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I found this dress at the thrift store last week and praaaayed the whole way to the dressing room that it would fit. And it did! I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration!

The dress is super funky with a lot of different colors and hand-embroidery. It’s the kind of thing you either love or hate.

I wore it with flip flops for an afternoon at the beach.

Then for an evening out I wore sandals and a denim jacket.

I think I like it layered best. The sleeves are full and I think a more fitted sleeve is flattering.

Outfit details: Dress, thrifted. Flip flops, local boutique. Bootie sandals, Target. Denim jacket, Gap. Leather bag, brought bag from Thailand. Wildflowers necklace, my shop.

And that’s my crazy thrifted dress. Yay! Is this dress something you would wear or way too crazy?


  1. Hi Lisa!!
    This dress is so happy and uniquely beautiful – although the sleeves look so cozy I agree that the jacket look is prettiest

    Love and miss ya,

    Sonya McK

  2. I like the dress on you, but it’s not quite the style for me. I agree about the sleeves though, they are a bit full. You could either take it in down the length of the sleeve to make it slimmer, or a more interesting solution would be to run a casing with elastic at the elbow where the different fabrics join. This would change the silhouette of the sleeve, but still be in keeping with the boho style of the dress. You could see what it would look like by using an elastic band over the sleeve. For that matter, for a no sew solution, you could just use coloured hair elastics and nobody would know any different. If you try it and like the look can you show us the results. If you don’t – ’nuff said.

  3. I love it! What a fun find. I like it best with the jacket but it looks cute on you either way. Maybe you could have the sleeves taken in a little if you really wanted but it is perfect as is also!

  4. I would so wear that dress!!! and since I’m a professor at a university – my students would LOVE it and ask where I got it and then adore the answer because that’s where they’d be shopping too – a thrift store! but…since it’s still cold here and I’m cold-natured, I’d be wearing it over a long-sleeved fitted tee with boots and maybe even a wool shawl or cardigan sweater – the boots with a long skirt can hide the leggings and wool socks! 😉 but even with all that said, I’m certain I could never look as cute as you in it!

  5. LOVE the dress! It’s nice to see fashion that’s not “off the rack”. The pop of bright red/orange puts the focus on your lovely smile.

  6. I don’t think I would wear it. Not the right length for me. I like it on you, though. The layered look was my favorite.

  7. Love love love that dress! I’m all about vintage boho. Great find! And you wore it just as I would.


    I agree about the sleeves. I have similar dress that I’d love to wear but the sleeves get me every time. Just a little too full.

  8. so darling! as always! thanks for blogging about those peep toe shoes, had to get them, and now have had so many compliments 🙂 you are always so cute!

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