love makes the world go round


Mother Love is as cozy as a blanket and as fierce as a grizzly.
It sounds like the sweetest lullaby at bedtime.
It feels tender, a heart no longer beating for itself.
It looks fragile, easily torn apart.
But resilient, healing itself to become stronger than before.

Friendship love is sincere and open.
It sounds like long talks and shared secrets.
It feels like cool water on a hot summer’s day.
It looks like a soul stretched and grown over time.
It rests in being accepted just as it is.

Romantic Love is wild and free.
It feels like the wind rushing through the trees.
It sounds like shouts of joy.
It looks like learning to navigate a windy, rocky path.
If it sustains its rough edges are worn away leaving smoothness and strength.

Self Love is a deep breath and a deep knowing.
It sounds like a quiet night sky with sparkling stars.
It feels like a good night’s sleep and a warm cup of coffee.
It looks peaceful, calm and undemanding.
It smiles to itself, confident it was created to be unique and rare.


Family Love is beautiful and messy.
It feels like the shade of a sturdy tree.
It sounds like laughter and bickering.
It looks like honesty; revealing both sides of the heart–light and dark.
In the place of being known it finds firm ground and safety.

All of this love flows from the same source.
It bends and stretches through every heart connecting each of us.
This connection creates a force so strong it moves the earth.
Love, in its many forms, makes the world go round.


  1. Hi Lisa, I just ordered a stamped silver bracelet for my DIL with her 3 children’s name on it for Christmas. I’m so excited to have stumbled on you blog and store. I know she will love it. Thanks for making it possible to get by Christmas. Her and my son and their very young family will be missionaries in Suriname, South America for the next 5 years. I think it’s the perfect gift for her to have there. I love the simplicity of it and think it will work even in the Jungle. I’m thankful God led me to your site. Merry Christmas.

  2. Hello Lisa, I just order the sunburst ring for me and my daughter. Cannot wait until I get it.? Madellenna Walker. Thank you for your beautiful designs.

  3. Just bought my first piece of jewelry from you for my daughter who just lost her three year old daughter to cancer . .somehow your beautiful story rings with the same truth as hers. Our little one – like yours – used love as her language to speak to the world – eloquently and without words. .I’m so excited one of your bracelets will honor this precious life – – – what a beautiful way to spread love in this world . .

  4. Hi , I been so patiently waiting for your heart spinner ring to be back in stock I been looking everyday 🙁 I’m very very interested and like to purchase one for me 🙂 please let me know when I can place my order it means a lot to me it’s very sentimental for me . Thank you ! Hope to hear back , [email protected]

    1. Hello Dawn
      It will be back in stock in a month or so. I apologize for the wait–that piece was received so much better than I anticipated! xo

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