rainy days

it’s been a rainy week around here. which means raincoats and umbrellas and boots and running through through the drops trying not to get too wet!

i know i shouldn’t complain, we’ve had so much sunshine this winter. i might be a little spoiled–but i’ll complain just a little bit. i love the hear the rain at night. i love the hear it fall on the rooftop while i’m cozy under a blanket. it’s such a soothing sound. but i dislike running through the rain to get the boys to school. if it could only rain at night, that would be fine with me!

i love how the rain glistens in the sunlight. and i love that rain makes things grow. but i’m longing for some sunshine and warmth on my shoulders. how about you?


  1. Your photos are beautiful! And I now have 4 LL necklaces bc I can’t stop buying them! They are so unique and beautiful and every one that I have bought touches my heart every single time I wear them. Thank you so much for making such wonderful family jewelry! It brings me so much joy to wear your artwork!

  2. I know I do not comment much, but I always read your blog and love your photography but most of all your attitude and sweet personality. love to your cute little family! xo

  3. Oh how I wish we had your problems:) It’s snowing again here up in Ontario Canada. Spring, how I long for thee!

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  4. we are having the same rain, plus the horrible wind..i hate wind!! i love rain so much i’ve been known to open the sliding glass doors, put a fire in the fireplace, cuddle up with a blanket and listen to the rain! love it!then again i don’t have to go out in it unless i WANT to!

  5. I find rain to be such a soothing sound at night or tucked cozily on someone’s porch. God has used the rain to speak to me many a time. But you’re right that I’d rather not be the one running around in it!

  6. Oh, rain! I love it! We had quite a rainy spring last year and it was wonderful. Normally we don’t get even half enough rain to satisfy me. I love thunderstorms too. The first thunderstorm of the year, I love to wrap up in a blanket with a cup of tea and sit on the front porch to watch it. My husband thinks I’m a bit crazy.

  7. Oh, we got it this week and it’s been wonderful! I’m with you for the rain at night. I’ve always said that I just wish it would always rain at night and leave the daytime for the sun. Guess the Lord thinks differently. :o)

    Blessings to you for a beautiful week-end! Hope the sun comes out soon!

  8. Well yes, I’m longing for some sunshine and warmth too. But instead I’ll make my own… a cozy fire, a nice soup, slippers and cuddling under blankets… our own warmth during the 5 to 10 inch snowfall that is headed our way this weekend!

    Your rain pics are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them! Enjoy the rain on your roof.

  9. I am definitely a “sun” person…if we have more than one cloudy/rainy day here in Central Florida…I find my self kind of dragging around…it seems silly…but I really do. I do like how fresh and clean it feels after a good rain though…and we get the strong showers some afternoons and before you know it….sun & rainbows….I like it like that.

  10. We’ve had some incredible 70* weather over on the East Coast the last 2 days! Outside with my kids, no coats, letting them run around to burn off some excess energy. I’ll take the sunshine over the rain any day. As I type this, I check weather.com, we’re due for “wintery mix” on Tuesday. Sigh.

  11. Hi Lisa, pretty photos, I LOVE the rain! The gloomy skies dropping tiny, clean droplets. My hubby and I are finally taking our honeymoon to Oregon/Washington in April. I cannot wait 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend

  12. Hi Lisa, oh how I LONG for rain! We are still in the midst of a hot dry summer here in New Zealand and I am completely fed up with sunshine.. good grief, amazing to need to say that!
    When it doesn’t rain for a long period of time, I feel as though my soul is dry too – does that make sense?? Hugs

  13. love the pics, lisa. and i’m with you…rain is nice to listen to at night, but during the day? not so much.
    the warmer weather looks like it’s going to stick around for this weekend, so i’m off to make plans. 😉

  14. Hi Lisa!

    I just finished reading your story on the Indie 3.0 website and I found it so inspiring. Your words are really beautiful, I can’t wait to learn more from you as the course goes on!


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