today i’m just going to share some random things on my mind.

1. my car broke down the other day. and all of the pics in this post were my view

while i waited for the tow truck.

if i have to wait for a tow truck, i might as well be by the beach.




2. yesterday i felt discouraged and overwhelmed all day.

it’s hard getting our rhythm back. the house is a mess. we need groceries.

i felt down all day.

3.  lately i’ve been craving a western bacon cheeseburger from carl’s jr.

i seriously hate their commericals.

but i’m weak. i had one last night for dinner.




4. i’m in LA today for follow-up visits with david’s doctors.

he’s doing so great! (hope they agree!)

5.  my favorite color combination lately is peach and tan. love it.




6.  i’m excited for thanksgiving, but i can’t wait for christmas!

i want to start decorating but i’m trying to wait another week.

7.  i just went through all the boys clothing and donated two huge bags.

now it’s time to purge my closet!

* * *

now YOU share something random with us!