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weekend of rest

November 15th | finding beauty



what a great weekend!

it fed my soul, seriously.

slow paced, great conversations,

time with my mom and sis.





the ladies {above right} became instant friends.

they shared their journeys of losing husbands,

losing children, and unexpected joy.

it was so beautiful (and unexpected) to make this connection.




the grounds at the retreat center

are so lovely.

but mostly, it was good for me to breathe.

and have time to think

and reflect.

i knew i needed that, but i didn’t know how much!




there are natural hot springs

so you can see that duck is swimming in a steamy lake.




now i’m getting ready for a busy week.

david has follow up visits at ucla.

and we have some big changes coming to the website soon.

can’t wait to show you all!!

* * *

how was your weekend?

did you get any rest?

13 Responses

  1. kristyn says:

    so happy it was wonderful. I spent Friday and Saturday with my sister. what great times to just be together.

  2. Daniela B. says:

    Saturday morning I worked at school with a special-needs child whom I am the special teacher, and in the afternoon I baked chocolate cookies.Then to the cinema to watch a movie with a friend…and yesterday I sewed a spin and had a long walk and talk with my loved boyfriend!hugs from Italy!

  3. glad you had such a wonderful time! the blog is beautiful!

  4. mary says:

    sounds so wonderful.
    i am a new repeat blog follower. : ) make sense? a long time ago i found your blog and fell in love with your jewelry. then i started following your sister’s blog and her beautiful family story. but then getting so busy with my own life, i lost touch with the two of yours. well, i happened upon your blog again the other day and have since added it to my tabs so i can come back and keep up with what’s going on. i am so glad things are going well for you. your jewelry business has grown sooo much and i’m loving your photography too. : )

  5. Philippa says:

    How lovely to be able to spend quality time with your sister and mother.. Very special! I never get the chance to just ‘be’ with my sister or my mum. I will be seeing them at Christmas as we’re driving up (with a ferry ride inbetween islands) so I can cook my 83 year old mum a traditional christmas dinner (my sister never bothers). I adore cooking Christmas dinner for my family and wanted to give mum a treat.
    This past weekend was VERY stressful for me because our precious pussycat isn’t well and he disappeared for two 10-13 hour stints leaving me frantic with worry. He has inflammatory bowel disease so needs to eat little and often and can’t afford to stay away from home for that long. Took him to the vet yesterday (Monday here) and he was very dehydrated so had to have fluids etc. Am waiting for blood test results to see if he has pancreatitis.
    I am hoping to get some rest this week, just playing in my studio, which will be just wonderful. Smiles..

  6. Kelli says:

    I had some relaxation, too! Went to visit my cousin, who is single, to be in her quiet townhouse, sharing recipes, cooking, drinking wine, shopping. Much needed time away from my two girlies and hubby. We were there together when we each got a call that our grandfather had passed away on Saturday morning. It felt like the perfect person/place to be to receive the news with. I enjoyed a quiet train ride back down Puget Sound to home yesterday in the mist! Ahhh…

    Hoping David’s follow-ups are stellar….

  7. Miaja says:

    Had a date night with hubby and another couple-that was fun! A movie that wasn’t PG! Sunday was an all day cheer competition and my daughter’s team won first place! Now they go on to nationals at Disneyland! I’d say my weekend was packed with fun!

  8. Patty says:

    I have just spent the past 45 minutes looking through your jewelry and reading your blog….all while my husband is upstairs playing the board game Sorry with my girls!! I love your jewelry and really enjoyed reading your blog. In fact, I think I finally just found my first blog that holds my interest and will keep me checking back! As for your son David, what a brave, strong little boy. I will keep him in my prayers.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I exercised a ton this weekend and spent some good family time, but I was able to rest some too :)

  10. Lea Culp says:

    So glad you had such a wonderful week-end. Mine was spent catching up on some thing here at the house and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hubby was hunting so I was here most of the time by myself and that’s nice too every once in a while. Blessings to you and I can’t wait to see the new changes.:o)

  11. melissa says:

    what a beautiful weekend you had. i was playing catch up and still feel like i am, but i had a wonderful weekend at a holiday show and meet lots of great girls!

  12. Laura Leighninger says:

    I just want to thank you for sharing your talents with us. The moment I saw your “beautiful” necklace a few months back, I just knew it was meant to be my sister’s birthday gift this year. She struggles with believing she is truly beautiful, and I sincerely think she’s one of the most beautiful women I know–both inside and out. I have been patiently waiting for the day of her 37th to arrive. I gave her the necklace today and she LOVED it! She gasped when she saw the Lisa Leonard card before she even saw what she got–she’s wanted one of your special pieces for a long time now! And she cried when she saw her beautiful new necklace. Thanks for helping me bless my wonderful sister. I am unfortunately a single mom and she homeschools my boys for me the 2 or 3 days during the school week that I have to work. She is a treasure to me.

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