we had a wonderful weekend.

which started with a visit from my sis and her two sweet girls

and also steve returning home from a 2 week trip.

he’s working on a doctorate and spends a couple weeks in st. louis for his program.

we are sooo glad to have him home!




i made blueberry jam.

which is delicious but didn’t set as well as i hoped.

at least it tastes good!




we met sarah, chad and girls at the santa barbara zoo

for a project we are working on together.

a project that feels a lot more like playing.

{my kind of project!!}




these boys were so happy to have daddy back.

and eat ice cream, see meerkats and swim.




playing with cousins {and friends who are like cousins} makes for a perfect weekend.


but mostly we’re just in denial because we move into our new house in less than a week.

we have a lot of packing to do

and cleaning and prepping and ahhhh!

it’s so exciting (and a little overwhelming!)

and it’s the last week of school {yippppeee!}

* * *

tell us about your weekend!!