what a great weekend!

it fed my soul, seriously.

slow paced, great conversations,

time with my mom and sis.





the ladies {above right} became instant friends.

they shared their journeys of losing husbands,

losing children, and unexpected joy.

it was so beautiful (and unexpected) to make this connection.




the grounds at the retreat center

are so lovely.

but mostly, it was good for me to breathe.

and have time to think

and reflect.

i knew i needed that, but i didn’t know how much!




there are natural hot springs

so you can see that duck is swimming in a steamy lake.




now i’m getting ready for a busy week.

david has follow up visits at ucla.

and we have some big changes coming to the website soon.

can’t wait to show you all!!

* * *

how was your weekend?

did you get any rest?