I Believe in Magic

Magic is… how our souls found one another.

Magic is… the way our hearts stretch to hold an unimaginable BIG LOVE.

Magic is… your HUG, which takes my pain away.

Magic is… the way we each LIGHT UP when we see each other.

Magic is… how your hand fits perfectly in mine.

Magic is… seeing BEAUTY grow where pain was planted.

Magic is… stepping with you into the unknown, and finding ourselves right where we are meant to be.

Magic is…. the unshakable love we share.

Magic is….knowing you are my answered prayer.

Some don’t believe in magic.

Yet when I look around, I see…

Magic happens every day.

It’s happening to me!


  1. Lisa YOU are truly an inspiration!!! I love your beautiful family and what YOU do it is magic… I enjoy wearing my two rings with my daughters name on it and love everything about your work…

  2. Music has a unique way to capture our feelings–joy, sadness, longing. When I hear a good song, I play it on repeat and just let it soak in.

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