what i wore wednesday {maxi skirts}

It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.I have a few maxi skirts in my closet and I love them during the warmer months. I don’t really wear shorts, so skirts are a great alternative. They’re easy and perfect for a play date or the workshop. I got this navy skirt on sale at Banana Republic last year.

Coral silk scarf {used as a headband} brought back from Thailand. This was a real stretch for me but I ended up liking it!

Flip flops, Old Navy.

Striped tee, J Crew. Coral cardigan, Target.

And I love love love our wildflower necklace {24″ chain}.

This dress will be getting a lot of use this spring and summer. I just picked it up at Target. It’s actually a dress, but I layered a tee over the top to make it look like a skirt.

Tee shirt, Target. Denim Jacket, Old Navy.

Leopard print ballet flats, Target. I thought it was fun to mix the stripes and leopard print.

Rosette necklace, Allora Handmade. Bracelet, my shop.

Do you plan to wear skirts this spring and summer? What is your favorite length for a warm weather skirt?


  1. Love the dresses. And don’t know why I never thought of layering a t-shirt on top of the dress to make it look like a skirt. I’m totally stealing that idea for one of my maxi dresses that is a little more revealing than I’d like!

  2. Skirts and dresses for me…almost always (but it is FL)…they’re so much easier and cooler…shorts always seem too short or too long and then I look goofy…:) same with maxi dresses…I just always look like I’m wearing pajamas….I’m too short I guess…

  3. weather is too cold right now in northern california so i’m still wearing jeans, tshirts & boots. BUT when it does cool down i wear my pants folded up with some sseko’s or toms. but i do have lots of skirts to wear, i love them.
    BTW…i love the idea of wearing the scarf as a headband…super cute!

  4. I never wear shorts. In fact even on a Mexican Rivera cruise I wore skirt and sundresses the whole time! 🙂 I have one maxi dress but am going for a maxi skirt this year as well. You look darling.

  5. I have never heard the term “maxi skirt” before. I tend to go for minis myself, but maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone a bit! Love the denim jacket!

  6. Love the stripes with the leopard print! I have a thick middle, but pretty good legs, so I don’t like to hide them with maxi skirts. I like a skirt at knee length or couple inches above. That said, I’m hoping to find a couple maxi dresses that flatter me for this summer… they’re just so darn cute & comfy-looking.

    And, you’re inspiring me to cut my curly hair short again!

  7. I love a nice Maxi dress for summer, the flowing bits make me feel cooler even on the hottest of days. I tend to wear my bummies in the mornings when I garden and then get something decent on in the late afternoon when I get cleaned up. 10 weeks left of school and I am full-time mommy and gardener again. C:

  8. Hi Lisa! Just wanted to say you look great in both of these outfits! I must have that maxidress! What brand is it from Target?

  9. oops I meant to say do you not look fantastic in anything you wear? love all your outfits! you are beautiful!

  10. LOVE you look Lisa!!! I wear maxi skirts and maxi dresses all year around and it is sooo comfortable and looks great. We still have winter here in Sweden so I can’t wait to get those summer skirts out of the closet!!!

  11. I love skirts in the summer! I have learned that they are actually cooler to wear than shorts, too as they seem to pick up any breeze and send it right up your legs – and NO sticking to the leather seat in the van! Bonus!

  12. Love these skirts! I’m big on modesty and being 5’9″ is both a blessing and a curse- I’m thankful that there are so many maxi skirts to try. But that’s about all unless you’re talking capri pants. I just hate shorts(on me…not on others:)).
    I’m looking forward to our missions trip this summer. Central America will be a fun new place to wear my colorful outfits:)

  13. Oh, I love this look!!! Love the scarf in your hair, wish I could pull that off, I always end up pulling scarves out within a few minutes. I love the mixture of colors and patterns, and you pull it all together perfectly! So want to be able to try this style this spring! Cute Cute Cute!

  14. I’m loving the Bohemian styling, Lisa. Great hair do, too!

    I’m all about family today on my What I Made Wednesday – Family Tree – LOVD style:-0

  15. I love the look of maxi skirts but they don’t suit me-I’m thick waisted, busty and short! LOL! I am, however, considering a skirt pattern that flows longer in the back and curves around to just below knee length in the front. I think I can make that work for me to get the flowy look without all the extra fabric. I ADORE skirts in summer but I garden a lot so the shorts are still a must-have. That dress from Target is GORGEOUS!
    Just so you know that you inspired me-last night I purchased a goldenrod tee and a magenta one, colors I normally would put on hold while I bought more “appropriate” ones. Well as you might have guessed, I held them up to several things in my closet and they made things I’ve owned forever look fresh, new, and cute as heck! Thanks for the nudge to get out of my comfort zone!

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