always great to see the amazing work of others.

    Good luck with the moving, hoping it all goes smoothly for you.

  17. It must be so wonderful to have your husband back home again! 2 weeks is a long time for a mother of young children.
    As usual your photos are wonderful! Congratulations on the new home! I’m sure we’ll be seeing photos : )

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