what i wore wednesday

can i just say {for the record} i think WIWW is a little silly and i’m pretty cheesy

i take pictures of myself and my family teases me…

but hey, it’s just for fun! so with that, i’m linking up with lindsey for what i wore wednesday {click here for her blog}

above, tulle dress, sweater, target

jeans, gap

boots, jessica simpson

scarf, world market

oh i love this dress. it’s so comfy {like jammies!}

dress, boots, both anthro

sweater, target

same scarf, world market

dress, target

same boots, anthro

jean jacket, gap

lacey scarf, boutique in santa barbara

ruffle top, kohls

peachy cardigan, old navy

jeans, banana republic

boots, jessica simpson

scarf, anthro


i remember a pink and purple argyle vest with pink and purple ribbons that tied around my neck when i was about 8 years old. i loved that silly vest.

do you remember any special clothing or outfit from when you were little?


  1. I’m glad you do it even if you feel silly. I love your style and when I’m not pregnant anymore, plan to try and use some of your ideas 🙂

  2. I *love* your WIWW posts!! I’ve never seen it anywhere else… but you absolutely inspire me! b/c of you I have embraced the jeans & dress look =) Thank you!

  3. Lisa, I love your WIWW, you have inspired me to dress better. I look forward to Wednesday to just see what you r wearing. Do you ever add a purse with your outfit, I love purses, but never know what to put with an outfit? Please don’t stop doing WIWW. Thanks

  4. Wow! I love your looks. If I had any sense of style, I think it would be like yours. I don’t know how to pair stuff so it’s only jeans and a plain shirt. Blah! My hair curls just like yours and I didn’t think it was possible to have such a cute hairstyle.

    Oh my! I just re-read myself and I sound like a groupie. lol I’m not crazy don’t worry! 🙂 I just love your look.

    Have a nice day!

  5. I too really like WIWW. It is fun, and a really nice (and creative) diversion from all of the other heavy stuff that goes on during the week. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I just wanted to leave a quick note—I’m new here, and your jewelry is so beautiful. I truly admire your creativity and your style. And! Please don’t let sillyness stop you from WIWW—because it–like your creativity in all you do—is an inspiration. I have decided to quit running around in rags (or whatever lame outfit I grab) for 2011–and your posts make it seem like it will be a fun resolution 🙂 Cheers!

  7. I love WIWW! I truly look forward to your outfits all week. I have some of the same pieces and it is fun to see how you combine them. New inspiration!

  8. Silly or not, I totally look forward to your WIWW post. So many cute, feminine & yet totally pratical busy mom of two boys looks. 🙂 Love your style.

  9. I really like your outfits and my daughter thinks they are “cool”. Target in your area had better things and I am there all the time, I should know.

  10. I just love your style! Pretty but still functional for being a Mommy.

    I remember a pair of hot pink cords from my childhood… oh how I loved them!

  11. i’m curious why you’re hiding your waistline–see dress as comfy as jammies picture–with a sweater all the time! are you cold?

  12. I just wanted to say that I always look forward to seeing your outfits on WIWW!! You are so adorable!! I have been following the pleated poppy (and especially this WIWW stuff) for about a month now and yours is the first one I look for – keep the posts comin’ 🙂

    p.s. your jewelry is A-MA-ZING!!!

  13. I totally thought of you this morning when for the first time I paired a dress with jeans and a scarf! You’re my fashion mentor! 🙂

    I remember wearing a flourescent green skirt with huge black polka dots attached to black leggings with lace trim at the bottom. I thought I was the coolest 3rd grader around!

    Love fashion memories. Happy Wednesday!

  14. i LOVE your wiww posts! yours is one i always look forward to. i tried on those dresses from target just this morning and felt ridiculous in them. how do you make them look so cute????
    love every single outfit this week 🙂

  15. i love your wiww. i’m glad you continue to do it. you inspire me with your fun hip outfits. one of these days i’m gonna dress like you. lol. : )

  16. For what it’s worth, I love WIWW. Your outfits are very inspirational.

    When I was a kid I had Wonder Woman underoos. I loved those things and would wear them everywhere. OVER my pants 🙂

  17. I always look forward to Wednesdays so I can see what you wore this past week! You are such my fashion inspiration, or at least you will be once I have this baby!

    Funny story – I took a picture of you to my hairdresser the other day because I wanted to add some red to my hair. She said “Who is this? She’s so cute! And you look like her!” What a great compliment!

  18. I had rainbow striped toe socks that were knee high and a red tie-dyed shirt that I remember wearing with rolled up jeans to show off the socks.

    Please don’t quit the WIWW posts – cheesy? maybe. Helpful to fashion challenged readers? definitely! I own skinny jeans because you showed me how to wear them under cute dresses with boots. 😉

  19. LOVE, love love the outfits but mostly the first one.
    maybe because I’ve worn something similar and need to tie my scarf this next time the way you have here.

    Never stop these WIWW posts. I love ’em!


  20. I must admit I can not wait until wednesdays to see your WIWW posts! They inspire me to dress nicely just because it feels good. Sometimes that is hard since I am a new mom, But please don’t ever stop! You have made me love cardigans and make peace with my curly hair (still waiting on a post about your hair products and routine) so you are not silly at all! Just inspiring! : )

    1. I totally agree… would love to know what you use and do to your hair, as mine is also curly and i can never seem to find cuts or products that work well with the curl i have.

  21. Lisa, I enjoy reading your Wednesday posts and have drawn inspiration from your outfits. I Love the dress over jeans look and have tried it out on occasion. Keep inspiring us, please. Maria

  22. I just came across your site. I have to say I love it! and WIWW. LOL
    Your Target does have very cute dresses and clothing. Maybe I should check mine out more often. I really like the way you put things together. And your aqua beaded necklace…to die for.
    Have a wonderful week!

  23. I love your WIWW because it inspires me to dress better! I want you to fly to Iowa and coordinate my clothing. You and Susan from Friday Playdate have the best clothes! Seriously, turn that into your biz and I’ll be customer #1!

  24. Yes, it may be silly, but it also has been inspiring. Between you and a couple of other blogs I follow who participate, I’ve been challenged to step up my daily attire. You’ve helped me realize that though a few “expensive” items can be great staples within a wardrobe, you really can look nice (& funky or playful!) without spending a ton.

    I’ve (mostly) banished jeans and t-shirts from consideration on what to wear when I’m getting dressed. I no longer feel like a haggard mom or poor college student. I don’t have female friends that I can go shopping with and haven’t for years, since back before college when I still had a discretionary income! So, I feel a little out of practice when it comes to putting an outfit together or accessorizing and just plain feeling like a girl. Not the same as actually having someone to go shopping with, but this ranks a pretty good second.

    Oh, and you’ve confirmed my suspicion that you can never have too many pairs of great boots. 🙂

  25. It must have been about sixth grade. I was all about the white blousy top with flouresant colors and shapes all over it. And my outfit wasn’t complete without my bubblegum high top reeboks, the colored rubber bracelets all the way up to my elbow and the lace tie in my hair…LOL!

    Can I just say? I want to raid your closet 🙂 xoxo.

  26. It may seem silly to you, but you inspire me to try new things with my wardrobe. It gets me to sport something other than jeans, white tshirt and cardigan (my uniform). Instead of a tshirt, I try a frilly shirt, or I add a scarf, or I roll my jeans and wear boots.

    In other words – keep doing it!!

  27. I do love your WIWW posts-such great style! But I always chuckle a bit because I could never do my own WIWW posts, there are only so many variations of jeans, lactivist t-shirts and Keene slip-ons I could have! (though you would be happy to know a Lisa Leonard Design is ALWAYS worn!)

    My Mom is an amazing seamstress, so many special clothes from childhood were made by her. Some which I now have for my daughter.

  28. What I wore Wednesday is one of my favorite posts! I didn’t realize target had such cute clothes and you pair your outfits together great! Also I did one of your crafts with the candle holders this past weekend and they look adorable! So don’t stop being cheesy!!! Thanks for your cool site:).

  29. Silly or not, I love your WIWW posts!
    You are such a wonderful soul, your joy in life just seems to shine through in your art, your life, your style…

  30. I think you look darling, I love how you put your outfits together, you have given me inspiration to come up with fun outfits! I really enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing your life with us!

  31. My family gives me grief about every stinkin’ pic I take, asking “Is that for your blog?”. (: I loved a pair of white leather woven clogs in the 8th grade which I had begged for then when they arrived, I realized they were too small. No way was I allowing my mom to send them back – I wore them anyway. I suffered for fashion!!

  32. Love your Target dresses and fabulous Anthro pieces. You are always so very cute. Thanks for the inspiration! Even if you do feel silly. 😉

  33. I love it! You happen to express a lot of yourself through your clothes, something I can completely relate to!

    Thank you for sharing this part of you with us readers. Its very inspiring! = )

  34. I look forward to your WIWW post each week – and the post where your husband participated is one of my favorite blog posts of all time (and I read a lot of blogs). I laughed out loud! I love seeing how you put things together and yes, can I also come to your Target? Thanks for blogging – so inspirational! xo

  35. OMG! not silly to me! lol
    I was writing you a note yesterday about WIWW, and got called away….so here it is. I LOVE your WIWW posts! you inspire me so. In many ways…as a Mom, (which I am not, but just sayin..) as an artist, as a blogger, and as a snappy dresser! 😉
    You totally got me to get some new boots, and to layer with cardigans! I hope you keep posting, it’s fun for me to get ideas. Plus, speaking as a hairstylist, I love the fact that you have made peace with your curls and wear them proud! 🙂
    I loved this little plaid, sleeveless, bronze buttoned dress when I was in kindergarden. Mom says we used to fight over me wearing it. (she was not as into it..lol) At least I wore it for my school pic, so it is immortalized!

  36. Just as cute as ever! My friend told me “There is this girl that dresses so cute, you would love her!” It turned out to be you! I giggled to myself and said “Well, I already love her!”

  37. It is pretty silly, but I love the inspiration I draw from other participants. I remember this pink belt with a silver heart shaped buckle with bling. I loved that belt!

    PS It was the 80s

  38. I swear every week I think…dang I need to try the dress over jeans with boots look and then I chicken out! I wait until everyone is out of the house and then I use my remote for my camera. That way no one know how silly I look…except for maybe the neighbors!

  39. Can I come to your Target?! Such cute dresses! Love it all!

    And for some reason, a paint-splattered jean jacket is the clothing item from my childhood that sticks out the most – and I bought it with the florescent paint on there 🙂 Ah, the late 80s, early 90s…

  40. Silly or not, yours is the first post I look at for WIWW. You always look great. I aspire to dress so cute in cold weather, but, I live in Florida and when it’s cold I just to the quickest and most comfortable warm clothes.

    The item of clothing I remember the most when I was a kid was a pair of red corduroys. I loved them until the next year my mother let out the hem and made me wear them, complete with a white line all the way around the pant leg where they were hemmed!!!

  41. Yes I feel silly too! And my hubby teases me. But it is fun. I need to start looking UP in my pictures, I love your poses. And of course I LOVE your outfits. My favorite is dresses and boots… I see you sport this look often. I also got the curly hair. Maybe I could hang out with you and your sisters 😉

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