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totally random tuesday.

November 16th | finding beauty, thoughts



today i’m just going to share some random things on my mind.

1. my car broke down the other day. and all of the pics in this post were my view

while i waited for the tow truck.

if i have to wait for a tow truck, i might as well be by the beach.




2. yesterday i felt discouraged and overwhelmed all day.

it’s hard getting our rhythm back. the house is a mess. we need groceries.

i felt down all day.

3.  lately i’ve been craving a western bacon cheeseburger from carl’s jr.

i seriously hate their commericals.

but i’m weak. i had one last night for dinner.




4. i’m in LA today for follow-up visits with david’s doctors.

he’s doing so great! (hope they agree!)

5.  my favorite color combination lately is peach and tan. love it.




6.  i’m excited for thanksgiving, but i can’t wait for christmas!

i want to start decorating but i’m trying to wait another week.

7.  i just went through all the boys clothing and donated two huge bags.

now it’s time to purge my closet!

* * *

now YOU share something random with us!

42 Responses

  1. Sharon says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about a down day before, Lisa. At least you made the most of it though while ‘stuck’ at the beach. You’re just that kind of person, who turns a negative into a positive. Don’t you just hate when the house seems to be crumbling around you? Somehow it all comes back together though. Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday with David!

    Something random. Hmm…. I love watching my girls grow older. Though there are days when I worry, it’s good to see them mature into young women.

    Bonus: A part of me is actually looking forward to our first snowfall. I DIDN’T just say that!!!

  2. Lisa, I love what you share, the simple beautiful tidbits of everyday life that speak to others and makes us all feel a little less alone with our feelings. I was overwhelmed yesterday and ate a whole bag of fun sized snickers and a glass of wine for dinner (is it funny that I just typed whine instead of wine? I think so!) and I donated 2 bags of stuff recently and I want to wait to decorate and I need to clean and grocery shop, too.

    I am hoping your visit with the doctors brings good news. Much love to all of you.


  3. kelly says:

    Yep, if you have to wait for a tow truck…I’d say that’s the place to do it. :)
    Hope all goes well with the drs.!

  4. Carol says:

    Lisa, I love how honest you are about being a woman, wife and mother! Random is so good – it is the glue that holds our lives together! So random today for me is I sent my teenagers to school with all of the Hallowe’en candy that is still not eaten, (I clearly don’t need it!) I donated 33lbs. of clothes (yes, they weigh it) to the Diabetes association, I am sitting in the sun typing this to you, I have a day of brand new babies ahead of me, and I will wear my “Hope” necklace you made for me as I think of your David today! Yay for random! xoxo Carol

  5. Claire says:

    Stumbled upon your blog, love the jewelry, love the “What I wore on Wednesday”, so appreciate your happiness, creativity, and openness. I, too, design jewelry (gemstone necklaces and bracelets) but don’t sell, just to keep me busy and out of trouble. Work full time in the corporate world so it’s designing in the evening for me. Glad things are going well with your son.
    I, too, have been feeling a bit ‘out of sorts’…which is unusual for me…maybe it’s the moon, the tides, or the hormones, but it will pass (I hope!) quickly.
    Random thought…I love that I am a creative person currently disguised as a corporate business woman! I love having a spontaneous lunch date with my husband at a cozy out of the way restaurant with the nice bottle of wine, good food, and great company! I am so in love with the fall season, love the weather, love the sweaters, love that it gets dark earlier. And I, like Sharon above, am looking forward to the first snowfall!

  6. Wish you all the best, hope everything is ok with David. Beautiful pictures, though! It seems you were very inspired! xoxo

  7. Dania says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for David. I’m sure all will be fine.
    Now I’m off to purge my closet 😉

  8. Mary C says:

    -instead of saying I don’t have time for exercise, I got up one half hour earlier this morning, walked the dog, fed the 3 cats, and went for a jog. Surprisingly I still had more than enough time to get ready for work even though all the other days I managed to fill up that exercise time with other stuff.
    – while jogging a white and brown cat ran toward me, looking up at me, as if it recognized me
    -the holidays are going to be weird this year. husband required to work out of town for at least Thanksgiving, maybe also Christmas, my older son studying abroad until early December, and the rest of the family splintered into small groups instead of one big thanksgiving dinner
    -before I go to sleep I think about quilting projects especially the colors

  9. Paige says:

    My random thoughts today…
    – I need laundry detergent
    – I need to food shop at some point this week…but when?
    – I can’t even wait for Thanksgiving next week and to spend time with my sister
    – I really want to start working on my new journal (I’m expecting a baby in the spring and want to journal along the way)
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Gina says:

    My nails are breaking because there is zero humidity in the air. That, plus I have been painting and cleaning and they don’t stand a chance when I am using them as “tools”. I bought the turkey yesterday, but need to buy the rest before the stores become craaazy busy. I feel tired, but I keep thinking, I have to keep moving. So many projects I need to get done…Oy vey!

  11. Denise C. says:

    Thinking of you Lisa. It is nice to know others get overwhelmed too, sometimes I feel like I am the only one.

    Random things:
    -This is the second time I am typing this comment out, not sure why the first one disappeared into the vortex of the internet.

    -I am potty training my 2.5 y.o. daughter. Words that come out of my mouth every 5-10 minutes are: potty, pee pee or poop. I need to have an adult conversation where those words are banished.

    -I am a runner, I finally mapped out my run to see exactly how long I go…4.5 miles! WOOT! I’ve done 2 5k’s in Oct. & want to run again on Thanksgiving Day. The race benefits the women’s shelter by me, & seeing I was once in that position I want to help. :)

    -I am having a sonogram today, myB/GYN did not like the way my ovaries felt.

    -I love to play hidden object games on my iPad.

  12. sarita says:

    random thoughts,,,we all have bad days we can’t always feel happy that would not be normal ..we have to have some rain to enjoy the rainbow .. Trying to have a garage sale before winter sets in ..sorting and going through things I don’t need and thinking others might …Thanksgiving is around the corner a perfect time to count your blessings..and a time to enjoy family if possible ..then shop until we drop day after Thanksgiving ,hoping to cut costs this year and visit instead of gifting so much ..hoping to stick to some sort of exercise routine over the holidays so tough with my 12 hour a day work schedule…Anyway hope all goes well for David … be blessed !!

  13. Susan says:

    I need to get the baby down for his nap, I can’t wait to start on my Denise Schmidt patchwork quilt, more xmas shopping to do, almost done the presents I’m making for said xmas, love the rain outside, REALLY shouldn’t have eatent that candy bar an hour ago, esp. since I’m getting Chinese for lunch I think, want to start a fire in the firesplace.
    Thank you for your honest thoughts and insights to your life, Lisa!

  14. Denise C. says:

    Oh last thing I forgot, I have a dry sink that I’ve wanted to paint for the past few years, but had no idea what color to put on it. I came across a photo of your aqua cabinet- PERFECT!!! I plan to paint it this weekend, a beautiful shade of aqua! :)

  15. Michele says:

    I hope David’s check-up brings good news and happy results. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Here are a few random thoughts…I bought a bag of barbeque Ruffles chips last night at the grocery store in a moment of weakness. I still have Halloween decorations that need to be put back in the attic. I guess I’ll put them away when I bring the Christmas decorations down after Thanksgiving. The ‘a’ key on my laptop doesn’t work well so I have to retype that letter in almost all words with an ‘a’. Very annoying! Who knew you used the letter ‘a’ so much? We bought our boys (they are 4 and 18 mths) a tent for Christmas. It’s really going to be from Santa. I get excited when I imagine Christmas morning when they will finally get to see the tent set up. I can’t wait to go camping this spring in our new tent. Last random thought, each year when I put up our Christmas tree I watch Steel Magnolias while I’m decorating the tree.

  16. random thoughts….hmmmmm….1) my chickens are not laying as well as they should…must be the chilly weather….2) my son made honor roll….3) my mini donkey got in with the cows…must be lonely…note to self…spend more time with donkey. 4) wonder if prince william has similar problems or randomness in his life just now…maybe not. 5) can’t wait to start on christmas cards….6) must get some ones for change at the trunk show on thursday….and lastly…i really want a chocolate cream puff….

  17. Wow, I think that is a great view if you have to wait for a tow truck. I’m pretty excited to decorate for the Holidays also. Although, I would like one of the stylists from Anthro to come in and decorate my house.

    I miss you Lisa. I’m actually trying to get to Blissdom to come and see you, and all of my other fabulous friends.

  18. I wish I could drive over and bring groceries. I would love to do that.

    Random: I tried the Pepperming Mocha today. I’m in love.

  19. I randomly had peanut butter and raspberry jam toast for breakfast today! That is way out there for me. My husband randomly took the two babies with him this morning, he will be gone for hours running errands for work! I am alone in my house, I didn’t plan for this, but I definately know how to make use of some random, silent, ‘mommy’ time. Btw, I just wrote a post about focussing on Thanksgiving while being excited about Christmas.
    Lisa, I love how you share your ‘realness’ …… hmm, is that a word :o)
    I learn from you, thank you.

  20. Claudine says:

    Well waiting for a tow truck could be worse — what a view! And an argument for having your camera with you at all times!

    My randomness: home sick today (a mama NEVER gets sick!) so I curled up on a chair, ate cereal and watched the “Business of Being Born” documentary. ( Amazing!

  21. I just devoured a bowl of pickled beets for lunch and my husband said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who loves pickled beets as much as you do.” He was probably looking at my pink teeth as he spoke.

    How’s that for random?!

    Praying you get a good report on David!

  22. karen says:

    I LOVE your pictures. First of all, the beach is my favorite place on this planet, and as I do not live close to a beach, I love how you share it so freely. :) My most favorite place is Cannon Beach in Oregon, Haystack Rock, as it reminds me of my favorte verse in Psalm 61, “lead me to the Rock that is higher than I…..”

    The sky out my window is gray, but lots of different shade of gray and very beautiful (random thought) .

    Have a blessed day. :)

  23. Tara says:

    My 6 year old twins have been inspired by their latest obsession of Toy Story 3, where Andy has to make a pile of toys to donate to young children. The twins have filled two 13 gallon garbage bags full of toys from their room to give away. Even though some of the toys are less than a year old, I’m not going to stop them from being generous. They have a lot of toys to share with the less fortunate.

  24. Random – my tree is up. So are all my decorations. I am a Canadian living in America. So whenever I hear that I must wait until Thanksgiving is over – I let everyone know that my Thanksgiving ended over a month ago. :)

  25. Becky K says:

    Love your randomness…though not that you’re feeling the blahs. Here’s my random thoughts:
    1. I really want to bake some healthy pumpkin muffins today.
    2. My 4-month-old is a Spit-Up King and constantly needs a bath…like right now,
    3. I wish I had a whole day to myself.
    4. I need to clean the double stroller…crumbs and gook galore!
    5. I’ve been asked to write a book. So excited! Quite scared!
    6. My 2-year-old is asleep. I should get off the computer and read my Bible.
    Ok, good bye! Happy Tuesday! Praying for encouraging news from David’s checkup.
    :) Becky

  26. Suzanne says:

    Wow. Lots of random thoughts. I like it.

    Here are mine:
    – I have a lot of work to do this afternoon, but I’d rather take a nap.
    – I need to purge all of my closets (mine, kids, craft, linens, etc.) I did the coat closet when it started getting cooler and now all of the coats fit!
    – I need to find time to work on making some of my Christmas gifts. The days and weeks are just flying by. I have a good dent in the shopping but not the making.
    – My daughter turned 13 over the weekend and all of the sudden she seems older to me.

    That’s all for now – wishing you good news from David’s doctors!

  27. Jean says:

    I wish you lived near me and could do a family photo shoot for our family!

  28. Everytime I turn a sharp corner in my van the seat belt sound goes off. I should be concerned & get it checked but I have decided to take my turns a bit slower and not so sharp.

    it’s been working.

  29. We were on the same page yesterday. Overwhelmed by life I guess. A new baby in the mix with twin 3 yr olds is quite a challenge but it is wrapped up in a LOT of love and sweetness which if you have to have a challenge that is the best kind, right? . :)

  30. Sarah R says:

    Love your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.
    My randoms:
    Made chicken pot pie last night and still have not cleaned the kitchen!
    We have a major leak in the kitchen and our hot water has been turned off.
    Need to contact plumber.
    Really want coffee right now.
    Loving our weather right now. 70 outside and gorgeous!
    Can’t wait to decorate for Christmas either!!

    Praying for your sweet boy.

  31. Rachel Spin says:

    Randoms from Rachel:
    I went to a retreat this weekend also! Crazy! Mine was for military wives. It was held in Dallas. I got to hear Priscilla Shirer speak. She was AWESOME. Also got to worship with Kari Jobe. God showed up in a big way.
    Now I am home and sick and my baby is sick. He has a fever and not much else so they won’t give us any antibiotics. Yuck, I hate it when my kids are sick.
    We are eating pizza for dinner so I don’t have to cook, yay!
    We will be traveling to sunny California for Christmas. Can’t wait.
    Praying for my boy and yours. I pray that you hear only good news.

  32. Many prayers for David! We hope to hear a good report tomorrow! Also, can I come “rescue things” from your closet? Your style is so fun and I could use a little of it!

    My randomness: I really need to dye my hair and I really need to shave my legs.

  33. Melissa says:

    Lisa, you are always so inspiring. I hope you know how much your posts touch and inspire those who read them. And seriously, if you are purging your closet, please send the “rejects” my way, I love your clothes and your style!

  34. Kelly says:

    Glad to hear David is doing well
    Great pics as usual
    Randomness: I want to break free..

  35. Doreenkay says:

    So very glad to hear David is doing so good…what a blessing. If you are cleaning your closet send what your going to get rid of my way…and yes I’m serious :)

  36. Anne says:

    I guess it’s random for me to be up at 12 midnight reading blogs and comments from people I don’t know….but seem interesting.
    I enjoy your photos and hope to buy some of your jewelry before long
    I have been kind of “blue” lately and stressing over things that once they actually happen have proven to be so not worth the time and worry I’ve put into them. Hope to get better at letting things go.
    Reading about your son makes me think of friends of mine in similar situations (at one time or another) and I am impressed with your positive attitude and energy…keep it up
    I love this time of year…but also miss celebrations from the past….try my best to make new memories and enjoy today/now

  37. mary says:

    love your positive attitude.
    my dad just got out of the hospital from dealing with severe anemia, blood clots and colon cancer.
    the last few months have been crazy. i have 5 kids, 4 of which i home school. add sick parents to the mix and…
    * i finally went to the grocery store yesterday after weeks of not doing so.
    * the laundry pile is slowly dwindling.
    * my dad is now cancer free.
    * the kids are sitting in front of the t.v. as i type and i’m ok with that.
    * there are packages of toilet paper by my feet. we will not run out again. : )
    * i’m on the hunt for a new perfume. any suggestions?
    * i haven’t a clue what we are doing for thanksgiving. well besides giving thanks. : )
    * i took my camera outside yesterday for a long over due date.
    * rest is good.
    * i just whispered a prayer for you and your family.

  38. Sarah says:

    I can smell the salt water when I see these photos. Every time I visit your blog, I smile. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  39. Heather says:

    Praise God, you’re little partner is doing so spectacularly! If you want to purge your clothes, I can send you my address! 😉

  40. Charmaine says:

    Always love your point of view. Feel priviledged you are comfortable enough to be honest. Totally get the overwhelmed thing, been feeling it a lot lately. House a mess, washing piling up, getting up 3 times a night to my 5 month old and sometimes my 3 1/2 year old and letting it get the better of me with a short fuse. This is my down time, cup of tea and Lisa. Love your photos soooooo much. Really looking forward to Christmas too. A little different here with the weather already high 30’s degrees celcius (Australia). Looking forward to getting my Christmas present. Have put in an order for the family necklace.

  41. Charmaine says:

    hmm just realised how selfish my last comment sounded. Overwhelmed by house work and fatigue whilst you have your little guy on the mend. Talk about perspective…
    Random…this is the first time I have ever blogged.

  42. Shani says:

    I love your honesty. We all have those days! Very overwhelming at home with a 3 and 4 yr old and a full time job. I am focusing on more positive thoughts and clearing my mind and house of all the negativity that has been around. I pray for your little David – our babies are so precious! The best gifts in life. Take care and I love your jewelry!!!! I have sent many random people to your website! Thank you for being an inspriration.

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