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October 11th | an everyday moment, thoughts

a couple weeks ago i popped into sephora with my friend jen and her daughter gracie. we tried on different lipsticks and gracie was so cute–she felt so grown up and pretty.
when i was little twirly skirts, lipstick. lots of barrettes, and sparkly shoes were sure to make me feel glamourous.  and i got to thinking, what makes me feel pretty these days? here’s a short list of things that come to mind…

new shoes

a good haircut

a restful night’s sleep

laughing with friends

my husband telling me i’m beautiful

most of all, accepting that i was made to be me.

what makes you feel pretty?

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  1. LOVD says:

    hmmm, good question. funny, i don’t think about what makes me feel pretty, but i do think about what makes me feel happy – maybe it’s the same thing?

    a good hair day
    eating fruit
    helping someone
    when my husband calls me “babe”
    wearing my fave jeans and sweater

  2. Maureen says:

    hair done, roots covered :)
    a fun necklace
    a cute, bargain dress with my fav jeans
    when my husband can’t stop looking at me
    feeling God’s presence

    btw…I love your blog, been stopping over for a long time now…inspiring! Finally felt the urge to jump in on the comments. Thanks Lisa!

  3. Erin says:


    Having my nails done in my favorite shade of Essie gray.

    Delicate shirts with high heels.

    Sipping a gimlet at happy hour with my ladies.

    Hearing my boyfriend call me pet names.

    Boots with dresses.

  4. Ali says:

    Let’s see…

    Wearing a cute pair of boots
    Getting a new outfit
    Having my nails done
    getting professional photos done of my family
    Oh and wearing my new Lisa Leonard bracelet of course! 😉

  5. Sarah says:

    I echo everything you said about what makes me feel pretty….+ well-fitting clothes.

  6. Amy says:

    “Accepting that I was made to be me.” That just made me feel pretty. Thank you!

  7. Debby says:

    Singing “I Feel Pretty” to myself (West Side Story)

  8. Jennifer says:

    wearing new clothes
    getting a pedicure
    dressing up
    a stranger telling me I’m pretty

  9. jennifer Camplin says:

    I wear one of your necklace almost daily! :)

    scent smell rub my hands daily too
    wash face, feels good

  10. Whitney says:

    a pedicure and manicure on my own natural nails!! I really look up to you for embracing yourself and loving who you are–that seems to be a constant battle I have with myself! Patience…

  11. Mary Ann says:

    Being who I am without all the outside stuff like makeup and clothes. all those things don’t matter in the long run.

  12. Lori Gottowski says:

    Your jewelry is so pretty. It’s something I would buy for myself as well as for my sister. I would love to win your beautiful necklace. I would feel so honored. Thanks for considering me. Lori Gottowski

  13. Kim says:

    When I’ve been exercising and not carrying a bunch of extra weight – which I am now. Boo. Trying to get on top of it though!

  14. Iowamom says:

    good hair day
    lifting weights/running
    when my kids tell me I look pretty on the way to church
    when my husband gives me a hug :)

  15. Mine is more, “feeling feminine”, and for me it’s feeling thin – whatever that is. Lean. Not too many bulges. I go up and down, up and down. Right now Weightwatchers is helping me go down.

  16. IndiviJewels says:

    This reminds me of my 3 year old son who decided to paint his toenails candy pink about two weeks ago while he was watching cartoons. It was everywhere and it took so long to clean his feet but it was the biggest laugh I had had in awhile.

  17. Kelli says:

    A pedi, eyeliner and mascara, dangly earrings, a spring in my step, no frizz in my curls, a fancy cocktail….I was thinking of each of these separately, but, hey, all this together would make for one awesome evening!

  18. Paige says:

    A fresh manicure and pedicure, little-to-no makeup, curled eyelashes, my handsome hubby on my arm!

  19. Adriana says:

    A cute outfit
    Cooperative hair
    My husband giving me that “look”
    I finally have learned that my looks are to be honored and appreciated the way they are. I’m by no means a beauty queen, but my Mom was and when people tell me I look like her it makes me feel very pretty. Why didn’t I learn this years ago???

  20. Philippa says:

    Hmmm my hair – it’s very curly, was dark, is long and going very silver (not grey but gorgeous metallic silver – how lucky am I!).
    My smile
    New shoes!! (not anytime soon, boo hoo)
    Beautiful flowers that I planted
    My cat when he looks at me
    When I am in tidy clothes, not gardening grunge!! LOLOL
    When I look in the mirror I realise I am pretty, not perfect by any means but yes non-egotistically pretty and that’s nice

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